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Ask of Me, and I will make the nations your inheritance. (Ps 2:8)


Intense Ministry In Bamako

Dr. Claudia R. Wintoch

1 June 2007



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On Sunday I'm leaving for Austria, where I'll be until July 2nd. My phone number is the same as always: (+43) 676 / 426 7617.



It's time for the electricity department to start bridging the one mile to bring electricity to our property. They need half the money right now, which is $22,000.
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We started ministering on a weekly basis on our property last summer, and stopped doing that several weeks ago. But now we would do something we had never done before - three open-air meetings of preaching the gospel and praying for the sick. We had much practice from the week before, when we were in the bush, and I was curious to see how it would work in the capital city. In general, the smaller the village, the easier it is; the bigger the town the more difficult.

The meetings were at sundownd, Wednesday through Friday, and in the morning we split into teams to go house to house in our neighborhood and invite people, share the good news with them and pray for the sick right there and then. In the mornings we saw 17 people healed, and 7 saved.

Wednesday night was the first open-air meeting. Both generators had been repaired, and we set up all our equipment before the sun went down. The Americans were having fun with the neighbors' kids and singing songs with them.

When the sun disappeared, we turned on the generators and had to discover that one was still not working. Then the other one broke again. So Paul was leading Bambara worship without sound system, and in the beginning he still had some light, but soon it was only the moon that gave a little light.

After the Bambara songs, it was time to hand out our 13 bags of rice. The German NGO managing our kids' sponsorships had given us a donation to buy that rice for widows and single mothers with many children, and we had identified those women in advance and invited them to come and pick up their bag of rice. Many came and happily took their rice - like the Mom on the left who brought only two of her many children along. Some showed up the following day to take their rice, and by the third day, word had spread, and many more woman came hoping for some rice. We told them we're here to bless them, and will certainly do something of this kind again in the future.

Unfortunately, without a sound system or light, we weren't able to keep people from leaving but staying to hear the gospel. I was able to speak a little and told them about a loving heavenly Father, who cares for them, including their physical well-being. I told them we're available to pray for them for healing and start a life with Jesus, and 5 were healed, and 4 saved that night.

The frustration was great because of the equipment, but on Thursday the generators were repaired again. Tonight we'd preach! As always we did three trips back and forth to get everyone and everything to the property, and set everything up.

The sun went down, and we started singing and dancing in Bambara, which I greatly enjoyed. Paul did a great job leading praise, and our kids were all dancing along, myself included. I was excited, and looking forward to preaching the gospel.

Then it started to rain, slightly at first. I asked all team members to pray against the rain, but it got worse. We covered the generators, but as it continued I was getting worried about the electrical equipment that was getting wetter and wetter. I didn't want them to break down again!

I took the mic and told them we'd pray for the rain to stop - nothing is impossible for Jesus. I prayed, and we started packing the equipment and saving it into the car. At the same time we were giving out the rest of the bags of rice to the waiting women. By the time they had received their rice, everything was stowed in the car, but the rain had stopped too! Unfortunately, many people had already left, and setting up the equipment again in the dark would have been difficult.

But the teams prayed with people, and 6 were healed, and 6 saved. Even though I could have been frustrated about not preaching again, I was still upbeat. A short time after we got home, it started raining really hard. The rainy season has started!

Friday night was our last night, and I was really hoping we could at least preach once! Many kids gathered as we arrived, and shouted for joy as they saw the Americans coming. At sundown we started praising the Lord in Bambara, and had great fun together. There is truly a new anointing on Paul now!

I was very tired from all the activities, but as soon as I took the mic, all the tiredness was gone, as if the Lord's hand just reached down, and His Spirit simply took over. I had Saloum give his testimony, and then one of the Americans shared a few minutes. After that I did a clear and simply gospel presentation, and many listened carefully. The teams went out to pray again, and 5 were healed, and 4 saved.

During the three days on our property, we saw a total of 33 healed, and 21 saved. I'm hoping many of those converts will come regularly to our Friday afternoon discipleship sessions we are starting today.


The Americans were with us for two Sunday services. The first Sunday we had to do the service inside - the first inside service of the rainy season. The American team sang two songs for us, and their team leader Ryan preached. We also shared all the great things the Lord had done in the bush, and prayed for people at the end of the service. Several people were healed. Praise God!

They were also with us for two Saturday programs with the street children. They did the games with them, prayed for them, and interviewed them for the DVD.

Unfortunately the visit to the hospital to pray for the sick did not work out. We were turned down at every hospital, and even the contacts we had could not open the doors to us.

We had two prayer meetings with our friends, with both meetings being very different, but wonderful.

We also went to the GLOBAL DAY OF PRAYER, with 3500 Malian Christians gathered at the conference center, to pray for Mali, Africa, and the world. It was extremely hot, but a good experience.

Outside of ministry, we took the team sightseeing into downtown Bamako, which was quite an overwhelming experience for them, with the masses of people. We also went on campus, on top of a hill, with a great view of Bamako.

Twice we went swimming to the great delight of the kids (young and old). And then the American team invited all of us to eat out at (my favorite) restaurant - one that has good food for great prices, and is even an American-style restaurant. All the Malians could hardly believe that meat could be so tender and good, and the chicken to juicy, and now they all know what pizza is. They also had good ice-cream, which they loved greatly. It was a memorable night out for everyone.

Picture on the right: Krista with Abdias (left) and Solomani (right).



  •      Enoch - Enoch has been praying for a motorbike for a long time, and with the need to follow up on the hundreds of new believers in the villages, we were very aware of that handicap. But the Lord opened marvelous doors for us to purchase a great motorbike for a great price, and I wished you could have seen the surprise and amazement and thankfulness on Enoch's face!
  •    More children - We've also been able to help Enoch finish building a second little house on his property. Now he can take in a few more children, since people often approach him to take in orphans. He will be taking in two boys, 12 and 6 years old within the next few weeks. At our base in Bamako, we will be taking in Daouda in the beginning of July, who is no longer safe in his father's household because of his faith in Jesus; he wanted to complete the school year in Dio first anyway.
  •     Solomani - I'm asking you to specifically pray for Solomani. There has always been doubt whether he truly knows the Lord or not, and things happen repeatedly that seem to confirm that, one just recently. In any case he is good in copying the others in prayer etc., but he admitted the other day that he is only interested in God. Please pray that he would meet the Lord powerfully.
  •     Finances - With only a fourth of our monthly needs covered, things have gotten really difficult as our debts have grown to several thousand dollars. The current tiredness hasn't helped me in coping with this challenge.
  •     Car - It's absolutely a miracle, thanks to all the prayers going up to heaven, how our little old 20-year-old car made it through the last few weeks without breaking down. You should have seen it move along the horrible bush roads! However, the rainy season has started and is literally cutting us off from the villages, since you cannot access them without a fourwheel drive when the roads are under water. We're still praying fervently for a Toyota double-cabin pick-up.
  •     Strength - Please pray for my strength to be renewed, that I'd be replenished after all I've given out. The many problems arising the last few days have seemed bigger than they are because of the tiredness.
  •     Our teenagers - Pray for them as daily life starts again for them. Pray they find their balance again, but also that they don't lose what they've gained these past two weeks.
  •     Construction Update - Please keep praying as the delays just don't end. Now we're planning to start the drilling next week. I have given notice concerning our present rented house, and we're moving onto the property end of September, whether anything is built or not. We still need the money to build.
  •     Sunday night I'm leaving for my home country of Austria. My little brother is getting married. I'm looking forward to one month in my country, seeing friends and visiting different churches. Details of my schedule, when I'm at what church, can be found on my CALENDAR page.
  •     Paul - Please pray for Paul as he is in charge during my absence. He's completed his academic year, but doesn't have his examination results yet.

To Him who sits on the throne and to the Lamb be praise and honor and glory and power, for ever and ever! (Rev 5:13)




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