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Ask of Me, and I will make the nations your inheritance. (Ps 2:8)



Dr. Claudia Wintoch

11 March 2013


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Healing 2 The Nations Int'l
PO Box 543
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Healing 2 The Nations Int'l
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Apr 4-13    Vienna, Austria

Apr 13-26   Upper Austria

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May 1-13    Germany

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June 14    Claudia & Flo return to Mali

Oct 21-27    Mission Possible, Netherlands


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H2TNI is a non-profit organization incorporated in Augusta, GA, with a 501(c)3 tax-exempt status.
H2TNI is also a registered organization in Austria.


Dr. Claudia Wintoch is
part of the apostolic network
Harvest International Ministries (HIM - founder Dr. Che Ahn).

There are so many exciting things happening, and things getting ready to happen, as we move closer to the end of this transition we've been in over these past 14 months. I'm only giving you a little taste in this email newsletter...



We are already using this much-needed third building; with $13,000 we can finish it. Please mark your donation - whether big or small - with "building fund". Details on the DONATION and CONSTRUCTION pages.

Image: Dec 20, 2011

In this newsletter:




A few weeks ago I was worshiping God with hundreds of people when the theme of the worship time turned towards the nations. Within minutes I found myself in a heap on the floor, weeping intensely as my heart was breaking. All I could see in front of my eyes were the people in the north of Mali who have gone through intense suffering - sharia law and a famine - with all indigenous Christians gone as they fled to save their lives, and no light in their darkness, no hope, nowhere to turn after having been so disillusioned with Islam. Their pain and their hopelessness was so tangible that I cried out as I did in my early days of praying for Mali before I ever went. "Send me, Lord, send Your people to bring light into their darkness!" Before my eyes I could see us going to Timbuktu and starting a center there, so I started specifically praying that God would send us there to do just that.

In 2005 I went to Timbuktu - the only time ever. As soon as we decided to go, all hell broke loose against the whole team, like I had never seen before - accident, sickness, financial losses... Timbuktu is one of the holiest cities of Islam, the city of 333 saints, the city where Muslim leaders have occult powers that enable them to make themselves invisible and invincible. It's a stronghold of Islam and it's been prophesied more than once that if/when Timbuktu falls, Islam all over West Africa will fall. Back in 2005 I told God I would have to know that I know that I know that I was supposed to go to Timbuktu before going there again.

And yet, I found myself on the floor weeping, pleading with God to let me go and start that church and kids center that we've been praying for for years and that we've always known would one day be there.

Knowing that as of now it is unsafe for any white person to go to the north of Mali, I once again prayed Mat 9:38 where Jesus tells us to ask the Lord of the harvest to send (ekballo) workers into the harvest field. Oh how often have I prayed this prayer these past 10 years of being in Mali! And I prayed it once again! If only we had a few helpers on our base in Bamako, I could send some Malian team members to Timbuktu to get started! The fields are white for harvest, but the workers are so few! Send them, Lord!

Heart-broken I returned to my seat, and then Lou Engle came up to preach his "ekballo" message that he is currently taking everywhere. That great word means "forcefully driving into", as when Jesus was driven into the desert; it is also used in the Matthew verse I just quoted.

At the end of his message he presented his new project where you get an unreached people group to pray for every day. He put it up on the screen - and it was a group from the north of Mali. As soon as he had us all starting to pray for them, I hit the floor again weeping.

And then he called me to the front to pray for my country. I could barely walk, and was immediately on my knees on the platform, which is why you cannot see me in the video of what happened next. Click here to watch.



Just before Christmas, we had to travel to Dakar, the capital of Senegal, to apply for Florentin's visa to Austria for his heart operation. It was our first trip there. We stayed (for free) in a beautiful seaside ressort. As always when we travel in West Africa, we prayed for a center to be established in that country. Then I said to Paul, imagine if we had a center right on the coast, we'd finally get people to come! He laughed.

A month later Cindy Jacobs interrupted her sermon and called me on the stage to prophesy over me. One of the things she said was, "You're going into Senegal next, and you'll be on the coast." I had to laugh. Watch it here.

Since then I've been praying for God to send us people who can lead those new centers - the one in Dakar, and eventually the one in Timbuktu. We know HOW to do it, we just don't have the manpower.

Somewhere out there, maybe you as you're reading this, or someone you know, is the answer to our prayers.

Whom shall I send? Who will go for us?



Recently a few articles have been published about me and the ministry:

Online article on Austrian state TV website. (German)

Online Charisma article. (English)

ERF Christian radio print article. (German)



  •       Florentin - Florentin's passport with his Austria visa has arrived, and we're ready for our trip to Austria, leaving Mali on April 3rd. Florentin goes into hospital in Linz on April 15th. We'd be thankful for donations towards the plane tickets.
  •        Europe Trip - I'll be traveling & ministering in Europe in April-May. Please look at my itinerary to the left, and find more details on the CALENDAR page of our website.
  •       Apartment Miracle - What a story! I had favor with the real estate agent, and favor with the owner. It was an absolute miracle that I ended up getting the apartment, but I knew it was the one God had for us. Still, it's quite a step of faith to make such a commitment, but I'm excited and anticipating many great things for the ministry in Europe. Now H2TNI has a base in my hometown to work from.
  •        War in Mali - The French are making great progress in the north of Mali. They are committed to getting rid of ALL the Al-Qaida militants and not leave before then. They have lost 4 soldiers so far, and are planning to start pulling out in April. The UN is preparing a peace-keeping force to eventually take over from the African soldiers already in Mali. A few weeks ago, a rebel from the north was arrested right by our base in Bamako.
  •        Refugee Family - We've been helping out the poor, widows and refugees with rice, sugar and onions. We also paid a refugee family's rent and debt as they were about to be kicked out of their little room. Now the Mom and one of the children have given their lives to the Lord. Praise God!
  •        Personnel Challenges - Please pray for wisdom as I'm dealing with some personnel challenges in a culture that poses many issues when Africans work with white people.
  •        Construction - Thanks to people's generosity during my US trip in Jan/Feb, we are now able to have our broken down walls repaired. Praise God!
  •        New US Secretary - Welcome to Judy who is our new secretary in Evans! Nothing changes on your end.
  •        Exciting Things Ahead - There is so much more to share, and I'll do so over time in the months ahead. Already, you can order the amazing pure therapeutic grade essential oils and other products from my Young Living website by clicking here (whether you're in the US or in Europe).
  •       Volunteers - We need volunteers in Mali who can stay a few months or more. If you'd like to come help us, please contact me.


For he says, “In the time of my favor I heard you, and in the day of salvation I helped you.” I tell you, now is the time of God’s favor, now is the day of salvation. (2.Cor 6:2)


Loving HIM,



November 2012
Standing from left: Claudia, Paul, Rokia, Saloum, Tierno, Adama, Joseph, Florentin, Karim, Fanta
Sitting from left: Jérémie, Tidiane, Yacouba, Amadou, Youssouf, Hama, Boubacar, Bakary, Aaron, Sarata, Jonathan

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