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Ask of Me, and I will make the nations your inheritance. (Ps 2:8)


Two Weeks of Ministry with Americans

Dr. Claudia R. Wintoch

13 May 2007



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Monthly budget: $2000 or 1600€
Monthly support: $710 or 575€


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May 14-29   Missions Team Visit

June 4-July 1    Austria

June 16     VCC-JZ
June 17    Four Corners

Aug 10-Sep 17   USA

Aug 10-14   Redding, CA
Aug 14-20   Pasadena, CA
Aug 20-24    Augusta, GA
Aug 24-30   Virginia Beach, VA
Aug 30-Sep 10   Kansas City, MO
Sep 10-17   Dayton, OH

Sep 30   Move onto Property

Nov   Missions Team Visit




Dr. Claudia R. Wintoch is
part of two apostolic networks:

On the home page of my website is an information flyer on our construction project to download (in 3 languages), print and distribute.

There is also my latest info flyer with a short summary about this ministry, and what's been happening.

And by the way, it's my birthday today, May 14 :-).



It's time for the electricity department to start bridging the one mile to bring electricity to our property. They need half the money right now, which is $22,000.
Mark your donation with "electricity".
Details on the DONATION page.


This is the third time we have a team come to Mali, but never have we prepared like we have this time, and never have we been more in anticipation than this time. There is such a sense of purpose, of something major ahead, of this being a milestone in many ways. Our church has just completed 7 weeks of prayer and fasting, and even during this time we have seen an increase in healings, especially.

These past three days we all fasted together, in unity, and the Lord encouraged us and confirmed to us that He was up to some great things in the two weeks ahead (more details in the blog for May 13). We are all very excited, and ready to do whatever He has us to, whether the team here in Mali, or the team that is on the plane on the way to Mali right now.

I'm asking all of you to keep us in prayer these coming two weeks, and maybe some of you can lift us up on a daily basis. For this reason I'm including a detailed schedule of our activities:


  May 14   Arrival at night.
  May 15

  Departure for the village after lunch.
  First open air meeting at night - prayer for healing, preaching.

  May 16

  Morning: Village of Sotoly (animists) - preaching to gathered village.
  Afternoon: Street evangelism.
  Evening: Second open air meeting.

  May 17

  Morning: Village of Goro (animists) - preaching to gathered village.
  Afternoon: Street evangelism.
  Evening: Third open air meeting.

  May 18

  Return to Bamako.
  Afternoon: Ministry on our property, inviting people to ministry in upcoming week.

  May 19

  Morning: Weekly program for street children
  Evening: Prayer meeting

  May 20

  Church Service at 4 pm.

  May 21

  Day of rest or sight-seeing.

  May 22

  Morning: Praying for sick in hospital (we're still looking for one since they've all turned us down so far)
  Evening: Bible School

  May 23

  Morning: Street evangelism around our property.
  Evening: First open air meeting on our property.

  May 24

  Morning: Street evangelism around our property.
  Evening: Second open air meeting on our property.

  May 25

  Morning: Street evangelism around our property.
  Evening: Third open air meeting on our property.

  May 26

  Morning: Weekly program for street children
  Evening: Prayer meeting

  May 27

  Church service in the morning.
  3 pm departure for Dogonland, arrival at 1 am.

  May 28

  Touring Dogonland.

  May 29

  Return to Bamako, departure of team at night.


Please pray for strength for all of us. None of the team members speak French, so it will be a full-time job for me just to interpret.

Pray for unity in our team.

Pray for our children to be obedient and trustworthy, and to be transformed forever.

Pray for Paul who has his end-of-the-year exams during the second week of their visit.


  •    Construction Update - The official papers were issued to move the people who are illegally on our property, and this week all the buildings on our property will be leveled. We're expecting to start drilling the well by May 21.
  •     Finances - No money for the construction has come in yet, but we know without a shadow of a doubt that the Lord will build what He has promised. We've sown into several church construction projects of other ministries, and are believing to reap a harvest from that seed. We need the first half of the money for electricity now, and the other half in a month. By then we will also need the money to build the wall around the property. All the details and the current situation can always be found on the CONSTRUCTION page of my website.
  •     Keep praying for a new car for us, and pray these two upcoming weeks that our 20-year-old car will make it and not let us down. It will certainly run on prayer! We also need to go to the village with it - something I didn't want to risk at first.
  •     In June I wll be in Austria, more exactly June 4-July 1. Details are on the left, and always updated on the CALENDAR page of my website. Also, the schedule for my summer trip to the US can now be viewed as well.

The kingdom of heaven has been forcefully advancing, and forceful men lay hold of it. (Mt 11:12)

Serving in HIS army,



Our Resident Family of 12
(March 2007)