Revival Worship & Warfare

Mag. Claudia R. Wintoch

†† Kathy Gray

WRSM Summer 2002


1. The Making of a True Worshipper & Warrior

As a young boy, David spent many hours on the fields with his sheep. He had his little harp with him and spent many hours praising the Lord God of Israel. In that season he learned to worship God, drew close to Him, got to know His presence, grew an intimacy with His God that was the foundation of everything he would do later in life. But he did not only learn to worship, but to fight. He was responsible for the sheep and learned to protect them, fight away dangers. He had to defend them against wolves, bears and lions. He learned not to be afraid, but to look to the good of the sheep and his God who would give him the strength and ability.

It was this season that prepared him for the giant. David was consumed with the fire of God. He could not tolerate the name of His God being dishonored. And, having slain the lion and bear, that heathen man did not intimidate him; he knew his God, and he knew that He would honor David.

The number one key element in us is intimacy with God. We need to spend time in the presence of the Lord, soaking and letting Him transform us, worshipping Him and getting closer and closer to Him. Many do not know how to do that, so we must help them in our congregations. We must make room for ample time of praise and worship, teach them how to spend time with Him at home, create a hunger in them to know Him more. In Kansas City, we can encourage them to spend time at the International House of Prayer and simply love on Him.

Another key from the above passage is learning to overcome to small things and challenges in our lives, that prepare us for the bigger ones to come. We need to teach our people how to resist the enemy, how to overcome, how to be victorious, and coach them in the midst of their battle, helping them along and letting them know it is okay to fail, that we will not condemn them, but help them up and help them to understand what went wrong. People in our congregation need to know that they are in a safe place to learn, grow, make mistakes and mature.

Another principle in Davidís life is his integrity. Saul was king and David Ė knowing he would be his successor Ė respected that and did not dare touching ďthe Lordís anointedĒ. He did not talk evil about Saul, he did not touch him, but even praised him and mourned for him after his death. We also must guard our heart and our tongue Ė if we slander Godís sons and daughters, we touch His anointed ones and will lose our spiritual strength. We must not allow that; and we must not allow any evil talk in our congregation for it to stay healthy, victorious and pleasing to the Lord.

Another principle is that of accountable relationships. David, a leader, had a very close relationship with another leader to be, Jonathan. He drew strength from that relationship, where he could be himself, open and vulnerable. As pastors we also need those relationships, finding others in the pastorate or the like to be vulnerable with, where we can pour out our hearts and be strengthened. It was not from among his own followers that David found an intimate friend. The same way we must careful who we choose to be close with, and should consider twice the wisdom of doing so with someone in authority under us.


2. A Worship Service in a Local Church

Setting: †††††††† Open air service in rural West Africa

Theme: †††††††† Healing & Salvation

Songs: ††††††††† (translated into local language)

†††††††††††††††††††† Jesus, Godís Righteousness Revealed

Jesus Is Lord, Creationís Voice Proclaims It

†††††††††††††††††††† Come, Now Is The Time

†††††††††††††††††††† Holy Ground

†††††††††††††††††††† Let Your Healing Water Flow

†††††††††††††††††††† Thank You For The Cross, Lord

†††††††††††††††††††† We Exalt Thee

†††††††††††††††††††† I Believe in Jesus

†††††††††††††††††††† Welcome, Holy Spirit


Sermons: ††††† short: †† Paralytic through Roof Ė Luke 5:17-26

†††††††††††††††††††† main: †† The Cross Ė Hebrews 12:2

Because people heard about the miracles taking place, they are starting to gather early in the morning, hoping they will be healed. There is a high degree of anticipation and desperation, but they donít know anything about Jesus. For that reason most songs will include the name of Jesus.

Worship starts with a song that lifts up the Lord and makes Jesus known: Jesus, Godís Righteousness Revealed, followed by the hymn Jesus Is Lord, Creationís Voice Proclaims It. Then I have a few testimonies from locals who have been healed and who gave their lives to Jesus, which helps those who have no clue whatsoever to see what Jesus does for people, after having learned a little about Him in the songs. The testimonies are very emotional, and faith rises among the people, as they wonder if they could be next. The Holy Spirit starts brooding, and we sing another worship song: Come, Now Is The Time To Worship. Some people get healed spontaneously, as they come to Jesus (as the song invites them to come), some running forward healed. Some of them are testifying also. Then I give a short talk on healing, sharing how Jesus healed the paralytic man his friends brought to Him, stirring up peopleís faith and anticipation. After that, we are singing Holy Ground, followed by Let Your Healing Waters Flow, during which I encourage people to reach out to Jesus to be healed. I go down into the crowd, touching people and releasing Godís healing power into their lives, while the worship team continues praising the Lord, transitioning to Thank You For The Cross, Lord after some time. I return to the platform and join the worship team, thanking the Lord and lifting up His name with We Exalt Thee. Then itís time for the sermon to start. I start preaching about the cross, from Hebrews 12:2, sharing the agony He went through, His purpose, His resurrection and ascension. I conclude with an invitation to make Him Lord over their lives, as the worship team starts singing I Believe In Jesus. People start crying, falling on their knees. We invite them to come forward, where I talk about the Holy Spirit and His baptism for a few minutes, before starting to pray for them, while the worship team is singing Welcome, Holy Spirit. The following hour(s) are spent with praying for people, healing and delivering them.