People are asking what that means. It means that the land borders have been closed, and landlocked Mali totally been isolated. Soon there won't be any gas/diesel, the banks will run out of money, and then food will become scarce. City electricity and water will stop, as they are created by generators using gas (we are independent when it comes to electricity and water). Let's pray the airport stays open for passengers!!! The American family is scheduled to leave on Thursday, and me on Friday. Nearly all embassies have now told their people to leave the country immediately.

Islamists have already been taking advantage of the situation, stirring up hatreds towards Westerners who they blame for the situation. With the sanctions, that hatred is going to explode. That's why we need to get out as quickly as possible, which will keep Paul and the kids safe.

WE NEED YOUR PRAYERS!! Please pray also they won't send their troops in immediately to topple the coup leader.

REUTERS at 5 pm local time today:

Neighbours launch sanctions against Mali

DAKAR, April 2 (Reuters) - Leaders of the 15-state West African bloc ECOWAS have decided to impose diplomatic, trade and financial sanctions on Mali's junta with immediate effect Ivory Coast President Alassane Ouattara said after a regional summit on Monday.

Ouattara told reporters the leaders would apply the previously announced sanctions - which include a crippling closure of the land-locked country's borders - to put pressure on leaders of last month's coup to return power to civilians. (Reporting by Diadie Ba; writing by Mark John)