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Ask of Me, and I will make the nations your inheritance. (Ps 2:8)


Always Joyful And Thankful

Dr. Claudia R. Wintoch

19 March 2007



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After a one-month pause, this is my third email in a week. I'm sorry if this overwhelms you, but I promise I'm going back to my typical interval of 2-3 weeks now. Those who'd like to know more can read my daily blog on my website to stay informed, or receive the blog in their inbox if you let me know that you'd like that.



Help us get a Toyota double-cabin pick-up truck.
A 6-year-old one costs about $20,000.
Mark your donations with "truck for Mali".
Details on the DONATION page.


Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds. (Jam 1:2)

Be joyful always; [...] give thanks in all circumstances... (1 Thess 5:16.18a)

At all times and for everything giving thanks... (Eph 5:20a)

Acts 16. Paul and Silas have it all figured out. Asia is next on their itinerary. However, suddenly all plans fall through, nothing works out, and they probably wonder why. Hadn't they prayerfully made their plans? They continue on, wanting to go to Bithynia, but again, no transportation works out (my guess), and they're left wondering what's going on. And then the Lord clearly calls them to Macedonia, and off they go.

They know they are where God called them, but once again, nothing seems to work out according to their own plans. They find themselves flogged, beaten, bloody, in the inner cell of the jail, chained to the wall, in utter darkness. Now, they had all reason to complain, to wonder where God was - hadn't He told them to go to Macedonia? What good were they now in prison? Why didn't He protect them? They could have started to grumble...

Wouldn't you?

Paul shares that he's been beaten, shipwrecked, stoned, hungry, cold and has had many other hardships and sufferings (see 2 Cor 11), and yet that same Paul tells us to rejoice at all times, in every circumstance, and alway thank Him for all things. Is that what you do? Do you thank him when you lose your job? Do you thank him when a friend hurts you? Do you thank him when you can't pay the next bill? Do you thank him for every situation at all times?

You all know what Paul and Silas did. In the darkness, with all the physical pain, they were singing songs of praise to the Lord! And their praise rose like a fragrant offering to the Lord, and released God's answer. An earthquake liberated them, and the jailor and his whole family were saved. Hallelujah!

Be thankful at all times, be joyful in every circumstance. He knows what you need, and will take care of it. All your worrying will not add another day to your life.

As you well know from my last email, I still fail miserably in this area at times. I thank the Lord for our 20-year-old car that has lasted for nearly a year now. Emmanuel (who found it and takes care of it) told me recently that he would have never thought it would last that long - praise God! I rejoice because the Lord is good and He is in control of everything. Who knows what He protected us from by keeping us from going to the village this weekend. We're praying that when we get to go, we'll see double the fruit we would have seen this weekend.

For now, we're looking for another part that has to be exchanged in our old car. Hopefully we'll find it soon, so the car will be operational again.

After a frustrating two days Friday and Saturday, I reminded myself of these principles Saturday night, and thanks to some emails from you, I was convicted and repented before the Lord. I felt I should preach on this very subject Sunday, and several people said it was the best sermon I've ever preached (to God be all the glory!). For an hour I talked about being joyful and thankful in all circumstances, and many were convicted and encouraged. If you speak French, you can download the sermon from our church website.

So we were all filled with joy and confidence on Sunday, especially Paul and myself. Paul had been very miserable because of the whole situation, and now we're hoping our village pastor Enoch will be able to listen to the sermon as well. He has suffered the most in terms of losing face in his community.


The prophets of the Lord have prophesied that 2007 is the year of recovery - I even preached that in our church. Yesterday, as I was praying, the Lord suddenly reminded me of what happened nearly three years ago.

It was a huge miracle, quite an answer to prayer and great testimony to the way our Lord works. However, then it all fell through.

That June day in 2004 in Independance, MO, a lady I did not know at all handed me a check for $30,000 for a car. She said she had completed a business deal that very morning and asked the Lord what that money was for. The Lord answered that it was for a car - which she didn't understand since she had a good car. That night at Bible School, after I had a chance to share, the Lord told her it was for the car we needed, and so she handed me the check. However, due to some circumstances, I never saw a dime of that money. You can read the original report in my email archives by simply clicking here.

But this is the year of recovery! Stand with me in faith believing for the restoration of that which was lost!


  •    5-year-old handicapped Hama who lives with his parents with us on the property, has moved into the house with us - just for the nights for now. His Mom was glad to be rid of him, and Hama himself was so excited to have his own bed in the room with the other boys, get his own pyjama and towel, and just be a part of us. He will now have to learn some boundaries, since he can't do anymore whatever he wants, like sleeping whenever he decides to.
  •    At Easter we're doing three days of special activities in a row. On Friday, we're showing the MATTHEW film. On Saturday, THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST, and on Sunday (April 8th) we're doing an Easter party for street children and adults, with a banquet. Please pray for finances, for strength, grace and favor as we prepare.
  •    Keep praying for favor with the Malian government and everyone we come in touch with as we get ready to build. The title deed for the property should be given any day now, and we're starting the process of building the well. Pray for our American architect Peter, and our builder Kossi in Mali.

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. (Rom 8:28)

That would be you!

All HIS,



Our Family of 12