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Ask of Me, and I will make the nations your inheritance. (Ps 2:8)



Claudia Wintoch

6 January 2010


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Monthly budget: $7000 or €5000
Monthly support: $3300 or €2300


In the US:

Make checks payable to Healing 2 The Nations Intl. (or H2TNI) and send them to:

Healing 2 The Nations Intl.
PO Box 811
Yulee, FL 32041-0811


In Europe:

Account holder: Dr. Claudia Wintoch
Bank name: Bank Austria
Bank number: 12000
Account number: 509.101.468.00
IBAN: AT03 12000 509 101 468 00



Mailing address

Claudia Wintoch
BPE 1654
Bamako, Mali
West Africa




(+223) land
(+223) cell

(816) 256 2439
Call this US number,
and I'll pick up on my computer!




Skype: healing2thenations

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Jan 22-27   CA

Jan 27-Feb 1   Pasadena, CA

Feb 2-8   Nashville, TN

March 12-31    Austria

May 21-31    Kansas City & Topeka, KS

June 1-7    Pasadena, CA

June 8-15    Augusta, GA



H2TNI is a non-profit organization incorporated in Augusta, GA, with a 501(c)3 tax-exempt status.


Dr. Claudia R. Wintoch is
part of the apostolic network
Harvest International Ministries (HIM - founder Che Ahn).



We need more housing to take in more children and have room for more staff. With $63,000 we can finish this needed building, and with $5,000 we can finish the walls. Please mark your donation - whether big or small - with "building fund". Details on the DONATION and CONSTRUCTION pages.

Image: Sep 24, 2009

Construction has stopped for lack of finances



Street Children - On December 22nd we invited all our street children plus their friends to our center to celebrate Christmas together. Several new children came; there were still only around 50 kids.

We played games together, did a drawing where many won prizes, watched little Christmas clips, and I told them the whole story of salvation. I could feel the anointing on me as I shared the gospel, and was amazed at how they were glued to my words. Several new children gave their lives to the Lord. Hallelujah!

We also sang a few praise songs, and had a great meal together. After lunch, it was time for their gifts. Thanks to a donation from The Sanctuary in Augusta, GA, we were able to purchase 50 pairs of shoes - and so every child received what they wanted most. Some of them had come without shoes, and were leaving proud owners of new shoes on their feet!

If you'd like to read more details and/or look at more pictures, click here.




Former Street Children - We celebrated as a family two days later, on December 24th. First, we went swimming to one of the hotels in town - my kids' favorite activity! Since we hadn't gone all year, it was the first time for several of our children. They all loved it!

Back home it was time for a great Christmas feast - Western chicken and couscous. My kids never have chicken, and certainly not the big Western ones, and loved it! We were about 35 people - mostly kids and a few adults - who dug in.

Then it was time for the celebration that took place in my living room. We barely all fit in there. The gifts had been gathering in a special place in there for weeks. But first we sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jesus, prayed, and ate a cake in His honor. We also talked about what it was all about, and Paul read Luke 2 in Bambara.

Then it was time for the kids' favorite part - presents! The non-resident kids all received little packages with practical stuff as well as candy and toys. The resident kids received the nicely wrapped presents. We had a great time!

The day before I had spent the day in the kitchen with several groups of kids making cookies. We had a lot of fun! Those cookies were gone very quickly! Everyone left my house full and happy. It had been a wonderful day.

If you'd like to read more details and/or look at more pictures, click here.




On December 31st my resident kids and street children gathered together to end the last year right, and start the new year right. First they watched a Christian movie, and then we spent some time praising God. We looked at all the pictures of this past year which everyone loved. Then I gave away prizes for personal accomplishments, and we made resolutions for the new year. Time went by so fast! At midnight we went into the new year in prayer - and soon headed to bed.

If you'd like to read more details and/or look at more pictures, click here.




The kids - or should I say boys - seem to have a more difficult time when they are not in school and have a lot of time at hand. The Christmas holiday was no exception, with several bad things happening. Still, it was a shock when Abdias chose to return to the streets. Abdias was part of the original three children who moved in with me June 2005, and the only one of the three left. The "liberty" of the streets, with no one telling him what to do, no school responsiblities, ended up being unresistable to him. Still, I have no doubt that the day will come when he turns around again.

To read more details about Abdias and these circumstances, click here.



NEXT US TRIP - Jan 22-Feb 8

Jan 22-27 - I'm in LA at those dates, but my plans fell through. So if anyone in the greater LA area has an idea where I could go and what I could do, I'm all ears.

Jan 27-Feb 1 - Pasadena, CA - Yearly HIM conference to stay connected to the network I'm a part of.

Feb 2-8 - Nashville, TN - My first time, and my friend there is setting up all kinds of meetings. Check my CALENDAR regularly to find out details.




  •        Two Helpers Coming - On Jan 15 a young Canadian lady is coming to help us. One month later a young Austrian lady is joining us. Both are staying until August. Please pray for them, that they'd be blessed, and be a blessing to us.
  •        Growing Family - Our nightguard & his wife (cook) and their three children are moving in with us soon. At the same time Augustin's (driver) family is coming up from Togo to move into their current house. We're growing!
  •        Sponsors for Kids Needed - We've lost several sponsors, so if you'd like to become "parent" to one of our children, please contact me. They all love their "parents" and stay in touch by email as much as they're able to. Currently, the following kids need sponsors: Fousseni (18), Marie-Madeleine (10 - half-sponsorship), Sama (7), Hawa (0.5). Full sponsorship is $60 or 40€, and half-sponsorship $30 or 20€ per month. More details about each of these children on this page: NON-RESIDENT CHILDREN
  •        Construction - It's now been quite a while since we had to stop construction for lack of finances. Since we're growing and need more space, it would be wonderful if we could finish that next building. Please consider sowing into this project.
  •        Claudia and Paul - Please keep the two of us in your prayers as we carry the load of leading this growing ministry. Emotional, physical and spiritual challenges are always there.


May you abound and prosper this new year, be blessed and be a blessing to many!


Serving HIM,



Oct 09
Standing from left: Claudia, Paul, Augustin, Souleymane, Joseph, Paul Jr, Abdias
Sitting from left: Florentin, Boubacar, Bakary, Sarata, Hama, Amadou, Jérémie, Fanta, Jonathan

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