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The original wording has not been changed, nor English mistakes been corrected.


News from Vienna 2


I passed my exams!

Vienna, 17.-22.10.1994


I'm rejoicing in the Lord's graciousness and love for us. During the last two weeks I had the privilege to see so many marvellous things He has done. But I'll try to start at the beginning.

After having written "News from Vienna 1" I finally achieved to phone my professor at university. He had been on a holiday and came back the 11th of September. So I had my exam and passed it!!! (Mark: 2)

I wanted to start studying for the second exam immediately but had some concentration troubles so I had the possibility to extend my deadline to the end of October.

On the weekend of the 30th September to the 2nd October I participated at the SIMULATOR of Wycliffe-Bibletranslators. We were 40 people who were more or less interested to go to the mission field. It was a great weekend! We had several "games" simulating the situation on the mission field what was very interesting. You can better imagine what it really means to be there for the Lord. On Sunday we had a special "Bingolian" (Bingola was the name of the country where we were sent as Bibletranslators) service. They simulated a service that exists in so many countries around the world: A man from the neighbouring village who had the Bible in a for him foreign language tried to translate it and was translated by a man from this village. What they preached was absolutely nonsense. The Lord really touched my heart while listening so that I became terribly sad and that I could not think of something else any more. I wanted to cry to God to send workers into His harvest! How I long to go myself!

Another wonderful thing of that weekend was that God answered a prayer that I had been praying for a whole year. In October 1993 I started thinking about what to do this year because it already was my own desire to serve the Lord with all that I am, all that I have and all that I do. So I started praying and thinking. There were three possibilities: 1.) continuing to study astronomy and physics, 2.) starting to study physics and French to become a teacher, 3.) going to a Bible college. As the months were passing it seemed more and more the right thing to do 2.), but I never was sure. I hoped to get answers in England but although God answered many questions He didn't answer this one. So when I came back it was rather decided to do that but I wasn't totally sure. On the 23rd of September I changed my studies into physics (for teaching), French (for teaching) and still astronomy. But I still wasn't convinced that it was the best to do so. At the Wycliffe-weekend I again thought about finishing my studies about two years earlier when studying astronomy. And then God gave me the assurance that I did the right thing. The last day we had seminars and one of those I went to was about "preparations for going". Peter Kingston (Wycliffe England, one of the leaders) held it and the first thing he said was that it is good having studied mathematics and languages. That was as if he would have said, it's the best preparation to study physics and French. I thank God that He answered my prayers - one day before the courses at university started!

So the 3rd of October the courses at university started, still not having a date for my second exam. There were several activities coming up: an evangelistic drama I participated in (9th to 11th) and an ÖSM (CU) outreach from the 17th to the 21st. So the only possibility was to do it in between. The next day I got my date for the 14th of October. So while the courses started I used every free minute to study for the exam but that wasn't very much time. Then the drama came and I couldn't study for days. So after the drama I even studied harder and the last day before the exam I stayed in the library till 10 p.m.. I was confident that the Lord would help me to pass this exam. The next day I passed it (mark: 4)! I'm so grateful to the Lord that He has made that possible and It hank you so much for your prayers concerning this problem!

Although having so much work to do for the exam I decided to participate in the evangelistic drama "Heaven's Gates & Hell's Flames".

"But seek first His kingdom and is righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well." (Mat. 6,33)

Maybe you have already heard about this drama. This ministry started about 15 years ago in America. Teams are now travelling all around the world to perform "Heaven's Gates & Hell#s Flames" with the people of the local church. My English speaking church (Vienna Christian Center - Assemblies of God) I am going to additionally, invited this team to come to Vienna to perform this effective drama with us. I participated thinking that far more people I invite would come if I myself am standing on the stage. The drama is very clearly and challengingly presenting the gospel. After a sort of pantomime about Jesus' scourging, crucifixion and resurrection, the actual play beings. There are short scenes e.g. an old lady (Christian), two "drugies" (Non-Christian), a Christian family, husband (NC) and wife (C), two secretaries (C and NC), two construction workers (C and the other becoming C), two sisters (NC) and Mother (NC) and daughter (C). They all die at the end of their scene and wake up in heaven where they recognize their mistake when they see the book of life and are judged. They all go either to heaven with Jesus or Satan comes to take them with him. The technical effects are really great and the scenes speak so clearly that even people who didn't speak English understood the message and that e.g. a Croatian family who didn't speak any English at all came to the front and got saved!!!
I "played" one of the angels who just stood on the stage all the time and who point to heaven or to hell. The good thing was, that I didn't have many rehearsals and that I could pray during the whole drama. We have been praying a lot during these days, for specific people and that God would work mightily among the spectators. I myself have intensively been praying especially for my family and for my friend Yvonne who has already come to church and the ÖSM several times and with whom I'm doing Bible study whenever possible. For my great joy my mother and my grandparents promised to come, my mother's partner Heinzi didn't want to come and my brother refused to come very aggressively. The first night (Sunday the 9th) the hall was full with people so that some of them had to stand in the back. The second night was the last possibility for my brother to come. When I left, tears were running down because he wouldn't come but I cried to the Lord for mercy for Him and that he would bring my brother into his Kingdom. Ronald didn't come and I was very sad. The last night my mother, Heinzi (!), my grandparents and Yvonne came. I prayed and prayed and prayed but nothing visible happened. They said that the drama wasn't bad. That was all and I was a bit disappointed but only God knows what He has started in their hearts that evening.

Every night the cast (50 people) shared what God did in is great mercy. Friends for who we had been praying for years gave their lives to Jesus and many more people. Satan didn't like what we were doing there and so many things happened to all of us. When I came to my car in the morning after the first night somebody had opened the valve of one of my tyres so that I could not drive any more.
During those three days 80 people came to know Jesus Christ as their personal saviour!!! Isn't our Lord wonderful?! They'll have a lot of work with the course about the basis for Christianity.
Three days later I had my second exam (14th) and then the preparations for the ÖSM-outreach began for me. It started last Monday the 17th and lasts the whole week. During the day we have booktables and hand out invitations for the talks in the evening. We have rented the cafeteria of the main University in Vienna. It is really great that we have the possibility to do the there and the Lord provided for all the money we needed for this outreach in a wonderful way. The speaker is the leader of the German IFES-movement (SMD) Martin Hainzmann. Our theme is (it's not possible to translate it really properly) "desire for meeting with..." " (self-realization - Monday)" " (friendship - Tuesday)" "...God (truth - Wednesday)" " (partnership - Thursday)".

I wasn't there on Monday night (I had a very important meeting at he observatory - unfortunately) and on Tuesday night (Joni Earickson Tada was talking), but I was there yesterday (Wednesday) and I'll go there tonight (actually I have to leave soon - I use every free minute to finish this letter).

There are about thirty people in the team, mainly from Austria, who are helping with the booktables etc.. The first night there were rather few people, Tuesday night even less. On Wednesday one of my friends, Yvonne wanted to come. She already came to church several times and is coming to ÖSM-events too. Last year we started to do the "Basic Christian Training" by Jean Gibson together. In September we started again doing it (once till now). She can't understand why Christianity should be the only way and just can't imagine many things to be true. I once asked her why she is doing this course with me. She answered that she does it for general education. I was really praying that the Lord would show her that His word is the truth through "Heaven's Gates & Hell's Flames" but she didn't understand. When Yvonne told me Wednesday morning that she wouldn't come in the evening I was really sad. She said that she would meet a friend (I think that she just invented an excuse like the day before when I invited her to Joni's).Nevertheless I continued praying for her all day and in the evening she suddenly stood before me! I was so grateful to the Lord that he had answered my prayers. Martin Haizmann talked in a very good way about what it means to be a Christian, how to become a Christian and how life goes on after a decision. I really thank God also that He had brought so many people to this talk (more than the days before). There was one student sitting at our table who knew everything, believed everything but who was afraid of giving his life to Jesus. Yvonne didn't say anything but "quite nice" (like always) but I believe the Lord is working in her heart and that Yvonne will give Him her life one day.

The last night the room was crowded with people. Many came for the first time, and Martin's talk was quite good this evening. We had some good conversations with students and many of them are interested to participate in a Bible study group. There will be some new groups that start and I will lead one of those with one of the IFES-team member's (Amy). Please pray for the preparation and the right people to participate. The first evening will be the 2nd November.

I have to tell you about a great conversation I had last Monday. My brother always has been very aggressive against my faith and at the moment it's not possible to talk with him reasonably anyway. When my parents left last Monday by brother suddenly asked me (motivated by what he heard about "Heaven's Gates & Hell's Flames" I believe) if I would be sad if he died. For the first time we had a real conversation about my faith and the gospel. He said that he believed that Jesus is the Son of God and that He died for everybody's sin. Finally I asked him to give God a chance and he was ready to do that. After praying the first two sentences he stopped because he couldn't hand over his life to Jesus. On the one hand I was sad about that, on the other hand I praise God that he showed me that He is listening to my prayers, that He answers them and that He is working in my brother's heart.

Now back to the 18th - Joni Eareckson Tada in Vienna. That morning I asked one of the students I have met recently in my new courses if she would like to come with me. So we went to Joni's together. It was great to listen to Joni how the Lord helped her to manage her life. My friend Julia was really impressed. We had a really great converstaion and I had the possibility to witness to her personally. It was amazing how the Lord had led her there. She told me afterwards that her cousin was a very close friend duing their childhood till she had an accident and the doctors said that she wouldn't walk any more and that she could be mentally handicapped (what she wasn't). Meanwhile she is able to walk but it was hard for Julia to see all those things happen to her friend. She said she would send her the video of Joni's talk. I had the impression that she thinks that only the handicapped would need Jesus to manage their lives.

I also want to thank you for praying for my situation at home. It's encouraging to se how it's getting better. The Lord really is at work. Unfortunately it's getting worse again at the moment but I believe it will be better soon. At the moment I have the intention to continue living at home for some time. I couldn't find anything I could afford. So I'll do the best of my situation and am still praying for somehwere else to live.

Another thing I mentioned in "News from Vienna 1" was the trial. I still haven't called the lawyer yet but will do that immediately on Monday.

Concerning my father, I didn't have the possibility to do anything about that yet either.

Praise the Lord for:

  • the exams I passed
  • giving me the assurance of having done the right thing to change my studies that way
  • 80 new children of God

Please pray for:

  • my family situation and a flat for my own
  • my brother Ronald, Yvonne and Julia
  • the Bible study group we'll start the 9th
  • the meeting with my lawyer
  • my father that I achieve to contact him

I really prasei the Lord for all He has done in my life during the last months and weeks, for all he has shown me and taught me. Isn't He wonderful?

"You turned my wailing into dancing; You removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy, that my heart may sing to You and not be silent. O Lord my God, I will give You thanks for ever." (Ps 30,11-12)

The Lord bless you richly and show you His great love and mercy.

All the best.

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