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Ask of Me, and I will make the nations your inheritance. (Ps 2:8)


Explosive Expansion Ahead

Dr. Claudia R. Wintoch

21 August 2006




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Monthly budget: $1900 or 1500€
Monthly support: $650 or 510€


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In the US:

Make checks payable to CTC.
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Make checks payable to BE A HERO.
Don't write my name on the check, but add a note that it's for me.
Send it to:
2041 Harvey Ave
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Bank name: BA/CA
Bank number: 12000
Account number: 509.101.468.00
IBAN: AT03 12000 509 101 468 00



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Dr. Claudia R. Wintoch
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Bamako, Mali
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Aug 22-24   Paris, France

Sep   Visitor from Austria

Oct   Construction Starts

Nov 26   2nd Church Anniversary


I've updated several pages of my website, and put up a new page to keep you up to date on our building project. Simply click on CONSTRUCTION in the menu.

I just transcribed the prophetic word I received in San Diego two weeks ago, and you can read it on the ENDORSEMENT page.

I can now receive Canadian tax-deductable donations (details on the left). I've also added the monthly budget versus the support coming in on a monthly basis for your information.



For years I have carried this book in me, allowing all the chapters to form and come to maturity, and now it's time to deliver the baby. In March I started feeling this urgency to start writing, and I asked the Lord for a confirmation, as I returned to Mali from Europe. On the way home I was prophesied over and the first thing the man of God said was about writing a book.What a timely confirmation!

Being in the US, I was again feeling the urgency, and asking the Lord to make a way where there is no way in the natural (i.e. no time). I feel like I need to get away for a week or two, with the only goal of writing, without any distractions. So I'm asking the Lord where He would have me go to write. I'm thinking of October right now.

Some might ask what the book is about. It's gonna be my story - how God can take a broken girl from a secular family and send her all alone to a Muslim nation to take it for Him. It is going to be the journey of how it all came about, and it's meant to encourage all the sons and daughters of God that nothing is impossible with God, and He can do anything with each one of you, so just step into your destiny!

Any suggestions for a place to write are welcome. It will be sacrificial to take time out to write, but it will be worth it.



Chuck Pierce said that 2006 would be the year when things come full-circle, and it surely looks that way with my divine appointment with Wesley Campbell in California.

Ten years ago I did a three-month school of counseling & healing in Kelowna, Canada, under the then-senior pastor Wesley Campbell. It was probably the most significant time of preparation for Mali, because the Lord did such an immense work of healing in me. I've never been back to Kelowna, and still, when I talked to Wesley the other day, he knew he had met me before.

Today, Wesley has a multi-million dollar organization (charity) called BE A HERO with the goal of saving one million children at risk world-wide, and he wants to take on our building project, helping us with the funding.

What do they do? They match every donation coming in, i.e. if you give $1000 to them, earmarked for my project, they will give me $2000. How does it work? Wesley is a world reknown conference speaker whose heart is to mobilize every revivalist to start reaching out to the poor and the orphans, and to have every American family sponsor one child. The revivalists associated with BE A HERO raise the funds in their conferences, to fund the projects in the third world. Wes immediately knew who to ask to take my project on the road, and everything is in process now.

Please pray for the details to be worked out for the glory of God. Pray for continued favor. Pray also for the property papers to come through; they are still stuck on the government level, and without them, we cannot start construction. Pray for the funds to come in, so BE A HERO can have something to match. Wes's rough estimate of how much our building project will cost was half a million dollars. Our construction manager in Mali now has to give me an informed estimate of how much our first building phase will cost.

Visit my new CONSTRUCTION page on my website for current updates and more information.



The Lord has been speaking to me that it's time for HEALING 2 THE NATIONS to become an official organization in the US, a 501c3, a tax-exempt organization.

I'm now looking for someone who knows how to do the paperwork, and who can help me do that. I'm also praying about who to invite to be on the board. And I'm looking for someone who will do the administrative work in the US on an ongoing basis.

The need for this step forward was confirmed when someone approached me, wanting to be under my covering, going with HEALING 2 THE NATIONS into another nation a year from now. At the same time the Lord confirmed through a prophet that He was now opening other nations, and that I was a "mother of nations". Wow!

Any help or advice is welcome.



These last few days I attended the yearly HIM conference in Pasadena (Los Angeles). I was amazed, blown away, as the Lord downloaded strategies, blueprints, marching orders to me, for what's ahead in Mali. Last December the Lord told me to start praying for the eight regions of Mali, and determine where in each region to plant a church. I thought it was so ridiculous since we had only just celebrated our first anniversary as a church in Bamako! However, the Lord spoke to me in January and told me it would be sooner than I thought.

Now the Lord is speaking in greater detail about planting churches in other parts of Mali. He showed me arrows going from Bamako to all the other parts of Mali, and gave me some details on how to proceed.

Yet, my heart cries HOW.

A year ago, returning to Mali just after the HIM conference as I'm doing right now, I cried to the Lord, asking HOW I could feed the kids on a weekly basis. But He did it.

This year, I'm crying HOW again. HOW to go plant churches all over Mali without any workers? Remember, God, Your fire came and reduced our church, and I only have one team member left! HOW, oh Lord, do all these things, without radical lovers of God who will lay down their lives and go? And I'm not even talking about money...

But you know what? I know that God is able. When He calls, He provides. If it's time to go start churches in other parts of Mali, He will send the workers and the finances. Wow! He will do it!

Maybe He has already talked to some of you reading this email, and you're supposed to come help me bring in the harvest in Mali. Together, let us raise up the Malian army, the Malian bride, made up of adults but also of kids. I can't wait for my kids to go and do the works Jesus did! Let's go get the kids, have them radically saved and transformed, and send them back out with the weapons of our God!

Several missions trip to Mali are in the earliest stages of preparation. Do you want to join a team, and start a new church in Mali?

I just put up the page VISIT in the CONTACT menu.



In a few hours I'm boarding the plane to Paris, from where I continue on to Bamako, Mali. I'm excited to go home, excited to move forward with fresh vision and new anointing.

And remember, your feedback and comments are always welcome! I love getting emails!