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Ask of Me, and I will make the nations your inheritance. (Ps 2:8)



Claudia Wintoch

9 June 2009


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Monthly budget: $7000 or €5000
Monthly support: $2000 or €1500



In the US:

Make checks payable to CTC.
Don't write my name on the check, but add a note that it's for me.
Send it to:
Christ Triumphant Church
PO Box 2282
Lee's Summit, MO 64063

In Europe:

Account holder: Dr. Claudia Wintoch
Bank name: BA/CA
Bank number: 12000
Account number: 509.101.468.00
IBAN: AT03 12000 509 101 468 00



Mailing address

Claudia Wintoch
BPE 1654
Bamako, Mali
West Africa




(+223) land
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(816) 256 2439
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Skype: healing2thenations

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July 7-Sep 7   USA

July 7-11   Albany, OR
July 11-13   Harrisburg, PA
July 13-26   Kansas City & Wichita, KS
July 26-Aug 3   Lompoc, CA
Aug 3-5   Ventura, CA
Aug 5-11   Pasadena, CA
Aug 11-20   Augusta, GA
Aug 20-24   Jacksonville, FL
Aug 24-29   Houston, TX
Aug 29-31   Truckee, CA

Aug 31-Sep 7   Kansas City, MO

Nov 5-11   Charles Stock & Team in Mali

Nov 8   5th Church Anniversary



H2TNI is a non-profit organization incorporated in Augusta, GA.


Dr. Claudia R. Wintoch is
part of the apostolic network
Harvest International Ministries (HIM - founder Che Ahn).

Favor is one of the most valuable things. When God grants us favor, doors open before us as people treat us as the people we truly are - sons and daughters of the Most High God, the Creator and King of the universe. Release favor over us, Lord!



We still need $9,800 to finish the dining hall, where street kids are already spending the nights and where our activities are held. Please mark your donation with "construction Mali". Details on the DONATION and CONSTRUCTION pages.

Image: April 20, 2009

$6,000 needed for our solar power system



At the same time I came back from my trip to Europe, Fanta and her three children moved back in with us. Praise God! It's so wonderful to have my little ones back, and they are so happy as well. We were able to find room for them, and still have to figure out what tasks Fanta will have.



It greatly pained me when I found out what an amazing opportunity I missed to spend time with the Austrian and Malian president in Vienna. I had a speaking engagement that night, and had to honor my commitment, hence had to leave Vienna and miss the reception with the presidents. I heard later that it would have been the opportunity of a lifetime.

I can only trust that my steps are ordered by God, and that He knows what He does; I had a great time at the church that night. Still, people in Mali saw me on Malian TV together with the president, so that's good! I pray that this was just a first step that will bear fruit in the future!



A few weeks back I really felt that Paul should come to the US with me this summer, for the first three weeks of my trip. Everything has been coming together since then. The major issue is his visa of course. Paul has his interview at the embassy on June 17. Please pray for favor!

I wanted to use my frequent flyer miles for Paul to get a free plane ticket, but that's only possible for the overseas part of the flights, plus airport taxes are high and have to be paid anyway. So, his ticket costs $2,000. If anyone could help with those expenses, we'd be very thankful. We have to purchase it in faith now, even before he has his visa, as he'd lose his reservation otherwise.

The main reason for Paul to come along at this time is so that he can go to the clinic in Wichita where I was much helped in January. Paul's health has been reason to worry, and I know that much is stress-related, with all he's gone through recently. I believe this trip will bring him back up to speed in every way.

We're also hoping to take him to an eye-doctor to have him checked out and find out what kind of operation he needs to see better. He's nearly blind on one eye, so that he was refused a driver's license. He was also told that there is an operation in the Western world that would help him. Finally, I'd like to take him to a dentist.

Any help with expenses are greatly appreciated. We'll be heading to Albany, OR, first for a pastors' conference, then to Harrisburg, PA, to be at Charles Stock's church who's coming to Mali in November, and finally to Kansas City and Wichita for the last two weeks. See my itinerary on the left for the remaining weeks of my trip, and more details on the CALENDAR page on the website.

One main concern is who'll be leading the operations in Mali while Paul is gone, so please pray for wisdom there, as we're getting things ready for that.



  •        Christian School - Paul and I have gone to the Christian school where we'd like to place our children next year. They have limited spaces, so please pray it works out for them to go there. My kids are pretty fed up with being beaten at their current school. They'll inform us very soon how many spaces they'll have.
  •        Driver Jean - Our driver got married last weekend, but he has no intentions to bring her here to live with him in our household. Together with some other issues, we're really looking for a new driver. We intend to let Jean go when the kids are done with school, and hopefully find a new driver by the time school starts again. Please pray for our protection that Jean won't cause any (more) harm before he leaves.
  •        Quranic School - A marabout (Muslim teacher) has moved into our neighborhood and started a Quranic school. He and his family hate us, and insult our kids and adults every time we pass by. Paul has a friend who's a policeman who's gonna talk with them. Please pray for this situation.
  •        Government Papers - In the US papers have been deposited at the IRS, so we hope to be able to receive donations directly soon. Please pray for them to be accepted. Pray also for the papers in Mali, that are still being processed.
  •        New Family Picture - Don't miss out looking at our new family picture below!


May the favor of the Lord our God rest upon us; establish the work of our hands for us— yes, establish the work of our hands. (Ps 90:17)

Serving HIM,



June 09
Standing from left: Claudia, Paul, Moussa, Joseph, Dramane, Souleymane, Fanta with Jonathan
Sitting from left: Jérémie with Bakary, Boubacar, Florentin, Amadou with Sarata, Abdias, Hama

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