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Ask of Me, and I will make the nations your inheritance. (Ps 2:8)


Finishing The House - 28 Days Left

Claudia Wintoch

5 November 2007


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Monthly budget: $2700 or 2000€
Monthly support: $970 or 705€


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Nov 24-Dec 3   Missions Team Visit

Dec 2    3rd Church Anniversary

Dec 3   Move onto Property

Jan 4-28    USA & Canada

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Jan 9-13   Abbotsford, B.C.
Jan 13-22   Augusta, GA
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Dr. Claudia R. Wintoch is
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HIM (Che Ahn) and FFMI (Todd Bentley).

Though I saw an old man die at the airport in Morocco, my flights back to Mali went smoothly without any other incidents. Thank you for your prayers - my suitcase made it with me as well!



We're moving Dec 3 and still need $33,000 to complete the house to move into. Please mark your donation with "construction Mali".

28 Days Until We Move


Unless the LORD builds the house, its builders labor in vain. (Ps 127:1)

Today we all went on the property to see the progress, and to pray and dedicate our house to the Lord. We walked around the walls of the house, pleading the blood of Jesus and the oil of Holy Spirit over them. At every corner of the house I poured oil inside as we prayed. We declared the house off-limits to the enemy, and invited Holy Spirit to inhabit it, and His glory to come and live in it We prayed for open heavens over our house, that it would be a place where angels go in and out, a place of meeting with the Lord. We also walked into every room of the house, proclaiming these things. There was such an excitement in all of us as we actually stood in our house!

We also prayed for a release of finances to finish the house! We declared our faith in our heavenly Father that He would take care of it all. He has started it, and He will finish it. It's not us building His house - whether in the natural or the spiritual - but it's HIM. It literally is, as we do nothing but love on God, serve Him, worship and adore Him, and watch Him take care of the rest. As His Word says - seek first His kingdom, and He will take care of all your needs (see Mt 6:33). There is nothing we can do anyway, but to trust in Him.



We had a powerful prayer meeting on Saturday night - the first since my return from my short trip to England. While in England, I had cried out for more of His presence and glory in Mali intensely, shedding tears because of my great hunger for Him. That's why I have been looking forward to our church's corporate three-week fast that started a few days ago. What a wonderful opportunity to seek Him and draw close to Him more than ever before!

The Lord had heard my cry, and we saw more of His glory in our prayer meeting than we have ever before. If you want to know more, go to my BLOG archive and look up Nov 3. (The picture is from another powerful meeting in September.)



It was good to get an opportunity to talk with Kossi, our head of construction, right there at the construction site. He's such a gift from God to us, such an awesome man of integrity who loves God. We couldn't have found any better person. He's also an optimist and has believed from the beginning that God would do this impossible project. He is the one who always says, this is God's work, so He'll take care of it.

Picture: Paul & Firmin, and 6 of my kids, as well as Kossi squatting on the left.

I talked things over with Kossi and he said that tomorrow the walls of the house are starting to go up. He also told me that the little money that is left is going to run out soon. It's not sufficient to put the roof on the house. We need money to come in quickly, if we want to have a house to move into in 4 weeks. He said that time-wise it's not a problem. He and his team are working hard and doing a great job.

So as we are fasting and praying, we are also crying out to God to release the remaining finances so we won't have to set up our mattresses in the garden, as well as all our other belongings and furniture. It's starting to get colder now, and by December we'd freeze during the night (though it's still not cold for most of us Westerners).

So, we are trusting our heavenly Father, and we are also making our urgent need known to you. God uses His people, rather than raining money down from heaven, so we're praying that those He has chosen to sow into our house of glory will listen and act without hesitation.

I have broken down the money we still need according to rooms. Maybe you could be the one to finance one of our rooms? (Or half a room, or a fourth, etc.) Due to the low dollar exchange rate, the dollar amounts have unfortunately risen.

1st Bathroom 8 sq.m. $1600 1100€
2nd Bathroom 8 sq.m. $1600 1100€
1st Bedroom 9 sq.m. $1870 1300€
2nd Bedroom 9 sq.m. $1870 1300€
3rd Bedroom 10 sq.m. $2080 1400€
4th Bedroom 10 sq.m. $2080 1400€
5th Bedroom 12 sq.m. $2500 1700€
6th Bedroom 12 sq.m. $2500 1700€
Kitchen 16 sq.m. $3300 2300€
1st Living Room 33 sq.m. $6800 4700€
2nd Living Room 33 sq.m. $6800 4700€

We will be 13 people to live there to start with. Once the next building is built, we will be able to have other people waiting to join us come and move in with us. For example, Paul's family. His stepmom does the cooking together with Fanta, and the whole family eats with us, plus we send their kids to a good Christian school.

The first gate from the outside (left) and inside (right). You can clearly see that the ground is not level. There is a ditch right outside the wall for the rainwater to flow off, and we will have a ramp to go over the ditch and onto the property. There is a second gate on the other side of the property, where the city is planning to build a main road one day.

Hama and Sarata came to the property with us today. They loved it. When we went up the hill to take pictures of the property, Sarata got to ride on my shoulders. We had so much fun!



On December 2nd we are celebrating our third church anniversary. It will also be the first service on our property (and we are moving the following day). It will be a big party, and we are expecting a lot of people. Since we've been ministering on our property weekly for over a year now, our neighbors already know us well, and many will come. They are so excited we're finally moving all the way. On that first Sunday, we will baptize those who have come to know the Lord over this past year, and after the service, we will have a banquet for everyone.

The Lord has promised us that the glory of this latter house will be greater than the former. Why not see an open heaven on this first day on our property? May His glory inhabit us!

Since our finances are depleted right now, we're welcoming any financial gifts for the expenses of this celebration. We are also still very much in need of monthly supporters to meet our budget.



  •        Malian Teacher - I'm still teaching my kids, which I do enjoy a lot, but it takes up much of my time and energy. Please pray for a good Malian teacher to take over.
  •      Villages - Our car broke down once again, costing us $500 to repair it. For that reason we were unable to go to the village last week. Because of our 3-week-fast we have decided not to go to the villages before the arrival of the Austrian team.
  •       Helper from Austria - Vroni arrives in Bamako on Wednesday morning. She comes to help us out for 2 months. She has sure chosen a crucial and adventureous time to visit us. Please pray for her to adjust quickly, and to be blessed as well as a blessing.
  •      Team from Austria - We have a team of 6 Austrians coming Nov 24 until Dec 3. Together we are going into new villages to preach the gospel, as well as reaching out to the street children in Bamako. They will also help prepare for the celebration, and participate, as well as help us move on Dec 3 before they leave.
  •      USA & Canada - My next trip to the US is in January, as every year. I'm going to Ann Arbor, MI, Abbotsford, B.C., Augusta, GA, and Pasadena, CA. Details on the left and on my CALENDAR page.

I will shake all nations, and the desired of all nations will come, and I will fill this house with glory,' says the LORD Almighty. 'The silver is mine and the gold is mine,' declares the LORD Almighty. 'The glory of this present house will be greater than the glory of the former house,' says the LORD Almighty. 'And in this place I will grant peace,' declares the LORD Almighty." (Hag 2:7-9)


All HIS,



Our Resident Family of 12
(October 2007)