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Ask of Me, and I will make the nations your inheritance. (Ps 2:8)



Claudia Wintoch

20 April 2009


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Monthly budget: $7000 or €5000
Monthly support: $2000 or €1500



In the US:

Make checks payable to CTC.
Don't write my name on the check, but add a note that it's for me.
Send it to:
Christ Triumphant Church
PO Box 2282
Lee's Summit, MO 64063

In Europe:

Account holder: Dr. Claudia Wintoch
Bank name: BA/CA
Bank number: 12000
Account number: 509.101.468.00
IBAN: AT03 12000 509 101 468 00



Mailing address

Claudia Wintoch
BPE 1654
Bamako, Mali
West Africa




(+223) land
(+223) cell

(816) 256 2439
Call this US number,
and I'll pick up on my computer!




Skype: healing2thenations

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April 21-23   Paris, France

April 24-26   Liège, Belgium

April 27-May 31   Austria

May 10    Preaching @ 4 Corners

July 7-Sep 8   USA

July 7-11   Albany, OR
July 11-25   Kansas City & Wichita, KS
July 25-Aug 5   Lompoc, CA
Aug 5-10   Pasadena, CA
Aug 10-13   Truckee, CA
Aug 13-26   Augusta, GA
Aug 26-30   Houston, TX
Aug 30-Sep 8   Kansas City, MO

Nov 26-29   5th Church Anniversary with guest speaker Charles Stock



H2TNI is a non-profit organization incorporated in Augusta, GA.


Dr. Claudia R. Wintoch is
part of the apostolic network
Harvest International Ministries (HIM - founder Che Ahn).

I'm leaving Mali tonight for an overnight flight to Paris, France, where I arrive in the early morning hours. Please pray for my trip; I'll be spending the next few days in France and Belgium before going to my home country of Austria next week.

My phone number while in Europe is +43-676-426-7617.



We still need $10,400 to finish the dining hall, where street kids are already spending the nights and where our activities are held. Please mark your donation with "construction Mali". Details on the DONATION and CONSTRUCTION pages.

Image: April 20, 2009

$4,000 will put the tiles in



We told our street kids to spread the news of the party, and went to the bus stationt to pick them up. We had about double the number of kids that come every day to sleep over.

In the morning, my kids and I had colored a 100 eggs together, and I then numbered them all. In the afternoon, we hid them all over the property. That was a lot of fun!

The first game for the street kids was to find the egg with the number that they had on the piece of paper in their hand. Needless to say, that took a while, and was complicated by the fact that some kids simply ate the eggs they found, not caring about the game or the number on it. Finally we had 8 finalists for the next game, then 4 for another game, then two, and then a winner who get a special prize.

Then we went inside where we had a time of praise & worship, a tombola with more prizes to win, and then the watched the MATTHEW movie (life of Jesus) in their language. Many decided to follow Jesus after the movie, and we prayed together.

After dinner, it was time for clothes. According to the number on their papers, they came inside one by one and could choose between shoes, pants, and T-shirt. Everyone wanted the shoes! However, we hadn't been able to stock up again, and so we ran out pretty quickly.

It had been a great day of remembering the sacrifice of Christ and His resurrection power and love for us!



We recently took in two more children and have now filled all our beds. These are Boubacar (7) and Florentin (13). Their stories are heart-breaking, and you can read them on the RESIDENT KIDS page. Both of them still need a sponsor for $60 or €40 per month. They are both praying God sends them the right person to care for them and be their "Western Mommy/Daddy".

We have also accepted three (as yet) non-resident children into our sponsorship program. They are Daouda (8), Miché (6) and Patrice (1.5), the children of our cook & night guard. They live around the corner, but their house is marked for destruction. So they'll move in with us some time in the future. All three have already found a sponsor.



A few weeks ago our financial situation had become extremely dire, to the poin where we could eat maybe another 2 days before the money was up, and there was no more money to withdraw.

So as a family, we went on three days of fasting & prayer for the release of finances (that way the money for food lasted longer as well). Each day, we did a one-hour soaking session (picture).

And the Lord heard our cries and acted, sending the much needed money for our kids to eat and return to school after Easter break. THANK GOD!!!


I will be spending the month of May in my home country of Austria. If you'd like me to come to your church/group and share or preach, please contact me.

Check my CALENDAR page frequently if you'd like to know when I speak where, as it will be updated constantly.



  •        Paul's Fiancée Rokia - Praise God that someone sent money to pay for Rokia and her baby's hospital costs! The baby has some kind of respiratory problems, and both Mom & son have to go back into the hospital today for further treatments. Pray for little Michel.
  •        Theophostic Prayer Ministry - We've been doing inner healing session with our children and the street children, and it's been going well. The need is great, and we're trying to get as many sessions in as possible.
  •        Jean's Wedding - Our driver Jean's wedding has been postponed. We still haven't met his wife-to-be.
  •        Learning Instruments - A month ago my kids started taking music lessons - either piano, guitar, or drum set. We have a great Christian musician who plays all three and is doing a great job. It costs $25 per week. If anyone would like to support this great endeavor, we'd be most grateful.
  •        Selling Water - Water is very precious and hard to get in our part of town; people have to buy it from guys going door to door with their donkey carts. We've now started selling water (for a better price again), and our neighbors are very thankful for that.
  •        Handicapped Hama - Hama & his little sister Sarata have been attending an international school this year, and have both been making great progress. Remember that they both moved out of our house with their parents end of August of last year. Now, finally, we've picked up doing Hama's important physical exercises with him, as all he had gained had been lost during all those months. Every day after school Hama & Sarata come over to our property before returning home.


He has risen! He has risen indeed!

Serving HIM,



March 09
Sitting from left: Abdias, Jérémie, Amadou, Bakary, Dramane, Souleymane
Standing from left: Claudia, Paul, Jean, Joseph, Moussa

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