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News from Vienna 6

Vienna, 11.-19.3.1995


Two months have passed since my last "News from Vienna" and so many things happened during that time that I suppose this will be the longest Newsletter I have ever written but also an exciting one. I'm so grateful to the Lord for all He's done!

First I want to tell you about two great books I read in January: Daring to Live on the Edge by Loren Cunningham (Youth With A Mission) and The Gift of Giving by R.T.Kendall. I have learnt a lot about God and money and as a result I started "double-tithing". The Lord really has, as promised in His word, blessed me richly in various ways since then. (An example on the financial side - I've never earned so much money with giving lessons like in January.)

The last weeks in January were very busy. I learned for 10 exams, had 7 and 6 of them in a period of 6 days. The first should be on the 19th, but the professor was ill. Then I had two on Saturday the 21st (mark: 2 and 2?), one on Monday (1), one on Tuesday (4), one on Wednesday (2), and one on Thursday (2). Then I had another one a week later (1). During those weeks I spent all my freetime (which wasn't too much anyway) in the library unless I went to write an exam. Fortunately the library is open till 10 p.m.. It was so amazing how God carried me through that time. Actually it was the first time I had written exams as a Christian. I had always cheated at school and it was somehow strange not to write little pieces of paper before. I trusted the Lord with all my exams and put them into His hands. So I studied "day and night" with God's help and wrote my exams together with Him, not having to worry about little pieces of paper that might be seen but asking the Holy Spirit when I didn't know an answer. I tell you - I have never had such a peace at exams before! I wasn't nervous at all! I had done my part by studying and from then on everything was in God's hands. I could never have done all that without God's help - and the results of the exams are quite good, too! I was able to collect about 15 hours with all these exams.

During those days, the 22nd, I sang the special music in Grace Church for the first time ("Step by Step"). It was also the first time that my grandparents came to Grace Church. The song went quite well. Then, in the time of praise and prayer, somebody gave his testimony how he had become a Christian a few days before. He said that the Lord had been shouting at Him again and again until he let Him in. He addressed people, at whom God were shouting that way too, to open their hearts for God. I was really grateful for that testimony. After the service they said that they had liked it and that they had understood nearly everything. We had one more Bible study afterwards before I left for Mittersill and then for England. At the same time they went for their holidays (two weeks), taking their Bibles and different books with them. I was especially praying for them during that time. When they came back, my grandmother told me, that she couldn't read anything because she was too tired in the evenings. My grandfather told me that he mainly continued reading Dave Hunt's book ("Global Peace") ant that it was very interesting. That was all. We had our first Bible study after their holiday last Tuesday. The topic was "Jesus and the cross". We had quite a good time together although there doesn't seem to be any progress.

As the ÖSM-winter camp in Mittersill was approaching in January, we had more and more preparations to do (beside the exams). We were four people in the organizing team, one of them was our leader Fred Bailey. The week was from the 4th to 11th of February. I didn't take my skiing equipment with me because of lack of money. Later I discovered that I wouldn't have had the time to go skiing. I was more or less the one who coordinated the whole week, delegating different tasks and making sure that everything was done. As a result I was busy from morning to evening, not having any freetime at all (I had three hours of freetime during the whole week.), but I don't complain at all! I enjoyed it al lot! I just love organizing!

There were about 130 students at the camp! That's already more or less the maximum the castle can handle why some students had to be turned away. Maybe a quarter of those students were non-Christians. Amongst those were also Ansbert and a student, called Michi. Last summer I recognized him as studying physics as well and he was even put in the Bible study group I was leading "by chance". The first day I had the privilege to explain him the whole gospel as he was asking me but after the second Bible study he didn't come again. Then, as courses at University started again, we were in the same course - "by chance". I talked with him sometimes but he didn't want to hear anything about the ÖSM. One day he came up to me and asked me about invitations for the winter-camp. Then I saw him again in Mittersill but I didn't address him because there was a kind of tension between us. I just wanted to let him get to know other Christians. During the whole week I was so busy organizing that I hardly had any conversations with people. I was a bit sorry about that and tried to sit with unknown people during the meals (I am not sure whether there was one meal I had without having to do anything in between.). Then I was praying for a possibility to talk with Ansbert. The last evening was one of the most beautiful in my Christian life (the evening before was quite the opposite - more later). Michi came up to me because of some organizational things, then we talked about university before we were interrupted. Some time later I had my possibility to talk to Ansbert. It was his birthday two days later and I gave him his present. He had tried to get a book, I had told him about, in vain and I knew where to get it. He was so surprised and pleased when he saw the book! ("From Nothing to Nature" by E. Andrews about evolution and creation - a great book God has used to open my eyes.) Then we talked a little bit about where he stood on his way to God when Michi joined us. Then Michi told us his whole story how he had become a Christian in the beginning of January! He told me how he had felt last summer, then at university and what he had thought of me. He told me how he had given away several evangelistic books to family members and friends. It was just so great to listen to him! I had never stopped praying for him since last summer although I had hardly ever seen him or even talked to him. Now I heard how God had answered my prayers. Praise God! Ansbert listened attentively while we were talking. Michi then had some questions and needed counselling concerning his family (and I have a lot of experience with that!). So I could really testify about what God had done in me concerning my past and my family. Another problem Michi has is that he lives one hour away from Vienna and returns home every day. So he can't come to an ÖSM-Bible study or the evenings. Additionally there aren't any evangelical churches near where he lives. And he doesn't see the necessity at all to go to a church. I proposed him to meet with him once a week for a Bible study and he gladly accepted. Last week we met for the first time. We are doing the course "Training for Christianity", the same course I'm doing with my grandparents. He is eager to learn more about the life of a Christian and God's work but he said doing that course with me is the maximum he wants to do per week.

I also met with Ansbert last week. I directly asked him what was holding him back from becoming a Christian. It's no longer his studies but it is something else that has to be cleared out. He said he would like to talk with me about it once (we were in the cantine). He also told me that he had planned to decide after Mittersill whether he would like to be a Christian or not but then he couldn't. Still he told me that the camp was a big step forward for him. He said that he had realized that being a Christian wasn't just an ideology but our whole life. I have also offered him the course "Training for Christianity" and that's what we are going to do from now on (he is at an evangelistic Bible study as well).

So I was really thankful for those conversations the last evening. We know about two students who gave their lives to Jesus during that week and for many more it was a start towards God or a big step forward. The Lord really blessed the week and He also blessed the ÖSM richly financially (I also did the budget). Praise God for that!

When we arrived in Mittersill, we first received really bad and shocking news: The ÖSM had lost its room in the student club where we were meeting every Monday night. Where should we do our evangelistic talks this semester? The club had been really cheap and also a neutral place to invite people to. So we had a meeting to discuss what to do and where to ask. When we after Mittersill went to England, we everywhere shared this prayer request while the ÖSM-workers in Vienna were searching for a room. Coming back from England, we still hadn't got a room. So I proposed having a special prayer meeting just for that room - and we did (and some people even came). During that prayer meeting the Lord laid all those lost students who were living in the dark heavily on my heart. Where else should we ask? I decided to ask at the institute of physics. The next morning I asked at one of those institutes - and was turned away. So I went to another institute where I knew an appropriate room. After having seen three different people, I was sent to the director of the Institute. I asked him whether we could rent the room. When I told him that we were a Christian student group, he immediately told me that he had done some things at the faculty of theology and that there was a professor who organised some weekly Christian meetings. He wanted to know more about the ÖSM, the denomination (I told him, interdenomiational but mainly evangelical - he didn't react to that), our goal (I said, telling others the gospel - he didn't react to that either). He then immediately phoned a secretary to give me the keys to the room and the main entrance. Before leaving I asked him what we would have to pay - it's free! When I came to the secretary she discovered that there were no single keys for those two doors. So she phoned the director again and passed him on to me. He said to me, "For you are a Christian, I trust you. I give you the general key." And so he did. He also said that we could have a bigger room (for 200 people) when needed and when free. It was a real miracle how God provided that room for us! We then were able to print the semester-programs and to inform all people about the new place. The first evening was quite success. Yvonne was also there. We haven't continued with "Training for Christianity" yet although she is still interested. This semester we are not doing a language course together so we might not see each other that often.

It's amazing how God has plessed the ÖSM this semester already. One of our main prayer focus is growing in numbers as our leader, Fred Bailey and his family, returns to the States in summer. We are really grateful that we meanwhile know for sure that a couple from London is coming to "replace" them. I can't imagine the ÖSM without Fred (Lindsay Brown, one of the leaders of IFES, once said that Fred is propably the best student worker in the world). It will be a very hard time. Thank God that He is the one who is the head of the ÖSM and who holds the work together. He has already answered our prayers concerning new workers and has especially blessed our team (main university). We have two Americans who came to our team and who will leave Austria in summer again. Then, one morning, as I was sitting in a room at university, I met a (the only I know) Christian student again whom I had invited the previous semester again and again to come to the ÖSM and who was never interested. That day he suddenly showed real interest, beginning with the new location at the institute for physics. He came to our next prayer breakfast and is eager to serve God through the ÖSM. Praise God!

Then, some days ago I was sitting at the institute of physics, reading a book, having my pencil case in front of me, with many Christian stickers on it. Suddenly a student stopped, reading the stickers. Then he asked, "Are you a Christian?" "Yes, I am." So we started a conversation as he also was a Christian. We had quite a good time talking. His name is Christian and he's studying physics and Roman Catholic theology (for teaching) but he is rather evangelical (and pentecostal). I invited him to come to the ÖSM and he was principally interested although he doesn't want to join our prayer breakfasts at the moment. We'll keep in contact anyway.

As I've just come back from the Bible study with my grandparents, I have to add something: Last week the unsaved father of a dear friend in Vienna died of cancer. My friend hoped to be able to witness to him once again, as she feared he were living his last days.She didn't have another possibility as he died the morning we were praying for him which was my friend's birthday even! I was shocked and imagined that my family could die any moment without being saved. I increased the prayer for my family and decided to propose my grandparents next time to pray a prayer of committment with me. Later I realised that today's topic was "New Birth" - quite appropriate. So we went to my grandparents, the whole family. After some hours my family left and I stayed for the Bible study. The atmosphere before hadn't been very well for some time (explanation later) but then we had a good conversation before starting with the Bible study. I was able to witness and pass on a lot. So I asked them whether they would like to pray with me a prayer of committment (I put it differently). They agreed and repeated what I prayed before them. I was a bit nervous and feared to forget an important point but I think it was O.K. (I had read a prayer of committment several times before). I was happy afterwards although I wasn't sure wheter they had really meant what they had prayed but they ensured me that they had prayed it from their heart. Then we had quite a good conversation again as I witnessed totally freely to them about God's calling for me and His work in my life. I then gave them a little booklet for the first 53 days with the Bible (a short passage, then explanation and application). Again I emphasized the great importance of reading God's word daily. Please pray for them that they would start reading God's work and that they would grow in their Christian faith.

Now, before writing about England, to my family. First I have good news: My adress from the 1st of April on is:

Thaliastr. 6/29
A-1160 Vienna

I wasn't able to reach the landlady of that flat I mentioned in "News from Vienna 5" before the sports-camp and England but when I came back, I phoned her. Then I met with her and looked at the flat. I immediately loved it! It's on the third floor, there are two windows to the court, the oven (gas) and then I praised the Lord! I had always pictured in my mind how I would change my lifestyle and do differnt things. Doing that I realised that the biggest problem was not having a fridge. I wouldn't be able to buy a lot of food. Then, when I entered the flat, I immediately saw the fridge. The landlady told me that somebody had bought a new one and so he put the old one there. That's how God provided a fridge for me without asking Him! Isn't He wonderful? He loves to surprise us, to give to us and to receive our gratefulness.

So I decided to take the flat. I continued talking with the landlady for some time and I think she liked me. I told her that I would like to move in as soon as possible. She then talked to the house supervisor and gave me his number to make an appointment to sign the contract. By now I haven't reached him. As soon as I have signed the contract, I get the keys and can bring different things there. I'm really grateful that my grandparents will give me four "armchairs" where I can sleep on in the beginning, then they'll give me six chairs they don't need any more. (When I asked my my mother whether I could take my bed with me, Heinzi exploded how I could ever think of that!) Then Heinzi's mother will give me another armchair and a folding table. A friend of mine is just moving too and might give me some of his furniture. So God is providing for everything I need! (as I don't have any money to buy anything) The only thing I really need is a telephone and an answering machine (there are phone calls every day) and an electric kettle (to have hot water). I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to moving in this flat! I remember what it was like last year when I moved into Sigrid's flat (at the same time, for three months). It's like leaving a cage and gaining freedom! I can't bear Heinzi any more. Today at my grandparents' he started shouting at me. I had asked my brother whether he would allow me to write a paper for university on his new PC (in French and I have no accents on my computer). He strictly declined and I accepted that but my mother started with it again to hear the other's opinion. So the way was open for Heinzi to tell me everything he thought of me (he had drunk some alcohol). I tried to hold back my tears and succeeded.

A week ago he threatened to kill me. He hadn't done that for some time. I had done one of the most terrible things that always make him furious: I had leaned my foot against the edge of the table. I'm glad that he doesn't hit me any more.

Another time he sweared at me again in the ugliest way and told me that he wanted me to leave as soon as possible and that he is looking forward to that day. Today, e.g., he accused me of wanting to fleece them before leaving. These are not exeptional incidents but that's my daily life. I think you can now imagine that I want to move away as soon as possible.

In two weeks time my "new" life will start! I'll be able to invite people, to sing and play whenever I want to, to pray aloud , to have prayer meetings I started this semester in my place, to host friends, etc.. So please come and visit me!

Im my last News I also wrote you about my unsuccessful visit to my father. Although I left a present with his neighbour I haven't heard from him yet. One morning during my quiet time I had an idea. I realised it after returning form England. I've started sending my father a postcard every day. On the front I write one letter every time. On the back I write some sentences about what I'm doing that day. So far I've written the following cards: I-c-h- -l-i-e-b-e- -. On Monday I will continue: D-i-c-h- and then probably with -u-n-d- -i-c-h- -m-ö-c-h-t-e- -d-i-c-h- -s-e-h-e-n- (that means: I love you and I want to see you). If necessary I will continue the sentence till he'll answer me. I might write him to phone me at an appointed time or just visit him again one day. We'll see. Please pray that he'll find the courage to answer my cards and that God will heal our relationship.

But now I have to tell you about my trip to England. We were eight Austrians (six guys, two girls) who left for London the thirteenth of February. On the way from London/Heathrow to the first college we already had a car accident - nobody was injured but the car was badly damaged. After the first night in Egham/Royal Holloway College, we split into two groups. Four of us went to Reading and Southampton and the rest of us stayed two more nights before going to Chichester where we stayed another night and then went to Southampton on Friday afternoon, where we met the others again. We participated in different CU (Christian Union) activities, learnt from them and told them about Austria, learing a lot about and from God, too. Friday night I left for Bournemouth while the others were staying the night in Southampton. We left Bournemouth again on Monday morning and went to Southampton for a prayer meeting, where I met Phil again, who was in Vienna last summer. After the meeting we went to Winchester. In the evening there was somebody from Wycliffe speaking! I had written to Wycliffe some months before concerning short term missions and had received quite a non-fitting answer. Now I was able to ask direcly. She told me some interesting things and promised to send me more infromation. That can't be a "coincidence", can it? Now I don't know what to do in summer. I had already more ore less decided to go to England again, now I have the possibility to go with Wycliffe to an African country. Please pray that God would lead my decision and place me where I could serve Him best.

Wednesday morning the whole group left for London/Heathrow again while I had added three more days in England. Before I tell you what I did then, I first tell you about the weekend in Bournemouth. I hope you are not to confused yet?!

I left Southampton Friday night to do to Bournemouth where I went directly to the coffee-bar where we had had our outreach last summer. There I met some friends again, e.g. Stephen who was also on the team last year and Catia & David with whom I stayed the weekend. The next morning I met another friend again, Chris, who passed the day with us. On Sunday we were all invited to have lunch at Stephen's house where we had a lot of fun.

I suppose all of you have already heard about the "Toronto-Blessing", a renewal God started in Toronto more than a year ago that might well become a revival. When I came to Bournemouth I was amazed by what God had been doing during the last months when He started moving in this mighty way. On Friday Catia & David told me what God had been doing in their church and their lives and they really had a great testimony. On Saturday they had one of those joined meetings (25 churches are unified for that!) and I decided to go there to see myself what was happening and to be prayed for myself. I know that your opinions about those things will be quite different, so I'll just tell you what I experienced.

I have to start earlier: it's the Thursday in Mittersill. In the evening Satan was atacking me by bringing up all my dark past again and telling me all those lies I had been hearing for so many years. I had a complete breakdown - the worst of this sort as a Christians - kneeling on the terrasse of the castle, crying and feeling all those pain of my past physically, crying for help to the Lord. After three quarters of an hour I received a word of knowledge saying in a firm voice, "Satan, I rebuke you in the name of Jesus." Immediately the pain left and complete peace came into my heart. Then I went on claiming all the truth that is in Jesus.

That evening I had to realise that my past wasn't really "past" yet. I had thought that God had healed everything as there wasn't any hate towards Heinzi any more but that wasn't the case. I had to realise that the results of my childhood were still there and troubling me. I just didn't realise them usually being busy all the time. I was grateful to God that he had shown me that. So what could I do? The next day I talked with somebody about it which helped a bit but I still diddn't see what I could do. When I then heard Catia's & David's testimony and about the meeting the next day, I was sure that couldn't be a coincidence. I somehow knew that the Lord had prepared me for something as that Sunday night between Mittersill and England, it was the first time I felt God would want me to respond to the altar call and step out. But as so often, I didn't have the courage. So I went to that meeting Saturday evening, fearful of what could happen. I knew a lot about the "Toronto-Blessing", having read "Catch the Fire" by Guy Chevreau. The celebration was really good and I then went to be prayed for but nothing happened. I was really disappointed as I went home that night. "How could you expect the Lord to touch you, Claudia?" On Sunday I went to the evening service of Catia's & David's church. I had had a wonderful day and went there with a joyful heart, saying to God, " I don't care whether you'll touch me or not, I love you anyway and want to praise you tonight!" Then we had a great service. I had been to this church last summer and was just amazed by the change that had taken place. I hadn't liked the church too much but now I was in a church where love was reigning in a way I had never seen before. There was such a wonderful atmosphere so that I really enjoyed the worship time and the sermon, too, was great. The pastor was reading a verse that spoke directly to my heart; "So do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded. You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised." (Heb 10:35-46) I thanked God for this verse and cheered up only more. After the service there was the possibility to be prayed for. More than half of the congregation stayed. As one person after the other was prayed for and fell down, there was such an atmosphere of love and God's presence that it was amazing. I was still absolutely joyful and rejoicing in the Lord as I was waiting for my "turn". What would I have done without Catia & David! I clinged to Catia as a little child as the pastor's wife, Maureen, was approaching. What if I would keep standing while all the others had fallen down? Maureen asked me what I wanted to be prayed for and I told her. As she started praying, I immediately went down after some seconds. Lying on the floor I was first only happy before the Holy Spirit started working in me. He brought into my mind all those dark years and different situations and every time I forgave Heinzi. The Lord also showed me that I was accusing myself and my mother of different things which I forgave too. Nevertheless the pain became deeper and deeper and my reaction to it stronger and stronger. Finally all the other people had already left and they prayed for God's peace for me. Very, very slowly I calmed down, knowing that God hadn't finished yet. The first thing Maureen asked me was whether I could meet her again before returning home. So I returned to Bournemouth the following Thursday and met Maureen at her house where we talked for a while and where she prayed for me.

Some weeks have passed since then now and I can't really say whether something's changed. I'm still struggling at home when Heinzi turns crazy and those "fruits" of my past are also still there. I know I have to do something to be healed of those. Please pray for my healing.

I know, for some of you it will be quite strange what I experienced in Bournemouth. Please, don’t judge without having tested everything! There has already been a lot of emotional and physical healing.

So, then on Wednesday, as the others were returning to Austria, I went to Southampton again to meet Phil and spend some time with him. I had the possibility to join there more CU activities where I learnt a lot again. The next morning I went to Bournemeouth again, where I had my appointment in the afternoon. In the evening I went to a house group of Catia’s & David’s church. The next morning I left for London where I stayed my last night with good friends again, Patrick & Carol. I then met another good friend, Nathan, with whom I spent a wonderful afternoon and evening, discussing some things and talking about God’s work. Unfortunately time was passing much too quickly. The next morning, on Saturday, I had to leave my beloved England again, after two wonderful weeks. I left so reluctantly, tears could have come to my eyes! I have so many good friends in England and I want to thank all of you for your friendship.

I was just about to photocopy my News, when I realized that I had forgotten to write about the trial the second of March! That’s what I’m inserting now.

This time it should be the final trial at court. My mother and the two concerned friends of mine were summoned to testify. A short summary to remind you of what had happened. In 1992 those two friends (actually one is a friend and I hardly know the other) and I, we booked a holiday in Turkey. Then this girl I hardly know changed her mind. Not finding somebody else and thinking that it would be cancelled without paying the deposit, we didn’t contact the travel agency. Two days before the booked flight they phoned to tell us that the tickets were there. We refused to pay the amount of 70% for cancellation, which would be 30.000 ATS / 3000 $ / 1900 £ / 15 000 FF. For some time we didn’t hear from them as I hadn’t been of age (I signed the contract two weeks before my 19th birthday). But they came back and insisted on that money. As I have a legal costs insurance, a lawyer started to prepare the first trial in June 1994. As I had been in Paris when everything started to get worse, my mother had done everything. Some minutes before the trial, I saw my lawyer for the first time. He wanted me to lie so that we would win, but as I had already told my mother before, I refused to do that. The lawyer told me more or less that we would win for sure if my mother would say that she was against this holiday or that she hadn’t even known about it. I was glad that day that my mother didn’t have to testify and my two friends didn’t have to come. We then did a settlement and it was a real miracle how they accepted an amount of 6500 ATS / 650 $ / 406 £ / 3250 FF; that’s exactly a quarter of the whole (I had come to that amount through prayer). During the whole time at court I had such a peace and was totally confident, so that my mother asked me how that was possible.

Two weeks later the travel agency changed their mind (it was a conditional settlement) so that we had to go to court again, paying everything or nothing. The trial was fixed for the 6th of December but delayed because of a change of judges some days before. This day was the 2nd of March then.

This time my two friends were there, too, and this time the leading lawyer of the agency had come (as well as on the travel agency’s side). Again I hadn’t met my lawyer before. First it was just him and me who went into the room. Again I was totally calm and rejoicing of what God was going to do. Again we were asked to do a settlement. I hadn’t expected that. The travel agency’s lawyer said he would at least want half of the whole amount (the costs for the trials would be added). Then my lawyer proposed 10 000 ATS / 1000 $ / 625 £ / 500 FF. Then we left the room to ask the others whether they would agree to pay a third of that each – and they did. So we entered the room again and this amount was accepted. We can even pay it in three installments. That means 3333 ATS / 333 $ / 208 £ / 1666 FF over a period of three months!

Now back to Vienna. The first of March the new semester immediately started for me. I chose 7 hours of physics, 2 of educational theory, 9 of French and the four hours New Testament Greek again. Meanwhile I have had two weeks of theoretical physics and I had to make a painful statement: I’m not able to finish my studies in physics. I don’t have the mathematical skills, and there is no way to get them, to go on studying. The first two years of my studies, as I wasn’t a Christian yet, I have cheated my way through all the calculation we had to do because I couldn’t do it. Then I had a long period of not calculating at all and now, as I had to do it, I realized I had so many gaps I could never do it. That was really painful to admit that and to come to the obvious conclusion to stop my studies of physics after four years. The immediate following question was what to do instead. So I started praying about it and considering the different possibilities. First I stated that this change would mean at least one more year of studies and so again a delay in going to Bible college and finally to the mission field. I was thinking of two possibilities whereas I am more fond of the second one: taking English instead of physics and so studying French and English for teaching or taking African studies instead of physics and so doing French and African studies. Doing that I would have a good preparation for my future ministry – and I love to study languages. So I will do some enquiry about that. Of course I also considered going to the Bible college earlier and although that’s my greatest desire, I believe it to be better to stay some more time in Vienna, especially serving God in the ÖSM, witnessing among my friends and gaining more experience and knowledge about God.

Please pray that God would make it clear to me which way to choose. I can’t change my studies before September anyway.

So, as I won’t continue with those seven hours of physics I might possibly continue my Italian course (if the time is convenient). Another “dream” I realized this semester are my music courses. I wanted to start them much earlier. I had seen more and more the necessity to improve my piano and guitar skills, as well as to improve my voice. So I started a guitar course and I am getting lessons from a friend in piano and singing. I enjoy it very much! Then I’m doing “my” Jazz-dance again I have been doing for three years.

Next Monday we’ll have our annual general meeting at the observatory. I had already decided a long time ago not to run for the leading committee again. Now they tried to persuade me by telling me that I would harm the association by not being in the committee any more. I was glad that the Lord gave me full assurance of doing the right thing (it would be morally impossible to keep this position anyway). So I will just stay at the observatory to assist in guided tours, I suppose. As I am very active in the ÖSM now, I need this time for the ÖSM. And besides, I’m still giving lessons to weak pupils (English, Maths, French, etc.).

Recently I realized that I haven’t seen many of my “old” non-Christian friends for a long time. I saw that they would never come to an ÖSM meeting or a Christian event and that it was important to meet them in a neutral place, just to spend time with each other and to talk. So I made it one of my main goals this semester to meet one after another again. So far I have met some people and had a good time. I’m happy that I’ll soon be able to start my “traditional” games evenings again where Christians and non-Christians come together to have fun. That’s a great way of witnessing through living.

I nearly forgot to tell you about another answer to your prayers. I had mentioned that I was desperately looking for a prayer partner as I was painfully aware of my being without any close friends with whom to share and pray. Meanwhile I had given up my search. It was especially difficult as I wanted to find somebody with the same theological beliefs. Then there was a new IFES-team member coming from England to join the ÖSM this semester. Her name is Louise and she is just perfect to be my prayer partner! She’s now coming to my church, the VCC, and we’ll meet once a week from now on. One of the great things is that I can speak and pray in English with her, as I prefer English to German. Thank you so much for all your faithful prayers!

I just remembered something else to tell you: Recently I have come more and more to the conclusion that it’s not good to be in two churches at the same time. So, the day will come when I’ll have to leave one church (and I know already which one that would be). At the moment it’s O.K. being in both although sometimes I’m a bit discontent with that. Please pray for God’s wisdom to show me when and where to go.

Now finally to the future. As I said, I’ll move into my flat the first of April. Then there will be a conference at the Easter weekend, in Vienna (!), called “JESUS FOR AUSTRIA ’95 – Holy Spirit and Revival” where I’ll participate. Then I won’t go to the worship-festival in Holland in May unfortunately (too expensive) but in the second week of May we’ll have “PRO CHRIST”, a big evangelistic campaign. Later in May I’ll go to Graz for a weekend for the national ÖSM-training weekend. The first weekend in June, I might go to a conference in Bern/Switzerland. Then there will be a lot of exams in the end of June before I’ll go to the ÖSM-conference in the second week of July, where our leader Fred will speak for the last time. Then I’ll either go to England or to Africa.

Today is the 24th and my News are still not photocopied and sent out to you. I’m sorry for that. I’ve been very busy the last weeks and then I had to realize that I had forgotten to write about the trial – which is very important as you prayed so faithfully for me. I want to thank all of you from my heart for your prayers for that day. The Lord has really answered them.

Besides, there is a prayer card for every single one who receives my News. Every time you write me, I bring your card up to date by adding your news and prayer requests. So don’t hesitate writing me things to pray for. Then there are also cards for non-Christian friends. I then divide the number of cards through seven so that everybody is prayed for once a week (except my family – I pray for them daily without cards). I then leave it up to God who my prayer needs most that day as I’m choosing the cards by chance.

At the moment there are about fifty people who receive my News, in England, Austria, France, Germany, the States, Africa, Eastern Europe, and not to forget in Australia. (That makes a total of about 70 cards.) But still there are few answers to my News. So please write back, and if you have newsletters yourselves I’ll be glad to receive them. A good possibility would be to write me by internet. I’ve just received a connection. My email address is:

I’m looking forward to receive mails from you! Please don’t forget to write me your email address.

So, these are my plans for the near future. I know these were quite long News but more than two months have passed since my last one. The next will be quite shorter, I promise.

In case you have already forgotten everything I wrote, here’s a short summary:

Praise the Lord for:

• the way He carried me through the exams
• two or more who became Christians at the ÖSM-camp
• for the Bible studies with Michi and Ansbert
• the provision of a room for the ÖSM
• for the new ÖSM-workers
• the end of the trial
• my flat
• the prayer of commitment of my grandparents
• what He did in England for me
• my prayer partner

Please pray for:

• my father, that he would contact me
• my grandparents, that they would commit their lives totally to Jesus
• the Bible studies with Ansbert and with Michi
• God’s healing of all of my emotions from my past
• the decision concerning my studies
• God’s leading concerning this summer
• the decision concerning my churches
• the start of my new life in the flat

Isn’t it great that there are more things to praise God for than prayer requests? Yes, God really was at work during the last two months – as He always is.

“Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.” (Col 3:12)

May you walk in His Spirit day by day and become more and more like Him!

With love in Christ,

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