Exceedingly Abundantly Above
Dr. Claudia R. Wintoch
June 16, 2004



Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen. (Eph 3:20-21)


What a glorious God we serve! What a beautiful Bridegroom we have! Full of love and grace, showering down every good gift!

When I arrived in Kansas City, I was overwhelmed by the goodness of God - staying at such a beautiful house, with such wonderful people who also have a call of God to Africa. I would lie in the bathtub with tears on my face, that God would allow me to stay here. Everything just such a huge blessing! Getting to drink milk again, and eat cheese, and have people around you who love the Lord and love you.

People would comment on how good I look - of course, with all the joy and excitement of being back, of seeing my friends again, being in God's house again, having corporate worship again. The night I arrived in Kansas City, I just had to go right away to the International House of Prayer (IHOP - where they have 24/7 praise and worship) to be with God. And then I went back to the church I had been a part of during Bible School, and worship was so glorious I just dropped to the floor and wept and wept. How I had missed worshipping the Lord in Spirit and truth with hundreds of other Christians! And then I got to be at the church I love, with people I love, including my former teacher Jill Austin, and I wept more on their floor. And I'd continue at IHOP, on their floor. And then I saw my precious friends who lead the Healing Rooms there, and got to pour out again like in "old times".

I've now been in Kansas City for two weeks, and they have been tremendous weeks! I've been really busy, meeting with friends or with God. It's so awesome seeing all these precious friends and people of God again, getting to share and fellowship, and there's still quite a few more I haven't seen yet.

And today I'm writing you to share a HUGE thing the Lord has done, just days after I arrived here, and it's a financial miracle.

Last week, I accompanied my friend to his class at Faith Bible College which is the school I got my doctorate from last year. I wanted to talk to the director about teaching their materials in Mali, and that wonderful school that is there to serve and to give gave me the whole one-year certificate course materials as a gift. So, next year I will be teaching Simeon and Emmanuel, and after completing all 12 courses they will receive a certificate from Faith Bible College. The challenge (time-consuming!) will be to translate all the courses. Praise God! I'm so excited about this!

After our conversation, I sat in class which the director - Dr. Nick - taught. At the end of the two-hour class he said that God had been speaking to him the whole class to do something he had never done before. I was called up front and Dr. Nick said a few words about what I'm doing and asked people to give. One student after the other came forward and put money in my hands, many of them really moved by Holy Spirit. It was so awesome, and I was deeply touched. What they didn't know was that I had no money left at that time.

After they prayed for me, I was talking to a lady who asked me about Mali and the needs we have. I mentioned the car we desperately needed, plus the property/building we'll be getting. As I mentioned the car and huge amount of money we'd need right away, another lady listening in suddenly said, "Now I know! It's for you! I have something in the car for you!" So she left and came back with a check in her hand. Then she explained, "This morning I closed a deal, and I was asking God what the money was for, and He said it was for a car. I didn't understand because I have a car and I don't need a car. So when I heard you talking I suddenly realized that it's not MY car but YOUR car." Then she handed me the check. I looked at the number on that check and could barely believe my eyes. It said $30,000. WOW!

I was absolutely overwhelmed! The fear on the Lord was immediately on me, that God would entrust me with so much. This is God's money, and it's God's vision and God's work in Mali, and it was so awesome to see him start putting things in place, because a vision cannot always stay a vision - it has to become a reality. And here He provided a very important first step. I got so excited thinking of how that money would enable us to take God's kingdom to Mali and the Malians! So, right now I'm looking into what the best way is to get a car, since many missionaries import their cars and customs are very high.

Whenever God does something huge, the enemy comes to challenge it. The devil sure doesn't want us to go to the villages to preach the gospel, or preach it anywhere else. And during my first week here I would always feel like failure whenever I'd come into God's presence. Yes, I'm weak, but that's when His strength can be made perfect, and that's when there is no way I could get any credit for what He is doing. This year I have found my limits, seen my weaknesses and shortcomings, but the Lord is not looking for perfect vessels. He is looking for WILLING vessels and OBEDIENT vessels who LOVE Him and care ONLY about Him. So though I'm weak and fail, His power and His Spirit can work through me. I thank Him that He keeps killing my flesh and pride and making me the vessel He can use for His glory. Because huge things are ahead, and I just happen to be one who said YES when He was looking for someone. So, all to say, this huge miracle was like God saying, I know you are weak, but let's move on, because there is much ahead to get ready for, and you can't afford allowing the enemy putting condemnation on you.

And now I'm asking you, my friends, to stand with me in prayer, because the enemy is trying to rob that money for God's work in Mali. What happened? I went to cash the check and couldn't (the American banking system is very different from the Austrian one - much more complicated). The only solution is for that lady to write out a check to my name. So I went back to Bible College today to return the check and get a new one, but she couldn't give me a new one. She said that if she has to put the money first into her account, it's more complicated, because then she has to first talk to her husband and get his approval, and he won't like it at all. She said that she doesn't know how much she'll be able to give me that way. Later she said she might be able to do it through her son. In any case she asked me to pray - for wisdom how to do it, and favor with her husband. And she did say again that she knew that God wanted me to have that money.

So, please pray this next week! I'm meeting with her for lunch in one week, and by then it will have been decided. I refuse to let the enemy steal God's money - and we have the power to stand up against him because of Jesus' victory.

There is more the Lord has already done in these two weeks in Kansas City, and I will surely tell you about it another time.

God is awesome, and He longs to pour out His glory and establish His kingdom in this earth! All He needs is.... us.

Glory to our awesome King!


Ask of Me, and I will make the nations your inheritance. (Ps 2:8)

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