News from Vienna 11

12 March 1996


He turned the sea into dry land. (Ps 66:6)

The 1st of January, when I finally had some time to be with the Lord and pray about 1996, He gave me Psalm 66 - and this line in particular - for 1996. I saw it as a wonderful promise that He would carry me through all the problems ahead and would turn them around. I was looking forward in anticipation to what the Lord would be doing this year. This is what I wrote in the middle of January, “I’m sure he will go far beyond my expectations again. I know that it won’t be an easy year in some ways, but hope (know) that it will be a year of further healing and deliverance in my life. Whenever I feel being torn down and surrounded by darkness, I now read Ps 66 and am reminded of God’s promise. Praise Him !“ Far was I from knowing how soon this promise should come to fulfilment ! (see 2. Inner Healing)
Towards the end of January, while having a time of prayer with a friend, she was given a picture of me standing on a rock in the middle of the sea and encouraged me not to look to the waves but to the rock (that was when I was really down). I was amazed as she didn’t know about my promise and it seemed to fit so well.
During the conference God referred to this picture again and showed me that this vast sea around me consisted of all the tears I had wept in my life. Now I understood! Those hurts and tears then caused my problems, represented by the waves. And He fulfilled His promise and turned this sea into dry land, giving me a “final“ healing touch (for more see 2. Inner Healing).


The 11th of January I had my first exam (History of African Studies in Vienna), then the 16th (French Phonetics Part I), the 18th (Bambara Grammar), the 22nd (French Phonetics Part II), the 23rd (Bambara Conversation), the 24th (France - everything about it), the 25th (Bambara Texts) and the 26th (The influence of Italian humanism on France and Germany). So I had 8 exams and got another certificate without exam (you get a certificate for every course you did). I still had one exam and three papers to write left which I postponed till March. So I now have to write those papers (there’s no deadline) and have no idea when I’ll do the one exam left.

Before going to England I had 7 out of my 8 results back. We have 5 marks: 1 is best and 5 is failed. I had five 1s and two 3s. Praise God! It’s only by His grace that I had such results. Unfortunately I didn’t get the eighth back which was the most critical one (France). I continued praying for it a lot. I would have to do the whole course again this semester if I failed it.

Coming back from England, I got the result: I had a 3! That was a miracle for me. Now I haven’t got any lectures on Wednesday and am able to put into practice what I had desired to do: I gave the whole day to the Lord (see That’s Life!!!).

The Flu

About the 14th (only after the first exam) I got the flu ! The following Sunday (21st) it was worst and I had a week with an exam daily in front of me. During the service I complained to God, Lord, you usually heal me immediately when I get the flu, why not this time ? I have so many exams coming up! I don’t understand! The fever was quite high that night. As a result God convicted me about the way I treated my body. No wonder I was ill! I struggled a lot with my eating habits (as a result from my childhood) and also for financial reasons I lived on Noodle-soup and Noodle-salad. So I repented of the way I care for the temple of the Holy Spirit and promised to do my best to eat properly.

Downhill Again

Now I expected to wake up healed the following day, but I still had the flu - and my next exam. After the exam I studied for the next, then had my next, then studied again, then exam, etc.. I hardly met any people but spent most of the time in bed studying. At the same time I felt emotionally worse and worse. By Sunday afternoon, I was crying out to God to intervene, lying before Him for two hours.

God's Answer

And the answer came quickly. The sermon at the service seemed to be for me and even more what the pastor said before the altar-call! It was so precisely what I had been praying about! I was totally amazed. I then went to the front to be prayed for and after some time the pastor came and prayed for me. In the sermon, he had made a very honest confession that he could have left the whole ministry the week before but that he had been to a revival-conference where God had refreshed him. Now my pastor had known a little about my struggles the last months and prayed very directly and authoritatively. He prayed against any powers of darkness and then went back to the front. I still was discouraged and didn’t feel any different. The pastor suddenly said that there were still people who were discouraged and desperate and that Jesus wants to take it and replace it with hope. By faith, I accepted this word to be for me and felt better.


The next morning I woke up full of praise and thanksgiving and love for Jesus! The whole day I was constantly singing songs to the Lord. I felt so light and was just full of joy. I decided not to do any more work that week but to meet with many people and that’s what I did. When I continued full of joy the following day and the day after, I started to wonder what God had done that Sunday. I now believe that that Sunday night was crucial for all that followed. I believe God delivered me from darkness that night (it was as if somebody with authority over me needed to pray for me) and so prepared the way for what He had in store for me. The last months, and especially in January, I had prayed a lot for more effectivity, to be used more, and for more of God. Every time I asked God why He didn’t use me the way He had equipped me to, I seemed to get the same answer: First this must be dealt with. And that’s what God had done that Sunday. What a timing! The conference then was to be a renewing of God’s promises and anointing to serve Him in these ways (see “Waves of the Spirit“).


Funny enough, the Wednesday after that Sunday, I had my first counselling session. Already before Christmas, a couple in my church approached me to have a meeting with me. Two weeks before that Wednesday, we then made the appointment. On one hand I didn’t really want it as I felt a bit misunderstood by that couple, on the other hand I knew I needed counselling.

As the appointment was approaching, I was totally terrified when thinking about it. Remember that I felt worse and worse the week before and that irrational fear added to it. After that amazing Sunday the fear had gone. I was then looking forward to the meeting. Only a few hours before the session I became a bit fearful.

The meeting then consisted mainly of telling my story. I’m sure it also prepared me for what God had in store for me at the conference.

After the session, many memories came up and went round in my had. I had two bad nights following. But there was no more darkness and for the first time in my life, I didn’t have to give in to desperation but was able to rebuke the enemy. Friday morning, I was filled with joy again. I felt so light and free and also (even if it sounds funny) somehow fragile and clean and peaceful. That Friday night, the last in Vienna, I went to the Singles group where I had a marvellous time! For the first time I didn’t care about the people around when praying and just poured out my heart to God.

Putting Things Right

One day in November, God had shown me a few things from before I had been a Christian which had to be put right. It took some time, partly because I didn’t have enough.

x At Christmas I gave my Mother’s diaries back to her. She had kept them in our room, when I was a child, till I found them. I had read a little bit but the important parts were written in shorthand. She said she had already wondered where they were and I assured her that I had only read a little as a child. She accepted it seemingly calmly.

x I had also found a box with photos with my Mother as a child, my Mother & Father, up to myself as a child. I loved those photos but gave them back to her. I asked her to give me some of them but so far she hasn’t given me any.

x I had photos from the time in primary school which belonged to the teacher we had had. I sent them back to her and got a nice letter back.

x I gave a book and tape back I had taken from my brother.

x About 6 years ago, my friend’s boyfriend had given me a few discs with computer games. The telephone number wasn’t correct any more but I found the new one and phoned this guy. You can imagine his surprise (after 5 years - they had split up then). As expected he said forget them.

x Now the biggest challenge where a few books with exercises for tutoring. About 5 years ago I had had a student in primary school. I went to see his teacher who had given me these books to copy. When my student let me down shortly afterwards, I still had the books. I simply forgot them. Now I only knew that this primary school had been in the fifth district. So I looked up all primary schools in that district, finding six. I needed time to go from school to school. So the day chosen was the 29th of January. When praying in the morning, one street’s name seemed to sound familiar. I wrote a letter apologising and explaining that it’s because I had started a relationship with Jesus that I wanted to give them back and set off. I immediately recognised the school and went up to the teachers’ room. It was locked. The director’s room was open and she came and asked me what I wanted. I explained her the situation and that I had no idea what the teacher’s name was. I still knew the student’s name and she knew who the teacher was. She took the books promising to pass them on. Although I had left my address and phone number, I haven’t heard from this teacher.

x For quite a while I had wanted to get rid of about 15 Stephen King-books. For a long time I had wanted to sell them but finally came to the conclusion that they have an evil influence and therefore have to be destroyed. But how? Throwing them away? People could take them out again. Burning? But how? Now I took them all to my flat the week before I left for England but I didn’t want them to be there. I couldn’t even look at the terrible colours. So I decided to destroy them. I took one of my metal bowls and put it on the floor in my room. Then I took the first book and lit it. While it was burning in the bowl, I added the next book. Now I realised that it took quite a while and decided only to burn the ugly covers. As they contend some kind of plastic, the whole room was suddenly filled with pricking smoke. I quickly opened the window and put the bowl on the window-sill. I started to wonder whether it had been a good idea. I also had to open the door to my flat - but it continued burning and smoking. I was afraid that somebody would call the fire brigade but to my astonishment, all the windows around were dark. After some time I put the bowl on the window-sill in the kitchen, closed the door to my room and went to bed. The rest of the books I just tore apart and threw away. I don’t regret what I’ve done but I’m ashamed of having kept those occult books for such a long time.

Leaving Vienna

When I left Vienna on Saturday the 3rd of February, I felt very much prepared by God for this conference. I had a sense of something special coming up and was looking forward to the conference in anticipation.

But first, I was looking forward to the services in “my“ church in Bournemouth that Sunday. It was marvellous.

Some time in January, I had learned that I wouldn’t be able to stay with Catia & David again like last summer. Praise God I know so many people in Bournemouth. I stayed with Peter & Nikki, a young couple I’ve known for a year. I had a wonderful time in their house, although I didn’t see them very much during the conference.

"Waves Of The Spirit"

The conference started Monday afternoon (5th of February) and went till Friday lunchtime (9th of February). We started in the morning with a short worship-time followed by a Bible reading (done by Rob Warner - great teacher!), then had a break, then the seminars, then lunch-break. In the afternoon and evening we had main meetings. Speakers were John & Carol Arnott, Wesley Campbell, Terry Virgo, Gerald Coates, David & Mary Pytches and others. Worship was led by Noel Richards (I learned some great new songs!). We could choose one out of four seminars which went over three days. They were Prayer & Prophetic; Healing; Worship, Warfare & the Kingdom and one on the theological basis of what was going on.

And God was working mightily in my life ! In the last session, the conference was evaluated and they asked all the 3000 people to get up as an answer to the question. I could stand up at nearly every question. The first was who would come to that conference again. Here are the following:

1. Physical Healing

At the age of 5 I had had an eye-operation because I was squinting. As a result, I had an eye-weakness that showed when dancing a lot, filming (only one eye being used), and then when worshipping and praying. The longer and deeper I worshipped, the worse it was. I could never stay a whole prayer night but had to leave after two hours, totally embarrassed, trying not to have to look into anybody’s face. When filming my parents at their dancing competitions, I had to drive back in the middle of the night, only using one eye, praying for protection. But most of all it drove me crazy after every worship-time in church or elsewhere. Asking my doctor, she said I couldn’t do anything. The only remedy was to go to bed; the next morning it was gone. Sometimes, when it wasn’t that bad, it normalised again after some time.

At the conference, I struggled after every worship-time. (Thank God it never kept me from worshipping or praying.) But it always faded away during the sermon as it wasn’t so bad.

Now I had chosen the seminar on Healing by David & Mary Pytches. One of the tree mornings was on physical healing. I had decided to grasp an opportunity to be prayed for and I did. Two people prayed for my eyes. I didn’t feel anything and nothing visible happened. But I didn’t mind. God had heard the prayer and it was up to Him whether He would answer it or not. Somehow, I didn’t care very much.

At the last meeting then, when they asked who had been physically healed, I was suddenly stunned! We had just had a worship-time and I saw properly! I hesitated and decided to watch carefully in the future.
Now there have been several worship-times since then and I’m totally amazed how much better it is! It’s not totally healed but maybe to 70%; e.g. after 45 min. of worship I have some problems which resolve quickly. I’ll certainly grasp every upcoming opportunity to be prayed for for healing so that it can be healed a 100%.

2. Inner Healing

One of my major problems still left before leaving Vienna was the rejection I had suffered from all my life. I hated the effects it had on me and desired so much to be set free from it. God had already been dealing with it and finally brought it to “completion“ at the conference. After two not so good meetings where it had come up, I struggled with this rejection again. This time, the one praying for me suddenly prayed against rejection (! - I hadn’t told him the problem!) and he also prayed a verse I had been trying to live for a long time: There is no fear in love. I was amazed. Then God showed me the following (part of it I had seen before): I saw myself lying in my bed, crying in desperation till falling asleep with a bad head-ache (that had been the norm for years) - and Jesus sat at my bed, caressing my hair, loving and comforting me without my knowing. Then I saw myself in my grand-parents’ flat (which was new), in the other room, lying there and crying while I could listen to all the horrible things my family said about me in the neighbouring room - and Jesus was with me, He was on my side. Then there was one more occasion on which Jesus stood beside me. I then felt like a little child again that only wanted to be loved - and I “saw“ God the Father at some distance. So I ran into the arms of God, saying like a little child, nobody wants me, they don’t love me, Daddy! I saw my family standing at a distance, but I was save in the arms of God. He was there to listen to me and hold me in His arms and I didn’t want Him to stop embracing me. You know, one of the things I had always wanted most in my life, was to be hugged by my Mum (or anybody else) and most of the times she had only pushed me away when I had dared to just do it.

The next thing I saw was my family - and I saw them with the eyes of God. They were victims, living in darkness in the kingdom of Satan, not knowing what was right or wrong. They couldn’t be blamed for what they had done to me, to a chosen one of the King of Kings. Again I was taken back to different situations, which were worst in my life, caused by different members of my family. But I didn’t see myself but my family. They had dared to touch the apple of God’s eye, committing one of the worst things you can do. I felt the seriousness of their sin and cried out to God to forgive them as they didn’t know what they were doing! I pleaded with God to have mercy (= not receiving what we deserve) and grace (= receiving what we don’t deserve) on them and to save them. After I had gone through my family, deep peace settled on me and I had a sense of undeserved honour. I said to Jesus: Thank you, Lord, for the privilege of having shared in your sufferings.

3. Commissioning & Guidance

It was at the conference in Switzerland last June when God quite clearly spoke to me about the ministry of healing. I had hardly told anybody, feeling a bit overwhelmed and not worthy for that - and afraid. Still, my desire to be used that way increased very much after that conference and I cried out to God seeing all the needs around me. God had already been using me a little in inner healing and that was mostly on my heart. Now, during the last half year, I wondered why “nothing happened“. As you know from News from Vienna 10 I had a terribly tough time struggling with my own problems. Every time I asked God why He didn’t use me more, I seemed to get the same answer. He had to deal with something first (He actually was more specific.).

So I actually lost sight a little of the promises God had given me in Switzerland last June and continued to have an increasing desire for the gift of healing. Then, interesting enough, I was given a book at Christmas by somebody who had no idea about this desire of mine - it was a biography on the well-known healing evangelist Smith Wigglesworth.

The last day before going to England, we had our Singles’ group and it was there that God suddenly reminded me of what He had done and said to me in Switzerland - and I was totally thrilled! I asked God for forgiveness of having “forgotten“ His promises and was looking forward to what God what do in this area at the conference.

That’s why I didn’t even hesitate when we had to choose a seminar. One of the most wonderful experiences was that when the part on inner healing came, I wasn’t touched at all! I was sitting there as somebody who wanted to minister to others, and not any more as somebody needing help herself. They then prayed for those wanting/being commissioned to be used in healing individually and the Lord really touched me and anointed me mightily. During the whole conference, I committed myself again and again and again to the Lord, asking Him to use me. At one stage, I found myself quoting Lk 4:18: The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because He has anointed me to preach good news to the poor, to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to release the oppressed.

4. Anointing For Service

I’ve already shared about the way God has anointed me to serve Him in the ministry of healing.

The whole conference has been a time of refreshment and meeting with the Lord. I had been so hungry and thirsty for the Lord. Especially in December and January I had been praying so much for more. I wanted to know Jesus so much more, to be like Him so much more, to be closer to Him so much more, to be used so much more, to see His Kingdom come so much more, to be filled with His Spirit so much more, etc.. I spent hours (and days) before the Lord crying out for more - and He answered this cry of my heart! At the conference, I spent all the time possible in God’s presence; I wanted all He had for me. I was always one of the last to get up, being sad to have to leave His presence. Once somebody even prayed that God would lift His anointing for a while (against my will!!:-)!!) so I could go home! Most of the time, I stretched out my arms to God as far as I could, in total surrender and desiring Him, sometimes only saying Jesus continually, loving Him. As the conference went on, I was so filled with the Spirit that I couldn’t move quickly any more. The peace of the Lord was predominant all the time. Even in the little freetime we had I sometimes just sat down somewhere, continuing to be in the presence of the Lord - and He was there ! Some people have concerns about falling when being prayed for - I tell you I’m glad I didn’t have to stand in the presence of God for hours (as I was lying on the floor). How can anyone keep standing when he meets the living and holy God ? My weak little body is overcome when the Holy Spirit comes in power.

In the evenings, we were always of the last people to leave the conference centre; and the last bus had always left already. And every night, God provided a lift home! I used to come home at about midnight, then writing my diary and having some time with the Lord. You can imagine that I didn’t sleep very much, and still I was totally refreshed.


Now the last important thing God has done: He’s broken my heart again and again for Austria. Once, after a Bible reading, we prayed that this renewal would lead into revival in “our“ country and sang Great is the Darkness (see box). This song finally completely broke my heart and all I could was to go on my knees and intercede for Austria, weeping over this dark country which has turned from God. I asked for forgiveness for our sins as we had had God’s Word for so long but rejected it. I identified with the Austrian people and their sins and repented on their behalf, asking for mercy and grace on them, that He would pour out His Spirit on Austria, bringing light to this country, breaking Satan’s grip on this people.

And this was not the only time. I also interceded for Vienna in particular and my church (see Vienna Christian Center). One night, the lady who had prayed for me came back later, telling me she had had a picture. She said: There is this Spanish Riding School in Vienna where there are those beautiful white horses which are so elegant, powerful and majestic. And the King of Kings is sitting on one of those and He is much more beautiful, powerful and majestic. And even if God is not moving like that in Austria yet, Jesus is riding through the city of Vienna on this horse. Then she prayed that He would take me with Him and show me Vienna through His eyes. I thought, smiling, dangerous prayer, as God has done that before. So often, when I walk through the city, my heart is just broken by what I see (e.g. most of the posters is about sex or New Age) and it drives me to my knees to pray.

During the last ministry-time, as I was praying for Austria again, a woman prayed over me for quite a while till she said she had received a picture. She asked me whether I could relate to it: I see you in the streets of Vienna and telling people about Jesus. Oh yes, how fascinating that it fitted so well (I don’t know whether she had realised that I had interceded for Austria). She prayed into that and left. Then the picture of Jesus on the horse came back and I “saw“ the following: I sat with Jesus on the horse; He was sitting behind me, having His hands around me, at my sides, as He was holding the reins and leading the horse. I couldn’t see Jesus but felt so loved and secure. The most marvellous thing was that I could see a crown on my head - as the princess of the King of Kings. (With this statement, that I was a princess, the intensive part of the healing process had started a year earlier. As rejection had been dealt with, I was for the first time able to accept that for me in my heart.) After some time, Jesus stopped the horse and I got off. (I saw myself from behind Jesus.) I saw myself praying for somebody and then I asked the Holy Spirit to come. As I did that, Jesus lifted His right arm to heaven.

One thing I had been praying for a lot - during the last months especially - was for more boldness in witnessing. And in particular on the street ! So often I desire to address somebody on the street, sometimes even sensing God telling me to do so, but I’m so fearful ! I really have to take hold of what Jesus has shown me now and think it will help me to be bolder. Since being back, I’m even more sensitive as I walk through Vienna. Everything I see really hurts me deep inside and I continue to intercede for this city and country and my church. So far, God hasn’t been leading me particularly while walking through Vienna, but I’m praying every time before leaving my flat that I would hear the Spirit’s voice when telling me to do something - and that He would.

Actually, one strange thing I have realised recently: More than once, angry-looking, even insane-looking people have approached me on the street, shouting at me angrily in a language I didn’t know, without any reason. .

The Weekend After - Meeting My Grandmother

On Saturday, 10th of February, my Grandmother and her husband Frank picked me up from Bournemouth and we drove to their home near Exeter. I wanted to know everything about them and they, of course, about me. So we spent the afternoon chatting. I gave her my testimony, telling her how God had healed me and set me free. And my Grandmother also told me her story, and about her Mother and Grandfather. I could hardly believe my ears! In every generation the same story! It hurt me very much to see how much my Grandmother is still affected by her childhood and the curse on our family. It hurt me even more when she rejected any help. Please pray that God would bring a breakthrough!


On Monday, 12th of February, I went up to London to meet the rest of the Austrian group. We were 6 Austrians, 4 from Graz, 1 from Innsbruck and I from Vienna. We first went to Egham, then Reading, Southampton, some to Bognor Regis or Portsmouth, and then we spent the weekend in Bournemouth. I enjoyed the last two services in my favorite church so much and was a bit melancholic about leaving Bournemouth. It might at least take another year till I’ll be back. Monday morning we then went to Winchester and finished the trip on Wednesday in London Heathrow.

Those ten days were really a good time. I met some old friends again and made new friends. We participated in CU-meetings, shared about Austria and prayed together. It was also good to get to know the other Austrians better.

The only thing I struggled with was my being with God. After the conference I was determined to keep the anointing of God and spending time with Him is crucial for that. Now there wasn’t very much time for that and especially not the freedom for it. I missed that very much, not being able to sing and pray as loud and freely and long as I wanted to.


Wednesday, the 21st of February, when the other Austrians were flying back, I went up to Norwich. I had hoped to stay in London for two days but it hadn’t worked out. So I had more time with Louise. Maybe you remember that she had been in Vienna for half a year last year and had been my prayer partner. It was so great to see her again! We had a wonderful time together although she had been very busy with her studies. It was good to catch up again about all that had been going on. I also enjoyed having some rest and time with the Lord.

Back To Austria!

Saturday, the 24th of February, I flew back to Austria. It was the first time, I could hardly wait coming back! Those of you, who know how much I fancy England, will understand how much that means. I was so excited about all that God had done, and all His promises, that I could hardly await serving Him and seeing Him at work in Vienna, VCC and around me. I was full of anticipation of what the Lord would be doing.

That's Life!!

How shall I make you understand the way my life has changed!!! There’s no way of describing but I’ll try.

First of all, I’m more in love with Jesus than I’ve ever been before! I just love Him soooo much I don’t know how to tell Him. Every free minute I have I want to spend with Him. When I come home and have an hour time before leaving again, I think, It’s not worth starting anything, let’s spend some time with the Lord and I enter His presence with worship and praise.

Actually, it’s nearly becoming a “problem“. I’ve been back now for two weeks but hardly done any work yet as I only want to be with my Lord and Saviour. My times with Him have increased in quantity and quality. His Word has never been so alive to me. I usually don’t want to stop reading - even the “dry“ chapters of the Mosaic law! The Holy Spirit is teaching me and showing me so many new things which are exciting and how to apply them in my life. (In the beginning of the year I started with a one-year-Bible-reading-plan; I now study Acts and Numbers.)

I especially enjoy my “ Jesusdays“ so much. I’ve had two so far and they are such a blessing. How wonderful to be with the almighty God for 5 hours in a row! It’s a time of cleansing, intercession, listening and refreshing.

Another thing is that I’ve entered a new level in intercession. God has given me such a burden for Austria, Vienna and my church. Nearly daily I lie before Him, sometimes not being able to express my grief but by groaning (Rom 8:26) and wailing. I also pray more than ever before for my family, and with a new authority and understanding. I’m so confident that they will be saved!

I’ve also entered a new level concerning fasting. It’s on one hand easier, on the other more important to me. I fast on my Jesusdays, in order to receive more spiritual food; I fasted for the release of God’s power at the first RETURN-group (see Vienna Christian Center) and I’ll fast two days before the service on healing. It’s so rewarding!

Daily Life

Daily life is completely different. The morning after having come back from England, I went to the service in my church. In the end a worship-leader and my small ALPHA-group-leader came up to me and said, Claudia, I have to tell you something: It’s the first time I feel well in your presence. You radiate so much peace. You have no idea how much it meant to me to hear that from him. (He is very sensitive to the Spirit of God. - see Vienna Christian Center) And that’s one of the major changes: I constantly feel full of peace, like never before. I walk through the day, not worrying about anything, feeling totally FREE and peaceful, and close to God. There have been meant-to-be discouragements already but they fail. I look to Jesus and nothing seems bad any more. He’s in control. I can trust Him a hundred percent. As I long as I have Him, I have everything I need. That reminds me of the following:

My Notebook

Two days before coming back to Vienna, my notebook suddenly didn’t work any more. I tried my best, but no way. My first reaction was panic. There are so many invaluable informations saved on it - like my diary (!), but also for university. If I lost them ... After some time I stopped myself. Don’t be stupid. It’s only a notebook. Of course, it would be terrible to lose all the data, but you have all you need, you have JESUS. I was ashamed of having loved my notebook so much and repented of having given it to much importance, telling Jesus that I only wanted and needed Him. Still, my notebook didn’t work but it didn’t bother me that much any more. Having come back, I immediately called a friend who finally managed to restore the notebook and rescue my data.

God's Temple

One of the most beautiful results of the completion of the healing process is that the power of the effects of my past is broken; more specifically I talk about my eating habits. They had been completely wrong and although I had known that, I didn’t have the power to change it. As a child, I didn’t dare eating in the presence of Heinzi and ate the more when he had gone to bed. I also used to eat a lot of chocolate (which is a “substitute“ for love). I also used to be on diet constantly - which increased my self-hatred and depression as I constantly failed and even had more weight than before - and more contemptuous remarks from Heinzi and my mother than before.

You can imagine that these eating habits still effected me. I loved chocolate and had to force myself to eat fruits or vegetables (which I hardly ever did). I hated my body and therefore looking into the mirror. Of course I knew that this wasn’t okay but didn’t know how to change it.

PRAISE GOD He’s done it! As He has dealt with rejection, I suddenly love myself and find my eating habits having changed from one day to the other! I don’t have any problems eating vegetables and fruits any more and decided to have one each a day. Even more amazing, I have no desire at all to eat any chocolate! After one chocolate biscuit I have enough!

Now the most wonderful thing: as the Lord has healed me inside, He’s restoring my body. For the first time in my life I’m easily losing weight. I have no problems with eating properly and again, for the first time in my life, I even start liking cooking. I have no desire to eat much and daily, I ask God to transform this temple of His Holy Spirit for His glory, to make it beautiful and honoring for Jesus. And He’s answering it. One thing I want to emphasise: losing weight and fasting are two different things! When I fast, I don’t think about the weight I might lose. If I did, I would miss the purpose. This point is very important for me.

What Else?

The months before England I had been working on listening to people instead of talking and to consider others better than myself (Phil 2:3). I’m glad to see the progress I’ve made and am still working on it. As the Lord has filled me to overflowing with His love and love for others, this has become a lot easier and more joyful. One thing God has dealt with is the problem of judging and criticising. I’m so glad to see how much progress I’ve made here. I refuse to criticise anybody but love them the way they are. The more it hurts me to see others judging and criticising.

One thing I’m doing daily is to break any pride I find. I hate it but also know the danger of it, so it has be dealt with on a daily basis.

The First Week Back

As I’ve already said, I didn’t do very much work - actually not any - , although I still have those three papers to write. Instead I met with a few people and enjoyed being with the Lord.

The Second Week Back

Lectures started again that Monday, March 4th. It was great to be back at university and being able to study again - especially my African language.

It’s so amazing to watch how God’s working when you hand it over to Him. I asked Him to lead me with organising my time and He’s worked out a wonderful time-table for me, perfectly. There’s only one problem:

Austria Needs Your Prayer NOW!

I am prevented from studying because the universities have gone on strike. The country of Austria has big debts for which reason the government decided to take economy measures. The group mostly affected are the students. They want to take away virtually everything they get: no more reductions on the public transport (which means 50 $ a month), no more grants for most students (me included) which means no more social insurance with the parents, less lecturers and lectures, higher minimum of people for a lecture (which would affect many lectures at the institute of African studies), and many other horror-things. Humanly speaking, I’m very concerned if they really push it all through. It would mean that I’d have to stop studying because I wouldn’t be able to afford it any more (again, humanly speaking) - like many other students too. I would have a loss of 4000 $ a year!

For all those reasons the teaching body and the students have gone on strike. Now you must know that Austrians hardly ever strike. This creates a big sense of insecurity among students, as well as the Austrian people (everybody will be affected). Nobody knows when they will take up classes again, and in the meantime there are all kind of activities, demonstrations etc.. Please pray that the Austrian government will realize the horrendous affects their measures would have and change their minds. Pray also that out of this insecurity many people - students - will turn to the One where they’re save and that revival will come as a result. Pray that God will use a big evangelistic meeting with Reinhard Bonnke in Vienna the 29th of March (still connected with From Minus to Plus).

Nexr Week?!?

The positive side of having no lectures is that I’ll have more time to meet people and be with God - but hopefully it will also mean that I’ll make some progress with my papers!

Next Months?!?

There’s nothing special planned for Easter but at the Pentecost weekend - from May 24th to 28th - I hope to go to the conference in Bern/Switzerland again. I haven’t applied yet because it’s dependant on the accommodation. Please pray that the free accommodation would work out again like last year. I’m waiting for an answer. Pray that the Lord would provide the finances. I know that it will be an important time of equipping again.


GOD IS GREAT! Before going to England, I had the impression that the door to Africa this summer was closing. Every day I hoped to get a letter from Africa, telling me, that I would be very welcome to come in summer but it didn’t come. Then I was told by the travel agency that there were hardly any seats in the plane left already. Reading an advertisement in a Christian magazine about a 6-month-discipleship school by YWAM gripped my heart. I was so hungry for more and that seemed to be a way to learn. So I wrote there (New Zealand) for more informations.

Being in England, I really felt in my spirit that the door of Africa was closing. I wasn’t happy about that - till I got this leaflet:

From the first moment I saw it, a deep desire started burning in my heart. I had to read it again and again, not being able to lay it aside. That was it! Lord, that’s the answer! That’s where I can learn to serve you the way you have called me to! I knew it wasn’t an accident I had found that leaflet. I started praying about it and my desire even grew. I asked for guidance and started worrying what to do when finding a letter from Africa
when coming back. What should I tell them? What would they think?

And I really had a letter from Wycliffe, coming back. I was convinced that the door to Africa had closed for me and that Canada seemed to be the right place. But how should I explain them? I opened the letter and was astonished to read that they had said NO! As they’re still very much in the beginning of the work and after some troubles just start to make progress, it wouldn’t be helpful this summer. It even seems better from my point of view as it would be more rewarding for me to go next summer for example. Of course it’s a shame, especially as I’ll miss the IFES-conference for French-speaking Africa, where I had hoped to meet friends, who work with IFES in Africa now, again.

But the alternative is thrilling! It’s a ten-week-course to be trained in counselling & healing, with theoretical and practical teaching. Every week there is a different topic and speaker. As it is a Vineyard school, it’s closely linked to the church of 1500 people there. This course will be from the middle of September to the end of November. Now, university starts in the beginning of October and I would miss the first 7 weeks - but it shouldn’t be a problem to catch up with that. Another problem were the finances. The whole ten weeks (including fees, accommodation and meals) cost about 2700 $, plus the flight. So the logical conclusion was to find a job for July and August, which is not very easy, but:
Nothing is impossible for God! Two days after having come back, I was told about a job which I could easily get, earning the exact amount I needed. Going there revealed that it wasn’t that easy. They wanted someone for permanently (but the friend of a friend said that he would try to talk to his boss again). I had just been denied this job, when the next was at hand: office work for an insurance company, earning a bit less, but doing what I love (word processing on the PC). I phoned and was told that they would probably take me. I only had to send a letter of application. I’ve just written this letter and will send it of on Monday. Please pray that they will give me this job. It’s really a miracle for me to see how those jobs just suddenly opened up. I’m 99,9% convinced now that this School of Counselling & Healing is where the Lord will send me this summer - and I’m thrilled about it ! There’s nothing I would want to do more ! And I’ve always wanted to go to the States/Canada sometime. This school is in Kelowna, about 270 km east of Vancouver. Besides, I have a friend in Vancouver while others will have left already.

One more comment: at times, I had the impression that God gave me a choice to choose between Africa and being equipped for the healing ministry. I was a bit scared because I would have chosen the healing ministry without hesitating. I’m still a hundred percent committed to my calling to Africa but I know that it will take several more years till I’ll get there and the Lord wants to use me in Vienna in the meantime. I’m glad to see how much He has laid Austria on my heart. I used to pray a lot for Africa and those who have never heard the gospel but very little for Austria. I’m also very grateful to finally know the gift I desire most to be used in. It’s actually funny for me that when I was first filled with the Holy Spirit to overflowing at that weekend in Paris in January 1994, that had been a weekend-seminar on healing and I had gone to the small-group-seminar on healing.

Africa Forever

This last weekend has been very African for me. Friday night we first had the first RETURN-group in my place (see Vienna Christian Center), starting at 7 pm. Then, at 11 pm, we had our monthly prayer night in church. I had been looking forward to going there again so much! I hadn’t been there for more than half a year. The number of people has decreased meanwhile and it’s purely African today. I really think it’s disgraceful that no white people are coming to prayer meetings. Anyway, I had a wonderful time with my African brothers and sisters, worshipping God and interceding for Austria, VCC, the world and individuals.

But the most wonderful thing: I praise God from the bottom of my heart that He’s made it possible for me to stay to the very end (6 am) as He’s healed my eyes (see 1. Physical Healing). I only had little problems with it from time to time but I trust God that He will heal it completely in His time.

So I had a wonderful night - altogether 11 hours of worship & prayer! Then I went to bed for 8 hours, got up again and went to the service of the African fellowship (for the first time). I was the only non-Nigerian again but I felt so at home I didn’t realise at all. We had a wonderful African two-hour-service. The only danger is that there will be some Africans running after me again if I get more involved with the African Fellowship. I’ve already had some serious troubles in this area before.

Anyway, I want to reach the Africans in Vienna for Jesus and which better way is there than with the African Fellowship of my church.

Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

Rom 12:21 - a verse, the Lord gave me before and for Christmas


Somewhere on the way through Britain I lost several things I’d like to find again:

  • the conference handbook from Waves of the Spirit
  • Austrian money (coins)
  • a daily calendar for 1996 to put on the wall

There might be other things. I really don’t know how I could have lost them. If you’ve got them, please send them back to me!


In order to save some money for sending out my News from Vienna (stamps are very expensive in Austria), I’m looking for some help from your side. I’m looking for:

x one person living in England
About 20 copies of my News go to Great Britain. I’d be happy to sent them all to one person who just buys the stamps (which I pay you if you want) and sends them off.

x one person living in Austria
About 20 copies of my News go to different parts in Austria, while I hand out about another 10 personally. If anybody (preferably from those last 10) would want to support me by sending those 20 out (costs about 150 ATS), I’d be happy.

x just any reliable person
Now there are still about 18 copies left that go to other countries in Europe, and about 11 that go overseas. If anybody - maybe from England or another country where stamps are cheap - would like to support me by sending those out, I would be glad. It’s up to you whether you want me to send you the money for it.

I’d appreciate your help very much as the mailing costs are really high. Thank you for considering it in prayer; please let me know if you want to help me in this way.


Coming back from England, she said she wanted to know everything about it. Nina had told her about the Holy Spirit-Weekend in VCC and she seemed to be interested. Now, it was her who suggested to come to my place Sunday afternoon and then go with me to church! That was the very first time she suggested something. So I was really excited. She then came and I told her very frankly everything God had done. I then asked her where she was right now with God. She said she didn’t know. I didn’t get very much more out of her. At least she seems a bit more interested again and was happy to hear that I was praying for her. She is interested in joining the next ALPHA-course (starting in the middle of April) which will be for not-yet-Christians. The service didn’t seem to have any particular effect on her (as always) and this Sunday there wasn’t even a call to commitment. Please continue to pray for her. I see God at work in her!


... He said, “I want you to get up and share the vision with people. When you have finished, I want you to tell them that My wedding feast is almost prepared - it is almost ready. Tell them that they are not to be like the five foolish virgins, but they are to be like the five wise virgins.

This is a time that I am pouring out My Spirit. I am pouring out the oil they can buy, and they can be filled and filled and filled. This is the time for My church and my bride to be filled with the oil of My Spirit. When they become filled, I will spill them out into the highways and byways. I will spread them all over, and they will not have to evangelise like they used to. Being so filled with My Spirit will compel the naked and the wretched and the broken to come in to My kingdom. Then I will come for them.“

part of a vision, Carol Arnott had
from Keep The Fire by John Arnott (p165f)


I had been doing several guided tours in January and enjoyed it very much (I also earned a little money with it). Coming back from England, we had our yearly general meeting. As I was sitting there and listening, hearing all that had happened those weeks I was absent, I was praying and asking for guidance as I questioned my being there again. Since then I’ve been praying and asking God for wisdom quite a lot, but it’s so hard and I somehow don’t know what the right thing is. There are so many pros and cons on both sides. On one hand, I still love astronomy, do need the money and can be a light on the observatory. On the other hand, I do need the time, are not committed to the observatory enough and can’t stand behind the leading committee (there are so many intrigues going on!). So I had decided to leave the observatory totally and had told those being responsible. But I’m not convinced of this decision and they try to hold me back. What I fear most, is that astronomy will become a taboo if I completely give it up. This happened to the other thing which used to be the centre of my life before being a Christian: dancing. I avoid it whenever I can and it’s hurting. Please pray that God will deal with this area and show me what to do about the observatory.

I would be very thankful for any advice from you.

Questions I'm Asked

How come it’s easier for you to pray in English than in German?

Many people ask me this question as it seems so illogical to them. But in fact, it’s very logical.

I’ve grown up in a catholic family, always believing in God and praying, but hardly ever going to church. I’ve more or less been taught that you don’t talk about religion. I wasn’t even able to say the word God; I was too fearful to do that. In RE in school, only when reading, I was able to read over it. No way of talking about religion for me - I felt very uncomfortable when doing so.

After having become a Christian in summer 1993, I still struggled with that a bit in the beginning. Gladly, one and a half months later, I went to Paris for my studies. There I made my first Christian steps in the French language. But it was in an English-speaking church there, where I first experienced the power of God and was filled with the Spirit to overflowing. Coming back, I continued going to the Baptist church I went to before I had left, but was looking for a similar church like in Paris. Two months later, I first went to the church (two years ago) I’m in now , which is English-speaking again. Now I went to an German-speaking evangelical non-charismatic church in the morning, and an English-speaking evangelical charismatic church in the evening. So my “German-speaking God“ started being non-charismatic, while my “English-speaking God“ started being charismatic. I finally became a hundred percent committed to Vienna Christian Center. As a result, I stopped reading my German Bible and praying in German. I just naturally started praying in English, even when being on my own. Another reason was, that I was mainly reading English Christian books.

Today, I’m only reading my English Bible, only praying in English when alone and only reading English Christian books. I’m thankful for the ÖSM because otherwise I wouldn’t be able to pray in German any more at all. But I don’t have the same freedom in praying in German as in English (due to my tradition and that all my experiences with God had been in English). I also have more troubles expressing myself in Christian terms in German.

Coming back from England, I started being a bit worried about that. I’m living in Austria and want to reach out to Austrians. So I decided that I had to learn praying and expressing myself in German. I often try to use German by purpose now.


The Lord is faithful!

I was so amazed at how the Lord provided in January! He blessed me so much and made it possible for me to go to England. I want to give you one example: Did you know that the interest rate in God’s bank is best? In the beginning of January, as I was praying about to whom to give my second tithe, I felt God very clearly telling me to give 30$ to a missionary couple in Vienna. So I sent them the money anonymously. In the end of January, this same couple put 50$ into my hand!

Before leaving Vienna, I phoned my father. I learnt that those two test-weeks in the new job had been quite good and that he had probably got the job. But still, he wouldn’t be able to give me more than 300$ a month the following three months. I had “feared“ that.

In the end of February, I was amazed at how exactly the Lord had provided the money I had needed (it’s always difficult to plan when being away).

Now, it’s the second month with only the little money from my father and the situation looks a bit serious. If he doesn’t earn more money soon ... I’ll rely even more on God. It’s somehow exciting to rely on God alone and live by faith. You learn a lot through that and I don’t want to miss this experience. The fasting (which has nothing to do with my financial situation) and that I eat so little, is actually helpful. Now the “problem“ with my new-found life is 1. that eating healthily is more expensive, 2. that I would love to buy new clothes, 3. that I would love to spend money on leisure activities (like cinema e.g.) which I haven’t done for a long time. Anyway, I’ll joyfully do without 2. and 3. - all I need is JESUS!

Please pray that my father will soon be able to give more money and that my Father in heaven will provide for all my needs (which He does anyway).

I nearly forgot one thing: I want to encourage you to start tithing if you’re not doing so yet. I’m so blessed by giving 20% to the Lord and find myself wanting to give more and more. How true it is that it is more blessed to give than to receive!

Great Books!

Today I want to present to you

Released from Bondage by Dr. Neil T. Anderson

I chose this book today because I’ve mentioned it so often recently; Nina made the decision to follow Christ while reading it, and it also affected my own life. I think it is an anointed book God uses mightily to open eyes and minister to people and set people free.

Here’s what’s written on the back of the book :

Discover how to find your freedom in Christ. True stories of freedom from emotional, mental and spiritual captivity.

* Understand the spiritual battle.
* Discover practical steps to freedom in Christ.
* Find hope and victory no matter how desperate your circumstances.

‘I would do okay at work, but the second I walked in the door at night a cloud was waiting there to engulf me ...’ So Molly described the impact of years of abuse, legalism and despair. Along with the other cases studied here, Molly was to find that true freedom lies only in Christ.

In these fascinating and inspiring testimonies real-life survivors relate how they have found freedom and joy in Christ. Each account is enriched with helpful insights and commentary from Dr.Neil Anderson.

The individual accounts are very striking. They demonstrate that no matter how far away you may have gone from God, he can still transform your life. Childhood abuse, compulsive thoughts and behaviour, sexual disorders, depression, anorexia - these accounts hold nothing back. Yet Christ is in the transformation business, and Dr. Anderson’s shrewd observations and biblical teaching bring out the key lessons to be learned in each case.

Books read since News from Vienna 10 :

Helen Roseveare, He Gave Us A Valley
J. Hywel-Davies, Baptised By Fire (S. Wigglesworth)
Peter H.Lawrence, Doing What Comes Supernaturally
Francis McGaw, John Hyde - The Apostle Of Prayer
John Arnott, Keep The Fire

My Heart's Desire

is to have even more intimacy with the Lord, so that I would be a bright-shining light for Him in this dark world, so that He could work through me in all the fullness there is. More of Him, less of me.

My Family

My family has grown again! It’s funny how I learn about more and more family members.

Thinking of my closer family, I’m so thankful for the tremendous love the Lord has given me for them again. He’s even increased it in England. I apply my new evangelistic method of loving people into the Kingdom.

You can imagine that they have also realized the way God has changed me in England. They don’t say anything but only respond to my love. It’s so powerful that my weekly visit to their house for a bath and dinner is in the end of my Jesusday, after having been in the presence of God for hours.

Being back, I’ve entered a new level of interceding for my family. I pray for them more often and I think, more effectively. I also have the faith for them all to be saved like never before. I trust God that He sees my tears, longing and prayers and will answer them in His time.

Actually, I can see God at work in my family!

My Mother
On the way home from the airport, I told her a little about my time in England. I even dared telling a tiny little bit about Christian things, also saying that God has done so much in my life, even seemed to have healed me partly of my eye-problem (they will actually see that the next time I’ll film them - in May). She didn’t say anything.

My heart is just overflowing with love for her and I also show her that love - and she’s responding! I try to please her wherever I can and do little things to show her my love.

My Brother
It terribly hurts me to see my brother’s lifestyle: immorality, pornography, addictions, money. I try to soak him in love to soften his heart so that he will want to talk to me again. He does speak to me but he doesn’t communicate to me. I recently sent some chocolate into the office of my mother, to my brother and to Heinzi. My brother just asked why I did that and thanked me.

He seems to try to be particularly religious to oppose my faith. He proudly told me last time that he’s now fasting in the catholic Lent till Easter. I can see how much he tries to get away from true faith in Jesus, longing for it in the depths of his heart. Pray that God would break the walls.

I also pray that his girl-friend Antonia, who is quite religious, will get to know Jesus while she is on au-pair in England till summer.

It’s marvellous to see how God’s working in our relationship. He’s given me more love for him again and I just long to see Heinzi saved. He was particularly touched when I sent him the chocolate and is extremely kind and loving to me. Sometimes he does ask me questions relating to my faith and although he is a convinced atheist and very far from God, I know that He can save him. Pray that through the love of Jesus, I’ll be able to love him into the Kingdom of God.

Heinzi’s Mother
I’ve been praying for her for quite a while without really making any efforts to witness to her. Now a wonderful opportunity has opened up: It’s her birthday next week and two days before, she has to go into hospital for a minor operation (it’s a shame I didn’t have an opportunity to pray for her healing before!). I intend to visit her and pray for an opportunity to tell her the gospel and pray for her. I’ve always been afraid of what Heinzi would say if I did so, but her salvation is more important. Pray that God will heal her and bring her into His kingdom as a result.

My Father
The last time I saw him was in the first week of January. I visited him and his wife in their flat in Vienna. We just had a marvellous afternoon together! I feel so well being with my father, at the same time longing so much for him to be set free and healed. I also like his wife Irvana very much. Pray for her salvation - she seems more open than him.

In the end of January, I last spoke to my father, on the phone. He told me that those two testing-weeks of his new job had been okay and that he probably had the job. Now this job is in Tyrol and so, he only comes home (100 km north of Vienna) from time to time on the weekends. After some time, he hopes to work in Vienna and later go to Prague again (where his wife comes from). So, at the moment I expect him to be in Tyrol. Pray that this job would work out well. One of the things that had been repeated in every generation in our family line, was failure in business and everything you do, ending with financial disaster. I’ve been seeing that in my own life and am not sure whether this curse (?) has been broken yet.

So I have no idea when I’ll see my father again, but it will probably be an important meeting. His mother gave me the only two things she had from him to pass them on : a photo and a bookmark he had made. I ask you to cover this next meeting with prayer so that the Lord will use it to bring him into His Kingdom, starting to heal him and set him free.

My Father’s Parents in Vienna
I have neither spoken to them nor met them since the end of December. Especially my father’s father is a very bitter man and I wonder what his childhood had looked like. I do want to get to know them better and build up a true relationship with them. I expect to meet with them soon as we celebrate my brother’s and my name-day the 20th of March (which I hate!).

My Father’s Parents in England
see The Weekend After - Meeting My Grandmother

My Mother’s Parents
I haven’t seen them for quite a while as they have been on a holiday when I came back. We’ll start meeting for our Bible study again this week. There are two chapters left (13-week-course called Meeting Jesus), on the crucifixion and resurrection. Progress seems to be very slow and it hurts to see that they still don’t know Jesus personally and think I am fanatic, after 16 months (with interruptions) of weekly Bible studies. You know, it was always strange when I was with them. When I prayed before and after the Bible study, my own prayer seemed to be so artificial and Jesus so distant. I hope this will change now. Please pray for God’s leading and wisdom - I intend to pray more personally for them in the end of the Bible study in the future. Pray also for wisdom as I have to think about what doing next (after Meeting Jesus). Pray that they will fall in love with Jesus.

My Great-grandaunt Camilla
Just a few weeks before I had visited my grandmother in England, she had received the first letter from her aunt Camilla in Vienna - after half a century. Reading her letter, it’s obvious that she’s quite hurting too. Please join me in prayer that we’ll be able to meet and that she’ll accept Jesus into her life. She must be around 90 years old already.

Great is the Darkness

Great is the darkness that covers the earth, oppression, injustice and pain.
Nations are slipping
in hopeless despair,
though many have come in your name.
Watching while sanity dies,
touched by the madness and lies.

Come, Lord Jesus,
come Lord Jesus,
pour out Your Spirit we pray;
come, Lord Jesus,
come Lord Jesus,
pour out Your Spirit on us today.

May now Your church rise
with power and love,
this glorious gospel proclaim.
In every nation salvation will come to those who believe in Your name. Help us bring light to this world,
that we might speed Your return.

Great celebrations on that final day, when out of the heavens You come. Darkness will vanish,
all sorrow will end,
and rulers will bow at Your throne.
Our great commission complete,
then face to face we shall meet.

Noel Richards © 1992


(Austrian Student Mission)

In January, I was quite discouraged. I didn’t see any way of continuing to work with the ÖSM although God didn’t give me a clear answer to my prayers. Before going to England, I had a good conversation with our new staffworker Bob Dawson, which encouraged me very much. He really has a vision for the ÖSM - although it might be a bit idealistic.

In England, I was able to share about what’s going on in Austria/Vienna and encourage students to pray. I told them how critical the situation in Vienna was as all the changes either worked or everything crumbled down. I was also able to hear a bit more about the other cities in Austria from the other Austrians - and was greatly encouraged.

Coming back, we had our houseparty to start the semester with. I was only able to go there on Saturday. Meanwhile my position to the ÖSM had become very clear: I wouldn’t be actively involved this semester but still coming to the events and inviting people to certain things. Now this Saturday was very encouraging for me. It was great to see what the Lord had been doing, only during the weeks before. We have two new IFES-members, one of which is working with OM and part of my church. It’s great to have him on the team.

It’s so great to see how God is starting to answer all my prayers concerning the ÖSM! Unity in the body of Christ is so important to me and it’s great to have more and more people from charismatic churches joining the ÖSM - that’s a real answer to prayer for me. Of course, it also creates some tension (unfortunately).

Now, last semester, I had really been hurt by some people who are extremely anti-charismatic and hoped to be able to have three conversations that day. I had been praying for those for quite a while - and the Lord was there! I had all my three conversations which were really good. There was forgiveness, reconciliation and love. Praise God !

Last week, we had a party to start the semester with and it was really great! Seeing so many prayers answered, I could have wept. Especially when two guys gave their testimony - they had both joined the ÖSM because of my perseverance and I’ve watched them grow into the ministry and they’re so on fire for the Lord now. I nearly feel like a mother!

It’s great to see, that me laying down the responsibility of the main university team, doesn’t leave a hole. The team has grown so much in numbers and maturity, that they can go on without me now. Praise God! You now, I’m a pioneer person. (more concerning student ministry, see True Life)

Barometer of Feelings

:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

I’m nearly in the third heaven!!! I’m praising God from morning to evening and I even find myself shouting, “I love you, Jesus!“ in the middle of the night. From morning to evening I’m constantly singing some of the new great songs I’ve learned in England while my heart is overflowing with love for Him, wanting to tell everybody how wonderful Jesus is.

My life has entered into a new phase and a new dimension of intimacy with God. I’m absolutely determined not to lose His anointing but to go on, at any price. I’m totally aware that Satan won’t watch for very long and that the attacks will come soon. Praise God that He’s broken Satan’s grip on my life ! So I’ll have the victory in Jesus’ name. Please pray for this upcoming time.


PRAISE GOD! Eugen first came in contact with the ÖSM at the week where I had become a Christian 2, 5 years ago. Since then he has come more or less regularly to the meetings, always coming to the camps. In February 1995 we returned together from the camp and that was the last time I had spoken to him for a longer time. All those years I had always been praying for him. And yesterday he told me that he had become a Christian!!! He is looking for a church and wants to be baptized! Isn’t that thrilling? Did you know that God answers prayer?

By Their Fruits

This is the title of a sociological assessment of the Toronto Blessing that has just been done. Margaret M. Poloma from the USA had 850 people, who had been to Toronto, fill in a survey. These are some of the highlights:

89% said, “I’m more in love with Jesus now than I have ever been in my life.“
81% have a fresh sense of God’s forgiveness
78% experienced an inner or emotional healing
21% reported a physical healing
83% said, “Talking about Jesus to my family and friends is more important now than it has ever been before.“

New Insights

What I definitely learned in a fresh way recently was that God answers prayer! I think, my God has never been so powerful and big before. Nothing is impossible for Him! Do you know what that means?!? He is able to do immeasurably more than we can ever ask or imagine! And that definitely reflects my experience. He’s always exceeding my expectations. The Lord has answered so many prayers during the last month - some of which I had been praying for years! I don’t doubt about anything any more as Jesus has promised that everything we ask for, will be given to us (if it’s in the will of God). It’s only a question of time. He’s got the perfect timing.

Who are you?

Today I want to introduce to you

Louise Manning

Louise was born into a Christian family, with her parents being ministers in the Salvation Army. She is studying German and French and in her third year, she went to French-speaking Switzerland and joined the IFES-team in Vienna. She came to Vienna in February 1995 and left in July 1995. At the time, I was praying for God to provide a prayer partner for me and one night - I hardly knew her at all - I felt God telling me to ask her. So I did and the most blessing prayer partnership I’ve ever had started. Remember that that was the time when God started the intensive healing process in my life and don’t know what I would have done without Louise.

Louise is a real shining light in this world, reflecting the love and concern of Jesus for people. She is very sensitive and has a tremendous gift of encouraging and helping people. The only fault she has is that she is a non-writer :-) - forgive me Louise - :-)! After she had left, I terribly missed her, especially in those dark times last autumn. It was really great to be able to spend three days with her in England.

If you want to pray for her, pray that God would show her what to do next year after her studies.


This semester I’ll be doing 19 hours at university. I’ll hopefully do 1 hour of computer science to finish the first part of my Astronomy studies. Then I’ll quit that.

Then I’ll have only 4 hours of French (conversation, grammar, translation) and 14 hours of African studies. As I want to write my thesis in African studies, I switched my subjects and African studies are now my major. As I’m one year ahead with French and it now is my second subject, there is not so much left to do there to finish it.

I just love my African studies so much ! This semester I’m doing 6 hours of Bambara (my first African language), 3 hours of linguistics, 3 hours of history and 2 hours of analyzing an unknown language.

As the university is on strike right now, I try to use the time to finish writing 3 papers for African studies. I’m still missing 5 certificates (one for each class) from last semester. So far I’ve received 9 certificates: four 1s (best mark), three 2s and two 3s. I really give God all the glory for that!

Sports’ institute: my Jazzdance-course, I’ve always been doing, was cancelled last semester because of the lack of people. This semester it wasn’t even offered, so I’m now doing 2 hours of Callanetics (body-forming) and 1 hour of Stretching.

True Life

That’s the name of the “club“ we’ll be having at university every Tuesday night. It was great to see how God was leading Eric and me. He marvellously provided the room at university to meet and the 19th, we’ll be starting a six-week-course on the six greatest needs of man: friendship, security, appreciation, purpose, understanding and spiritual growth. Everybody is invited, Christian and non-Christian. Eric will be teaching, followed by small-group-discussions. Please pray that God would send the people; those topics are very much on students’ hearts today (see Austria Needs Your Prayer NOW!).

Pray also for mutual acceptance and love of ÖSM and TRUE LIFE. The last thing I want is to create tensions. Unfortunately, I’ve also had a few sad conversations. For me, TRUE LIFE is just a different way of reaching students and hopefully a more effective way. I don’t look further into the future yet. All I want is that students will find true life in Jesus.

If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

2 Chr 7:14

Vienna Christian Center

Is it exaggerated to tell you that all your prayers have been answered?

Alongside my healing process, the church has grown so much on the relational side. Again, I’m so encouraged and amazed to see the way our pastor is being transformed into the likeness of Jesus, growing so much on the personal level. I feel really privileged to have him as pastor - he is a great preacher and leader and now I even get to know him as a friend.

Now the most wonderful thing for me: there used to be a “clique“ around one worship-leader I always wished to be a part of. I tried to get to know him but he wasn’t interested. As the unity in the worship-team is really important, it made me the more sad. I prayed a lot for this relationship (for relationships generally).

Now, in the middle of January we started having morning services - PRAISE THE LORD! We started doing the ALPHA-course for the church-members, before doing an evangelistic one afterwards. The first Sunday morning, the small groups were formed (about 10). We just counted trough the rows. When I joined my group, I had to smile. I knew this was part of the answer to my prayer: this worship-leader was one of the leaders of my small group. I thanked God for that and asked Him to build up a friendship.

This same guy is the one who immediately sensed what God had done in my life (see Daily Life) and it is as if the dividing walls have been broken. I praise God that a real friendship has started with him.

As mentioned, we started doing the ALPHA-course in the middle of January (a basic course of Christianity for not-yet-believers). The key-part is the so-called Holy Spirit Weekend in the middle of the 12 weeks. Now I missed that because of England, but the more I prayed for it - and God answers prayer ! He has powerfully visited His church, healing and refreshing. Now the course is slowly coming to an end and the evangelistic one at hand. But before, we have the part on healing next Sunday. I’m really looking forward to what God will be doing and pray that He will use me as His vessel.

The evening services have become mainly evangelistic - which is wonderful! As long as we do the ALPHA-course in the morning, they will still be the main services. And they’re wonderful. I don’t know how much it depends on what the Lord has done in me, but since I’m back, the Lord has always met with me in the service in a powerful and intimate way. Even tonight (March 10th), singing in the front, I was able to worship the Lord 99,9% and he met with me. I’ve found a new freedom in worship which I enjoy very much.

One of the things the Lord had done in England was that he’s laid my church very much on my heart. I’ve been praying a lot for God to pour out His Spirit powerfully on the church and renew it and it has become a daily prayer. How much I long to see His body being healed, equipped, refreshed, falling in love with Jesus in a new way and as a result, bringing in the harvest with new authority and power.

The Singles’ group every second week still is a high-light for me. For a long time we had talked about doing something the weeks in between and finally, the Lord gave me green light and clear directions for having it in my place. It’s called RETURN-group (one of the first things I knew) and we’re worshipping together, then listening to a teaching tape and then praying for each other. We’ve had it once so far and it has been a wonderful evening.

I tell you, I love my church so much and want to serve her as much as I can. Please pray that God would use me in VCC, especially with my burden for healing. Please pray that I can develop and grow in my giftings under the authority of our leadership. Pray also that the church will stand behind me if/when I do the School of Counselling & Healing and can embrace it as me being equipped for them.

My Grandmother

As my Grandparents in England receive my News, and this is so important to me, I have to add this sheet.

On Saturday afternoon, when my Grandmother told me her story, she started crying and unfortunately, I couldn’t understand everything. What I understood, was horrible. Everybody had been afraid of her mother, even her mother’s brothers and sisters, and she had never shown any love to her children, who had been afraid of her too. Finally, my Grandmother married this man she didn’t really want to marry because he betrayed her all the time. When my father was born, they accused her that he wouldn’t be his father’s son, bringing her to the doctor’s etc. Her Mother always was against her. When my father was 18 months old, he was taken away from his mother. My Grandmother was fighting for him for months at court, but her husband and mother were stronger. They finally gave her money and forced her to leave the country. And that’s what she did. That’s what I have understood and why she is in England now.

As she was crying, I was just loving her and praying for her. She is still so hurting! My Grandmother is the woman I would have been if God hadn’t healed me! She is full of pain and despair - although being a charismatic Christian! She has never received any love in all her life and so desperately wants to be loved. Another thing that is repeated in every generation is that she has worked so hard all her life and every time she had achieved something, it just crashed down. Eleven years ago they finally lost the whole business, their house and money and moved to near Exeter where they now live in a mobile home. She blames God for everything even if she doesn’t admit it. She is complaining from morning to evening and you have to weigh every word carefully before saying it. Frank then went for a walk with me and just poured out his heart to me! He told me about my Grandmother’s life and that she seems to have a terminal disease. I promised not to tell anyone about this disease so you have to be content with that.

All I heard sounded so familiar to me! I’m really my Grandmother’s child. I can understand her in every way; I even know what she thinks exactly. So, Saturday night, I spent a few hours interceding for my Grandmother. It hurt me to see her that way and I wanted to see her being set free. I was amazed at God’s timing for this weekend! I don’t know whether I would have coped with that earlier. And now I had my first “big case“ in counselling (of course, you can’t do very much in a weekend). I prayed especially for the service the following day. They stopped going to church a year ago as no church was good enough and they were nowhere loved. They said they would take me to a church they used to go to for four years.

Sunday morning, we went to this Assemblies of God-church. Arriving there, so many people came up to my grandparents, hugging them and saying how great it was to see them again. I was really surprised! The service then was great. There was even a prophecy and tongues with interpretation, which so much fitted to my Grandmother that it was an answer to prayer for me. Even the sermon was quite fitting. After the service I was totally determined not to leave from there without seeing my Grandmother make a step towards freedom. I was so angry at Satan and the way he binds even Christians! It makes me even angrier as I know what it’s like. So, after the service, I went up to the leaders of the church, which had been good friends of my grandparents, and told them how much my Grandmother needed help. Of course, it’s difficult as they’re no longer in the church. One old friend of theirs promised to visit them the same week and as they had a week of prayer, I asked them to pray for them.

In the afternoon, I asked questions about my Grandmother’s family history. I had asked her whether I could take some notes as it’s really important for me and she agreed. I started back with the fifth generation (as I had been prayed for, this generational thing was traced back to the 8th generation). As we came closer to herself, suddenly she had enough. The whole weekend I had been so secure in God’s hands, being so close to Him and continually praying. I think I’ve never prayed so much in 48 hours and I’ve certainly never prayed so much in tongues in such a short time, being so thankful for this marvellous gift! God gave me so much boldness as I talked to my Grandmother and was really leading me. So I very clearly spoke to her that afternoon again. I told her that she needed to deal with her past, to have ongoing counselling, etc. My Grandmother said, There’s nobody I could meet with and Don’t you think I haven’t tried everything? I have given it to God; if He doesn’t want to help me, I can’t do anything. I don’t know yet why He’s taken everything away, but He’ll have a reason. I don’t want to think about my past any more. It’s past. I then said, Do you want to go on living like that? In desperation and darkness? Jesus doesn’t want you to live like that; give Him a chance. She then very clearly expressed that she didn’t want any help and that I should leave her alone. When she talked like that, I started crying. I said under tears, I’m sorry but I just can’t understand how anybody can give up on God. I then went into my room and started praying for her. As I prayed that God would pour out His love on her, I got the following picture: my Grandmother was standing there with an umbrella while God was pouring out His love on her, which flowed down at the sides of the umbrella, without touching my Grandmother. It broke my heart. In the evening, Frank and I went to the evening service while my Grandmother stayed at home. Coming back, we had more casual talk in the evening, seeing my Grandmother smile for the first time. I soon went into my room, as it cost a lot of energy being with her, praying for her again.

The next morning, before leaving, I gave her two sheets I had still had in my Bible “accidentally“: a declaration of truth and your identity in Christ. I told her that they had helped me and suggested that she would pray through them. I also gave her the picture I had received.

A few days later, I sent them two books (Released from Bondage, Yesterday’s Child). Frank had told me that she doesn’t read any books, doesn’t listen to anyone else’s opinion but only reads her Bible six times a year, having become very legalistic. And still she said to me that she couldn’t identify with everything Paul says (no wonder!). Now I hope that those books will help Frank at first. He himself is quite hurting and has been rejected all his life, but coping with it differently. This wonderful guy has to take in everything every day and is so longing to be in a church and have friends, longing to see his wife set free and healed. I’m sure those books will help him and pray that they will be another step forward for deliverance. I won’t allow Satan to have the victory in my Grandmother’s life and ask you to join with me in prayer so that she will be set free and healed, being the woman God wants her to be.

Prayer Points

* revival in Austria, Vienna and the universities
* wisdom for ÖSM and TRUE LIFE
* perseverance in my new-found intimacy with the Lord and increase of His anointing
* growth in the ministry God has given to me
* complete restoration of my eyes
* salvation of Yvonne
* my family - my grandmother’s healing, my father’s job
* my job for July & August
* preparation & provision for the School of
Counselling & Healing
* wisdom for my time-management
* wisdom concerning the observatory

News from Vienna is a letter to all my friends that was started because of the impossibility of writing to 90 friends individually about all that is happening. Please forgive me any mistakes in the midst of 69.994 signs News from Vienna 11 contains.

Claudia Wintoch
Thaliastr. 6/29
A-1160 Wien
Tel.: (+43-1) 40 70 957
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Numbers 6:24-26

I don’t know whether it has come across how much God has changed me, how much my life has changed, and how thankful and rejoicing I am. This time I have written my News over a “longer“ period of time, writing a bit in January, a bit when coming back from England and the rest around the 10th of March. The longer it takes, the more inconsistency there will be, and the bigger is the danger of repeating myself or leaving things out. I still hope that you enjoyed reading my News and were built up, understanding the most important parts. I’ll always be thankful for comments and feedback.

So do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded. You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what He has promised. (Heb 10:35-36)

All my love in Christ,


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