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Ask of Me, and I will make the nations your inheritance. (Ps 2:8)



Randy & Claudia Wilson

9 July 2017


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Healing 2 The Nations Int'l
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H2TNI is a non-profit organization incorporated in Augusta, GA, with a 501(c)3 tax-exempt status.
H2TNI is also a registered organization in Austria.


Randy & Claudia are part of the apostolic networks of Che Ahn, Alain Caron, Randy Clark and Bill Johnson.

Please pray for us to be surrounded by angels and hidden from our enemies.



The future workshops & businesses will serve as dorms and classrooms for our elementary school until the main building is built. With another $94,000 or 84.000€ we can build it. If you'd like to contribute, please mark your donation with "building fund". Details on the DONATION and CONSTRUCTION pages.



This past week has been very painful for us. A week ago, Adama (24), and ex-street kid and our day guard, agreed to be the night guard instead as he was not fulfilling his day guard duties. Shortly after that, he informed us he was leaving, and so he did.

I have been mentioning Joseph (24) a lot. He came around the same time as Adama and stood out as a future leader and worship leader. We sent him to do a 6-month Youth With A Mission Discipleship Training in Senegal, sent him to driving school, and ever since we had a car again, he was our driver and pastor-in-training. He was leading worship in our service, and preached occasionally.

We employed a new day guard a week ago who was actually doing his job, and encouraged the night guards from the security company to also write down every person that comes and leaves our base. That's how it came to light that Joseph was leaving during the night and coming back drunk in the early morning hours - before getting into the car and driving the kids and Paul all day. The night guards told us this had been going on for a long time, but never said a thing. And so Joseph left, and left us all heart-broken.

We lost our two oldest sons, our future pastor and leader, and now we do not have a driver. Please pray we find the right person for that job.



We have taken in five street kids these past two weeks, and have another one who lost his sponsor. So if you would like to sponsor any of these kids, please let me know. A sponsorship is $60 or 50€ per month.

These are their stories:

Hama (8)

Hama was born in Douentza, northern Mali but grows up in Sévaré, in central Mali. He does one year in kindergarten, but at the age of 6 his Dad sends him to a Marabout (Muslim cleric) in Mopti – the same one Adama was at. He spends one year there until one day, he finds 15000 ($30) on the street and brings it to his Marabout. The Marabout gets angry, accusing him of stealing. Hama gets so scared that he runs away. He spends two months on the street of Mopti begging for money. One day his older half-brother Yacouba sees him on the street and they stay together. They decide to go to Bamako together, taking the bus. Arriving in Bamako they beg at the main mosque and other places downtown. After 4-5 months they meet Bouba on the street who tells them about our center. On May 28, 2017, they both show up for the first time and start sleeping in our center, while begging at the nearby market during the day. On July 6th we both took them into our home, and they are ready to start first grade.

Yacouba (15)

Yacouba was born in Sévaré. He has the same Dad as Hama, but their Moms are each of the wives. Yacouba completes first grade before his Dad sends him to a Marabout in Mopti, who is not the same one as his brother’s. He spends five years with the Marabout where he begs, memorizes the Coran and is beaten. After 5 years he finally runs away and returns home. He ends up staying 3 years at home, not going to school, not working, not doing anything. After three years his Dad finally takes him back to the Marabout. Yacouba runs away the very next day and soon runs into his brother who had already run away from his Marabout. They decide to go to Bamako together, taking the bus. Arriving in Bamako they beg at the main mosque and other places downtown. After 4-5 months they meet Bouba on the street who tells them about our center. On May 28, 2017, they both show up for the first time and start sleeping in our center, while begging at the nearby market during the day. On July 6th we both took them into our home, and they are ready to start first grade.

Adama (10)

Adama was born in Houndé which is in Burkina Faso, near Bobo Dioulasso. He lived with his Mom and finished first grade, when his Dad returned from Ivory Coast with his second wife and put him into a Koranic school. The Marabout was his Dad’s younger brother and lived in Mopti. Adama spent about two years with the Marabout, who continually increases their work load and amount of money they need to bring back at night, so finally Adama has enough of it as well as of the beatings and runs. On the street he meets Bouba, Dramane and Moussa and joins them in their plan to go to Bamako. When the bus stops in Fana, 120 km before Bamako, he gets off to find some mangoes as he is hungry. When he returns, he finds that the bus has left without him. He’s all alone in an unknown town, 9 years old, and starts crying. A man has pity on him and takes him to Bamako on the back of his motorbike. Once in Bamako, he’s all alone in a big city, but it doesn’t take long before he runs into Bouba again. Bouba tells him to come to our center, and so he comes for the first time on August 13, 2016. During the following year he spends about 1 night in 3 on our base and begs for money during the day. He claims to never have stolen. On July 4th, 2017, we took him into our home, and he’s eager to start school in fall.

Dramane (13)

Dramane was born in the region of Mopti, in the village of Mèkòrè, in maybe 2004. Until the age of 10 he works with his Dad on the fields, but then he sends him away to a Marabout in Mopti, the same Boubacar is at. His older half-sister (same Dad) is the Marabout’s wife. Dramane spends two years with the Marabout before he runs away. He is on the street with Boubacar for a few days, until Moussa suggests they go to Bamako to go to our center. Dramane is on the street in Bamako, until Boubacar finally tells him to come to our center as well, which is around October 2016. While he spends many nights at our center, he begs during the day. He claims to never have taken drugs, and only stolen once. He gives his life to the Lord at our anniversary conference early December 2016 and moves in on June 21, 2017, ready to start first grade in fall.

Bouba (14)

Bouba was born in the region of Mopti, in the village of Mèkòrè, in maybe 2003. He has 2 older brothers, one little sister and three little brothers. His father has only one wife. He does not remember ever living with his parents, as he was sent to a Marabout (Muslim cleric) in Mopti at a very early age. That Marabout happened to be his Father’s younger brother. After a few years he runs away from the Marabout. He tries to take a boat on the river, when an uncle who visited his brother regularly sees and recognizes him. That uncle takes him to his parents that he now sees for the first time. They don’t recognize him either. He stays 3 months with his parents when his father decides it’s time to return to the Marabout. After less than a month, Bouba runs away again, together with Dramane. They meet Moussa on the street, who had already been to our center in Bamako, and so he tells them about it. Together the three make their way to Bamako. Two days after their arrival, Moussa and Bouba make their way to us, for Bouba it’s the first time. It’s July 24, 2016. For the next 11 months Bouba spends his days begging for money, and about half the nights at our center. He claims to never have taken drugs or stolen. At our Easter party in April he gives his life to the Lord, and on June 21, 2017, he moves in, ready to finally start first grade in fall.

Bakary (13)

Bakary's parents are dead, and he's handed over to his grandparents who cannot take care of him. Therefore, at the age of 3, Bakary has to walk around on the streets to find food to survive. When we are asked to take him, we immediately agree. Today Bakary is part of our family and goes to school, even though school has always been a great struggle for him. For that reason Bakary is about to become our carpenter's apprentice.



In June the different jihadist groups in the north of Mali merged into one, which has made them more powerful and dangerous. Three weeks ago they attacked a hotel near us. In fact, it's the hotel where we take our kids swimming, where we go when we have a day off, and where we have put up speakers before when needed. Several guests as well as attackers were killed.

We have more information regarding the security situation in Mali that we cannot share publicly. Please pray for us, and ask people you know to pray for us. We do not have enough intercessors, and that needs to change.




  •        Paul's Vacation - I thank those of you who have helped us send Paul on a one-week vacation to the beach in Senegal. All he did for one week was sleep, eat and pray, never sleeping less than 10 hours per night. He recovered his health and joyful nature and came back a few kilos/pounds heavier, ready to continue on. However, Joseph's departure also hit him hard, affecting his emotional as well as physical health.
  •        Our Carpenter - Our carpenter Caleb is ready to set up his shop on our base which is probably gonna happen very soon. Bakary (13) will be his apprentice. Please pray for him and for us in this transition.
  •        Hiring Now - We're looking for someone to watch our children, especially now that we have all these new ones and they are currently unsupervised. Our teenager Amadou is doing a great job watching them, but we hope to be able to hire a Malian for the next few months until our European addition to the team arrives. Please pray we choose the right person. Pray also we find the right person to be our new driver.
  •        Pigeons & Chickens - Our remaining teenager Amadou (17) started raising pigeons on our base. We had also sent Joseph to a raising chicken training, and while he's gone, we still hope to raise chickens as soon as we have built the coop.
  •        Our School - For this past year I've been teaching 5th grade on our base, and I'm going to teach the two remaining students Sarata and Arouna until the end of August and complete the grade. Having poured myself into them for this past year, they are well-equipped to return to the school system. As if I wasn't busy enough, I have started teaching 9 of our children (including the five new ones) first grade math one hour every afternoon. It's a lot of fun and a bonding time, and cements what they should know or prepares them for what's coming.
  •        First-Grade Teacher - We are still looking for a French-speaking first grade teacher to join our team. There is such a need for a good, Christian school where the children are treated with dignity and learn something. Many of our Muslim neighbors would send their children to our school. Please pray with us for this great need!
  •        New Guards - A week ago Dramane started working for us as a day guard. He's a believer who has been outcast by his family for his faith, and he's doing a good job so far. Dramane moved onto our base to not only work for us but join our family. We have also asked the security company that provides the night guard to send us a different guard as we had issues, so we hope it all works out now.
  •        Bible-Discovery Groups - It is rainy season, and that affects what places are accessible and who has time, as people need to work on their fields right now. Randy and Paul are continuing their groups when possible, while others will be led by upcoming leaders. We now also have several second generation groups. Also, Paul wants to start a group in Falani, a village that has so far been unreached. Please pray for these groups.
  •        Language Learning - Please pray for Randy who is now learning French. He still needs prayer as it's hard for him.
  •        Building #4 - As soon as we have some money, we are ready to start building the foundation for our next building that will service as dorms and classrooms for our elementary school in the beginning, and will be our business and workshop section later. Cost: $90,000 or 84.000€.
  •        French Book - Every time I'm in the French-speaking world I'm asked when my book comes out in French. I'm excited to tell you that the process has now started, and I hope to hold a French copy in my hands soon!
  •        Partners - We're looking for monthly financial partners as we only have 49% of our budget covered by regular monthly donations.
  •       Volunteers - Do you want to come change an orphan's life? Do you want to heal the sick? Preach the gospel to those who've never heard? Come to Mali for a season and let God change your life. No language skills needed, but French skills are helpful.


A thousand may fall at your side, ten thousand at your right hand, but it will not come near you. (Psalm 91:7)


Trusting HIM,

Claudia (& Randy)


February 2017
Standing from left: Randy, Claudia, Paul, Adama, Joseph, Amadou, Hama, Arouna, Adame, Fanta
Sitting from left: Habibatou, Bakary, Moussa, Sarata, Jonathan, Musokura

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