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Ask of Me, and I will make the nations your inheritance. (Ps 2:8)


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Dr. Claudia R. Wintoch

10 April 2007



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Friday had come, and we still had lots of invitations to hand out for our Easter activities that weekend - the MATTHEW film Friday night, THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST Saturday night, and then our big Easter celebration on Sunday. So I sent out my kids and team, two-by-two, to go into the streets of the neighborhood and invite people, be open to share the gospel, and pray for people, and especially to pray for every sick person they'd cross. I've been building their faith for miracles, now it was time to act.

Especially Paul has been very eager to go into the streets and pray for every sick person, and God honored that. He saw a man sitting at the side of the road and approached him. As he started to speak he realized that the man didn't understand him. He was making signs with his hands only, and Paul made signs back. The man was mute, maybe also deaf. Paul was excited and laid hands on him together with Abdias, praying for the man's healing. And suddenly he started talking. It was a little hard to understand what he said, but he spoke. Praise God! Now he needs to learn to speak.

Paul was all excited, invited him to our church, and wanted to leave. But in the meantime people had gathered all around in amazement and wanted him to speak. So people told them the gospel, and after they had promised to come to our activites, he left. (They didn't come.)

Paul came home all excited telling me what had happened. He wanted to go out again, go to the mosque in our neighborhood, to find more people to pray for. None of the kids wanted to join him, and so he grabbed Issa, another adult team member.

The people at that mosque are known to have stoned people before, and our oldest kid Saloum was a Quranic student with the imam there. Plus it was Friday, the Muslims' holy day. Paul was very aware of these things. He went to the entrance and shouted who was sick and wanted to be healed. One paralyzed man was sitting there on his special hand-operated tricycle. The lower half of his legs were bent all the way back, and he was unable to move them. Paul and Issa started praying for him, and then they helped him up, each taking one arm. As they lifted him up, his legs suddenly opened and went down, and were perfectly alright. He was healed, standing on his feet for the first time! Now he has to learn to walk. Paul was disappointed that this man didn't come to our activities either.

We've already seen so many healings, but people still don't give their lives to the Lord. It's puzzling. It's like Mali is filled with the nine lepers Jesus healed and who never came back to Him.


On Friday night attendance at our movie was low. A lot more came to see THE PASSION on Saturday, but as soon as I started sharing the gospel after the film, all the people got up to leave.

On Sunday we were excited to serve the least of these, to invite those who have nothing and nothing to give back, to serve them as Jesus would, seeing Jesus in each one of them. Thanks to the generosity of recent visitors from Europe, the US, and neighboring Guinea, we had plenty of food, juice, candy, toys, balloons, and clothes to bless them with.

We decorated our garden with balloons, and our first visitors showed up well ahead of time. Each kid received a number and a candy as they arrived. About 80 children showed up in all, most of them street children, but also the neighbors' children. While they gathered, we gave them each some juice to drink - something they never have. I enjoyed serving them.

Then it was time for some games. We formed two teams, and they had to pull a rope, seeing which team is stronger. The winning team was divided in half to form two teams again, until there was one winner in the end. They took it so seriously, one hand wounds on his hands afterwards!

Picture: Opening prayer.

Then we did a tombola, giving away little toys they were very happy about. Their own toy!

Much time had passed already, some of our adult visitors even left. Paul took the mic, and together with Firmin, and Saloum playing the djembe, and Abdias the tambourine, they started singing and praising the Lord in Bambara. The kids loved it and were dancing joyfully.

Then they sat down to listen to what I had to say. The Lord inspired me, as I shared His wonderful Father's love for each one of them, what He had done for them, showing them a picture of Jesus on the cross as well as a real nail and flogging instrument. I showed them the state of sin they are in, and the offer God has for them, of life today and in eternity.

The eyes of many were riveted on me while I spoke, catching every word I said. I could see the longing in their eyes when I spoke of someone who loved them in such an incredible way. When I asked those who wanted to receive Him today to stand up, many did. I didn't count them - maybe 20-30 who were serious. And then we prayed together. Hallelujah!

But I never stop there, I always pray for those who are sick. Four children wanted prayer for healing, and all four were healed partially or totally! Praise God! Two completely, and two reported improvement. One of the guys healed is a teenage boy who always comes to our Saturday program for the street children. You should have seen the amazement on his face when all the pain from the angina was suddenly gone. I told him to start following Jesus seriously now.

Time had flown by, and the children were already very hungry. So we started serving them - we had more than enough, and everybody ate until he was full. It was a special meal of couscous (normally they have rice), and a great sauce with meat - they were all eager for a morsel of meat.


But our program wasn't over yet. It was time for the gift of clothing they'd been waiting for all night. They got their numbers out, and one by one they went into the house where we had already arranged all the clothes they could choose from. Many of the street children went straight for the shoes, and amazingly, they all found their size. Others were desperately in need of pants of shirts. Each one chose what they wanted and left with joy, some shouting and jumping as they showed their gift to the kids waiting outside, before they left. The picture shows a little street kid who just found tennis shoes his size and is overjoyed.

After 10 hours including preparation and cleanup, we were all tired, but had a deep sense of contentment and joy. Today the kingdom of God had come to these children.


  •    Construction Update - My BREAKING NEWS email last week was a little premature, since the original report I received wasn't really accurate. They are now moving the people who illegally built on our property, but the mayor was very clear and openly demanded money if we wanted to see those papers. Corruption is rampant in Mali; it's a part of life, their way to get rich. Visit the CONSTRUCTION page on my website for updates.
  •     In May a team of 6 young Americans is coming to do ministry as well as a documentary on what's happening here (dates on the left). I believe their visit is gonna have a great impact, and so we're preparing in every way possible for those two weeks. We will spend several days in Dio doing 3 open-air meetings, and also 3 meetings on our property. We will also do street evangelism, pray for the sick, and minister to children. Pray as we prepare for those activities.
  •     Keep believing with us for a Toyota double-cabin truck. It would be very hard and risky with our current old vehicle to host the team of 6 Americans and do what we have scheduled to do.
  •     In June I wll be in Austria, more exactly June 4-July 2. I'm looking forward to being in my home country. I'm now starting to schedule my visits to different churches, so just email me if you'd like me to come.

My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.(Jesus in John 15:12)

All HIS,



Our Resident Family of 12