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Ask of Me, and I will make the nations your inheritance. (Ps 2:8)


Adventure Move NOW

Claudia Wintoch

31 January 2008


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Monthly budget: $3000 or 2000€
Monthly support: $1000 or €700


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Feb 4    Move onto Property

Mar 29-Apr 5   Western Austria

Apr 5-9   Vienna

Apr 9-14   Los Angeles, CA

Apr 14-30   Vienna & Austria

May 1-6   Amsterdam

May 8   Return to Mali

May 18-28    US Missions Team




Dr. Claudia R. Wintoch is
part of two apostolic networks:
HIM (Che Ahn) and FFMI (Todd Bentley).

I made a 10-min video presentation that I showed everywhere in the US. If you haven't seen it yet, you can still watch it on my website on the VIDEO page - it turned out great!

Please pray for us these next few days as we move into the unfinished house. Pray that everything works out. Pray for strength for myself as I'm still very tired from a busy trip and jetlag.



We still need $22,500 to finish the house to move into (see picture). Please mark your donation with "house Mali". We also need to pay the remaining $9,000 for the solar power system in Feb. Please mark your donation with "solar Mali".



It's been a month since my last email update, and I've had a teaching on my heart to pass on, but there is simply not enough time at this point. I feel it's more urgent to inform you of our move these next few days. The teaching will follow later.



Kossi and his team have been working hard to get the house ready for our move, but they can only go as fast as funds become available. I brought cash with me that I was hoping would be sufficient to lay the tiles in the house. However, with the dollar being so low, and the bank keeping a commission, Kossi isn't sure it will be enough. We still need $22,500 to finish the house.

Anco (a Dutch missionary) installed the solar power system this week - it's working great, providing enough power to start with. However, we need to pay $6000 right now and are $2000 short since an expected check didn't arrive. We also stll owe another $9000 to finish paying off the equipment for the solar power.

Tomorrow (Friday) we are starting to pack up our house and moving stuff over to the property. Kossi has started laying the tiles. We are moving all our stuff into one half of the house, onto the dirt floor, while Kossi is laying the tiles in the other half of the house. Once that is done, we move over and Kossi can do the other half. I don't know how long that will take.

Then once more funds come in, there is still some major things to be done:

  • paint the walls (inside and outside)
  • install toilets
  • install sinks
  • install showers
  • install windows (only the metal barriers are in)

So to start with, we will have all the furniture stacked in one half of the house, with only our mattresses out to sleep on. There is a Malian toilet outside - i.e. hole in the ground - as well as a Malian shower - a wall behind which you can take your bucket to wash yourself. We will also not be protected from mosquitoes at first since we don't have windows or doors.

We thank the Lord for electricity, and the internet installation is planned for Monday - pray that it works out so that I can keep you updated!



As we move into our unfinished house with nothing but electricity, we are dedicating this first month in our Promised Land to the Lord - our firstfruits to Him. We are entering into a month of prayer and fasting and praise and worship. We want to lift His name on high daily, entering into His presence, and giving ourselves completely to Him. We are entering into a new season, we're moving to the place where He has promised that His glory would dwell. How exciting! I can't wait for the times we'll have with Him, on the dirt floor in our unfinished house - our meager surroundings vanishing in the light of His beauty and glory!



Every time I travel to the US or Europe I'm amazed at the doors God opens, the connections He arranges, as there is increase every time, and this time wasn't an exception.

I went to 4 different cities, and every one was unique and awesome in its kind. I made many new friends, many of you receiving this email for the first time. I felt like many seeds were sown that will bring fruit in the future. Relationships were deepened, or formed for the first time for future fruit.

One of the highlights was being on Christian TV for the first time. I'm working on putting the video up on my website (the challenge is my slow African internet connection) but I hope to succeed in the next few days. It was a local Christian station in Augusta, Georgia. It was such a God-thing, as it only came about a few hours before the program. I was interviewed for 25 minutes.

Another highlight was that things were set in motion to incorporate HEALING 2 THE NATIONS INTERNATIONAL in the US. I've had this on my heart for quite some time, but now is the time. I'm putting a board together right now. So far three people have agreed and a few more are praying about being on the board of trustees. I will let you know once the paperwork is done and you can send your tax-deductable donations directly to us. I thank God for Judy Slavovsky (our architect's wife) who has agreed to be the administrator.

I had the privilege to preach or share in several churches, which was such a joy. The Lord touched many hearts - because He's so wonderful! I have one sermon on CD that I just put on my website to download from the audio page - or just click here. It's called YOU QUALIFY, sharing much of my story.

I'm thankful for the people God has given me - whatever kind of relationship it is. People are the greatest treasure God has. I'm also thankful for spiritual leaders and parents and people to look up to and learn from. I spent some precious time with an international leader who I'd be able to glean so much from. I'm also so thankful for my spiritual Mom Jill Austin who I got to be with for precious little time. I also met the leaders of Todd Bentley's network for the first time and immediately connected with those former missionaries.

Thank you to all those of you who've talked to me, prayed for me, and encouraged me. Keep those emails coming!



  •      My Absence - I had asked you to pray for my time away from Mali, and things went exceptionally well. Praise God!
  •        School Exams - Our three second-year students had their final - very final - exam yesterday. They all passed and will now receive an Associate degree. Only one of them is from our church - Paul. Our children had the repeat of their failed exams today - the results weren't glorious. Pray they'll get motivated to study, and for wisdom how to motivate them.
  •       Villages - The awakening in the villages continues. Our pastor Enoch told me how people keep getting healed, and the news spread, more and more coming to the Lord, and asking us to come to their villages. Pray for workers, for time, and for funds to bring in the harvest!
  •      Austria in April - I'm spending the month of April in Austria. If you'd like me to share or preach in your church, please contact me now. Details of my itinerary on the left and on my CALENDAR page.


Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. (Phil 1:6)

Passionate for HIM,



Our Resident Family of 13 in Dec 2007
(Fanta is pregnant)