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Ask of Me, and I will make the nations your inheritance. (Ps 2:8)


Light Piercing The Darkness

Dr. Claudia R. Wintoch

2 April 2007



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Everything was stowed in the car - equipment for the movie, the gifts, what's needed for the night - so Paul hopped in, I got behind the driver's seat and tried to start the car. We had just laid hands on our 20-year-old car that has caused us so many problems recently, and prayed for our trip to the village of Dio and back. After a few hundred dollars' worth of repairs, it was possible to drive it, and it would have to be the Lord who'd keep it running. I started the engine, and had some difficulties keeping the car running. Our prayers for the car continued as we left home, driving off full of anticipation of what the Lord would do this weekend.

As time passed, the car ran more and more smoothly, while Paul and I had a great time praying and worshipping the Lord. After 80 minutes we pulled into the the little courtyard of the only church in Dio - a village of 4000 people. We saw the relief on the pastor's face that we had made it - thank God, he didn't have to tell people we weren't coming a third time.

The hot season is in full swing, and the sun was beating down mercilessly. We sat down with the pastor in the shade, sweat running down our body wherever it touched the chair. It was very quiet as people were resting this time of day when the heat is the greatest. There is no electricity in Dio to provide AC's or fans, light or cold water - in fact, the pastor's well has even dried up a few weeks ago so that he has to go buy water at quite a distance. We rested for some time, talking to the pastor, and talking details for the time with the American team in May. Then it was time to go see the mayor.

The mayor received us in his big home; a learned man with charisma and a true Muslim. He was resting under a big tree because he was sick with malaria, but still he received us. He thanked us for coming to Dio and blessing his town, and we invited him to come watch the MATTHEW film in the evening. He said that he was sick, and so we offered to pray for him, and he accepted. Both Paul and I prayed for him, and he thanked us. We didn't have time to stay any longer, and he dismissed us.

Saturday is market day in Dio, and we had the joy of being able to buy 8 sacks (50 kg) of rice to give to widows and divorced women who struggle to survive having to raise several kids all alone.We had to go twice to take the rice to the church, where we would hand them out the following day. That was made possible by the German NGO who manages our kids' sponsorships - thanks to all who gave towards that! The merchant selling us the rice was Alou, who I had shared the gospel with on a previous visit, and who is hungry to know the truth. He is also the one who let us use his house and the open space in front of it for the movie. He promised to come watch it, but unfortunately only saw the last few minutes of the crucifixion and resurrection.

Back at the church, the sun was starting to go down, which meant it was nearly time to go downtown to the market to set up our equipment for the movie. Once the sun is gone, it's hard to do that without light. The pastor had borrowed a tarp and was busy widening the shaded area for the service the next morning, since I told him to expect many. In the meantime Paul and I decided to pray for the evening - and it was too bad the pastor couldn't join us. We had a powerful time of prayer and intercession for Dio and the evening. The anointing was there on both of us, and the Lord broke my heart for the people of Dio. I was stretched out on the ground as I started weeping for all these lost people who don't know our beautiful Savior.

As I got off the floor, our task accomplished, I looked at the sky in amazement. There were dark clouds everywhere (very unusual this time of year), and beams of light breaking through the dark clouds, touching down on earth. It was an awesome sight that the picture (above) can never capture. As I looked at it, I felt the Lord saying that His light is starting to break through the darkness in this place. What an awesome prophetic sign! It lifted our faith for the evening meeting. And then, at 2 am in the morning, suddenly it started to rain. Enoch told us that in all the years he's been there, this has never happened before! The rainy season is still a long ways off! Thank you, Lord, for Your light and Your rain that are coming down on Dio!


It was time to drive to the location for the movie, where we set up the equipment. The sheet was hung down from the roof, held in place by stones, the sound system, projector, DVD-player set up, and the generator filled with gas. Kids surrounded us, curious as to what we were doing, and they patiently waited for the beginning of the film. We still had another 2 hours to wait, until the people of Dio had finished eating and were free to come. So the pastor, Paul and I sat down to wait, and I started sharing story after story of the exploits of God through Todd Bentley and Heidi Baker and other men and women of God. As we talked, our faith rose, and I could hardly wait to see what the Lord would do that night.

Paul and the pastor's daughter finally started singing Bambara praise songs for some time to attract people's attention. The devout Muslim school director of the private elementary school offered us to use his benches, which was a great blessing - and we could even have used twice that number! People were everywhere - sitting on the ground, on the benches, and standing in the back. They watched and listened very carefully. Every time Jesus did a miracle, people were amazed! They were excited, and loved what they saw. There was a party going on somewhere nearby (we could hear the music), and suddenly all the young people from there came over to see the film - unfortunately it was towards the end. Many were standing, and for most of the time we had about 250 people, with people coming and going constantly.

It had been years since the last film showing in Dio, and so we were warmly welcomed. But that night I found out something amazing. Mali is a Muslim country, and there is one Malian marabout (a Muslim leader with occult powers) who is the most famous in the country and who has started his own sect of Islam (like a denomination). He has groups in every village and town, including Dio, and they meet at the very place where we showed the film. Not only that, but the people of his group who are devout Muslims and whose women are recognizable by their veil, sat attentively watching the life of Jesus - somebody who they are not allowed to talk about.

All this raised my expectations of what God would do after the film. At first - totally atypically - nobody moved or tried to leave when I took the mic. I told them that Jesus is still alive today and still does the same things he did on earth, and that we would pray for the sick even tonight. I also told them about the service Sunday morning and challenged them to bring their sick friends, and God would heal them. Then I shared the gospel with them, and we prayed a prayer of commitment for those who wanted to know Jesus and become God's children. It was time to pray for the sick, and I was shocked by the spirit of mockery that arose. People came forward, saying they had a sickness, just to make fun of us, and everyone laughed along. In the end, I did pray for a few people, even with all the mocking people around. But those were just every-day sicknesses like malaria where you don't know right away whether you're healed.


The big day had come when we would officially ordain pastor Enoch as a pastor of Centre Apostolique Malien, welcoming him as one of us, with all the rights and responsibilities. Unfortunately his wife wasn't with us because her father had just died. We expected many more people than usual to come - more than the little mud church could hold - and I was curious how many would come and bring the sick. The pastor had also invited the widows and divorced ladies whose children are on our list for sponsorship, and they came with their many children.

One of the pastors' two adults led some Bambara worship songs. As I closed my eyes and looked to my Beloved, His presence enveloped me. Then I was called forward to take the meeting. I started sharing my heart, talking about the qualities of a pastor as laid down in the Bible, talking about Enoch and how God has guided us to each other. Later one of the ladies thanked me for loving them, and she just kept talking and talking, overwhelmed that I would come and just love them like I do. She was visibly moved.

It was time to call the pastor forward, who shared his testimony of how the Lord led him to me, and how radically his life has changed since. It was moving to hear how the Lord works!

Then he knelt down, and I anointed him with oil, ordained him, set him in place, and prophesied over him. It was a holy moment, a day we will look back to, on the first of this month - a day of new beginnings.

When he got up, I gave him his gifts and explained their prophetic significance - a DVD player to listen to teaching, two shirts, and three signposts to show the way to the church, to be put up at three strategic crossroads in town.

The ordination part was over, and it was time to pray for the sick as announced. Only one man had specifically come for that reason. He even arrived early, and was ready when the call came. It was an old man, and he sat down on the chair, telling us that he has a heart condition and severe chest pain. We prayed, and the pain left him. Praise God! He himself was so surprised and full of joy! The pastor told me that he had had that condition for many years, and had lost a lot of weight .I can't wait to see him putting on weight, and to give his life to the Lord.

Then one child after another came for prayer, many for the same pain in the stomach, caused by parasites that enter by way of the water they drink. One little girl, though, had been deliberately poisoned over an extended period of time by her family to kill her. We laid hands on her and prayed, and Paul saw a black cloud leave her body. Praise God!

Having prayed for everyone, we hadn't come empty-handed medically either. We were given medication against parasites to help this dear people get well, and so they lined up to each take their pill, young and old.

Then it was time to hand out the rice, and the ladies were so thankful and joyful at this unexpected gift that would make such a difference in their lives. How wonderful to be able to practically do something to alleviate those precious people's sufferings.

Then a girl about 10 years old came up to me, a baby on her back. She explained that this baby had been found lying on the street, and her family had picked her up and has been taking care of her since. They wanted to give it to me. Honestly, I fell in love with little Mamy who was peacefully sleeping. I talked to the pastor, trying to receive some more information, especially to find out whether the family who took her in was taking good care of her and loving her. He said he would find out. Taking in a baby 6-12 months old is a different kind of challenge and commitment, but I told the pastor we would take her if they absolutely don't want to take care of her. Please pray for Mamy.


It was time to pack up and make our way back to Bamako to be there in time for our service at 4 pm. Paul was preaching. In the car we talked about the exploits of God, thanking Him for all He has done this weekend, excited about the God we serve, and all that lies ahead of us. The car had some difficulty in the beginning, but we made it back home.

Paul led the Bambara worship, and then I came up to lead the French worship time. The anointing was there in a powerful way. Then Paul preached on miracles, and passion and compassion. It amazes me every time to listen to Paul preach. Like they did with the disciples, you could say who is this unlearned man to talk like that? I'm proud of my 18-year-old son and right-hand man who I can totally rely on. His humility and innocence and childlike faith and love for the Lord is bearing much fruit in his life.

He handed the mic back to me, and we called people forward for healing first of all, and prayed for two kids. Then I felt we needed to respond, and I called those who wanted more passion and/or compassion. As Paul and I prayed for them, Holy Spirit came down and touched them powerfully. Then I felt I needed to pray for Paul, who happily said yes. As I did, the anointing came down on him, and he went down on his knees. Then I suddenly started prophesying over him, and it was powerful.

One day later, today, there is already fruit. Today my team and the kids went swimming (in a hotel), while I stayed home to catch up on work. They just returned home, and Paul excitedly told me that he shared the gospel with 3 people there, and they were very receptive. One is a documentary film maker who gave Paul his email and asked him to write frequently and see him next time he's back in Mali; he's a Malian who lives in Paris.

On the way home, the taxi Paul was in was stopped by the police to be controlled. Paul saw a blind man at the side of the road, and had compassion for him. He got out of the taxi and asked him whether he could pray for him. He finally agreed, and Paul prayed.

Hallelujah! Only yesterday Paul was sharing his heart with me, how he longs to do these kind of things, and I asked him what was keeping him. Now he does it. Praise God!

If you speak French, you can download all our sermons from our church website.


  •    This upcoming weekend we celebrate Easter, and we're doing three days of special activities in a row. On Friday, we're showing the MATTHEW film. On Saturday, THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST, and on Sunday we're doing an Easter party for street children and adults, with a banquet. Please pray for finances, for strength, grace and favor as we prepare.
  •    Construction Update - The government office has taken tangible steps, and tomorrow we have an appointment with the mayor that might be the final one to receive the title deed for our property. The well-building team has finished its study and located the right place for the well. The electricity department is ready to start bringing electricity to our property bridging the 1 mile gap, which will take at least one month, but we don't have the $22,000 to give to them to start the work. In fact, we don't have any funds at this point. Visit the CONSTRUCTION page on my website for current news.
  •     In May a team of 6 young Americans is coming to do ministry as well as a documentary on what's happening here (dates on the left). I believe their visit is gonna have a great impact, and so we're preparing in every way possible for those two weeks. We will spend several days in Dio doing 3 open-air meetings, and also 3 meetings on our property. We will also do street evangelism, pray for the sick, and minister to children.
  •     In light of where we are at right now, a week ago I called our church to a corporate fast for the next 7 weeks (until the team's arrival), everyone according to his measure of faith. Maybe some of the fruit we're seeing is a result of this fast. I've been excited to see the enthusiasm even our kids have to step out in fasting in a new way (we always fast lunch on Sunday). Breakthroughs are ahead!
  •     I personally am in a special season of seeking God right now, of finding healing from things of my past, and pressing in for more of Him. I'm hungry and desperate for my wonderful Beloved, longing for so much more. I believe this season is preparing me for the next level, as I break through to Him.
  •     It looks like the trip to Nigeria is not taking place at this time, and I've also felt the need to be in Austria for one month, which is June 4-July 2. I'm looking forward to being in my home country, and to minister to the people there. I'm now starting to schedule my visits to different churches, so just email me if you'd like me to come.

To HIM who sits on the throne and to the Lamb be praise and honor and glory and power, for ever and ever! (Rev 5:13b)

Ravished by my Beloved,



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