This first newsletter was written using a Commodore 64 machine, and copying, literally cutting and pasting the pictures into it. It was then photocopied (explanation for bad pictures) and mailed by postal service.

The original wording has not been changed, nor English mistakes been corrected.


News from Vienna 1

Vienna, 6.-11.9.1994


This peace of paper you are holding in your hand right now is the first of my newsletters "News from Vienna". It's the solution I was looking for for the question how to write plenty of letters with so few time. So I'll do what many people are already doing. Actually, I don't think it will take less time to write these newsletters but more people will know what's going on and will hear more often from me. I'll try to write these newsletters monthly. First I write the German version, then the extended version for Christians (with prayer requests) and then the English version (I hardly know any English speaking Non-Christians). The German News are already on their way.

The problem with the first exemplar is that not everybody knows as much than the other. If something is not clear, just ask me. I also want to apologize in advance for all the faults concerning the language. English still isn't my mother language.

What happened during the summer?

I spent the first week of July at Schloß Mittersill (Salzburg/Austria) with about 50 other students, mainly of the Austrian CU. Andrew Page was the speaker and the theme was "My power is made perfect in weakness." (2.Cor 12:9). It was a great week where God was at work in many of us, including me. The Lord touched my heart in a special way and by His grace gave me compassion for this world like Jesus must have had it. I will never forget these special moments. This week was one of the two highlights of this summer. On the left you see our Bible study-group.

Immediately after this week I went to the evangelistic sports camp of the CU in Millstatt (Carinthia/Austria) that changed my life so radically a year ago so that I might live now (it's the place where I converted the 15th of July 1993). There were about 70 students and many of them didn't know the Lord Jesus yet but at the end of the week all of them had at least a positive attitude towards Christians and some were truly interested. Pray that the Lord will continue to work in their hearts.

After the second week I returned to Vienna, being rather tired but I didn't have the time to go to sleep. It was time for the IFES-summer team in Vienna. We were about twelve people from England, Scotland, Hungary, Germany, France and Austria. We already started at 8:45 a.m. and closed our coffee-bar at about 22 p.m., having hardly any freetime in between. But it was a good time. We did a survey in Vienna about what people think of God and religions and had really good conversations. The evenings in the coffee-bar were quite nice although there weren't too many people.

After these two weeks I had some days rest to recover from sleeping so little before flying to London and then going to Bournemouth for the next summer-team. On the 6th of August was Chris' and Carol's wedding in Poole which is next to Bournemouth and so I had the great joy to be with them on that special day. It was a wonderful day and I was very glad to be able to be there.

In Bournemouth we were 16 people in the team, from England, Hungary, Japan, France, Colette from Paris and me, and four leaders. We invited the international students to our coffee-bar in the evening where they could practice their English while drinking a "good cup of English tea".

We had several special events e.g. two films ("The Mission", "Jesus"), an international evening, we learnt about different teas, two sports afternoons, on the weekends once "cream tea", a coach tour to a small village followed by a barbecue in the New Forest and the last Sunday we had a special service for international students in an Anglican church followed by lunch in an English home.

These two weeks were absolutely great!!! It was amazing to see God at work and not only in the people we met but also in our lives. I'm so grateful for everything he taught me during that time and I thank Him for having met Nathan and Stephen and all the helpful conversations I had with them. It was really a special time in Bournemouth.

On the right you see some of our team-members.

After two and a half weeks I left Bournemouth saying good-bye to everything with a heavy heart and went to London, where I stayed two days. I was very glad to stay with Patrick and Carol who had just come back from their honeymoon. I used this time to visit three more Bible Colleges near London (after "Moorlands" near Bournemouth). I went to the London Bible College (already knowing in advance that I won't go there what has been confirmed), Redcliff and the All Nations Christian College (you see on the left). It seems that I'll go to All Nations after my studies in about four years time! (PATIENCE!!!)

After London I went to Paris by coach and ferry where I stayed another two days. I visited some friends and places to refresh my souvenirs. I was especially glad to see Owen and Catherine Chadwick and their newborn child Remy again who had left Paris at the beginning of December.

So I returned the 27th reluctantly to Vienna to go immediately from the airport to Heinzi's 50th birthday party (my mother's partner). The time in England was so precious and instructive for me. My heart stayed in England when I returned and I wished I would already have finished my studies!

Now I have to tell you about something unbelievable: When I arrived in Vienna one of the pockets of my bag was damaged and some of my things lying around it. At home I realized that my films weren't there any more. At first I was terribly sad thinking of all the great souvenirs banned on those photos and lost. I couldn't accept it and thought, why did I put the films in this pocket! (90 photos) Then I remembered that I have everything in Jesus and I wondered about the importance these films had for me. So I let them go, I could live without those photos! Later my brother told me to ring at the airport to ask if they had found the films but I didn't believe that especially because I had discovered another hole in that pocket, big enough to let my films pass. in spite of that I rang and.... they had found all three films! I immediately went to the airport to get them and meanwhile I have all the wonderful photos from Bournemouth. This event tells me once again how important it is to give everything to Jesus and not to hold back anything. His blessings will follow!

It's now two weeks ago that I returned to Vienna. Some of you know that I'm desperately looking for a flat of my own. Before coming to England a friend offered me to live with her and I wanted to accept. When I came back she already had somebody. Today I visited her and I was really sad to see how wonderful it would have been to live there but I know that God has something better for me in any way. It's very hard to live at home and I hope to find a flat for October. I hardly have any time and silence for myself or any private life and sometimes it's still difficult with my mother's partner. I realized before that I nearly die spiritually when I'm living at home but praise God that is not like that at the moment. I can't worship God like I'd like to but it could be worse. Please pray that I'll soon find a flat! These days the new IFES-team members arrived in Vienna and there is one girl who hasn't got a place to live yet. I hope that we'll share a flat.

Another problem is the situation with my exams. I immediately started studying for the first of my two exams when i came back because I wanted to take the oral test yesterday. While studying I have been trying daily to reach the professor but I failed. Apparently he isn't in Vienna at the moment. I wanted to have the second exam at the end of September. The problem is that I have to pass those exams or I'll lose the support from the government, my social assurance, the free ticket for the public transport, etc.. if I still don't reach the professor until Tuesday I'll have to start studying for the second exam which is even more difficult than the first.

In September I'm working at a post office in Vienna. Now I'm glad that i couldn't work during the day but only in the evening. So I can study during the day and I work from 6.30 pm to 11 pm. I'm sorting letters that are going to other countries.

Since my conversion I'm trying to get in contact with my father (my parents are divorced.) I even tried several times to phone him. This year - like every two years - he should have risen the amount I get from him but like always he didn't do it voluntarily. Meanwhile I'm too old that the government would go to the court for me so that I would have to do that myself. On one hand I would really need that money but on the other hand I don't want to take proceedings against my own father. So I renounce that money (60 per month) and continue trying to get in contact with him (although I don't know any more what to do).

Another difficult situation I'm facing is that I have to go to court on the 6th of December. Two friends and I wanted to make a holiday in Turkey two years ago. One of them changed their mind and I couldn't find somebody else to fly with us. So when we didn't pay the deposit I thought that it would be cancelled. Two days before we should fly the travel agency phoned to tell us that the tickets would be there. We had never paid anything or received a letter that we should pay. Because of my age (two weeks before my 19. birthday) they first dropped their claim for 70% of the whole amount, that's 1500 pounds. But later they claimed that money again till we had the hearing at the court last June. I proposed them to pay 350 pounds (through prayer I was sure that God wanted me to do that) and in a miraculous way they finally accepted that amount. We made a conditional settlement that means the travel agency had the possibility to withdraw during the following three weeks. It was really amazing how God carried me through this hearing. he gave me such a peace that my mother asked me how I could be so calm.

Unfortunately it's not over yet. The travel agency withdrew at the end. First I asked myself how that could happen but meanwhile I'm sure that God has something in mind. The awkward thing is that my mother wants to state (what my lawyer suggested her to do) that she was against this journey or that she didn't know about it. I have already told her that I would say the truth what could be embarrassing if she said something else. That's another reason for my mother to consider me crazy: Preferring saying the truth and paying 1500 pounds to lying and paying nothing.

All that doesn't mean that I would lose saying the truth. Besides this time also my friends will have to give evidence at the court. They are not directly concerned because it was me who signed the contract.

The trial will be on the 6th of December 1994.

Summary of prayer requests:

  • the flat for my own
  • the two exams
  • my father
  • the trial and the meetings with my lawyer before

Now you know a little bit what's going on in Vienna. I hope to hear from you soon!

The Lord, our God and Saviour, bless you and keep you in his abundant love and grace!


All the best,

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