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Ask of Me, and I will make the nations your inheritance. (Ps 2:8)



Claudia Wintoch

26 March 2010


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Monthly budget: $8600 or €6300
Monthly support: $3200 or €2350


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Make checks payable to Healing 2 The Nations Intl. (or H2TNI) and send them to:

Healing 2 The Nations Intl.
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In Europe:

Account holder: Dr. Claudia Wintoch
Bank name: Bank Austria
Bank number: 12000
Account number: 509.101.468.00
IBAN: AT03 12000 509 101 468 00



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Claudia Wintoch
BPE 1654
Bamako, Mali
West Africa




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March 9-31    Austria

April 4    Street Kid Easter Party

May 21-31    Kansas City & Topeka, KS

June 1-7    Pasadena, CA

June 8-14    Augusta, GA

Sep    PA, TN, CO, CA



H2TNI is a non-profit organization incorporated in Augusta, GA, with a 501(c)3 tax-exempt status.


Dr. Claudia R. Wintoch is
part of the apostolic network
Harvest International Ministries (HIM - founder Che Ahn).

I'm returning to Mali on Wednesday. I'm excited to have a special bike for our handicapped boy with me. Please pray for favor at the airport, and for a smooth trip back with all the stuff.



We need more housing to take in more children and have room for more staff. With $61,800 we can finish this needed building. Please mark your donation - whether big or small - with "building fund". Details on the DONATION and CONSTRUCTION pages.

Image: Sep 24, 2009


This year my time in my home country of Austria was shorter than usual - only three weeks. That meant having a very tight schedule of traveling and ministering in different churches. It's an honor and joy for me to bless my own country, to see God move powerfully in my nation, nine years after I left here. I get excited every time I enter a church, and get to be God's mouthpiece, hands and feet.

This year I got to share my heart message several times. I shared much about my life, encouraging everyone to dream big, that God can use anyone, however messed up, to do anything, changing the world around him/her. I shared about different encounters I've had with God that wrecked me forever, encouraging them to seek Him, that there is so much more of Him for us to experience.

As I shared, the anointing increased... He's always confirming His word, and when you talk about His glory, His beauty, His awesomeness, His presence, He comes down to reveal all these characteristics of His to His children. I love it when that happens! I love it when I see His children moved by His presence, tears in their eyes, their hearts more and more hungry for Him, as I share his heart.

And when it's time to respond, they do, and have encounters of their own with their heavenly Daddy. Some are healed physically, others have their hearts healed of deep pain. Others have experiences with Him, walking into the heavenly throneroom. I love it! There's nothing like it! And I get to do all this in my own country of Austria!

The three weeks this year were short, but filled with many precious moments. Now I'll have to wait until next year to get to be a blessing to my own nation again.




A month ago 22-year-old Eva came from Austria to stay with us for 6 months. I was amazed at how she immediately fit in perfectly, and she's been a huge blessing. Her main task is to watch the kids and make sure they do what they're supposed to do when they're supposed to do them, and don't do what they shouldn't do. After her first two weeks I asked her for her first impressions. This is what she wrote:

The kids - from the first moment open, my heart immediately went out to them. They are different, loving, sweet, and full of temperament. I immediately felt accepted and respected - in spite of of a different skin color, language and customs.

Coming to Mali, you should be able to speak French or Bambara - I don't speak either one. It's difficult to express myself, explain myself, and communicate, and it's a shame that I don't understand anything. We've been managing using hands and feet, and I'm very busy learning Bambara.

There've been many impressions and experiences even though I've only been here for a short time. It's incredibly amazing! I'm looking forward to more wonderful unforgettable months. This indescribable, wonderful experience... this fun-filled, exciting adventure... this unique, beautiful time... this dream that I'm realizing.... I can only recommend it.




We had been talking about and praying about the possibility of Paul accompanying me to the US again this year, and to our amazement we received a green light. Paul got his US visa easily and right away this year. The biggest challenge is financing the plane tickets. If anyone would like to help with that either with finances or frequent flyer miles (Air France, Delta, NWA), please let me know.

Our itinerary brings us first to Topeka for a wedding (one of Paul's best friends), and then we have one week in Kansas City. Our next stop is the HIM pastors & leaders conference in Pasadena; I'm excited to introduce Paul to the leaders of our network - and plan on taking him to Disneyland. Our last stop is Augusta, where we have 3 board members and good contacts with different churches, and it will be exciting for them to meet Paul for the first time. More details to the left, and on my CALENDAR page.

Our Austrian helper Eva will hold the fort in Mali, and I'm confident she'll be able to fulfill that task - with the help of your prayers!




  •        Broken Arm - Our 10-year-old Amadou broke his arm doing sit-ups just a few days ago. Now he'll have a cast for weeks. Good thing it's his left arm, and that they're on Easter vacation now.
  •        Abdias Blind - Our 16-year-old Abdias recently turned blind on one eye. They've been doing test after test, and have talked about operating him. Please pray for this situation, that this gets taken care of and that he gets his sight back.
  •        New Baby Born - On March 11th the next child was born into our family. Little Casmir is Elisabeth's fifth child and third son. He's Albino as are his parents, Paul's dad and stepmother.
  •        Easter Party - We're doing our Street Kid Easter Party on April 4th - games, food, worship, prayer, prizes, and shoes! If you'd like to help with the 100€ or $150 we'll need to buy the shoes to give out to the street children, we'd be very thankful.


I know that when I come to you, I will come in the full measure of the blessing of Christ. (Rom 15:29)


Letting HIM flow,



Feb 2010
Standing from left: Claudia, Paul, Philippe, Tierno, Eva, Joseph, Abdias, Souleymane, Fanta
Sitting from left: Florentin, Jérémie, Boubacar, Amadou, Sarata, Hama, Bakary, Jonathan

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