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Ask of Me, and I will make the nations your inheritance. (Ps 2:8)



Dr. Claudia Wintoch

25 March 2014


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Make checks payable to Healing 2 The Nations Int'l (or H2TNI) and send them to:

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Account holder: Healing 2 The Nations International
Bank name: Bank Austria
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Healing 2 The Nations Int'l
PO Box 2423
Keller, TX 76244


Healing 2 The Nations Int'l
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Apr 23-30    Vienna, Austria

May 1-4    Lienz, Austria

May 5-8    Upper Austria (tbc)

May 9-15    Vienna, Austria

May 16-25   OPENING

May 26-29    Venice, Italy

May 30-June 8    OPENING

June 10    Return to Mali

July    Albania

Aug 4-12    Pasadena, CA


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H2TNI is a non-profit organization incorporated in Augusta, GA, with a 501(c)3 tax-exempt status.
H2TNI is also a registered organization in Austria.


Dr. Claudia Wintoch is
part of the apostolic team of Harvest International Ministries (HIM - founder Dr. Che Ahn).

I'm currently in a season of having set aside considerable amounts of time to seek and hear from God, and would appreciate your prayers to support me. Thank you!



We are in desperate need of a new vehicle to transport kids to school and visit our village churches. A new Toyota Hilux costs $40,000. If you'd like to help, please mark your donation - whether big or small - with "car".

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27 months ago we started using the unfinished third building that was under construction, just in time before Paul & Rokia's wedding so they could have the space they needed. Our guy who is responsible for construction never told us that he was actually making debts to get it ready. Half a year later we found out, and we still have $3000 oustanding with different vendors where he got building materials. Right now those people are giving him a hard time, and I believe it's time for us to pay off that old debt. With our finances actually being below zero right now, that's a challenge, to say the least.

Not only that, but it has come to the point that we desperately need a new car. One car is over 20 years old, the about 13, and it's becoming way too expensive to keep repairing them every week. The cars are in use all day, taking kids back and forth to school, running errands, and going to our villages. Paul has done some research, and we could get the new Toyota Hilux in this picture for $40,000. Obviously, it would take a big miracle, but then, we serve the God of miracles!



In Mali many Muslim families give away a 5-year-old son to a Muslim teacher - called marabout - in the cities to get points with their god to possibly make it into paradise. These children are mistreated and exploited, and many run away and find refuge with us every night.

The UN just released this report about the street children in our neighboring country Senegal, where the situation is pretty much the same - except for the legal things mentioned in the report. Here are few excerpts:

Known as talibés, the children take to the streets each day in Dakar and other urban centres to beg for small change and food. The boys, some as young as four years old, are often under-weight or malnourished, barefoot and in old, tattered clothes. They spend hours in the sun, weaving in and out of traffic, hoping to receive enough alms to reach the daily quota set by their teacher - usually around 500 CFA (US$1), plus sugar and uncooked rice. If they do not reach their quota, they risk being beaten.

Many of the exploited talibé live in half-constructed buildings, with no water or electricity. They sleep crammed together on dirt floors in small, mosquito-infested rooms. HRW says the boys are subject to physical and emotional abuse. There have been reports of boys being chained up for hours or days at a time.

A 2010 HRW report found that only about half the talibé in Senegal are Senegalese. The rest are trafficked from neighbouring countries, including Guinea Bissau and Mali, where poor families are promised their sons will receive a proper Islamic education under the care of a ‘marabout’ or Koranic teacher, at schools known as ‘daaras’.

The boys often have no contact with their families once they leave home, and because most do not know anyone in Senegal, they become entirely reliant on their Koranic teachers for food, health care and shelter.

To read the full article click here.




I'm going to be in Europe in May and the beginning of June and still have openings to come minister at your church or just share about Mali. Please contact me if you're interested.




  •        Joseph at YWAM - Joseph is half-way through his time at the YWAM discipleship school in Dakar, and about to start going on outreaches. It's been a challenging but rewarding time for him. Please keep him in your prayers.
  •       US Trip - It was great to see many friends and make new ones, as well as having a part in God moving among His children. Currently God is having me preach a message of hope everywhere I go. There is nothing like being an instrument for God's presence and power!
  •       Volunteers - We always need volunteers in Mali who can stay a few months or more. If you'd like to come help us, please contact me.


Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, 21 to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen. (Eph 3:20)


Immeasurable blessings to you,



August 2013
Standing from left: Adama, Suma, Saloum, Joseph, Abdias, Florentin, Karim, Youssouf
Middle: Claudia, Paul, Rokia with Christian, Jérémie, André, Yacouba, Amadou, Fanta
Sitting from left: Adou, Hama, Boubacar, Bakary, Aaron, Sarata, Jonathan

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