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Ask of Me, and I will make the nations your inheritance. (Ps 2:8)


ALERT: Divine Intervention Needed

Dr. Claudia R. Wintoch

7 February 2007




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Eli (11) fled home with his brother when his father forced him to work. Abandoned on the street by his brother, he's now found a loving home with us, and can go to school again.

For $50 or 40€ a month all his needs will be met.
Will you adopt Eli?


Yesterday we repaired our car, today it broke down again and is worse off than yesterday. It was only an hour before we were supposed to leave for the village, that Seybou let me know it wasn't running any more.

I talked to the mechanic who said the motor has to be taken out and apart and something replaced (I don't know all the technical French words). It will cost a minimum of $100 and last 4 days to do. Plus it won't be easy to find those parts for an old and unusual car like ours, which might delay it even more.

So we will be without vehicle for several days, which poses its own kind of problems. Not only can we not go to the village today, but we will have to send Etienne and Anatole to kindergarten by taxi, and pick them up by taxi, which is costly to do for several days. We will also be unable to go to our property for our weekly ministry.

Please stand with me in faith for a new vehicle - a Toyota double-cabin pick-up. A new one costs $40,000 in Bamako, and a 6-year-old one would be about half that.


Pastor Enoch had to take public transportation to return to his village, after having called someone there to let them know everything's canceled - no baptism service, no communion, no Jesus film. Preparations had already started.

He was disappointed, as we all were, but I know my God is in control! Who knows, maybe we would have infected them as well with scabies, which is highly contagious. Or the car could have broken down in the middle of nowhere. And who knows what else he kept us from. I believe when we go to the village next week, we'll see the Lord do even greater things!.


Our doctor told us today what medication and powder to get. The powder needs to be put on all clothes and beds, since the parasite can survive two days without a host. The medication is a lotion that all thirteen of us will have to apply to all of our body, from the neck down, every night for 3 days, and wash off in the morning. If we do this well, the problem will be taken care off.

The problem now is that we are lacking finances - not only the car costs a minimum of $100 we don't have, but all the medication and powder costs at least $100 as well.

The second problem is that Seybou just called me to say that he can't find the powder anywhere (he went where the doctor said to go buy it), nor the medication in any pharmacy.

Please pray for the Lord to send money - maybe He is even speaking to one of you right now - and to lead us to a place where we can find those products.


I've been battling a cold or virus for these past few days. Please pray for my body to be strengthened and whole.

Keep praying Psalm 91 over us in all these situations!




our team and seven sponsored kids
(Nov 2006)