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Ask of Me, and I will make the nations your inheritance. (Ps 2:8)


For The Street Children's Sake (Police Station Update)

Claudia Wintoch

22 November 2008


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The evangelist visiting from Austria has arrived tonight. Please pray for a fruitful week, and much strength for everything. Paul is already pretty tired.



We still need $12,400 to finish the dining hall, where street kids are already spending the nights and where our activities are held. Please mark your donation with "construction Mali". Details on the DONATION and CONSTRUCTION pages.

Image: Nov 22, 2008


Just over a year ago I first met Jessica, a Nigerian lady who went to nursing school in the US. She told me her horrific story, stirring my heart to compassion. She had basically ended up in Mali involuntarily at the end of her journey.

She offered to help us with her medical knowledge, which we gratefully accepted. Last Christmas she nearly moved in with us; obviously it was God who prevented that.

This past year, she's been helping us out medically, and we've been helping her financially. Though planned, it just never worked out to work together more closely.

A few months ago she rented a place at the bus station for the street kids to hang out at and spend the night. I remember rejoicing with her about how many kids were helped that way.

Many of our street kids would also know Jessica and/or had spent the night there, and sometimes we would even take them there if they needed medical help. And they would tell us how things were going there.

Paul heard a lot more stories than I did, and some things we knew from her directly. If she finds drugs on the kids, or if there are any other problems, she takes them to the police station. Obviously the kids don't like that. When we do, we simply kick them out for that one night, but they can come back another night - without drugs. Only those abusing other boys sexually in our place cannot sleep here any more (but still come to the weekly program).

The last time I had seen Jessica before this week, we were at her house and talking about how to work together more closely so we could be more effective. All the more was I surprised about the events of this week that completely took me off guard (once again).



On Thursday Jessica came to our property with a stony face, putting a paper from the police into my hands that summoned me to the police station immediately. I was totally puzzled and kept asking her what's going on and what happened. She wouldn't reply but simply told me to come there, and I'd see her there.

So Paul and I went there and found her there with the police officer. We were both very curious what all that was about, speculating in the car. Jessica started saying that she has papers from the government and we don't, and the kids are coming to our place, when they should be going to her place. The police officer asked me, and I told him that we do have papers for our church.

Then she said that I had written on my website that she was beating the kids. I was very surprised because I had never done so. I told her that I had always only written good things about her, and that I had even given a great reference to some people a few weeks ago who came to ask me about her, because they wanted to help her financially.

The conversation went on for a while, and finally the officer said we should come back the following morning with our papers to prove we have the right to do our activities, and we'd talk with the head of the police station.

My heart was full of surprise and only love for Jessica, and I really wanted to talk to her. So when we left the station, I tried to talk to her. She was upset, and Paul was also very upset. He asked me why I was even talking to her, while Jessica insulted Paul, calling him names. Paul left angry, while I tried to talk to her alone. She rambled on, not making much sense. She actually started telling me that in Africa beating kids is normal - that's what parents do, and that's what she does. I was stunned. I had not known she was doing that. She also said that it was Paul who had told the kids to come and destroy her place, and other stuff not worth repeating. I was unable to reason with her and went away sad. In the car I tried to calm down Paul who could only think of vengence and making her pay for attacking him.

In the afternoon I went to see our lawyer to explain the situation, and he told me there was nothing to fear. I so appreciate this wise man, and older Christian Malian, who has lived through much in his life. I asked him to talk to Paul also, and Paul went there later. When he came back, his thoughts of vengence were gone.



In the morning, we were both full of peace and confidence as we drove to the police station. Jessica was already there. We sat down with the same officer who asked for our papers. We both gave him our papers, and he left with them to go see the head of the station. So we just sat there waiting until he came back.

The officer started saying that we both have papers to do the same kind of work and that we should be working together. Then Jessica said that we had told the kids to go destroy her place. It was amazing how the officer totally saw what it was all about. He talked about the kids being on drugs and doing whatever, and even said that we as Christians would never do such a thing. Then she said that I had written bad things about her. Again, the officer said I would not do such a thing.

I had copied out all my mentions of Jessica from my blog and put them on one paper, and I gave that paper to Jessica so she could see that I had always only written good things. She took it, but refused to show me the alleged printout of my writings.

She tried to bring up a few more ridiculous things, but each time the officer told her it was ridiculous. Paul and I didn't have to say a thing! The officer repeated she should be working hand in hand with us since we're doing the same work. Then he said the conversation was over. Jessica left without another word, and we went home.

My heart was hurting for Jessica as we went home. I was sad about this whole situation, and for her.



The number of street children sleeping at our place has gone up; we now have over 30 each night. It's amazing to me how I've come to love those children, and how even those children are changing! Several of them are seriously following Jesus - though they are still on the street - and they truly love us. They are going to get baptized next week. I simply cannot understand how Jessica and the police officer both agreed that they are good for nothing and that they all do only bad things. Not the kids I see!

Many of them now already walk to our place, and of course they would like to stay, and go to school, but that's not possible at this stage of construction. At 7 pm we drive to the bus station to pick them up, and after they've arrived, we give them their name badges. Then I read them a short story out of "Jesus Freaks" - all true stories of people who've suffered or died for Christ. It's amazing what impact those stories have.

Then they eat dinner, and then they go to bed, sleeping on mattresses in the dining hall. Since their numbers have increased, we don't have enough mattresses any more. Could you help us buy some? One costs €27 or $34.

In the morning, we have a time of worship and Bible study at 7 am. Because of sickness and travels, I had missed quite a few of those. Being restored and back, I was totally amazed as I watched them praise God and dance! Are these the same kids? Paul does little teachings, and I go through the gospel of Mark with them, doing an interactive Bible study.

Then it's time for breakfast, and after that, they play soccer, basketball or cards until our driver returns from dropping our kids off at school, and takes the street kids back to the bus station until that same night.

I cannot tell you how fulfilling and rewarding it is to be with those children! It's as if you're with Jesus Himself! I wished you could be here and see for yourself!



  •        New Night Guard - Two days ago Jean-Marie started as our new night guard. He's from Congo and unfortunately doesn't speak Bambara. However, I hope it's gonna work out with him.
  •        Sekouba - So obviously my formerly prodigal first street kid Sekouba is not the night guard any more; it wasn't the right thing for him. He's gonna start night school soon, and is now helping with whatever needs to be done during the day.
  •        Finances - The more children come to spend the night, the more food we have to cook. Expenses for food and gas have gone up, and we're praying for more financial support to make ends meet. Thank you for considering helping us according to your means.
  •        Construction - The two rooms on top of the dining hall are done, and 6 of the kids have moved up there. With the money we have we can plaster the walls, but it's not enough to lay the tiles or put light into the building. The street children sleep in there, and we also do our meetings in there.
  •        Sponsoring Children - We still need sponsors for Dramane, Moise, Bakary, Guédiouma and Madou. Please consider "adopting" one of those children for €40 or $50 per month (thanks to the dollar gaining value, the $ amount has gone down). Pictures and their stories are on my website.
  •        My Health - I'm doing very well health-wise. The shingles are healing off, and I have energy and strength. It's amazing what a difference those few days away made. Thank you for praying, and keep it up!


Whoever receives and accepts and welcomes this child in My name and for My sake receives and accepts and welcomes Me; and whoever so receives Me so also receives Him Who sent Me. For he who is least and lowliest among you all--he is [the one who is truly] great. (Jesus in Luke 9:48, AMP)

Loving HIM,



Sitting from left: dog Uppy, Souleymane, Abdias, Dramane,Moise, Amadou
Standing from left: Claudia, Paul, Sekouba, Saloum, Fousseni