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Ask of Me, and I will make the nations your inheritance. (Ps 2:8)


Monday 9 am Local Time

Claudia Wintoch

7 June 2008


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We still need $31,000 to finish the meeting hall. Rainy season has started, and we want to offer a dry place to spend the night to street children. So far our funds are not sufficient to put up the roof. Please mark your donation with "construction Mali".

Picture: June 5, 2008


Seven of our American visitors came back last week to stay in Bamako for another ten days, and do more filming. You have to be very wise and cautious to film here, as you can get into a lot of trouble, which happened once, but my team was able to sort it out.

This afternoon, they had street children come to their house to interview them about life on the streets; none of my team was aware or present. One of the neighbors was unhappy when he was asked to turn down the volume of his music for the recording, and called the police telling them what he'd seen.

Red flags went up at the police headquarters when they heard that white people are filming street children; they thought that pornographic materials were being produced. The Americans called us over, since they could not communicate with the policemen.

Paul told them why they were filming and who we are, and the police let go of the Americans to look more closely at us. We were summoned to present ourselves at the police headquarters downtown right away. I sent out the prayer request email, picked up our registration papers, and off we went.

Your prayers were answered, as we could see the hand of God in what proceeded. A Malian Christian lawyer should have come to our house tonight to help us with all the legal work still to get done, and so I informed him of the situation. He said that his nephew (a Christian) is a police official, and gave me his number. Abel then came straight to the police station to help us. He's also a representative of the Malian Association of Churches & Ministries that we are a part of, which makes a big difference for the government.

Two years ago, a police official I knew who loved us, and had even come to English class once, and had been very helpful in several ways, left to go to Darfur in Sudan on a one-year assignment. I had actually helped him with the English application and test he had to take. I had not heard from him since, and only assumed he was back.

Tonight, Baba was home and bored, and so he thought he'd go to the police headquarters to see his friends there. So he was there when we got there, and we had a wonderful, joyful reunion. I was truly glad to see him, as he is a sweet man who would follow Jesus if the repercussions weren't as fierce as they are.

Baba asked what's going on, and also joined us before the "commissaire", a high police offical who is constantly in the media and very well known in Mali. I had to show our papers and was questioned about our activities involving children. I was as cautious as possible giving answers while being truthful. I told them we're aware of needing more papers for a children's center, and when asked when it would start, I told them we already have children with us.

The commissaire still seemed pretty concerned. Then Abel and Baba spoke up for us, which was very helpful.

Since charges of child pornography are serious, the chief of police is already informed, and we have to come in to see him first thing in the morning on Monday. Both Abel and Baba will also be there to help us.

Please pray for Holy Spirit to speak through me, and for favor. Pray that this will work out for our best, and that the worst case of our children's center being closed won't happen. Pray also for the paper work that still needs to be done for everything to be in order, that this whole situation would even speed that up. We've declared a day of prayer and fasting in our house tomorrow Sunday.

Our summons are for 9 am on Monday, which is 11 am in Austria, 5 am Eastern time in the US and midnight on the West Coast.


A week ago one of my workers had to move out, and yesterday Daouda was caught stealing (again) and had to leave the house immediately. We'd just found out that he's actually already 18 years old. He was with us for one month before, but could not stop stealing, so he had to leave. He then went to prison after having come back to steal our car radio, and when he came back out, we gave him another chance and took him in again. He said he was done stealing and wanted to follow Jesus. After 7 months in our house, he was caught stealing money from the Americans.

That very night we saw him at the bus station, when we were giving out food to street children, and he said he got a free ride to a town in the south of Mali where he has family. However, since then he's been roaming around the house where the Americans are staying, without doubt trying to steal some of their valuables.

It's always sad to have to send someone away that you've poured your life into. Tonight, after we came home from police headquarters, I realized afresh how much I love my children, and I hugged and held each one of them. I told them I would not let them take them away from me, but would fight for them. We held hands in a circle, praying for this situation, before they went to bed. They'd been praying the whole 4 hours we were gone, and know what's at stake.

Thank you for standing with us and praying for us. May God be glorified through this situation!


Now when they take you [to court] and put you under arrest, do not be anxious beforehand about what you are to say nor [even] meditate about it; but say whatever is given you in that hour and at the moment, for it is not you who will be speaking, but the Holy Spirit. (Mark 13:11, AMP)

In HIS hands,


Our Resident Family of 13 in Dec 2007
(Fanta is pregnant)