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Ask of Me, and I will make the nations your inheritance. (Ps 2:8)


Sekouba Revealed

Dr. Claudia R. Wintoch

1 October 2006




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Things have been really difficult recently, and in a sense, I'm relieved at what happened today, because it feels like we've been purified and we can finally go on. Please pray for me and us in this difficult time, and I appreciate every single email of encouragement. Check also my daily blog to find out what's happening next.



He will bring to light what is hidden in darkness and will expose the motives of men's hearts. (1.Cor 4:5b)



This verse refers to the future, but thankfully it's also true for today.

  • I've never done that ever before, but last night, as the kids were going to bed, I "accidentally" pushed Sekouba's pillow aside, and found a knife under it. He didn't have an explanation.
  • They were all sleeping while I was still up doing stuff. I rarely leave my room at night, but at midnight I did for some reason, and there was light in the kids' room with everyone sleeping. I found Sekouba organizing his stuff. Again, no explanation.
  • Sekouba has a collection of pictures he wanted, of all the people dear to him. This morning he said he would burn the pictures of Cliff and Pascale, and whether Paul would want them. He gave all the pictures to Paul.
  • Fanta overheard a conversation between Sekouba and Abdias, without them knowing. She heard Sekouba saying that he would steal some things and leave us.
  • Tonight two adults heard him sing/hum Muslim songs.
  • Since the start of Ramadan Sekouba has not wanted to eat. He refuses to eat fruit or even chocolate, and only eats a handful during the meals.

Sekouba has been with us for just over a year, and he has shown his sensitivity to God, and his love for the lost. In April he received a prophetic word about his calling to go to the lost street kids. Once before he announced he would leave, but then changed his mind. This time it's clearly more serious. I don't even recognize this Sekouba - he's the opposite of the one who was here before the start of Ramadan.

Ever since Ramadan started, there has been havoc among the kids. With the whole country bowing to Satan, powerful forces of darkness are unleashed, bombarding us, and since the kids still have open doors, still need healing, still need to grow in the Lord, it's an easy game. Also, Sekouba has several Muslim friends he's very close to. I don't know in what way those friends have influenced him.


I intended to send this out right away, but it turned out differently. We sat down with Sekouba to talk. Unfortunately, the whole time, Sekouba didn't say a single word. I started off by saying I loved him, and by talking about secrets, and God's light, then asking him whether he has stopped following Jesus. No answer. I then played his prophetic word for him to listen to, to remind him of the promises of God. I called Abdias in and asked him whether there is anything I should know, and he said no, and left. I then asked a few more questions of Sekouba, but in vain, and so I just exhorted him, speaking truth to him. He had his head bowed the whole time, not reacting at all. What can you do in that case?

I just knew one thing: pray. I sat down on one side of Sekouba, Paul on the other, and we laid hands on him, praying for him for quite some time. I took his hand, and he didn't refuse. I thought, surely God is getting through to him!

Afterwards we took Abdias and talked to him. It took persistence until he finally spoke. Sekouba had threatened him if he told anyone that he was leaving. He also told us that Sekouba has gone back to begging on the streets for weeks and weeks. And that he's been trying to get all the other kids to leave as well. I took Abdias into my arms and told him that no one would hurt him. That I was here to protect him, and that in the future, he should tell me if anyone ever said such a thing to him.

I was honestly shocked! How long has this been going on? How long has it been since he returned to his old ways, following Allah? How had he been able to pretend so well all this time, for weeks and weeks? In the end, the month of Ramadan brought it to light. In the end, the Lord led us to see what was going on. Everything came to the light. The wolf in sheep's clothing was exposed.

Though it's hard for me to believe that my "first-born", the first kid we took in, could have deceived me like that....

It was time for our nightly meeting. I asked if anyone had anything to say, and everyone kept silent. When I asked Sekouba whether he had something to say, he just said he was leaving. I asked why, but he didn't say a word. I said, if ever there was only the least bit of sincerity in his affection for me, then he at least owed me telling me why he was leaving, and why he turned away from Jesus. No response.

I told him that even though I don't know whether he ever meant anything he said or did, I loved him as my son, and I would keep loving him and praying for him daily. And if ever he wanted to return to Jesus, he was welcome to come back and I would embrace him with open arms. I told him I'd bless him and let him go.

Tomorrow morning he's leaving. We've locked all the doors and taken off the keys, so he can't do anything stupid.

Please, would you pray for Sekouba, as he returns to the street. And pray also for us. It is difficult for every one of us. I've been praying for God to purify us, and bring all sin to light, and He's done it. I hope peace will now return to our house.

Tonight I had to interrupt the service because of the arguing, anger, words, behavior of a couple of people/kids present. I told them we'd have to repent before continuing, and I was on the floor, shedding many tears, asking the Lord to take all that sin out of us, and to forgive me, and to show me whether I, as the pastor, leader, mother, had caused any of this with my own behavior. I was heart-broken. Igot up and proclaimed a 3-day fast for our church - Monday through Wednesday. That means tomorrow we're all gonna spend the day in prayer and fasting after Sekouba has left in the morning.

I do hope that the blessings of God will rest on us as the sin among us has been exposed. And I do pray that the Lord would not let go of Sekouba, and that the day would come, when he would stand in front of me again saying, Mom, I've sinned against heaven and you....