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Ask of Me, and I will make the nations your inheritance. (Ps 2:8)


Construction By Faith

Dr. Claudia R. Wintoch

19 April 2007



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Monthly budget: $2000 or 1600€
Monthly support: $710 or 575€


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If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.
(Mat 21:22)


We're in the middle of 7 weeks of prayer and fasting, and we're alreay seeing fruit. But now we're uniting even more in our prayers, praying in faith for those things we see in the visible to manifest in the natural. We're in need of a lot of money, right now, and we need all of you to join with us. Believe, and we'll receive.

We need $22,000 right now, and $43,000 a month from now. I'll explain...


After giving the village council and mayor a substantial amount of money, we received the building permit so we can get started. We thank the Lord for the provision for our well and water tower, which is what we'll start building next week.

The well and water tower will be done in about 3 weeks. Then it's time for the next step, which is building the wall around the property. To build a wall, you need water, and for the well to work, we need electricity for the water pump.

We have to bridge 1 mile to get the electricity to our property. That costs $44,000, and it will at least take one month. If we want to start the wall in one month, we need the electricity department to start their work RIGHT AWAY. If we don't have electricity, we can't build. If there is no money, we'll just have a non-functional well to guard until money comes in.

So please pray with us for the $22,000 to be given asap, so the electricity department can get started.

Pray also for the $43,000 we'll need one month later for wall and electricity.

Make known this ministry and these needs to your friends and those who might want to invest into His Kingdom.

Check the CONSTRUCTION page on my website whenever you want to see the current status quo.

This is a summary with the euro figures, which are stable, since the Malian currency is linked to the Euro. Unfortunately the dollar is dropping right now which means the amounts needed in $ is actually rising.

Electricity $22,000 17.000€ NOW
Electricity $22,000 17.000€ a month from now
Wall $21,000 16.000€ a month from now


  •    Healed Deaf-Mute - He's gone to his village of origin to show himself to everyone. We're eagerly awaiting his return to find out more of his story, and lead him to the Lord.
  •    Pastor Enoch is bringing great reports from the village of Dio. New openness to the gospel, and some of the healed people eager to hear the word of God. It's wonderful to see the beginning of revival.
  •     In May a team of 6 young Americans is coming to do ministry as well as a documentary on what's happening here (dates on the left). I believe their visit is gonna have a great impact. We will do street evangelism, pray for the sick, and minister to children, around our property as well as in Dio.Pray as we prepare for those activities.
  •     We're still praying and believing for a Toyota double-cabin truck. It will be a challenge to host our American visitors with our 20-year-old truck, but it will just add to the adventure :-).
  •     In June I wll be in Austria, more exactly June 4-July 1. I'm looking forward to being in my home country. I've also already scheduled several places where I'm going to preach or share. If you'd like to know when and where, look at the details on the CALENDAR page on my website.

Ask and you will receive, and your joy will be complete.(Jesus in John 16:24)

Keep asking!

All HIS,



Our Resident Family of 12