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Ask of Me, and I will make the nations your inheritance. (Ps 2:8)



Dr. Claudia Wintoch

1 November 2013


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In this newsletter:




Since January of 2012 I as well as the ministry have been in transition, when the Lord spoke that He would switch priorities around - from Mali being first and itinerant second, to itinerant first, and Mali second. First that seemed outrageous, but God kept confirming it, and weeks later, renewed my calling to Europe.

He added another dimension to the ministry with Healing 2 Body & Soul, leading me to become a personal fitness trainer, and to learning all about essential oils to bring healing to the body. It's been a great journey, and the fruit is starting to show!

On another level, the itinerant ministry of ministering to the Western church has gone to a whole new level this year. I could already see the change before being commissioned as an apostle in June, and these past few weeks, I've been even more amazed watching God's presence coming down with power! It's a new day for me, and for H2TNI, and there are very exciting days ahead!

As I share with you about some recent meetings, I want to focus on the meetings held at a little church of on fire Christians in the center of France, in Angoulême.



The first night was not part of the revival meetings, but added later and open to everyone. It was my first time at the church, and I could already tell that those believers loved God and His presence. After a short worship time, I started teaching on the oils of the Bible and passing around the oils for everyone to put a drop on their skin, to smell them, and to let them do their work. It was like God anointed us with oil from heaven as we did, and a few people were laughing in the Spirit, while others found relief from physical problems.

Jean-Louis writes, Claudia enlightened us about the possibility to return to the knowledge of the benefits of plants that God created on the earth for our health.

Danielle writes, I waited impatiently for the message on the oils, as we've been wanting to treat ourselves with plants for a long time.

For more information about Healing 2 Body & Soul, click here. I'm open for any invitations to come teach on the oils of the Bible, in English, French or German.



The official start of the weekend was on Friday night. We had a great time of worship with His presence coming down. There is nothing like being in His presence, and I enjoyed lying on the floor with Him, letting Him fill me and speak to me, and prepare me as His messenger.

After introducing the ministry, and telling about the events in Mali, I did what I always do in France these days - thank them for saving our lives in Mali (when the French intervened 1-2 days before the Islamists would have taken the capital), and for giving their lives for us (as a French soldier died the very first day). Every single time, I choke up and God uses it to minister to His French children, even giving them love for their new president they did not elect. He's also used it to give me a deeper love for France than I've ever had before. Maybe that's why the meetings are so much more off the charts in France than elsewhere these days.

I then started preaching on God's burning desire for us, speaking about His broken heart for those who don't know Him, His desire for all to know Him, His joy when we become His children, and His delight to put His great plan for each of us in action. I spoke about His longing for us to spend time with Him, be lovers not just servants, and challenged all of us to "be" rather than "do" all the time, and respond to His call for us to spend time with Him.

The more I spoke, the more His presence increased, ministering to His children and creating a new hunger for intimacy with Him. When I got to pray for them individually, His power fell, prophetic words of life were given, and lives were transformed. What an awesome first night!



We continued Saturday afternoon, and again His presence filled the place during praise and worship. While I was on the floor with Him, He showed me a vision for the Church in France, and that church in particular. When I released that word later, God touched His French bride, and in particular the pastors, powerfully. Glory!

The meeting started at the level we had finished the night before, and the more I spoke about His glory, and His invitation into His glory, the more His presence and glory increased in the room. Some people had their eyes closed, encountering Him, others were clearly being touched by Him. Higher and higher we went, and at the end, as I laid hands on everyone, prophetic words came, His glory fell, His people fell, until most of the church was on the ground in His presence. There's nothing like His manifest presence! There is nothing I love more than being His conduit for His presence! I was so reminded of the renewal days of the 90's that I'm a fruit of.

Pastor Magali writes, Claudia took us into the glory in the Temple. I could feel the weight of the kabod of God where we were. In reality we were not in that place any more, but in God's presence, a higher place. And there were also precise prophetic words coming straight from the mouth of the Lord.



Sunday morning we continued flowing in His river, though our bodies were tired, and again we went higher in the Spirit. I spoke about Moses as an example of a world-changer, a man whose pride was broken, a man who lost everything, his people, his status, his calling, and that is exactly when God called him ready to become what He had always meant him to be. I shared from my life, shared that God's qualification to be used is found in 1.Cor 1:27-28 - a verse I always write when signing my book - therefore God can use anyone to do anything. Nothing is impossible with Him! As I spoke, I could see hope restored, dead dreams come back to life, and callings being believed again.

As I had done the previous meetings, after speaking, I started praying and speaking out what God was showing me for people in the room. I was also singing prophetically, as God ministered to His people. His presence was building up, and I could tell He was up to something. Sometimes there is just the right time for the explosive release of what He wants to do. That morning, He wanted to give an impartation to His children. So they lined up in the front, and the moment came. His power was released, touching His people powerfully, every single one of them (f)lying to/on the ground being ministered to. So glorious!

A few testimonies from the whole weekend:

Nathalie writes, I experienced something powerful in the Spirit concerning the mantle and the love of the Father for my life personally as well as for France. God gave me a vision that revealed the mantle of the Father coming on the nation of France and that He'd remove the spirit of abandonment. As a fruit I now have a greater intimacy with God, the Father, in my daily life, and I feel closer to His heart. The fire of my passion for Him was also reactivated in me on a more intense level. I've experienced something powerful, and I've really felt an impartation of glory. The glory of God was so tangible.

Danielle writes, Through Claudia Jesus had the barriers that were still around me broken down. I saw them on fire; they were consumed and I was in the middle. I now feel a freedom that I did not have before. I also discovered that I desired being the lover and friend of Jesus. I thank Claudia for being an obedient instrument for Jesus, of humility, and faith that is so tangible.

Look at all the pictures from the meetings in Angoulême here.

As I'm planning my itinerary in the US and Europe next year, feel free to email me if you would like me to come to your church. God is such a glorious and awesome God, and He loves to meet His children and draw them closer to Himself!



  •       Finances - I cannot thank enough those who've given to help us in this financial crisis with school and accident expenses. Unfortunately we're still a few thousand dollars/euros short. Please consider sowing into the harvest in Mali, and the future leaders of Mali!
  •        9th Anniversary Conference - In two weeks our big annual conference starts. This year our speaker is pastor Ian Campbell from PA, and he'll be the first one to preach in French during those meetings. Pray we can do our best with the little money we have, and that God would come in power to save, restore and heal!
  •        Joseph at YWAM - Joseph's discipleship school in Dakar starts January 13th and lasts 6 months. He's been an invaluable help to Paul in the midst of the recent crisis, and has a heart for Timbuktu, possibly being our indigenous leader for the planned center there.
  •        Mission Possible - Just before returning to Mali I spent a week in Holland representing Mali at this unique conference about reaching the unreached with the gospel. It was a time of divine connections, and I'm curious to see the fruit to come out of it in the time to come.
  •        Documentary - Back in Mali, the TV crew doing a documentary about us will start shooting soon. They also have it on their hearts to intervene on behalf of us on the government level so we get financial support. Pray for favor and a positive documentary for the glory of God.
  •        The one - After 20 years as a Christian, never dating, always single, God has fulfilled His promise and brought me together with the one He has for me. Pray for God's will to be done in our lives.
  •       Volunteers - We always need volunteers in Mali who can stay a few months or more. If you'd like to come help us, please contact me.


When Solomon finished praying, fire came down from heaven and consumed the burnt offering and the sacrifices, and the glory of the Lord filled the temple. (2.Chr 7:1)


In awe of the glorious One,



August 2013
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