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Ask of Me, and I will make the nations your inheritance. (Ps 2:8)


Visiting Mali & Special Season

Claudia Wintoch

17 December 2007


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Dec 22   Street Kid Party

Dec 27   Christmas in Dio

Jan 4-28    USA & Canada

Jan 4-9   Ann Arbor, MI
Jan 9-13   Abbotsford, B.C.
Jan 13-22   Augusta, GA
Jan 22-28   Pasadena, CA

Feb 1   Move onto Property

Mar 29-May 5   Austria

May 18-28    US Missions Team




Dr. Claudia R. Wintoch is
part of two apostolic networks:
HIM (Che Ahn) and FFMI (Todd Bentley).



We still need $27,000 to complete the house to move into. Please mark your donation with "construction Mali".



On December 2nd it was time to celebrate three years of CENTRE APOSTOLIQUE MALIEN; it was our 130th service, and our first service on our property. Time to move on, time to move forward, time to move into greater things and greater glory!

A few hundred people gathered, mostly neighbors, over half of them children, to celebrate with us. We had all been working hard to get everything ready, and our Austrian visitors helped big time as well. We had a time of Bambara praise, followed by French worship. I then greeted everyone and proudly introduced my children. Fousseni also gave his moving testimony. The Austrian ladies did a dance with a few of our children, and one of them shared all God had done in the villages the week before.

I preached on the glory of God, and shared the promises God has given us as a church and for our property. I talked about Solomon from 2.Chr 7, when he dedicated the Temple to God, his prayer, and God's glory filling the Temple. After the sermon, I prayed a prayer of dedication. Then it was time for the baptism. Most of the people that have come to the Lord over the past 15 months of ministry among our neighbors were too scared to openly acknowledge their new-found faith, and one even backed out as it was his turn to get into the water. How sad. So we ended up baptizing only 4 people, two of them neighbors, and two of my teenagers.

Then the Austrians did a little skit to present the gospel, before I shared the gospel in words and invited people to start following Jesus. Since most people had never been to church in their lives, they didn't know you were supposed to be quiet and sit still. Kids were coming and going, talking, playing, fighting, and all that right in the front, while adults came up to me during the service to talk, or to greet me. It was rather difficult.

Everyone was happy when it was time for the banquet - some had already left. We had prepared for 200 people, and not much was left over. Everyone left with a full stomach and a gift - a balloon and candy for kids, and a pen for adults. We were all tired but very content with the way things had worked out. The following day, we all slept in and enjoyed the Austrians' last day with us at the swimming pool and going out to eat.

We were blessed to have these six Austrians with us for 10 days. They came from my church in Austria, and came to help us and bless us, and were blessed in return. I've asked them to write a few lines to pass on to you, and maybe inspire you to come visit as well.



Our 10 day stay in Mali was the most challenging time in my life. It was a spiritual and physical battle to stay faithful to the Lord's calling and to carry out his work, despite the cultural differences, language barrier, heat, tiredness, sickness and just beeing overwhelmed by the fact under which circumstances people may live.
It was almost like traveling back in time, expecting Paul, Peter or even Jesus to jump out behind the next bush. In fact: Jesus does live and reign in Mali! We got to witness His healing and miracle performing power and every single one of us can confirm, that God is indeed mighty to save! With every person touched by the greatness of the Lord, my faith, praise and thanksgiving grew.
After all the greatest miracle to me is how the lives of Claudia's kids were changed through her work in the name of our God. It is amazing to see their lives being filled with the abundance of God and that it overflows and impacts the lives of others around them! I know that God is raising up great men in Mali to reach his people!
The whole family and this country have stolen a huge piece of my heart and it was not easy to return back home, but I will keep all of them in my prayers and so God will, one day I will come back! :)


Life in Mali is so different from the European. When I arrived I couldn’t imagine how this stay would be. But after this 10 day trip, all I can say is that my life and my heart have completely changed. The kids, Abdias, Fousseni, Souleymane, Saloum, Daouda and Solomani have really captured my heart. Every single one of them is really special and has a unique personality. I was so impressed by their testimonies. Where would they be without Claudia's work? She gave them a home, food and above all she showed them God’s love. I also was so touched as we went to the villages outside Bamako, where more than 500 people got saved and many more healed.
You know, normally when I arrive at home, when I come back from a journey or holidays, normally I have a kind of feeling like “well, it was nice to be away, but now its also nice to be at home again, have my own bed and all my stuff”. This time, when I was landing in Vienna, actually I felt sad and couldn’t go to bed tearless. They’re in my thoughts all the time!!


My time in Mali was a huge step of growth. When we left for Mali, I wasn't sure what to expect. It was a teaching experience and interesting to see how different our worlds and cultures are. But the greatest thing for me was that God used me as his instrument, that I was allowed to experience signs and wonders and miracles. I also hope that we were able to be a testimony for the love and grace of God. I admire Claudia's work, that she serves nearly all alone as a white woman in a country, where the circumstances are really not the best, but with God at her side it must work.


When Claudia was in Vienna and told us about her ministry and the signs and miracles that happen in Mali, and that are just normal in the daily life of the ministry there, I got excited to come and help her in this ministry. When I heard that a trip was organized I wanted to be there!
When we came to Mali we entered a whole different world, different than everything that is familiar to us. Dust, no electricity, poverty, ... But we could also see a woman's ministry that is a light in the world of children that live on the street and have no future, if there weren't someone who brings the gospel to them! We went out on the streets and invited people to services, went out to the street kids and handed out food to them and brought the love of Jesus to the people. It was amazing to see how open they were, especially in the countryside, where hundreds of people were waiting and welcomed us warmly. They wanted our prayers so much,that they nearly started pushing each other! And their expectations were for a reason: they expected God to heal them, and He actually did! Blind people could see, deaf people could hear, ....
It was an unforgettable missions trip, that changed my way of thinking, that gave me new faith and gave me a new view of our life here in Austria too. Claudia is doing a wonderfull work of Jesus (when she left all the comfort of Austria and went to Mali) there and needs to be supported in every possible way! I thank God and Claudia for the time I had there!


The time I spent in Mali has changed my life. My faith has grown, my heart is filled with love. What we experienced together has made me a different person. I thank the Lord that I was able to be a part of the team, and to see how God uses Claudia, and how she does His will. That encouraged me to advance in my faith. I thank Claudia for her hospitality and the invitation to return to Mali. I'm praying over it, and if it is God's will, I'll gladly come back to advance God's kingdom with you and the children in Mali.



This coming Saturday we have our big CHRISTMAS PARTY FOR STREET CHILDREN. We usually have 100-120 children show up for that. We play a game, sing Christian songs, I present the gospel to them, give them a chance to start living with Jesus, and we pray for the sick, normally seeing most of them healed. Then they get a special meal, and can choose a piece of clothing. This year - thanks to a generous donation to that end - we can give them each a pair of shoes, a blanket, AND a piece of clothing. Please pray for this big day, for the chidren that come, but also for us, as it's always very tiring, and this year our team is rather small to keep order. Last Saturday we had the most difficult street kid program ever since several new kids showed up being on drugs.

Several days later we celebrate Christmas with the children in the village of Dio. Thanks to the same donation, we can now give them gifts like notebooks, pens, pencils, candy and other practical stuff.

On Sunday we have our Christmas service on our property, with gifts for the neighbors' kids, while sharing the greatest gift given.

On Monday the 24th, we celebrate Christmas as a family. It is our special day together. We will go out to eat at noon, then go to the swimming pool (the kids' favorite activity), and then go home for desserts and gifts.

On the 31st we have a night of prayer to start the new year right.



  •        Nurse Jessica - The Lord has answered my intense prayers for medical help over these past months, and has sent us Jessica. She's Nigerian and went to nursing school in the US. Due to some incredible and tough circumstances, she ended up in Mali. She's already been a great blessing to us, helping our kids medically, as well as treating street kids. Jessica is joining our team and moving in in the days to come. Pray for the adjustment, and that she can quickly learn French and Bambara to faciliate communication.
  •      Street Children - We have started going TO the kids on the street on a weekly basis, which has been on my heart to do for a very long time. We bring them food and invite them to our program for them. I hope more can be done in the future.
  •      CBN Director - Unfortunately his visit didn't work out since the airline wouldn't let him change his flight. Another time.
  •       Construction - The roof is done, and this week they will work on the walls inside. The move is planned for February 1st, but we are still thousands of dollars short to finish the house.
  •      Our School - It's the last week before Christmas, and our kids are gearing up for their exams on Thursday and Friday. Which means even more work for me this week, as I have to prepare their exams. It saddens me that some of them are not very motivated at all and will certainly fail several exams. They get to review those subjects in January, before retaking them after my US trip. We already have 3 different levels in math, and it would be difficult if we had to have more groups. I'm still their teacher, and their only teacher. I'm praying the Lord will send another qualified teacher to join our team.
  •      USA & Canada - My next trip to the US is January 4-28. I'm going to Ann Arbor, MI, Abbotsford, B.C., Augusta, GA, and Pasadena, CA. Details on the left and on my CALENDAR page.


The priests could not enter the temple of the LORD because the glory of the LORD filled it. When all the Israelites saw the fire coming down and the glory of the LORD above the temple, they knelt on the pavement with their faces to the ground, and they worshiped and gave thanks to the LORD. (2.Chr 7:2-3)

Loving Him,



Our Resident Family of 12 in Oct 2007
(now we're 15)