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Ask of Me, and I will make the nations your inheritance. (Ps 2:8)


New Life Then And Now

Dr. Claudia R. Wintoch

3 January 2007




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A big THANK YOU to the hundreds of intercessors who prayed. It was truly miraculous how I suddenly felt fine, and have been since. What a beautiful example of the power of the body of Christ, of unity and prayer.

I have redone the BLOG page, and you should no longer have any trouble accessing it. It's worth taking a look to find out much more about what's happening, as well as for the additional pictures.


Sponsor These Childen

Eli (11, left) ran away from home with his brother, because his father forced him to work. Solomani (12, right) fled a life of slavery, beatings, and food withdrawal, ending up on the streets of Bamako. Today both have found a loving home, and can finally go to school.

For $50 or 40€ a month each all their needs will be met.
Will you adopt Solomani or Eli?

Two thousand years ago new life came to earth, THE Life Himself, and two thousand years later, as we celebrate the Word beginning His human life, new lives were begun right here in Bamako, Mali. As young and old were born into His kingdom, changing allegiance, changing their father, and changing the rest of their lives, on earth and in eternity, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit were surely rejoicing together with the angels.


Only about 70 children showed up this year. We played some games, sang a few songs, with them dancing, and then they watched two little Christmas movies. After that I asked them some questions about what they had seen, and then shared the rest of story of Christ, that He grew up and went to the cross. Some children were asleep, but others were hanging on my lips, devouring every word I spoke. As we prayed a prayer of commitment to Jesus, many did so for the first time. Praise God!

We had a meal together, and then it was time for the gifts. Each child received a piece of clothing of his choice, and a pair of shoes donated by CCARA, the German NGO managing our kids' sponsorships. Many children returned to the street - happy.


After the service on Sunday, it was time for the children in our church and neighborhood to receive their gifts, as well as the church members. I handed out Christian calendars in Bambara - the picture shows Hawa happily receiving it.

Then each kid received a package with candy, shoes, and a toy. Three-year-old Anatole (picture) wasn't the only happy child. For most - if not all - these children it was the first Christmas gift they had ever received.

Then it was time for the "core family" to celebrate - just the 15 of us. I locked them out of the house, and decorated the big table to make it special for them. The gifts had already been accumulating on their specially decorated table the two preceding weeks. I cooked an Austrian dessert and served it, then it was FINALLY (their quote) time to let them in.

I love watching children at Christmas - the wonder, the joy... They loved the dessert, sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jesus, and then we handed out the gifts, watching one after the other opening it. It was the first Christmas for all 6 older kids, because a year ago they were still Muslims and living on the street (or not yet on the street). Needless to say, they loved it all, and expressed their gratitude to the Lord as we closed the evening in prayer.

As a Mom, I could not help but think of my "firstborn" Sekouba all night. A year ago he was the only child here, and it was his first Christmas, which he loved. I wonder where he is now, and whether he was even aware that it was Christmas that night. May the Lord protect him and pursue him!


On the 26th it was time to take the car to Dio, where children were eagerly waiting for their gifts, and adults for the first movie in 10 years. All our children wanted to come along, but only two could go - Saloum and Fousseni - as well as Paul and Simeon, so that we were five in all. The rest of the car was filled with sound system, equipment for the movie, camping stuff for the night, and 100 kg of rice to give to the pastor.

Thanks to CCARA, we had the same packages ready for the 19 children in the village, who either have or are waiting for sponsors - candy, shoes, and a toy. Their joy was great as they received those priceless gifts, things that were now THEIRS.

In the evening we set up the equipment, and put our sheet on the wall of a little mud house. We needed to get everything ready before the sun went down, since there is no electricity, and therefore no light, in Dio. They started singing, the sound carrying far thanks to the sound system. After half an hour a little crowd had gathered, and we started the JESUS-film. Only 15 minutes into the movie I noticed that the battery powering the sound system was already low; it hadn't been charged enough in Bamako (it charges extremely slowly). What to do? The generator powering the projector and DVD player was not powerful enough for everything.

We did the only thing we could do - Paul stood next to the projector and repeated to the people all that was being said in the movie. He did a wonderful job! When the movie was over, I gave him green light to also handle the prayer time (I was too exhausted), and he did an awesome job. I was very proud of my "son". Eleven people dedicated their lives to the Lord, and they also prayed for a few for healing.

I talked to pastor Enoch later, and was very touched by his testimony. How he's been renewed, and how he now has adults in his church for the first time. In the past, only a few kids would come, but it's changing now. The Lord is changing him, is anointing him, and he is starting to see salvations and healings. Hallelujah! Thank you, Lord, for the little role You allowed us to play in this pastor's and village's life! And it's only the beginning!


Again, I was very proud of Paul, who is my right-hand man, only 18 years old, at how he handled everything for three days while I was sick in bed. He managed to teach the kids on last moment's notice, and led the prayer night into the New Year.

And they had a powerful time together - which was easy to hear in my room - praying for 7 hours. The kids all participated, and some adults even danced and prayed like never before. Praise God!

He has great things in store for us this year. Looking back over 2006, I'm amazed at all He's done. And doubtlessly, I'll say the same thing a year from now. This is the year of entering into our Promised Land, moving to our property, and starting a new chapter at Centre Apostolique Malien.


  •   Daouda, the third kid we took in in December, had to leave us after having stolen several times and not making an effort to change. It's always hard to see a child go, but the shorter the time the easier.
  •   We're currently doing an intensive Bible School, from 9 am till 5 pm every day for 6 days. Thankfully I have two helpers, who have already done the first trimester, who take my place most of the time.
  •   The children redid the exams they failed, and got better grades. School starts again on Monday. Solomani can join our old kids without effort, but Eli needs to start from scratch. Since the neighbors' kids don't have sponsors yet, we cannot start another grade yet. Eli will have to be taught at the side individually.
  •   Please pray for Firmin, who's been with us for 4 months. He's not gifted in taking care of kids, so we need to find a solution.
  •   Next Wednesday I'm leaving on my trip to Paris and on to the USA (my itinerary is on the left). Paul will be in charge during my absence.


Thank you for partnering with me to take Mali for the Lord. May we all have a fruitful year 2007!

Love in HIM,