News from Vienna 10

30 December 1995


Week after week has passed without being able to write News from Vienna 10. Then, late November, my notebook had to be repaired (but it was still under guarantee) and I didn’t have it for more than three weeks - meanwhile it was the middle of December and Christmas was approaching. So I started the 17th, but only today (28th) I was able to continue writing. I hope you weren’t too worried.

Let’s go back to the beginning of October :

Hausa Or Bambara?

The 2nd of October, the courses at university started again. The first week was a kind of orientation for my African studies. It was so exciting! The Lord has been really faithful in leading me to do the right thing. I had been praying a lot for His leading in choosing my first African language. I myself had chosen Hausa, out of Hausa, Bambara and Swahili, but still asked God for his confirmation. Swahili was excluded from the beginning on, as it’s spoken in East Africa, which is not my region of interest. Then, just before leaving for England in July, I got a letter from a Bible translator in Mali/West Africa I had just been put in contact with. Coming back in September and looking into Operation World, I discovered that Bambara is the main language in Mali. Doing further inquiring, I discovered that Bambara really is the language mostly spoken in my areas of interest and not Hausa. So I more and more was directed to Bambara. Now, looking into my timetable, Hausa was more convenient, but in my heart I had already chosen Bambara. Still, I wasn’t convinced. I’m a stubborn person and don’t easily change my mind. Then, during the first week at university, all the languages were presented. When I got to know the two professors teaching Hausa and Bambara, it was the confirmation to me I had wanted. The one teaching Hausa is chaotic and without system, the other one really is the opposite, very organised and logical, and also sympathetic. I could never have done Hausa with that professor (I later learned that in his lessons, the students sit on the floor and they learn by just talking.). The last confirmation came some time later. My timetable was completely full and I had no idea how I should fill in 4 more hours of Bambara (6 all together). But, “miraculously“, I had overlooked Tuesday morning. Those hours were exactly put into this time-spot.


The 6th and 7th, I went to a seminar called “Set the captives free“ by Gary Hixson. I didn’t really learn too many new things, but the more I learned about myself, or it rather was the confirmation of many suspicions I had had. I was told that Gary and his wife would meet with people during the week, but was greatly disappointed when I heard that they had no more time. This week-end, some things were stirred up and started troubling me more than ever. With that week-end, a terribly hard time began. I was on a road downhill that wouldn’t stop. This pressure on the inside of my wrists and hands increased. I felt more and more surrounded by darkness and the lack of close friends increased my depression as I had feared before. The only highlights were my Bambara-lectures and another lecture that prepares me for my future service in Africa. Also caring and praying for others temporarily lifted me up, realizing that it’s more blessed to give than to receive and that we should “look to the interests of others“ and “consider others better than ourselves“ (Phil 2).

Hope!?! ...

One day (Mon., 23rd of October), in the middle of darkness, sitting in the tram, I suddenly got terribly excited as it was as if God had given me an encouraging word. I had read a Christian book with many Bible references and chosen to look up one verse (which I never usually do). Reading Mt 3:13 - 4:11, I realized that after Jesus had received power from on high, he spent 40 days in the desert before starting his ministry with signs and wonders. There he went through all kind of temptations.

I was wondering why God allowed this dark time as my only desire was to serve Him and as He had equipped me in so many ways in summer. Now, I understood that this “time in the desert“ could also be a kind of preparation for what’s coming afterwards. Comparing the things that happened to me with the ways Jesus was tempted, I was able to find a parallel for each one. That encouraged me very much and gave me hope for later. I didn’t fully understand that day what the Lord wanted to tell me but it was about two weeks later when I clearly understood what God wanted to tell me by that passage. That Monday night, I was shortly lifted by the possibility of that meaning to me.

... Not Yet

The next day, the darkness was back and still increasing day by day. The following Friday, I went reluctantly to the Singles-meeting (what I love most of all my activities, right after the service), returning home being even more in despair than before, asking God to protect me of “myself“ as suicidal thoughts were increasing. The following Sunday (29th of October), I had the strangest service I have ever had. I felt like a stranger in church and only wanted to leave. In the end, I didn’t respond to the altar call as I would have normally done with one like that, but left the church as quickly as possible, returning home and going to bed, being at the end and crying to God for help. During those days I wrote some letters to friends - cries for help - asking them to pray for me. The following Tuesday (31st of October), I did the only thing that was left to do: I wrote an e-mail to all my friends, asking them intently to pray for me. Meanwhile I was considering different methods of suicide all the time and felt that I was slowly losing all my strength that was left. I was tired of fighting and was more and more giving in to what I “heard“. I was afraid of really committing suicide so I sent this mail. I do apologize to all that were worried because of that and thank all of you for your prayers.

God Answers Prayer!

During that time, the only hope I had was a couple in my church. I thought that they would understand me and be able to help me, but I never managed to seriously address them. After having sent the mail, I actually started feeling better. The following Sunday (5th of November), I was still totally down, but I even responded to the altar call although I didn’t really want to. Going to the front, this lady (of that couple mentioned) prayed for me. Nothing happened but I told her of my struggles. I was downcast by her response and felt as if my hopes had just faded away. I returned to my seat, tears running down my cheeks as I considered the implications. Suddenly a girl from the worship-team came over and asked whether she could help me. I had no idea how to explain my situation (Maybe you’ve realized that it’s not very clear here what caused my problems. As it’s rather personnel, I want to point you again to the book: Released from Bondage by Neil T. Anderson, which will help you understand.), but she prayed for me (see Vienna Christian Center). Then, to my astonishment, the pastor came over and talked to me. Finally the lady’s husband (the couple mentioned in the first line) came over and talked to me. I was shocked to realize that he had the same opinion as his wife, losing the rest of my hope. But he prayed for me and shortly before he stopped praying, God broke through into my darkness and filled me with His Spirit and Peace.

The Road Uphill

I was amazed at how quickly the Lord lifted me up and put my feet on solid rock again. I came to a deeper understanding of what that passage meant for me he had given me earlier. Counting the days since the beginning of October, I even came to the number 40. Now I was full of anticipation what the future would bring. During the same days of “recovery“, I read some lines in a book that also encouraged me:

After every calling and envisioning comes a time of death and burial. It is called preparation, as the Lord puts our call on the shelf and deals with who we are as people. During this “in the ground“-time, the reality of the call leaves us for a time. Therefore, when suddenly someone begins to restore our call prophetically, it may be the time when the Lord is opening doors and making things happen.
(from: Graham Cooke, Developing Your Prophetic Gifting) (I’m aware that those words didn’t really fit my situation but they encouraged me anyway.)

The same week, we finally went into the halls of residence for the first time, doing an evangelistic questionnaire.

Another Weekend-Seminar

The 10th and 11th of November, there was a seminar on Emotional Healing by a team from an American Vineyard-church. Again, I was amazed at those people who have a such a gentleness and Christ-likeness! As I was prayed for, the Lord touched me in the same gentle way and filled me with His sweet Spirit, completely restoring me from that dark time again.

The Next Shock

During those dark weeks, one thing after the other had happened to me, having left me wondering. One area had been the financial. Now, having recovered spiritually, there was the next shock: the 22nd of November I got an “invitation“ to court. Since my News from Vienna 9, I hadn’t heard from my father. Now he had gone to court as he wasn’t able to give us any money any more because of his unemployment. Getting this letter from court, I was really hurt - not because he couldn’t pay anymore, but because he hadn’t told me that he would go to court. I thought, why does he disappoint and hurt me all the time? I’m glad I can completely trust you, my Daddy. I immediately rang up my father. He apologized over and over again and I explained him what I felt. We would see each other one week later.

Now this very day, before getting the invitation to court, I got a letter from a friend in England. There was quite a lot of money inside and I was puzzled. It came so unexpectedly and I thought of not accepting it. Later that day, I was amazed at God’s timing and actually relieved to having had received this gift. Also the same day, my mother finally visited me. I had wanted to meet with her alone for quite a while. Now this meeting didn’t turn out very well, humanly speaking, (see My Mother), but it definitely was a marvellous testimony as I told her about God’s provision and that I wouldn’t worry for the future (thinking of the court the following week). It also was a great testimony to other non-believers and I praise God and thank the generous giver!

Going To Court

The 28th of November, the three of us had to be at court: my father, my brother and myself. My brother met his father for the first time and I was a bit worried about that. My father showed no reaction at all (and didn’t mention it later) and my brother only grinned in the beginning (he later told me that he was embarrassed to have a father like that and didn’t care at all about seeing his father).

I had no idea about how to pray for that day at court. My father now receives less money than he used to give to the two of us. He had already been unemployed for a year, for which reason he would receive even less money from the government then. As his savings were nearly gone, he wasn’t able to pay for us any more and went to court.

Now, 77% of the money I received came from my father as he had earned a lot (the rest from the government). I knew that I’d have to be glad to receive half of the amount I had received so far. Now that would still mean serious problems as you know about my financial struggles.

So, on one hand I needed as much money as possible, on the other I knew that my father needed the money as well. How should I pray?!?! I can’t tell you how glad I was about the gift of tongues, because He knew what I needed to pray. I fasted on Sunday and Monday and Tuesday I went to court, surrounded by the presence of God, being confident that He would turn everything to the best.

Sitting in front of the judge (who was extraordinarily nice), each one of us had to say their opinion. Finally he asked my father what he would suggest to give to us every month. The amount he named was 20% of the amount I had received so far. I thought, no way, my fixed expenses every month are already three times as much. I can’t live on that. I then also said that aloud as I was asked. When speaking to my brother, the judge said that as he is in the army at the moment, my father doesn’t have to give him any money anyway. Only when he’s finished his service there (in June) and starts studying. So the judge proposed that my father would give me my brother’s amount as well as long as he is in the army, meaning 39% of what I had received so far, which was still not enough. My father assured again that he would pay more again as soon as he would find a job and earn money again. Having heard that amount, I immediately accepted it in my mind/spirit/ heart, not even thinking that I wouldn’t get far with it. My brother also had to agree. Then the next problem was, that it was a settlement out of court which meant that my mother could make troubles again as before. So the judge suggested that we would sign a paper that we wouldn’t start a compounding. Finally my brother signed it, and my father and I agreed that we would trust each other - which was a bit strange again with my brother. I feared he would accuse me of changing sides as my grandparents had done (but he didn’t openly). Leaving the court I was in a dilemma again : Whom should I ask to drop me at university ? They were both there by car and I didn’t want to favor anybody. Gladly my brother said he would go for a coffee first, so my father drove me to university. I thought, if I had only received the whole amount once more, I would have greatly recovered financially (I had shortly shared that thought in front of the judge), when my father suddenly said, you know, Claudia, I can pay all of it once more, if it’s only for you (my brother had received more than I had). Can you imagine my amazement? Isn’t God wonderful?


In the beginning of November, I had applied at the post office to work in December, every second night through to the morning (6 pm to 6 am). Unfortunately (now: gladly), it was too late for that, so I got a job, starting the 27th of November, working for four weeks till Christmas, Monday to Friday from 6:30 pm to 11 pm. Can you imagine how glad I was after the court to have this job? What would I have done without that money? God’s provision is amazing! The only reason for my disappointment was that I would miss all the Christmas parties, ÖSM-evenings, church-meetings etc..

So, on Monday the 27th of November I started working on the assembly in the post-office, sorting different sorts of letters and especially packets (which was sometimes hard physical work). As you remember, the following day I went to court, and the two days I fasted before, I also prayed that the Lord would put me in the place where He could use me most and where He’s prepared people’s hearts to receive the gospel.

Unfortunately, there were hardly any opportunities to get to know people in the short time I had. It was during the last days that I got to know some people a bit, but not sufficiently to exchange addresses.

The work itself was okay. I enjoyed it most of the time. It depended very much on the people that were there. There was one deeply hurt lady (who had lost a baby) who was slandering people all the time and talking all evening, another man was a drunkard and stunk terribly of alcohol, another girl was pregnant with a terrible lifestyle, another... . Some nights it was overwhelming! There is so much need out there in the world and they need Jesus so much! I felt so helpless facing those needs. I wanted to shout in the big factory hall that Jesus loved them and wants them to turn to Him and be restored, but felt like a failure because I didn’t. Shouldn’t I have told the gospel at least to those around me ? But I was too fearful about their reaction. Coming home from work, I sometimes fell to the ground before the Lord, interceding for these people and the world that needs Him so much, being overwhelmed by the darkness in this world.

During the last two weeks at the post office, there was even more work to do as Christmas was coming nearer. In the end, I was glad it was over.

The third week at the post office, I took the Monday evening off because of the ÖSM-evening I was leading (see ÖSM). As a result I had to start one hour earlier the following three days and even one and a half earlier on Friday. You can imagine, that I was quite tired as a result and looking forward to the weekend.


Christmas was approaching but I had a hard time getting into a Christmas mood. I didn’t even have the time to buy Christmas presents, with my studies during the day and the work in the evening. Spiritually, I felt great again. The first week of work (end of November) I was on a spiritual high with the days of fasting and the court, seeing God’s provision. Every night, when I came home from work, I had a wonderful time with the Lord, worshipping Him and interceding for people. In the beginning of December, I “unfortunately“ got my notebook back and started working when coming home. But every night before going to bed (not depending on the time), I pray for the country of the day in Operation World and really feel blessed by it. I’m glad I have the discipline to do that on a daily basis now. In the morning, my quiet times are never as long as I would like them to be. At the moment, I’m so hungry for God’s word and Himself that I’m never content with the time I have.


The 4th of December, the leader of Wycliffe did the evangelistic talk at the ÖSM. As I was working, I couldn’t go there. So I met with him the following day (as I hadn’t seen him for a long time), receiving answers to some questions and being updated (both of us). I learned that I would be more tied to Wycliffe-Austria than I would like. My plans were to go to All Nations Christian College in England after my studies (2 years) and then to do the year of linguistics at the Wycliffe-Center in England. If I go with Wycliffe-Austria, I will have to do the first part of the linguistic-course in Germany and the third probably in France. But that’s all still in distant future.

I also talked with him about the following summer. I intended to go to Westafrica with Wycliffe as a guest helper, working in an office somewhere. Now, he showed me a far better possibility. I have mentioned the Wycliffe-Bible translator I was put in contact with before summer. Now, God has really put her on my heart (and the whole area of Mali and Burkina Faso) and I want to support her in every way possible. So he suggested me to visit this Bible translator in Mali. That would be more helpful and interesting for me. Hearing this possibility, I really got excited as that is what I really want to do. I would be able to help them (there are two women working) with the household and at the same time watch their work - and practice my Bambara and French. At the moment I’m dreaming of doing that as I still wait for an answer from Mali. If I get her OKAY, my plans are as following : Flying to Ouagadougou (capital of Burkina Faso), from there going to the village where she works (right after the border in Mali, near Mopti), where I would stay 6 weeks and then returning to Ouagadougou where there will be a IFES-student conference for French-speaking Africa - what a timing ! - before returning home the end of August, even being able to work in September. Aren’t these exciting plans? Of course, humanly speaking, there might be some hindrances, but I believe I’m in the will of God. The biggest hindrance seems to be finances. The flight costs more than 1000$ and should be booked very soon, the injections will cost another couple of hundred dollars. As I haven’t got the okay from Mali yet, I’ll still apply as a guest helper for Wycliffe. This would be a more official short-term-work although I wouldn’t get to know the work of a Bible-translator. Being in Mali, I could support the two Bible-translators so that they can work more effectively and quickly, which means that the Bozo will have the Word of God earlier. At the same time, it would be a precious time of preparation for myself.

You know that I don’t normally do that, but I do need the help of God’s children to be able to do His work this summer in Africa. For this reason, if God leads you, I would be glad to receive your gifts. Please do write “Mali“ so I know it’s for summer. My bank is called: PSK, its number: 60.000, and my account’s number: 73.165.109. Thank you.


Those signs have created some confusion, without my knowing, till I received an embarrassing letter from the leader of Wycliffe. As it’s not possible to sign my way on the computer, I used to put these signs under my name when writing e-mails. As we’re all brothers and sisters in Christ, I didn’t see any problems with sending you kisses (x) and hugs (o). So I do apologize now if there had been any misunderstandings I don’t know of. I never had anything special in mind with putting those under my name. But I do thank the leader of Wycliffe of making me aware of that danger.

Still December

The 8th of December was a free day in Austria (celebrating Mary conceiving Jesus). I was happy to also have a free evening (they work at the post office 7 days a week 24 hours a day), so that I was even able to go to the Singles-meeting. It’s amazing, that God still made it possible for me not to miss what I like most. I didn’t even miss one Singles-meeting! I was worried most of not meeting any people because of my work and feeling lonely. But that wasn’t the case at all. I did meet with people in the free-time left and didn’t feel lonely at all, especially as God was so close to me.

The 10th of December I sang the special music in VCC for the first time. (In November I started with my singing and piano lessons again.) The song was called A World Of Difference and the words came from my heart as I could easily relate them to my experiences at the post-office. Unfortunately, the song was too low (as I have a high voice). In addition to my nervousness, I rather blowed it (- I also have a very high standard). As people, I didn’t even know, came to me after the service, telling me, that they had been touched, I didn’t regret it any more, even with mistakes.

3rd Meeting With My Father

Leaving the court, we made an appointment for the 14th of December, when my father visited me in my flat for the first time, unfortunately without his wife. We had a good time together, talking a lot about faith again. (see My Father and My Father’s Parents In England ) Unfortunately, I haven’t heard from him yet and have no idea when we’ll meet again.

The Big Family-Row

The 17th of December, I went to my grandparents’ house to celebrate my grandfather’s birthday with the rest of the family. Remember that the week before had been an especially busy week and I really needed some rest. After some time, Heinzi started accusing and insulting me because I would only come at 6:30 pm instead of 6 pm on Christmas Eve because of the Christmas service that would be from 4 to 6 pm. He then went on from that like it’s his way when he has drunk. Then he also offended my grandfather who got really upset and was about to leave the place. My mother then started hurting me as well (after having tried to stop Heinzi), accusing me of different things I really found unfair. I do all I can to please my family and then am accused of such things! I couldn’t help but tears started running down my cheeks as they were going on. I tried to say my opinion but wasn’t listened to. As I had to leave anyway to go to the observatory, I left immediately (one quarter of an hour earlier). I left deeply hurt and not wanting to see them at all any more. I was terribly scared thinking of the Christmas holidays when I would spend more time with them, especially with Heinzi drinking more. Every time I’m going to see my family, I have to pray before that God would send his angels to surround and protect me and that He would cover me from top to the toes with the blood of Christ. The more I pray before, the smaller the danger.

Thank God!

The following day in church I realized that most people wouldn’t come to the service on Christmas Eve, not even the pastor. I started thinking and came to the conclusion that it would be better to go to a service in the morning. My former English-speaking evangelical church came to my mind and I decided to go there, seeing my old friends again. Having made this decision, I was filled with divine joy - which surprised me as I would miss a service in my beloved church.

The following morning, I rang up my mother to tell her about my decision. Before I could say anything, she apologized for Saturday afternoon! I was surprised as that has never happened before. I explained her again how I felt about these things and told her that I would go to a morning service, being able to come to their place at 4 pm as she had wanted. My mother was pleased. Two days later I met Heinzi again and there was this icy coldness between us that scared me. As I treated him with love, this coldness broke and our relationship was restored. Saturday the 23rd, I went to my family’s house to practice the Christmas program and later my grandparents told me, that Heinzi had only talked about me with the best words.

The 18th of December I had my last lecture before Christmas. After that I quickly started buying all the Christmas presents, which wasn’t too easy.

The Lord's Gift To Me

Some days before Christmas, I got a wonderful letter that deeply touched my heart (read My Father’s Parents In England first). The letter I had longed for for so long arrived, taking all my doubts away and filling me with joy. My grandparents in England had sent me a longer letter, answering the questions I had asked them in my letter.

They both are born-again Christians (they even sent me a worship-tape and Every Day With Jesus) who have prayed for our salvation for years. Reading their touching lines filled me with awe before the Lord as I got to know the reason He saved me. This big mystery of “just“ finding an invitation to a sports camp, “just“ going there and “just“ becoming a Christian the same week, suddenly was lit and received a purpose for happening. I was deeply touched by the awareness that I was saved because of years of faithful prayer on my grandparents’ part (my love for England also seems to be explained :-) ) and by the lines of faithful Christians who were genuinely filled with joy as they read about my salvation, praising the Lord. My grandmother has also written to my father who himself had said with joy that he would immediately write back to her. Isn’t that wonderful how the Lord brings reconciliation and salvation? I want to encourage you all whose family situations seem helpless. So did and does mine but nothing is impossible for God! There is still a long way to go with my family, but I trust in the Lord.

My grandparents have invited me to visit them in February and I’m looking forward to asking them a thousand questions and telling them a thousand things. I’m sure this meeting will even more reveal the greatness of God.

Happy Birthday, Lord!

Returning from my parent’s house, I was looking forward to my private Birthday Party for Jesus. For a long time I had waited in anticipation for this special time with the Lord. I had a small, decorated Christmas tree, lit all its candles, put on worship music and started worshipping and praising Him. I had wonderful hours with our Lord and Saviour - that’s Christmas!

The following morning, I got up “early“, went to a German-speaking church for half an hour (to see some people) and then went on to my former church Grace Church where I had a nice Christmas-service, also seeing some friends again. Returning home, I decided to celebrate with Jesus again, as it was His day. So I had even more wonderful hours with the Lord that afternoon before going to my parent’s house at 4 pm. As I prayed for the time with my family and for the Lord’s protection, it was as if I saw the Lord placing His angels at certain places in my parents’ living room. When I later sat there, I “knew“ where those angels were standing (three of them) and was really comforted by that.

Family Celebrations

We then practiced the Christmas program again (my mother, brother and I at the piano, myself also on the recorder and the guitar) before Heinzi’s mother and then my mother’s parents came at 6 pm. We then did the program, opened the presents and ate turkey for dinner. There wasn’t even one incident! My brother even gave me a compliment for my voice after I had sung Joy to the World (he never does that).

The 25th all of us celebrated again in my grandparents’ house, without any incidents again. The 26th I went to my parent’s house, where we celebrated with Heinzi’s daughter and grand-daughter. The 28th my mother & Heinzi and my mother’s grandparents came to my place. Heinzi was here for the first time. We had two hours of conversation, coffee and cake - and no incidents again. The 29th, my brother, my mother’s parents and I went to my father’s parents to celebrate with them As always, it was terribly artificial and I could hardly stand all the talking and so on. I was happy when we left 3 hours later. I wished I could have met with them alone. It’s on my heart to get to know them and build up a genuine relationship with them. Before going to their place, I had done a Bible study with my mother’s parents. It made me very sad, as my so-called “Christian“ grandparents lied to my other grandparents again, behaving in a “terrible“ way.

I thank you all who knew about my difficult family situation, especially at Christmas, and prayed for me. I haven’t had such good Christmas for a very long time. It’s a real miracle that nothing happened. I’m so thankful to the Lord!


The 27th I wanted to go to the library as I have a lot of work to do but had to discover that the library is closed till the 2nd of January.

In the evening, I had the first games-evening in my new flat again. I used to have them once a month (even as a non-Christian) as it is a great “evangelistic“ opportunity. I try to have a balanced number of Christians and non-Christians. That night we were only five people but we had a good time.

Looking Back: 1995

Looking back to what the Lord has done in my life this year, I’m absolutely amazed. He has blessed me so much more than I could ever have dreamed! I started this year being down and longing for God’s healing touch in my life, having just heard of the “Toronto-blessing“ and having read the first book about it. In February, as I was in England, I went down under the power of God for the first time, which was the start of a marvellous time of healing, deliverance and equipping for ministry, and most of all, getting to know our Lord in a much deeper way - in April the conference in Vienna (with Claudio Freizdon), in June the conference in Bern (with John Arnott) and in August the conference in England as highlights.

In February I learned of the salvation of a student I had witnessed to and prayed for a lot the summer before, shortly afterwards another friend has clearly become a Christian. Finally in November the most wonderful thing: Nina, the girl whom the Lord used to save me, has found new life in Christ !

In July, I met my father for the first time again. In December finally the marvellous news: my father’s parents in England are Christians and due to their prayers the Lord had chosen to save me.

In March, the realisation that I can’t finish my studies of physics and the overwhelming joy when choosing African Studies as my second subject, being confirmed again and again and again in my decision.

In the beginning of the year, impatience till I would finally get to my place of calling, to Westafrica as a Bible translator, and not knowing the way there. Now, seeing God preparing me in every way and even through my studies, giving me so much joy and patience, even knowing more specifically the geographical area of calling.

Seeing God’s provision in every way, especially in the financial, as I move to my flat in April, go to court in June and November, am given money again and again at the times I need it most.

I could go on listing one thing after the other of what the Lord has done this year, but I’ll spare you. I praise His Holy Name with all of my mind, soul and heart!!!

What's Next?

Next Sunday is New Year’s Eve and after the service in my church, I will celebrate with a friend from Graz and others with the Vineyard-church in Vienna. The following week (the last of the holiday), I’ll spend all day in the library, preparing some papers I should finish. In the evenings I’ll meet with some people, e.g. my grandparents for the Bible Study. The 4th I’ll meet with the first boy-friend I had had as a non-Christian. I haven’t met him since my conversion and even on the telephone he always remarks that I have changed. I think that the Lord has given me a powerful testimony especially for him, who knew me as a depressive suicidal girl. The 5th I’ll meet with another friend I haven’t seen for a long time. The 8th, classes start again and also the time of exams. I’ll have even more exams than a year ago - I intend to do 24 hours. The first will be the 16th, then the 18th, 24th, 26th, 29th, and two the 30th. I also have to write three papers. My last exam will be the 1st of March.

So you can imagine that January will be quite a busy month. The more I’m looking forward to coming to England again - Hallelujah!!! Already now I’m dreaming of the 3rd of February, when I’ll fly to London. I’ll then go to Bournemouth again, where I’ll participate in the one-week-conference Waves Of The Spirit (with John Arnott, Gerald Coates, Wes Campbell, Terry Virgo, David Pytches, Rob Warner, Noel Richards - and about 6000 Christians - and the Lord most of all), where I hope to meet with the Lord in a fresh and special way again, being further equipped to serve Him. The conference will be followed by the 10-day-trip of the Austrian student-group, visiting the CU-groups in South Central-England. Of course, I had to add three more days before flying back the 24th, hoping to meet many friends again. At some stage (maybe between the conference and the trip???), I’ll also meet with my grandparents for the first time, looking forward to that so much!!! (They only live about one hour from Bournemouth.) You see, I fear that the time won’t be sufficient for everything I want to do.

Coming back from England, I’ll have to study for my next exam before classes immediately start again the 4th of March, together with many other things. Then I hope to be able to write my News from Vienna 11. You see, it’s not possible any more to write them monthly, and I’m not sure what my financial future will look like, so don’t worry if it takes longer till you receive my News.

I know I'm already too late, but I still wish you all from all of my heart:

A Wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I pray that you would know CHrist and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of sharing in his sufferings, becoming like Him in His death (Phil 3:10).

Barometer of Feelings

:-) :-) :-) :-) :-I

After those dark months in October and November, the Lord graciously lifted me up again. Although the time was short in December, I used every single free minute to be with my Lord, without being content. The more I enjoyed my quiet times when the Christmas-“holiday“ started the 18th of December. I have had wonderful times with my Saviour since then. At the moment, I love to read His Word so much and would like to spend much more time doing so. I’m sooo hungry for His presence and for more of Him and am just full of love for Him. Isn’t He wonderful!?!

The :-I  is for some human worries concerning finances (although I completely trust the Lord) and because of sleeping problems I’ve had for some time. Whenever I go to bed and however tired I am, it takes an hour or more till I fall asleep. Sometimes I get up and “use the time“, praying and interceding for people till I finally fall into bed at around 4 am, being able to fall asleep a bit quicklier. Please pray for clarification of this “problem“. If this is the Lord’s way of preparing me for intercession (for what He has called me several times), I need to know that.


I have a joy doing African Studies, I have never had before at university. The Lord has confirmed my decision again and again and is about to prepare me for my service in Africa. What I love most is learning the African language Bambara, which is spoken by about 30 million people in Westafrica, as it is an important trading language there. It is a tonal language with two levels e.g. the word “so“ either means “horse“ (pronounced with a low voice) or “house“ (pronounced with a high voice). Whether it’s “a“ or “the“ horse/house is also discerned by the way you pronounce it.

In the other course that will be helpful later, we’re analyzing an unknown language. There’s a native speaker who has to answer our questions. Our aim is to be able to write a little grammar booklet about this language (Gurunsi) by the end of the year. Interestingly enough, out of 2000 languages spoken in Africa, this language is spoken in: Burkina Faso ! Another interesting factor: I was given the Barani Fulfulde in Burkina Faso to pray for (by the Bibleless People Prayer Project). Their language belongs to the language group my second language (Ful) is of. I’ll start learning this (really difficult) language later in my studies.

As well as those courses (6 hours Bambara, 2 hours Gurunsi), I’m doing 3 hours of African linguistics, 3 hours of African literature (boring!) and 2 hours of Politics and Economy in French-speaking Westafrica. For my French studies, I’m doing 2 hours of French Phonetics, 2 hours of French Regional Studies (boring!) and 2 hours: The impact of Italian Humanism on France and Germany (boring!). I’m also doing 4 hours of Italian every week, although I haven’t been very faithful as it starts already at 8 am!

I tell you, I enjoy my studies so much (not all of it) and am even looking forward to my exams. My favorite lectures had been my highlights in the times of darkness, as I was holding on to my call and being reminded of the privilege God has given me.

Beside those 26 hours at university, I also did my Jazzdance in the beginning (which I had done for years) but they cancelled it in November as there weren’t enough people - at least I have 73 steps up to my flat and 104 steps up to the institute for African Studies.

Besides, I’m only doing between 0, 2 and 4 hours a week of tutoring, helping children between 10 and 18 who have problems in school (mainly English and mathematics).

In November I also started having piano and singing lessons again which I enjoy very much. We’ll see how long I’ll be able to have them (expensive!).

The rest of my time is filled with ÖSM, church and meeting people.

Questions I'm Asked

How do you manage doing all those things, being so active and busy?

What do you think? I couldn’t do it without the Lord. I need my time with Him in the morning so much, when I’m close to my Lord, being strengthened for all that is lying ahead and having Him organising my day. Without that time, everything goes wrong and I terribly miss my Daddy. When the quality of that time decreases, I feel worse day by day and also start missing Him. Usually, I’m also discontent with the amount of time I have for Him; I then look at my watch regretting that it’s already that late. The more I enjoy Sundays! Those days are totally committed to the Lord. I get up late and enjoy having a three-hour-quite time, before a break and more time with the Lord till the service starts at 6 pm. I will miss those Sundays very much as the Sunday morning services start the 14th of January.

Be assured that as long as you depend on HIM, and not on yourself; get your strength from HIM, and not from yourself; look to HIM, and not to yourself; seek first HIS kingdom and not your well-being; you will also be able to live for HIM and not for yourself, being capable of doing everything through HIM who gives you strength (Phil 4:13). Be also assured that I, too, am still learning in these areas.

If you have any questions others might be interested in, let me know.

Great Books!

This year - 1995 - I’ve read 33 Christian books. One of the last, I’ve recently finished, meanwhile is a quite popular book which I find really great in the way it deals with questions many people have today:

Surprised by the Power of the Spirit by Dr. Jack Deere

Here’s what’s written on the back of the book :

What caused a professor in a conservative evangelical theological college to change his mind about the Holy Spirit so radically that he had to leave ? Much more than an explanation of why one theologian came to believe in signs and wonders for today, this is a profound biblical apologetic, arguing carefully and courteously for the view that the Holy Spirit’s supernatural gifts did not cease in New Testament times. And Dr. Deere serves Christians on both sides of the debate, as he marks out pitfalls which threaten to hinder the present-day supernatural ministry of the Holy Spirit.

Sigrid / Nina

In my News from Vienna 9 I completely forgot to tell you about something that happened in September.

Nina (two years ago she changed her real name Sigrid into Nina as she didn’t like it - but I have a hard time getting used to it) is the girl who found the invitation to the ÖSM-sports camp in summer 1993, where we both went and where I gave my life to Jesus. I then immediately went to Paris where I studied for five months and coming back, she left to work abroad. So we didn’t see each other very often after my conversion, but the more she saw the way I changed. I rather felt helpless about her as she seemed to love her life of freedom so much, reading her letters. Then in September, she came to Vienna, and “by chance“ I was at home as she rang at the door. She told me that she wasn’t happy with her job (she now works 400 km from Vienna) and thought of writing a thesis (to get a doctor-title) on the topic of communication with God. She asked me a lot of questions and I realized that her interest was genuine. I testified of all the Lord had done in my life since May and she attentively listened. I then gave her several books and cassettes. I wasn’t really keen on praying for her but asked whether she would allow me to do so. So I prayed for her salvation, asking the Holy Spirit to show her Jesus and to let God’s Kingdom come in her life. As I prayed for her, God’s presence was so strong and I could feel His anointing but didn’t really know what it meant. So I stopped praying and she returned to Salzburg. She told me she would be in Vienna in November.

The 12th of November, after an extraordinary service in my church, I suddenly saw her. She said she would have some questions and finally I asked whether she had made a commitment for Jesus. She said yes but I could hardly believe it. Too often I had heard that. So we met during the week and discussed several questions she had - and I quickly realized the way God had changed her. She was a completely new person in Christ! I was amazed. Is there any greater miracle than that? To see somebody being born again to life in Christ?! I can hardly recognize her. We prayed together for each other and for Yvonne, who is also a friend of hers - that was so touching! To pray with a friend who, after more than two years of prayer, can be called sister because of the amazing grace of God who chose to answer my prayers. I was greatly encouraged by Nina’s salvation. After having left Vienna in September, she started reading the books and while reading Released from Bondage by Neil T. Anderson (again!), she made a commitment. It’s so wonderful so see her grow, it’s only a shame she’s not in Vienna. The time in November was so short. Nina came to VCC and the Singles-group and enjoyed the time there very much. As she is not happy with her job, she’s also looking for a job in Vienna. Of course, I would love her to be here but please pray that the Lord would put her wherever He wants. Pray also that she would grow quickly and especially that her faith would be grounded in the word. I was able to give her some contacts in the area where she is now working. I haven’t seen her for Christmas yet but hope to do so next week. Please pray also for her protection as a baby Christian.


Who are you?

I want to introduce to you the people who receive my News from Vienna. Today I present to you:

Caroline Tyler

Caroline comes from Fairlie/Ayrshire near Glasgow in Scotland, studies French and German in Edinburgh and is just about to spend her year abroad in Graz/Austria.

Caroline was part of the IFES-summer team in Vienna in July 1994 where we met for the first time. Our friendship really developed afterwards as we both like writing and wrote many long letters to each other. Caroline has been my most faithful penfriend (unfortunately that has changed recently). We had a wonderful weekend together in the beginning of November when she came to visit me. She is a real blessing to me.


I got up early one morning
and rushed right into the day.
I had so much to accomplish
that I didn’t have time to pray.

Problems just tumbled about me,
and heavier came each task.
Why doesn’t God help me ?,
I wondered; He answered,
You didn’t ask.

I wanted to see joy and beauty,
but the day toiled on grey and bleak.
I wondered why God didn’t show me, He said, But you didn’t seek.

I tried to come into God’s presence, I used all my keys at the lock.
God gently and lovingly chided,
My child, you didn’t knock.

I woke up early this morning,
and paused before entering the day.
I had so much to accomplish
that I had to take time to pray.

Author unknown


During the last months, I had hardly seen her and our relationship had become quite superficial. As Nina/Sigrid became a Christian, the Lord also stirred my heart for Yvonne again. It was wonderful to pray for her together with Nina! Shortly afterwards, I met with Yvonne and I had the best conversation I have ever had with her. I asked her opinion about Nina’s conversion and told her how it had come about and what I had told her about what the Lord had done during the last months. In the end, she even made a comment (which she usually never does), saying, that she just doesn’t have an opinion about God, not being interested in Him. I then told her about the love of God and that He also wants to give her all of this love, healing her hurts. Before she left, I prayed for her, but she didn’t show any reaction. Since then, the situation is as before. I don’t see her very often. For Christmas, she came to the games-evening and I gave her the book Released from Bondage. Please pray that the Lord would open her eyes (as He has done with Nina) as she reads those testimonies of people finding freedom in Christ.

If you ever make it in the Christian life, it won’t be because you are a good follower. It will be because my Son is a good leader. Put your confidence in his ability to lead you, not in your ability to follow.

prophecy through Mike Bickle


At certain times there seemed to be some progress, but Satan has totally blinded him so that he still says Jesus is not the solution for his darkness. Some weeks ago he then said that, through a conversation, he had come to the conclusion that he wasn’t a Christian at all (he had thought he was a little Christian) and that he now is convinced that there is no God. For that reason he would stop coming to church and the ÖSM. I couldn’t believe what I heard! Since then, he has still come to church and tried to talk to him again, without results. He also admitted again that he is still in love with me, which complicates the situation furthermore. Please pray, that God would open his blind eyes and reveal His love to him.


After the one time she had come to church, I didn’t see her for a long time. I tried to reach her again and again without results. Finally, I did reach her, and again I saw her several times, before she didn’t come any more again. Since then I haven’t achieved to reach her.

Viola is still very open and seeking but she’s also hurt and has a hard time accepting that somebody could be interested in her. Please do pray that she would come again, that I would persevere in trying to reach her and that she would be able to accept God’s love for her.

My Heart's Desire

What I desire most, is, that I would get to know the Lord in a deeper and more intimate way so that I would be more effective in my witnessing and ministry, so that people would be saved. I am tired of seeing people reject the gospel and mock Jesus instead of receiving His life. My heart’s desire is also that there would be further reconciliation in my family and I long for the day, when I’ll pray together with my brother for the salvation of the rest of the family.

God's Timing Is Perfect

If I hadn’t done this last year of physics 1994/95, then

  • one of our most-committed ÖSM-workers wouldn’t be there
  • we wouldn’t have the room where the ÖSM meets every Monday
  • I couldn’t have had Bambara as my first language as it’s the first year you can take it as a first language

IF I hadn’t met my father in July, the time at court would have been a disaster and the outcome completely different.

IF Sam hadn’t joined the IFES-team in Vienna, I wouldn’t have been able to go to the conference in England where God has done so much in my life.

IF ... IF ... IF ... IF ... IF ... IF ... IF ... IF ...


The very first night, God put this black woman from Zaire on my heart. At 10 pm we have a 10min-break and I realized that she was all alone while the others sat together. I had also realized before that the others weren’t very kind to her and that she was quite bitter. So I went over and started a conversation with her, that was hard-going. She didn’t seem interested to talk with “one of those whites who looked down on her“. She told me she would sometimes go to a catholic church but avoids free churches. That was our first conversation the first day. We have never had a conversation like that the following weeks. I felt that she must have had some bad experiences, maybe with sects (she once mentioned the Mormons), as she’s really allergic to all Christian things. I felt, it was important to gently build up a relationship with her and that’s what I did during those weeks. It wasn’t too easy. You can imagine, studying during the day, working in the evening, and after that, at 11 pm, I had 10 min. in the underground to talk to her. As the end of the four weeks was approaching, I feared that she wouldn’t give me her telephone number. She didn’t seem interested in having a friend for longer although she was glad during the four weeks to have somebody to talk to. I was praying a lot for her during those four weeks and was happy when she gave me her telephone number the last day (she had had mine for three weeks already). I had ordered a New Testament in her mother tongue but didn’t receive it before Christmas.

Florence is married but her husband is momentarily working in the States for six months (having done his first). She misses him and doesn’t want to do anything because of that. Her husband is Nigerian and therefore, the two speak English together (I speak French with her). I had wanted to invite her to our African Fellowship but there was no real opportunity. I want to do some time and go there with her. Please pray for her salvation.

My Brother Ronald

The 1st of October my brother started doing his compulsory time of 8 months in the Austrian army. His first weeks, which he spent in Graz, were very hard. One day he phoned me (which is very unusual) to ask whether I could pick him up in Graz the last day so that he wouldn’t have to stay another night. So, after my last lecture, I drove the 2 hours down there. I was quite tired and wondered how the journey back would be. We had already had the first snow (end of October) and the streets seemed a bit dangerous. When he got into the car (at 9 pm), I said, “I’m sorry but I just have to pray shortly as I’m really tired.“ I did and he interrupted me after the second sentence.

Being back in Vienna, he immediately became the old Ronald again: hardly speaking with me and attacking me wherever possible. Only through my grandparents I learn what’s going on in his life. I miss my brother so much and feel as if he’s died. I would say that he is the person I love most on this earth.

During the Christmas holidays, he was mostly really nice to me, as he hasn’t been for a long time. But he assured again and again that that would only be for the time of the Christmas-holiday. Then he wouldn’t have a sister and therefore not speak with me anymore, like before.

My Mother's Boy-friend Heinzi

My relationship to him had also changed after England. I mentioned last time one of those “incidents“ when holy anger had come up within me. Some weeks ago, one of those happened again. Heinzi started shouting at me and insulting me because I still have stuff in my former room in my parents’ flat. As they were just about to get new windows, he wanted everything out. I was already about to leave when he started threatening me. I suddenly had this sentence in my mind which, I believe, God wanted me to speak out: The times, when you can threaten me, are over. It was a kind sentence, spoken in love. I wasn’t afraid and rather smiled, but I didn’t have the courage to speak it out, even standing at the door. Heinzi has some kind of power over me I can’t explain. He exercised authority over me that has to be broken. Leaving the flat, I broke into tears, like always when Heinzi does something. But I quickly regained control with Jesus’ help.

My Mother

As mentioned in News from Vienna 9, coming back from England, I had a love for my mother I had never had before. I missed her and wanted to be with her. In the middle of November the two of us finally managed to meet alone. It was the very day I had received the “invitation“ to court. I had already intended to ask some questions about the time when my father had left and the inconsistencies with the two versions. So, with the summons to court, the opportunity easily opened up. My mother is not the person that talks about things but she rather gets upset. So she got upset till she finally got tears in her eyes as she said, “You have no idea what it was like.“ Then tears started running down my cheeks as well. I then said, “I miss you.“ “It’s you who has gone away from me.“ “Because you pushed me away because of my faith.“ “Because you mention it every second sentence.“ More tears came into my eyes. I also had a real opportunity to witness to her without her interrupting me immediately. I asked whether she couldn’t see how I had changed positively and said that God had done so much in my life and that He wants her to know Him as well. She then turned back to me and said, “You will never convert me to your faith.“ She said that with such conviction and a sparkle in her eyes, that it ran cold down my back and more tears came into my mind. Then she said, “I’d have more reason to cry. If that makes you cry you should be sent into a mental hospital as your father.“ (Because of my mother, my father had spent three weeks in a mental hospital when they had been married.) I was so hurt by all the things she had said, so that I was glad when she left. I fell on my knees and cried before the Lord, interceding for my family.

Since then, the situation has changed again. This wonderful love, I had had for her, is gone and it’s like it was before. There is more distance then ever between us. There is nothing we could talk about. When I meet her, she talks about their hobby (dancing), with all the details I’m not interested in, and never asks how I am and what I do. I myself hardly dare telling anything any more, only talking about university and the observatory.

My Mother's Parents

We started our weekly Bible study in October, doing Meeting Jesus (series of Lifebuilder Bible Study), consisting of 13 individual studies taken from the gospels. So far we’ve done the first six. I always translate the material into German and then print it out for them. Like that they can easily follow the questions and keep the sheets.

It has been 13 months now (including the 3-month-break in summer) that we’re doing the Bible study and I thought I would see some progress (there certainly is some progress), but recently I got slightly discouraged when a discussion arose. We had just had our Bible study, when my grandfather started again saying that all earnest believers of whatever faith will be saved. I then challenged him as he says he believes the Bible is God’s Word and Jesus is his Lord. He answered by calling me fanatic. I really got angry by all his “holy“ talking and denying Jesus at the same time. They both got upset when we started talking about my father. They hate him and accused me to change sides by defending him.

I usually ask after the Bible study whether there is anything to give thanks for or to pray for (I always get the same answer), and then I pray shortly. Last time, as my grandfather told me what I should pray for, it suddenly turned out to be a prayer for itself. So he said Amen in the end.

My Father

In the end of September/beginning of October, I tried several times to meet up with my father but it never worked. Then I got tired of phoning him all the time, trying to meet with him. So, unconsciously, I didn’t phone him any more. Then, the 22nd of November, I got this “invitation“ to court, because my father wasn’t able to pay the alimony for us any more. I immediately phoned him up. He apologized again and again and I assured him that I understood, but I also told him that it hurt me that he hadn’t told me before that he would do that. I was really disappointed again. One week later, we met at the court (see Going To Court). That was the 3rd time that I met him. We then made an appointment to meet the 14th of December, last Thursday. He came (without his wife) to my flat where we spent two hours together. We talked about different things and soon about faith. I was a bit disappointed when he told me that he had studied everything and then set up his faith, being convinced of its accuracy today (mainly Hinduism and New Age thoughts). He’s had some bad experiences with “Christians“ so that he has an aversion to everything Christian. But he still likes to talk about faith. I wanted to give him a great book, but he refused. At least he has got Mere Christianity by C.S.Lewis (I had sent to him in July) which he had started reading. Unfortunately he has problems reading as he needs glasses. So, it was a really good time with my father and we said we would meet again between Christmas and New Year, hopefully the three of us (his wife included).

My Father's Parents In Vienna

I neither phoned them nor heard from them. The 29th of December I’ll see them again, together with my brother and my mother’s parents. These meetings are always characterised by suspicion and hypocrisy - I hate them so much!!! Please pray that the good start made with them before summer wouldn’t stop here. (for more see Family Celebrations)

My Father's Parents In England

PRAISE GOD! My expectations were exceeded! Weeks ago I wrote to my grandparents in England, mainly to my natural grandmother. I told her that I had become a Christian some years ago and that I had just met my father for the first time because of that and that I wanted her to write to her son, so that they could be reconciled as well. My father was 14 (31 years ago) when she had left, without really staying in contact. My father had been wanting to write to her but didn’t have her address. A week ago, I got a letter from England (which in itself is not uncommon). It was a Christmas card from them, saying,

Wishing you all the Best for a very Happy Christmas and I pray yours be as happy and joyful as you have made ours. God bless you. Love from both of us. Your grandparents“.

Added was a calendar with verses for each day and a sticker saying, “Smile, Jesus loves you“. What do you think? I immediately thought they must be Christians. Of course, they could still be nominal Christians?! Maybe I wasn’t the first Christian in my family but the first fruit of their prayers ?! I wonder why they didn’t write more. I’ll now write them again, asking all the things I need to know. Hopefully it will work out in February to meet with them.

When my father came, he asked me whether I had given her his address. She had sent him a Christmas card, including an Every Day With Jesus-calendar for next year. He said he would immediately write back to her.

See The Lord’s Gift To Me for what happened next.

How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who prcclaim good tidings, who proclaim salvation.

Isa 52:7


But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. (Mt 6:33)

The Lord is faithful! He’s shown that to me again and again during the last months.

In October I started double-tithing again after the summer-break. Although it wasn’t easy, I just had so much joy giving to the church and people in need. I tell you, it’s worth! I hardly spent any money on food, even being hungry some days as nothing was there. I couldn’t understand that every time I seemed to recover a little financially, something would happen to me. The big shock came when the annual service of my car (end of October) cost 500$ ! I couldn’t believe that (nothing had been wrong!), but after some inquiries I was told, it’s a normal price. Now, not even having be able to eat properly, I had some problems, but I was able to bring the amount together and pay with a short delay. Now my just improving situation was worst again. Again, I hardly spent any money on food and certainly not on any unnecessary things (like cinema, cafés, etc.). Because of that I also went to the post-office applying for the job and because of that I was unhappy not to be able to work every second night as intended (see Post Office), which would have meant much more money. As mentioned (see The Next Shock), I then got the “invitation“ to court which was my next shock : I wouldn’t receive that much money any more. Already struggling now, I was tempted to worry but God calmed me by the generous gift He gave me the very same day and another generous gift I received two weeks after having been to court. Without those two gifts, I would have....?..... .

Now, I have been working and have received some money at Christmas, but how far will I get with it ? I have no idea. I haven’t received the money for the work yet and have lost the oversight a little at the moment. I do know that the Lord has amazingly provided all I needed so far but also that I am in serious troubles if my father doesn’t find a job very soon. Please pray for him finding a good job soon.

So if you don’t receive my News from Vienna that regularly any more, don’t worry.


I used to have my e-mail at the university of economics with the address Now, there had been a significant delay at the main university which caused a lot of problems (also for many other students), so that I wasn’t able to enroll in the university of economics in time. For this reason I lost my e-mail there with the 1st of November. This was even worse as it was the day before that I had sent out my worrying e-mail with the cry for help (see ...Not Yet). I do apologize for having increased your worries because of that.

I now have e-mail at the main-university although you can’t compare it with the university of economics. The system is bad and you have to wait for half an hour at least to get a free computer. For this reason I don’t go there very often, but in March I’ll be back at the university of economics. Then it will be easier again to write e-mails. My e-mail address now is :

Vienna Christian Center

I thank you for your prayers concerning VCC for after having sent out News from Vienna 9, I realized a drastic change for some time. That one night after the service (see God Answers Prayer!), as I returned to my seat after the altar-call, suddenly a girl from the worship-team came over to me. She asked me whether she could help me. I had no idea how to explain her, so she just prayed for me. Coming back from England, I had already thought of that possibility and two weeks later, we had dinner together in my flat. I hoped it would be the start of a friendship but unfortunately, everything’s like before now.

Tears were still running down my cheeks, when the pastor suddenly came over and asked what was wrong. I explained a little, he said some encouraging words, and left again. I was totally surprised!!! I would have never expected that from the pastor. Then one of the elders I appreciate came over and prayed for me.

At one of the ÖSM-evenings, another person from the worship-team was there and for the very first time (after nearly a year) we really talked. I was uplifted by that as it’s especially on my heart that the worship team really forms a team of brothers and sisters bound together by the love of Christ.

Every other Friday, we have a Singles Group, where mostly people in their twenties meet. I tell you, after the service, it’s what I love most (of my activities). It’s great worshipping, discussing, eating, talking, etc., together. At the moment, we’re studying the book Come Holy Spirit by David Pytches, in order to serve God more effectively. Some of us will also be in the ministry team we’re just about to form, that means we’re praying for people who come forward in the end of the service. I’ve already had several opportunities to pray for people in need and am glad that God is working sovereignly and teaching me.

This time now is really important in the life of VCC. The church started 1987 with 10 people meeting (today about 300) and from January on, there will be membership. Then we’ll also start having a morning service, doing the Alpha-course to start with. We found wonderful facilities in the Inner City with space for 180 people. We’ll see how many of those coming in the evening really see VCC as their home church (a lot of people are from other churches, coming additionally to VCC in the evening). Then it will also be easier to know everybody and be committed to each other. I’m really excited!


The Bible is Scripture and quite wonderful. To be able to read about the heart and character of God; who he is; what he is like; the things he can do. What a wonderful gift the Lord has left us. All Christians should have a profound love of Scripture. We should however save our adoration and real reverence for the person of the Living Lord Jesus. The Bible is not the fourth member of the Trinity. How sad that many people put the Bible before the person of the Holy Spirit. They elevate Scripture to a level where they deny the person and the work of the Spirit in today’s church.
(Graham Cooke, Developing Your Prophetic Gifting, England 1994)

I have to affirm that it is not at all my intent to offend anybody with a different theological doctrine, but to make people think about what they belief.


(Austrian Student Mission)

The first week of October, we had a wonderful party to start the academic year with. The following weeks, we had a few good evangelistic talks and some outstanding ones, whereas the number of good conversations was rather low.

Our team at the main university has significantly grown in numbers what makes me very thankful. There are two really committed new workers which joined us (because of my perseverance) and another that joined us the term before (after a year of being invited by me), who has taken some responsibility off my shoulders for which I’m really thankful. Still, I’m quite busy with coordinating the English-Austrian prayer-link, writing the prayer requests for the ÖSM-prayer letter, organising the weekly book-table and weekly prayer-breakfast, going to a planning meeting for all of Vienna every second week, ... . Once a month we have also had a prayer meeting (with hardly any people). Next semester, the main program will be quite different. We’ll have six evangelistic talks, one monthly international evening and one monthly evening for the workers (no more prayer meetings), as we try to focus more on relationships.

In November, we finally started going into the halls of residences, doing an evangelistic questionnaire, on a weekly basis. We really had great conversations and again, I was amazed at what a difference it makes to pray for people after a conversation. Sometimes, as I pray, the presence of God suddenly is so strong I can feel His anointing on me, but I don’t know yet how to react to it. What does it mean? It was the same as I had prayed for Nina - and she became a Christian.

Our new leaders, Bob & Sue Dawson, are still about to get to know the situation in Austria, having settled well in Vienna. I miss our former leaders very much, whom I appreciated a lot. Although relationships are very important for Bob & Sue, I have the impression that they lack more than last year. But that might be subjective.

During the last months (like before), I again questioned and prayed about my commitment in the ÖSM. One Friday in November, after our planning meeting, I felt very bad. I wasn’t glad with all changes and felt that I would rather be distracting than helpful for the evangelical ÖSM. The next day, we had a planning meeting for all of Austria. My feelings were the same as the day before. It was the first time I felt like that when meeting the students from the other towns. I even felt like a stranger and wondered whether that could be an answer to my prayers. The following day in church, I went for prayer. After some time, the one praying for me suddenly prayed that God would “show me His heart of compassion“. I was surprised. Why did he pray that for me ? It was totally out of context.

In December, I should lead my second evening this semester. The speaker was supposed to be the pastor of my church (on Does God speak today - and maybe even to me?). It was amazing how I got this one night free at the post-office but one week before the talk, the pastor learned about a very important meeting he had to go to that very night.

Now, the very same day, Eric Simons went to university to preach the gospel to some students. He “happened“ to pass by at the ÖSM-book table and still the same the day, phoned the pastor for inquiries about the ÖSM. Now the pastor knew Eric and asked him to do the talk instead.

This day, when all those things happened, was the day after I was prayed for that God would show me His heart of compassion. The following day, I phoned Eric and discovered that he is working with the missionary society Heart of Compassion. I was amazed! Could that be a sign of God? Was this the long waited-for answer to prayer? Had this prayer been prophetic unknowingly?

Finally, Eric did the talk and it was great! Christians as well as non-Christians were touched. Even I, doing the translation into German, was stirred to seek the Lord more deeply. Coming home, I had a wonderful time with Him as my hunger for God had been lit in a fresh way.

Eric Simons especially has a heart for students and wants to win them for Christ. Since the talk, I have been praying for more direction from the Lord for how to work with him (or not). Now I have just had a wonderful time with Eric, his wife Marianne and their new baby Joshua David. The Lord really has spoken to me there and I believe it’s His will for me to work together with them. Of course, there are more questions than answers at the moment but I’m excited by the vision Eric has and share his feelings. Please do pray for wisdom and discernment, as to what to do in the coming months. I feel that my energies would be far better used with Heart of Compassion than with the ÖSM (maybe there can also be some kind of cooperation). In the ÖSM, I so often feel as if the Lord’s fire in my heart is thrown into a pool filled with water - which isn’t necessarily cold. Please, don’t misunderstand me. I don’t want to judge the ÖSM in any way, but I do want to be effective for the Lord and I don’t want my only reason to be with the ÖSM to be that I was saved through them.


In November I signed the contract with the observatory and I now assist about three guided tours a month. I enjoy it very much and at the same time, I earn a little bit of money.

Nearly Forgotten

In the middle of November, I asked a girl in the ÖSM to be my prayer partner and she agreed. Since then we’ve only met once and I think, we don’t really fit together. Now, there are also two other people I could meet with for prayer; one, being a student, the other, being a wonderful woman of God and mother. Would you please pray for wisdom as to with whom to meet for for prayer?! We’d probably not meet before March anyway.

Prayer Points

* salvation: Yvonne, Alex, Viola, Florence
* strength, wisdom and growth for Nina
* my family
* wisdom concerning ÖSM / Hearts of Compassion
* strength for my exams in January
* good rest and sleep
* my father finding a job!!!
* finances
* my plans for next summer
* the conference from the 5th to the 9th of February

News from Vienna is a letter to all my friends that was started because of the impossibility of writing to 80 friends individually about all that is happening. Please forgive me any mistakes in the midst of 61.413 signs News from Vienna 10 contains.

Claudia Wintoch
Thaliastr. 6/29
A-1160 Wien
Tel.: (+43-1) 40 70 957
e-mail :

Numbers 6:24-26

I hope the long time of waiting till you received my News from Vienna 10 was worth it. I thank you for your faithful prayers, even when you didn’t hear from me, and assure you of my prayers for you. I’m at least blessed the same way you are by reading my News, as I read your letters. Thank you all for your friendship.

I pray that out of His glorious riches He may strengthen you with power through His Spirit in your inner being, so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith. And I pray that you may have power to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ, and to know this love that surpasses knowledge - that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God. (Eph 3:16-19)

All my love in Christ,


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