PRAYER ALERT: Seybou Threatens To Leave
5 October 2007

It's not the first time Seybou seems to lose his common sense and makes bad decisions; he's done several pretty stupid things before.

Seybou is my night guard, and as the only one with a driver's licence, he's been driving four kids back and forth to school. Doing both, watching the house at night, and driving the kids during the day, is obviously too much. Once we move onto our property, somebody else will be the night guard, and he'll be the driver only. But since he told me tonight it's too much, I told him to stop watching at night and just do the driving during the day.

However, he also wants to get a higher salary. All my workers are paid the same - and I pay all the (good) food, medical coverage, and education. He only sees the cash he gets, and doesn't realize that what I spend on him and his family is at least three times that and therefore higher than other people's salaries. I'm pretty sure he's comparing his with the other night guards around us.

Seybou is forgetting that I sent him to driving school a year ago, and paid for it. He's forgetting that he learned to read and write here. He's forgetting that he and his family found the Lord here. And most of all, he's forgetting that his children have no future if they leave. Especially his 6-year-old son Hama who can't walk has no future whatsoever if they leave - no hope for an education, or ever being anything but a beggar on the street. Hama has been so changed since coming to live with us - he loves Jesus, is joyful, and has made much progress in learning to walk. Just today I had the joy of comforting him, holding him, and loving on him. I hear him call my name all day, and he always wants to be with me.

Seybou does not realize all the implications of him telling me they are leaving if I don't pay him more. He has not thought it through. When I look at his face, I see the confusion, the darkness, the influences from other people or beings. He's also forgetting that they are not just employees, but part of the family.


Pray for all the powers of darkness to be silenced in his life, that he won't make any rash, stupid decisions. Pray for protection for the children. Pray for a solution. It just wouldn't be fair to pay him more than the others who work with me. And since we still only have a third of our budget taken care of every month, which often leaves us in difficult situations financially (like right now even), there is just no way I can increase the money I give my workers, even if I'd like to.

Pray for God to give wisdom and direction.
Pray for His will to be done!

In HIS service,