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Ask of Me, and I will make the nations your inheritance. (Ps 2:8)


"How Few Workers!"

Claudia Wintoch

24 June 2008


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Dr. Claudia R. Wintoch is
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Greetings from Paris airport! I'm on my way to Canada, where I start my 2-month-trip. I'm very tired and spent, so please pray I'll be rejuvenated. Find my itinerary on the left and on my CALENDAR page. My cellphone number in the US is (714) 675 8015.



We still need $28,800 to finish the meeting hall. Rainy season has started, and we want to offer a dry place to spend the night to street children. So far our funds are not sufficient to put up the roof. Please mark your donation with "construction Mali".

Picture: June 14, 2008

CONSTRUCTION HAS STOPPED FOR LACK OF FUNDS - another $7000 would put the roof up


When he looked out over the crowds, his heart broke. So confused and aimless they were, like sheep with no shepherd. "What a huge harvest!" he said to his disciples. "How few workers! On your knees and pray for harvest hands!" (Mt 9:36-38, MESS)


I can identify with Jesus in this passage - just a tiny little bit - as I look over the harvest in Mali, and my heart breaks because there is no one to bring it in. I've now been in Mali for five years, and yet, I'm still the only white person laboring. The ministry has been growing and exploding, while it seems that God is sieving out our local team, reducing our numbers more and more, so that we are only little handful right now.

The workload on me is huge, as also on Paul, and I've recently heard from several people I met with in Mali, that I HAVE TO HAVE western workers to come help me out, because I cannot carry the load all by myself for long. I've been asked whether I'm praying for workers. Am I?

I've been crying out for workers for years, crying out to God for help, for helpers, shedding tears and agonizing about the crowds we cannot bring into the sheep pen, or we bring in and cannot nourrish adequately.

People have prophesied armies of helpers that are coming, but they haven't arrived yet. Where are they?

The time is NOW. We need the workers NOW. During my next two months on the road, I will let a desperate Macedonian call be heard from the bottom of my heart. May those called to Mali be released to step into their destinies!

I'm thanking God for the short termers that have come to Mali, and my prayer is that some of them might come back long term. These are a few of their testimonies from their time with us in May:



My experience in the villages was a very positive one. The aspect that had the most impact on me were the prayers of healing. I have never been involved in healing prayers and always assumed only certain people could do pray these types of prayers. But when I found out that I would be involved in these prayers I was nervous that I wouldn't have the right words to say or that my words were not powerful enough. However, as I reflect on our time spent in the villages I feel much more confident in Christ and know that He used this opportunity to show me that He uses the ordinary to do the extraordinary.


After being in Mali for my second trip, I can see even more how the impact of this newly constructed orphanage will bring life back to the street orphans of Mali. When I see the contrast of the street children and the children in the orphanage, I am amazed. The children in Claudia's home have developed a strong work ethic, a unique personality, and thirst for God. I hope for many others to experience the same new life that I have.


God has transformed my life on my trip to Mali Africa. It was great honor to work with Claudia and the Malian children. What impacted me the most was visiting the villages, the Gospel was preached, and the sick people were healed! I know God has built my faith in Jesus Christ through experience. May God bless Claudia and Mali with greater outpouring of the Holy Spirit.


My entire experience in Mali was incredible; however one experience sticks out a little more than the rest. One of the last nights in Mali, we reserved a room and brought several street kids to the room. We played games, fed them, had a dance party for them, and just loved on them. It was a really great time. It was awesome to create an environment where these street kids could be free of worries and begin to have their own personality. I loved being able to see these kids get fed a good meal and see their smiles as we danced and played games.


Through my experience at Mali God has changed the way I want to live my life. From volunteering to raise money for an orphanage to actually seeing what the money went to was unbelievable. Seeing all the childrens faces light up when they were given food and having dance parties with people in the villages is an experience that I will never forget!


While in Mali, I was able to experience the many great things that God did in the many tribes. I was able to witness many healings and life touching experiences.Although many people saw people get touched by God, there were many new things that I was able to see on my own. Also when I was spending time with the children in the orphanage, God showed me many great things that He was doing in the lives of the few that were there. God touched my heart so that I would be able to touch other peoples lives in America.




  •        Fanta's Baby Boy - A week ago we dedicated Fanta's little baby boy to the Lord - on the eighth day of his life. His grandfather chose his first name - Oumar (eloquent, speaker) - and I had the honor of choosing his Christian name - Jonathan (gift of God). So let me present to you Oumar Jonathan Ongoïba.
  •        CAM and CAMAEI papers - Over this past week, I've been going to our attorney Daniel's house nearly every day to work with him. He is helping us writing all the legal papers necessary, and we've been printing and signing, and he's gonna deposit the papers and follow up on them. By the time I return to Mali, both associations will be registered, and then we have to do more steps for the children's center. CAM is our church, and CAMAEI our children's center. I thank God for Daniel, and the work accomplished.
  •        Emma as accountant - Emma is taking on more responsibility next year, praise God! He's finished his university studies, and is revamping our accounting, helping us set up fair salaries and a good financial system. Right now he's doing a 2-day accounting seminar with YWAM that is helping him big time. Please pray for Seybou who is already unhappy because he'll receive less cash.
  •        Lakeland Revival - I was just notified that the conference I was going to attend July 17-21 was canceled. So I'm now prayerfully considering going to Lakeland for those days. If any of you have been there and have some helpful advice logistically, I'd greatly appreciate it.


On your knees and pray for harvest hands! (Mt 9:38, MESS)

All HIS ,



Claudia, Paul, and the kids with new donated car in June 2007