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Ask of Me, and I will make the nations your inheritance. (Ps 2:8)


Could you possibly help us?

Dr. Claudia R. Wintoch

7 September 2007


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Monthly budget: $2700 or 2000€
Monthly support: $970 or 705€


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I'm very excited by all God is doing. I'm holding the hand of my heavenly Father, and simply walk with Him, listening to what He tells me to say or do.

These past few days I've had the following on my heart and mind. I'm asking God's children to consider helping us out.

In just over 7 weeks all 12/13 of us are moving out of our house and on to our property. I believe the Lord showed me that time, and we're in His will. We also have visitors come in November, so we need the space we'll have there.

Construction stopped a month ago for lack of funds, and though the Lord has sent finances - praise God - it takes time to transfer those. Kossi should continue building by the middle of next week.

But we're still short $49,000 for the first house and $35,000 for the solar power system.

I believe there are those of you out there who could help us out with an interest-free loan of those amounts, so we do have a house to move into and won't live under the sky, without walls or roof. Right now, there is an urgency to getting those funds. Moving onto the property will save us hundreds of dollars of rent and utilities every month. And once there, it does not really matter how long the rest is gonna take to be built.

So, is there anyone out there who believes in this project, and is in a position to help us with a loan?

Please contact me if you can. If you can't, please join us in prayer. In Mali we're entering into a season of intensified prayer for a release of finances, and this house to come up these next few weeks, and we'd love you to join with us.


All HIS,



Our Resident Family of 12
(March 2007)