One embassy and mission after another is telling their people to leave Mali while they still can. I cannot reach the Austrian consul. The American embassy is telling their people to gather sufficient provision for one week and leave if they can.

I'm considering trying to leave Mali before the planned date of April 11th. There is no reason to put myself in unnecessary harm's way. Also, with hatred of white people growing exponentially because of the economic sanctions coming into effect Monday, we (the white people in our center) might actually put our children and team at risk by staying, drawing those people's attention to our base. Finally, the neighboring countries have also prepared their troups to march into Mali and topple the coup leader.

I have full confidence in Paul's ability to lead the center - and he's done it before - and know that I can leave in peace, knowing everyone is in good hands, and most of all, God and an army of angels surrounding our base.

Please pray for wisdom to know what to do, and when, and the ability to leave the country in time before it won't be possible any more.

Please forward this to everyone you know.