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Ask of Me, and I will make the nations your inheritance. (Ps 2:8)


A Dream Coming True

Dr. Claudia R. Wintoch

14 March 2007



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April   Start of Construction

May 9-23   Missions team visit

May 28-June 10 (tbc)    Austria

June 11-25 (tbc)    Nigeria

July    Move onto our Property

Aug/Sep   USA

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I've finally worked on my picture and video page, and you can now see many new pictures and many little video clips there. Our church website has also gone up (link on the left), with sermons to download (in French and Bambara). Enjoy!


Emma checking the engine to see what's wrong - and the new truck we're praying for.

Last time I told you about our car breakdown, and thanks to someone's donation, we were able to fix it. Less than a month later, it's broken again, and we're seeking to get it fixed quickly. Because as last time, we are meant to go to the village of Dio to preach the gospel, and this time the whole village is planning to come to the public showing of MATTHEW in the market. Pray for many to give their lives to the Lord and to be healed and set free. God-willing, we're leaving for Dio on Saturday to come back on Sunday.

The purchase of a new car is now a high priority, since we constantly repair our 20-year-old car and it never lasts long. I heard about a couple that got a new Toyota delivered to them in Africa for $25,000. If we buy a 6-year-old Toyota double-cabin pickup here in Bamako, it will cost about $20,000. A functioning car is crucial to our ministry in Bamako and the villages, and we know that the Lord has already provided one for us. We're standing in faith for the invisible to be manifest in the visible realm to the glory of our God!




  If your vision is big enough for you to accomplish, it's probably not from God.

Fourteen years ago I heard the Lord's call to Africa. Twelve years ago He gave me "my" country of Mali. Over time, He showed me more and more of what He wanted to do in this poor and needy nation, what He wanted to use this little girl for, and it was so big that I wouldn't share it with anyone. What did I have to offer? Nothing but my love for Him, nothing but my passion to see all men come to Him, and my willingness to pay whatever the price. Obviously, that's all He needed.

Today I've been in Mali for three and a half years, and I'm continually amazed as I watch HIM make a dream come true, make a vision reality, do one thing after another. And all I do is hold the hand of my big heavenly Father, just a little girl watching her Dad do it all, and getting to participate by doing what He says.

This little girl is so excited as things for our mission base are coming together. So today I want to share some more details about this building project with you, so you can join in with prayer and giving.


The 32,000 squarefeet (3000 squ.m.) property is on the foot of a hill (the marking towards the top of the picture) at the south-east exit of town. On the bottom of the picture you can see the main road that leads out of town (to the right). When you leave that road to drive to the property, you turn onto a bad dirt road into a new part of town with a lot of construction going on and without electricity. Today there are more houses than when that GOOGLE EARTH picture was taken.

Our mission base will be an oasis in this natural and spiritual desert. It will be a habitation of the glory of the Lord. It will be a training center for men and women to be equipped and sent out. It will be a healing center for people to find physical, spiritual and emotional healing. It will be a children's center to train an army of little lovers of God. It will be a sending center to reach the reast of West Africa. Go to the ENDORSEMENT page of my website to read some of the most significant promises we've received from the Lord.

To start with (beginning April) we're building two houses so we can move onto our promised land by this summer (building 1 and 2), as well as the wall and well with water tower, and electricity installation. This first phase costs $175,000, and we need that money within the next few weeks and months.

In September we will start the second building phase which includes the rest of the buildings - church, offices, meeting rooms, school, dorms, medical center, pharmacy, workshops, and businesses. That phase will take a year and cost another $360,000.

How in the world are you gonna build a half a million dollar project, when you don't even have the money for your monthly expenses?

That's simple - I'm not. HE is doing it. It's God's project, and He's taking care of it all. How? I don't know yet, but I'm curious myself to watch Him do this. I'm excited because He will get so much glory, His name will be lifted up and praised by many people, because none other than our God could do such a thing.

All the riches of the universe are His. Recently someone I respect said that I'd be given a million dollars - half for the construction project, and the other half for me. It sounds crazy, but I have faith that God can do this, and I know that He knows my heart and has tested me in the past, and He knows that all this money would go to further His kingdom in Africa and the world.

So if any of you have been looking where to give a million dollars, you've found the place. Or if any of you know someone who'd like to give a million dollars, forward this email to them.

I've just opened a Malian bank account for the transfer of bigger amounts of money ($5000 or more). These are the details for your transfer:

Account holder: Claudia Wintoch
Bank name: Ecobank
IBAN: D0090-01003-330279202015-01

If you need your donation to be tax-deductable, you'll need to send it to the US address.

Some of you might think I'm crazy, but I believe God has given me the gift of faith to see His big vision for Mali and West Africa come to pass. May the earth be filled with His glory!


1 Director's house
2 Duplex for 2 families
3 Dining hall
4 1st floor: Meeting hall & offices
   2nd floor: School
   3rd floor: Dorms for orphans
5 Medical center
6 Pharmacy
7 Restaurant
8 Internet Café
9 Bakery
10 Shop
11 Taylor
12 Carpenter & workshops


Check the CONSTRUCTION page on my website for regular updates, and details on the financing.

As soon as we have the first installment of money, the well-team is starting its study to determine the location and depth for the well. As soon as they get their advance, the electricity department can also start their work to get electricity to us (1 mile away), which will take two months.


Like a foretaste of the blessings to come, a prophetic sign, we have recently been given a washing machine, many kilos of food, medications, and school supplies by people I didn't even know. God uses everything for our good, and so He used the scabies plague in our house for these blessings to come. A couple of missionaries that were evacuated to Bamako from neighboring Guinea had received a big amount of money for "children in Africa". So they asked around among missionaries in Bamako and were pointed to me. Since they are in the medical field, they knew a washing machine and dryer (the latter don't exist in Mali) would have been a great help with the plague. They asked us what else we needed, and greatly blessed us. Awesome God!

They also came to our Saturday program and gave first aid to all the street children who have all kinds of wounds and sicknesses. Thank God for His servants!


In January it was prophesied that our children would be powerful evangelists, and now this word is coming to pass in our village. Several children have given their lives to the Lord recently, and are evangelizing fearlessly, saying they don't care if they're killed for the Lord (the picture shows two of them with the pastor). Their parents have thrown them out of the house, and now our pastor Enoch is taking care of their needs. Enoch needs to finish a building he has started on his property to have room for all the children that are starting to come, and he is also in need of a motorbike to move around. Would you help finance a motorbike for Enoch? It costs $300, and will enable him to make some money.

This Saturday we're showing the MATTHEW film and are expecting many people to show up. Sunday morning I'm preaching, doing a consecration/ordination service to officially welcome Enoch under our covering and pray for the anointing of God to come upon him even more. I'm so excited to see another part of my vision become reality - to see a village without believers starting to come to the Lord one after another! Hallelujah!


We've just had two wonderful weeks with different visitors. First, the director of the German NGO doing our kids' sponsorships was with us for a week, with her friend. They had a great time seeing the work first-hand that they've supported this past year, and meeting every kid and worker personally. It was hard to see them go, and hard for them to leave after only 6 days.

Our architect Peter from the US (picture with Kossi our builder and myself) arrived on the same plane they took to leave. Peter spent 5 intense days with us, working hard on the plans and blueprints for our construction, meeting our construction manager, seeing the site, and participating in our daily activities firsthand. This wonderful man of God with the father's love was a great blessing to us all, and it was hard to let him leave after such a short time.

Two months from now we have a team of 6 young Americans come for two weeks to do intense ministry. We're looking forward to that blessing. One of them is a film school graduate who will documentary on their trip and the ministry in Mali. That's very exciting! Please pray for their preparations and ours, so that His kingdom would be advanced significantly and in power.


  •    We're in the process of registering two more organizations, one for the children's center and one for our local church. Please pray for favor, and for the paperwork to come through quickly.
  •    Our different children's programs are going strong. We have more street kids than ever show up for our Saturday program. On Fridays we go to our property, and the Lord has given me a new strategy to reach the kids and adults there, which has led to a lot more people show up. In February we also did a children's program in Dio that was powerful. I taught on the love on the Father, and ended up hugging a third of the kids as I was praying for them (see picture). Many of them had never been hugged before.
  •    At Easter we're doing three days of special activities in a row. On Friday, we're showing the MATTHEW film. On Saturday, THE PASSION, and on Sunday (April 8th) we're doing an Easter party for street children and adults, with a banquet. Please pray for finances, for strength, grace and favor as we prepare.
  •    Dr. Ed Smith, the founder and director of Theophostic Prayer Ministry, has asked me to write a testimony about our trip to Ghana, and the fruit we have seen since. Go to www.theophostic.com and scroll down to "Mali, Africa" to read it.
  •    The Lord is starting to bring to pass another promise, which is to make me a mother of nations. Last October I went to Ghana, and I'm still praying when the Lord would have me go back there to do the crusade I was invited to do. My next trip will take me to Nigeria (Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abia state) with evangelist Bill Hoerr to assist him any way I can. The tentative dates are June 11-25. Both Bill and I are believing for the necessary finances to come in.
  •    My brother is getting married in the beginning of June, which means I'll have two weeks in my home country of Austria. The tentative dates are May 28-June 10.


Now to HIM who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us, to HIM be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.(Eph 3:20-21)

Passionate for HIM,



Our Family of 12