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Ask of Me, and I will make the nations your inheritance. (Ps 2:8)



Claudia Wintoch

17 August 2009


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H2TNI is a non-profit organization incorporated in Augusta, GA.


Dr. Claudia R. Wintoch is
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We still need $9,600 to finish the dining hall, where street kids are already spending the nights and where our activities are held. Please mark your donation with "construction Mali". Details on the DONATION and CONSTRUCTION pages.

Image: April 20, 2009


I have now been in Mali for 6 years. I went with nothing but a big God and a big vision. I wanted nothing more than to see people come into His kingdom, and to experience the power and goodness of God. I wanted to see God come down and transform a nation.

In February of 2008 God started pouring out His Spirit like never before. It lasted 5 days and ended - maybe because no one else seemed to have paid the price to see Him come down like that; no one showed up the 6th day to meet with HIM. My heart was grieved - and I continued getting every DVD I could of God moving so that my kids and team would see that there is so much more than what we're experiencing.

In July, my 21-year-old right hand man - and only reliable team member - traveled to the US with me. It was an amazing miracle that Paul got his visa three hours before we left for the airport. We knew that God had much in store for him on this trip, and He even exceeded our expectations.

Paul's life was impacted and transformed in that relatively short period - you can read all about his time in the US in my last email entitled PAUL'S AMAZING MULTI-PURPOSE US TRIP or in more detail in my blog.

On our last visit to World Revival Church in Kansas City - where I went to school - we both had the opportunity to give a testimony (watch an excerpt here). Paul had been deeply touched by God there, and as he shared, he boldly declared that he was taking this revival to Mali!



We had left our 18-year-old day guard Moussa in charge of things in Mali. He's a former street kid with an awesome testimony and had shown himself faithful in little, to be entrusted with much. The one person that should have checked on things every day broke his foot two days before our departure and was unable to walk/drive. Knowing that God was sending us to the US, we entrusted everything into His hands, giving HIM charge of the base in Mali during our absence.

When Paul returned from the US, what he found couldn't have been worse - both our cars and the motorbike damaged and not usable, my house pillaged with things broken and stolen, all the money stolen, and two thirds of the kids gone. Moussa had scared them into running away.



All but one kid returned in the following days (and we were able to find the last one a week later). Paul talked to them, and prayed with them, and they repented with tears. Moussa - who had left us - sent us a letter asking our forgiveness, saying He still loved Jesus and would always serve Him, and that He'd pay back what he'd stolen.

On August 1st it was time for the first service since Paul's return. God had confirmed propheticly that it would be a powerful service, and Paul had invited everyone he knows to come, as well as several pastors he knows.

Paul spoke for a while - he says it wasn't particularly great - and then invited the children forward for prayer. Our 12 children as well as the street children came forward. When Paul laid hands on them, they went down under the power, one after another. Even our 4-year-old was on the ground having an encounter with God! As well as the street children! And there were no catchers! The adults were absolutely amazed, and they were next to come forward.

Paul started praying for them, and one after another they went down as well, having encounters with God. We've never seen anything like this! EVERYONE was on the floor, young and old! It was amazing!

One of the pastors who had come was so excited, saying, "Revival has come to Mali." This pastor should have traveled to the US at exactly that time, but it hadn't worked out. He said, "It didn't work out because I had to be here for this revival." The following week he brought his wife, and both were deeply touched. He said he would write a testimony of how He was impacted so much.

Several people gave their lives to the Lord on that first day. Later the same day Paul was invited to share at a Full Gospel Business Meeting the very next day. He went with our kids, and God's power came down there to heal people, and to revive people. The pastors and leaders were amazed that Paul is only 21 years old.

The second service a week later was even more powerful than the first, with more people showing up, and the outpouring continues.



The imam (Muslim leader) in our neighborhood who hated us and insulted everyone coming and going to our base, now talks well to everyone about us.

Our children have stopped fighting and using bad language - and that even includes the kids that are still on the street and only spend the night with us. They pray together, spend time with God, and they have dreams and visions and prophesy. Yesterday Paul told me he's written down a bunch of visions they had with me in them.

Our day guard Moussa was in the process of getting ready to commit suicide, when he came to our base instead. In amazement he found out that Paul and I had forgiven him, and still loved him. I'd been wondering where this son of mine is and how he's doing, and was so happy to hear his life was spared and that he'd be around again, even if he doesn't live with us any more.

People are getting saved and healed, and are curious about what's going on on our base. Paul does a few prayer meetings a week, and I gave him the green light to add a mid-week service so more can come and meet our awesome God.

Our village pastor we've had a lot of problems with happened to be there for the first service. He was powerfully touched by God, returned to his village, and saw God pour out His Spirit there. He has asked Paul to come and minister in the villages, but we don't have any working vehicles right now. Even the Muslim leader of the village wants to meet Paul and have him pray for him!

The kingdom of God is advancing with power in Mali! Hallelujah!



  •        Malian staff - We need a new driver as we had to fire our old one for stealing. We also need a new day guard as Moussa is gone.
  •        US Entity - We received our non-profit IRS status a month ago, so I would like to remind you all to please take note of our new mailing address for all donations. Thanks!
  •        US Board of Directors - I'd like to inform you that H2TNI has a new board member. Judd McKendry lives in Augusta, GA, and is a great evangelist. We're thankful to have him on board. One more position on the board remains to be filled.
  •        US Travels - I have 2+ weeks of traveling left before returning to Mali. Please look to the left for my itinerary, or on the CALENDAR page for more details.
  •        EXCITING OPPORTUNITY - God has opened an exciting door for me to start a little business with a Christian company that is also part of HIM (the network I'm a part of). My friend has been supporting his ministry this way for over 10 years. The company has won a prize for the best compensation plan, and has really good nutritional products. If any of you are interested in joining my team and making money yourself, please contact me. The company has its market launch in Austria in two weeks - so it's a great time for getting started there! But you can join my team wherever you are in the world.


Oh, that you would rend the heavens and come down, that the mountains would tremble before you! (Isa 64:1)

In love with HIM,



June 09
Standing from left: Claudia, Paul, Moussa, Joseph, Dramane, Souleymane, Fanta with Jonathan
Sitting from left: Jérémie with Bakary, Boubacar, Florentin, Amadou with Sarata, Abdias, Hama

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