This newsletter was written using a Commodore 64 machine, then copying, literally cutting and pasting the pictures into it. It was then photocopied (explanation for bad pictures) and mailed by postal service.

The original wording has not been changed, nor English mistakes been corrected.


News from Vienna 7,5

Vienna, 25.6.1995



Dear friend,

The main reason you haven’t got my “News from Vienna 8“ yet is my financial situation (please - you have to return this coupon if you still want to receive them !). Nevertheless I have to send out this “cry for help“.

As you know, I was supposed to meet my father the 10 of July. I didn’t really expect him to come (as he had never responded to my cards) and so wasn’t really disappointed at first. Then I thought I would give him “another chance“ and propose him another meeting, in case he had some good reason not to come that day. So I went on sending my cards, proposing him another meeting the 1st of July. Some days later, I received a letter from him. I didn’t dare opening it alone but realized later there hadn’t been any reason to fear. The letter was really nice and telling me that he hadn’t been in his flat for a long time so that he hadn’t but discovered the following day that I had wanted to meet him the day before. He also wrote that he was terribly frightened of a meeting with me but that he would like to see me anyway. I tried to phone him immediately (as he had written me his telephone number) but he wasn’t at home. I then decided to write back a long letter as I had so many things on my heart but failed because of the lack of time. So I just continued to send my cards (to his permanent address), but wanting to phone him to get assured of the 1st of July and also that it would be easier to talk to him after having talked to each other on the telephone after such a long time (about 9 years).
So time passed by and nothing happened. This morning I got up late (as I only have evening services now !) and I had intended to commit this day totally to the Lord, looking forward to a time of extended prayer and Bible study. After some time of Bible reading and prayer, I felt that the way opened to phone my father. You know, I don’t like phoning people very much, especially if there is an inconvenient reason. But I now I felt I could do it with God’s help. So I prayed some more and asked God for His strength and wisdom as I would talk to my father. Then I rang him up and this time he was at home. He picked up the receiver and said, “Wintoch ?“ I said, “Who is speaking there ?“ (I didn’t recognize the voice.) He said, “Wintoch“ I said, “Wolfgang ?“ (That’s his first name.) He said, “Yes.“ I said, “That’s Claudia speaking.“ I heard a kind of emotional shock on the other end. I myself was really in God’s arm as I talked and wasn’t really nervous. I just wanted to talk to him a bit but obviously he tried to finish the conversation as quickly as possible. I asked him whether it’s okay for him to meet next Saturday and he agreed. So he said, “See you on Saturday and then we’ll talk.“ and that was it more or less. Afterwards, I felt feelings of fear coming up. We hadn’t recognized each other’s voices, I had realized his language being unfamiliar and had felt like talking to a stranger. Nine years ago when we had met, I had been shocked by his appearance and his way so that I didn’t want to see him again. What if it will be the same next Saturday ? What if I will feel rejection towards him ? What if I won’t like him ? What if I won’t like to talk to him ? What if I won’t like to see him again ? On the other hand I have been waiting and praying for that day for such a long time, since my conversion. So I trust God that He will hold me in my arms and give me the love I need. Please, please, pray for these things ! Pray for God that he will give me extra-strength and love and that He will be so close to me ! Please pray for me while I’m meeting my father. I would appreciate that very much. Right now, there are these anxious thoughts in my mind, after having phoned with my father. I trust God that everything will work out for my and my father’s best and praise him for having made this meeting possible. I know that He will answer all your prayers. Thank you for praying for me the

1st of July, from 3 pm on

The Lord bless you and reward you richly for your care and concern. You’ll get my “News from Vienna 8“ soon (although I still don’t have the financial means).

With love in Christ,

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