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Ask of Me, and I will make the nations your inheritance. (Ps 2:8)



Claudia Wintoch

4 December 2008


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Paul has been so exhausted, I sent him away for a week of vacation, though I'm tired myself, and now have to do everything by myself. Please pray for both of us.



We still need $11,200 to finish the dining hall, where street kids are already spending the nights and where our activities are held. Please mark your donation with "construction Mali". Details on the DONATION and CONSTRUCTION pages.

Image: Nov 22, 2008

In April of this year, I "happened" to meet the most well-known Austrian evangelist Erwin Fillafer in a church in Austria. We connected, and he expressed interest in coming to Mali. In November, the time had come for him and his assistant Harald to come to Mali for 8 days. We were blessed by their presence and ministry. Thank you!



While we have planted several churches in a region north-east of our property and 90 minutes away, we had never ventured into the villages in our neighborhood. One of our church members comes from there, and so it was only naturally to go that direction - the village of Dra, where they had never heard the gospel before.

We did a morning and a night meeting, and saw many healed and saved. One of the village elders' son was deaf and started to hear. Many were blind or had bad sight and started to see. Jesus was present to heal and to save. Hallelujah! Paul and I will be going to Dra regularly to teach and train the new believers.

More details and pictures on the blog for Nov 24 and Nov 25.



One of our challenges has been to teach the new believers in those villages where we have preached the gospel. Since Erwin wanted to do some basic teaching, we invited all the villagers to come to the main village of Dio for three days of teaching.

And so they came, some from quiet a distance, and so they spent the night at our local pastor's property. Many left after the second day since they had come for their healing and they'd been healed; we prayed for healing every day and saw many healed.

Erwin did a great job teaching these wonderful people some basic lifeskills for their new Christian lives, and many only started their lives with Jesus that week. With Erwin being an older man, the elderly men also listened carefully to his words, and we pray that we're going to see much fruit from those days.

On the third and last day we handed out sugar to all those who had been faithful to attend all three days, and the people were most thankful for that.

More details in the blog for Nov 25 and Nov 26 and Nov 27.

One night we also went into the village of Diago where we had done the biggest meeting ever in May, with the greatest number of healings and salvations in a single meeting. We showed the MATTHEW movie in their language, gave a call for salvation, and prayed for the sick.

More details in the blog for Nov 24.


Thursday through Saturday night, we had an evangelistic meeting on our property every night. Erwin preached the gospel and prayed for the sick, and again, we saw people saved and healed. The first night, a boy's short leg grew out to become as long as the other leg, and all the street kids watching started cheering as they saw God do a miracle in front of their very eyes.

We had a lot of neighbors show up every night, and a lot of children. Our generator stopped working again, and so we had to do the third night in the dark. We also had a lot of relational challenges in our team, mainly due to tiredness and irritability.

More details and pictures on the blog for Nov 27 and Nov 28 and Nov 29.

Those three nights led up to our big celebration on Sunday: our 4th church anniversary.



What a special day! Four years ago we did the first service, baptizing 2 people. Four years later, we baptized 15 people - and all of them street kids or former street kids.

It was also the premiere for our "Street Kid Choir" - they sing so wonderfully! Paul and Souleymane led them in singing Bambara praise songs to Jesus, and did a great job. There are three little video clips to watch online - click on them: clip 1, clip 2 and clip 3.

I then shared the history and values of CENTRE APOSTOLIQUE MALIEN with everyone, before Erwin preached the gospel, and we prayed with them to receive Jesus.

Then it was time for the baptism, and my heart was overjoyed as I baptized boy after boy. Then I prayed for each one of them and prophesied over them what the Lord showed me. What plans God has for them, what destiny is on those boys!!!

Erwin then gave a short healing message and prayed for the sick again. The sun was already very low in the sky when we started handing out the plates of couscous with sauce to our visitors.

It had been a wonderful anniversary service; certainly one the street kids won't forget.

More details and pictures on the blog for Nov 30.



The number of street children spending the night in our place has increased as many now walk to our property, though it's a long way from the bus station. You can see their pictures and names on the STREETKIDS page.

Every night, we sit down with them, and I read them a story from JESUS FREAKS - a book of true short stories of believers who suffered or died for their faith; it has quite an impact on them. And since it's the weeks before Christmas, I draw four kids' names every night who get some chocolate as a gift - they love it.

Every child gets dinner, and then breakfast; with the increase of children our expenses for food have also gone up. In the morning, we have a time of praise and worship and Bible study, before our driver takes them back to the bus station.

Erwin taught them during our weekly street kid program, sharing the story of the prodigal son with them, and hugging each kid individually - many of them had never been hugged before, as people don't hug in Mali.

I'm so amazed at how I've come to love those children who spend the night with us! Many would like to go to school, to stay with us, but we neither have the room nor the workers at this point. All we can do is pray for the finances to keep building, and for workers to come help us.



  •        Dr. Boubacar - Since the nurse Jessica is no longer helping us, I thank the Lord that he has provided us with a new person, a Malian doctor, to take care of the needs of the children. Boubacar is not a Christian, but a sweet young man who wants to help, and does it free of charge. Please pray for his salvation, and for a good collaboration.
  •        Paul - Paul (my right-hand man) has not only been very tired because he's resting too little, he also has some major challenges coming from his fiancée as well as his family. He needs some extra prayer during this trying season.
  •        Construction - We've had two donations, and so the work continues. Those donations will cover the costs of plastering the walls. We still need $11,200 for lights, plumbing, and tiles.
  •        Finances - While we've had money for construction - thank God - we really need some finances for daily expenses. We have more and more street children who spend the night, and eat, but very few donations come in. Just a few days ago I did not know what to do as I had no way of acquiring money. We're still over $3000 short every month. But as I tell my kids, God takes care of his children.
  •        Sponsoring Children - I thank the 3 new sponsors who will be "parents" to their chosen children. Two more children need a sponsor - Moise and Bakary. Please consider "adopting" one of those children for €40 or $50 per month. Pictures and their stories are on the website.
  •        Hama & Sarata - Our two little ones who left us end of August are doing great in the international school. They are both making great progress according to their teachers; handicapped Hama now has a teacher all to himself for 80% of the time! Every Friday, they present what they've learned that week, and I make a point of being there. We now have to make the next tuition payment for this year of €500 or $640. Who can help?
  •        My Health - I thank you all for your prayers that have made a huge difference. The shingles have healed nicely though scars still remain. In January I will take a break and go to Kansas City and Pasadena, from Jan 6-Feb 2 (more details on the CALENDAR page). Please pray for strength throughout the busy Christmas season.


But when they believed Philip as he preached the good news of the kingdom of God and the name of Jesus Christ, they were baptized, both men and women. Simon himself believed and was baptized. And he followed Philip everywhere, astonished by the great signs and miracles he saw. (Acts 8:12-13)

Serving HIM,



Oct 08
Sitting from left: dog Uppy, Souleymane, Abdias, Dramane,Moise, Amadou
Standing from left: Claudia, Paul, Sekouba, Saloum, Fousseni