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Ask of Me, and I will make the nations your inheritance. (Ps 2:8)


From Lonely Street To Loving Home

Claudia Wintoch

10 October 2008


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What a month! We've been able to "save" more children this past month than the 3 years before that together. At the same time I have such a sense of fulfillment and contentment as I've never felt. I'm snatching lives out of the enemy's fangs - I get to give food to Jesus, a place to sleep to Jesus, and clothes to wear to Jesus. What an honor!



We still need $16,500 to finish the dining hall, where street kids are already spending the nights and where our activities are held. Please mark your donation with "construction Mali". Details on the DONATION and CONSTRUCTION pages.

Image: Sep 17, 2008

It's amazing, all that happened since I last wrote you 5 weeks ago. We've started to see what I predicted in my last email - after being torn down, reduced, sifted so only those serious about God are left, we've seen a tremendous growth, doubling our children, plus another 20 children who spend the night with us every day. Over 70 children in total have spent the night in our unfinished dining hall over this past month, and we now have 17 children - and need sponsors for several of them - 8 of which live with us.



On September 12 (see blog) the day I had been dreaming of for month had finally come! We drove to the bus station and put as many kids inside and on the back of our pickup truck as possible (that would be 20) and drove them to our compound. The roof of the dining hall was done, and thanks to our visitor Matt, we had the manpower to do this as well. We bought a couple of mattresses, put sheets on, and put the benches together, then the mattresses on top of it.

When they arrived, they first received a nice meal for dinner. Then I wrote down each kid's name and in the morning we took their pictures. Every night when they come, they get their "ID card" to put around the neck. We record how many nights they sleep here, whether they attend the weekly children's program, and whether they're trouble makers. If you'd like to see the pictures of all the kids who have passed through, with their names, check out this page of the website.

We collect any weapons they have, and they entrust their money to us to keep over night, so no other child takes it away. Then our night guard Sekouba gives them the basic rules, and then I or Paul pray for them all for a good night.

We then lock the door to the building, so they can't do any harm on the property during the night. Sekouba opens the door for them when they need to go to the bathroom.

At 7 in the morning, we have a time of worship and Bible study together, before they have breakfast and are taken back to the bus station. It's a precious time where they learn more about Jesus, and we see who is truly interested in following Him.

After a month, I can't believe how attached I've become to those children, and how much I care for them. When one is missing, I try to find out where he is. And the kids told me about a secular center that is angry with us because the kids don't go there any more (because they get beaten) but come to us.



We then interview those we notice during Bible study and who'd like to stay, to find out more about their lives. If the child is eligible to stay, we find some relatives to get their permission to keep the child, send him to school and raise him.

A month ago we only had 4 children, now we have 8. These have joined us - Dramane (16 - picture), Moise (13), Amadou (9) and a new kid (3) on the way I don't even know the name of yet. They have either been kicked out by their families, or been beaten all their lives, or have no one to care for them. You can read their stories on the KIDS INTERN page of my website. All four of them need sponsors.

Now they have a loving home, and they started school on Monday. Having these new ones show me how far my 4 "old" kids have come. It's a joy to see my older kids taking responsibility and showing the new ones how things work. May these also become fine young men who love the Lord.

These are the first three new kids - when they slept here for the first time, and now that they're part of the family:




We also have 9 children in our neighborhood whose families are too poor to send them to school. We pay their tuition, take care of medical treatment, and give them food.

Those children include Paul's 5 half-brothers and -sisters, as well as 2 of Saloum's brothers (both need sponsors), and Hama & Sarata. Their pictures and stories can be found on the page KIDS EXTERN.

Yes, Hama and Sarata are back in school, and we praise God for that! After Seybou's departure end of August (see last email), he refused to let them continue to go to school. However, after one month out of school, he let them return. We now drive them the long distance to school and back every day, but it's well worth it. It breaks my heart when I have to drop them off at their "home" - they live in an unfinished house without windows or doors.

Seybou got a job as a driver with our old neighbor, where we lived before; he's a rich member of parliament. We're also still praying they'll let Hama live with us, since he's a bother to them anyway, and he needs to do his physical exercises again to learn to walk. It's heartbreaking how little they care about their children.



A few weeks ago the day I had been dreaming about for two years came true. Like the father in the story of the prodigal son, I had been praying and waiting for my son's return. And not just any son, but the very first street kid that stayed with me. He was the only child with me the first few months.

And then he was suddenly back to visit. He told what had really happened back then, why he left, and he wanted to come back. However, he's an adult now, and we were in desperate need of a night guard, and so Sekouba is now our night guard.

It was a tearful reunion, as I prayed for him, and welcomed him back into the family. We also visited his village and family, which was a precious time. We've had some problems with Sekouba, so please pray for him. His faith has become very weak during his two years away.

Read about the reunion here, and the visit to his village here.



The stories the street children tell us are not always true. One time a kid called Ousmane told us he'd only been on the street for days and wanted to return home. We drove 3 hours to take him to his home, to find out that his family was actually in our neighborhood in Bamako, but he wanted to be with his uncle in the other place. Read more here.

Another time we were set on taking in a young man who'd lost both his parents. Yoro was such good boy, participating in the Bible study more than anyone, and smart. Driving to his village 2 hours away, we found out that he had been with an uncle where he had been beaten constantly. Since they wouldn't give us permission to keep him, and we didn't want to be reponsible for him to return to such a situation, we let him go back to the street. He still comes every night to sleep at our place, which is heart breaking for us. Read more here.

In the future, as all our legal papers are done, we hope to be able to help these kind of children.



  •        New Driver - God blessed us with a new driver. Jean has grown up in a Christian family, which makes a huge difference in Mali. Pray he'll fit in quickly.
  •        Carpenter - Our Christian carpenter should have moved in with us a few weeks ago. However, his wife does not want to move, or even visit us. Please pray for her, and a resolution of this situation.
  •        Helper - Hyacinthe is a teacher, assistant pastor, and graduate of our Bible school. During the month of September he came every morning to work with my 4 boys to raise their level of French, so they could start in as high a grade as possible. He's become an adviser to the ministry, and attends our services, as well as preaching occasionally. He's probably joining us entirely in a few months.
  •        School - After teaching the kids at home for 2+ years, they've now started attending a Malian private school (where Hyacinthe teaches). After one week, they are all doing great there. As you can imagine, having 13 kids in that school, and Hama & Sarata in the (expensive) international school, plus the expenses for school supplies, has been quite a strain on our finances, to say the least. Any help would be very welcome.
  •        Cooking - Elisabeth is here every morning to cook lunch. For several weeks Paul was the one cooking breakfast and dinner, as nobody else was available. We now thank God for Rosalie - a neighbor and church member - who comes in the morning and at night to cook. Feeding 30 people three times a day is not a little thing to do.
  •        Dog Uppy - The kids had been bugging me to get a dog for a long time - as a cat person, I resisted. When they were going to put down this dog that was on the street, though had been with white people at one time, we rescued her. Another "street kid" saved, and another member of the family! Her name is Uppy, because Matt kept calling her "Puppy", and they copied him saying "Uppy".
  •        Matt from Topeka - Matt is our hero! He spent one month with us, and worked harder, served more, and made more of a difference than any other visitor we've had (but that's also due to the special circumstances). God sent him just at the right time, and he'll reap an eternal reward for all he's done! I'm hoping to pass on a testimony from him soon.
  •        Solar power - Anco finally returned form furlough, and installed 6 more solar panels. Also, we discovered that our (very old) fridge consumed TWICE the amount of eletricity ALL of Anco's house does, and so we had to buy a new fridge. For the first time we now have power around the clock! And I can actually use electrical appliances! I feel like in heaven! A big thank you to all those of you who've given towards the solar panels!
  •        Finances - We've had a lot of expenses - from tuition, to school supplies, to fridge, gas, repairs, food, and the list goes on. We'd be greatful for monthly supporters, as well as sponsors for our kids. Also, construction came to a standstill a few weeks ago because no money has been coming in. Thank you for supporting us to the best of your ability!
  •        Mozambique - On Tuesday Paul and I are leaving for Mozambique to visit Heidi Baker's ministry there and learn from them and be inspired for our work in Mali. Paul is very excited, and he needs that break big time. I believe it will be a life-changing time for him. Please pray for us, and pray for everyone in Mali, as they have to run everything without us for 17 days, which is not an easy thing. Emma is moving in for that time, but he really knows very little about how things are done here.


Whoever receives and accepts and welcomes this child in My name and for My sake receives and accepts and welcomes Me; and whoever so receives Me so also receives Him Who sent Me. For he who is least and lowliest among you all--he is [the one who is truly] great. (Jesus in Luke 9:48, AMP)

In love with HIM,



Sitting from left: dog Uppy, Souleymane, Abdias, Dramane,Moise, Amadou
Standing from left: Claudia, Paul, Sekouba, Saloum, Fousseni

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