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Ask of Me, and I will make the nations your inheritance. (Ps 2:8)


Beholding His Glory

Dr. Claudia R. Wintoch

15 August 2006




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3000 sq.m. Property
for Church, Orphanage & School

Projected Costs: a few hundred thousand $
Building Fund: $1,400

But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as by the Spirit of the Lord. (2 Cor 3:18)

Oh how I love the glory! How I love to gaze upon the beauty of the Lord! How I love to behold HIM, my Beloved, to get lost in His glorious embrace! What an awesome verse this is, what an awesome promise, what an awesome path ahead of us! Do you long to be changed from glory to glory? What do you want to change into? You become what you behold. You behold what's on your TV screen, guess what you will look like. You behold what's on your computer screen, guess what you will look like. You behold Jesus, guess what you will look like. Paul talks about beholding the GLORY of the LORD. Wow! I LONG to see His glory, I LONG for His glory, I YEARN for it.

And here Paul promises us that WHEN we behold His glory, we'll be changed into just that - we'll look like His glory. Wow! We look through a mirror at His glory - who can even look at the sun, and His glory shines so much more brightly. We do look through a mirror, BUT what do OUR faces look like? Have we removed everything from our faces that keep us from seeing? Some people put bags over their faces, and then wonder why they can't see. Others put on all kinds of glasses and wonder why they can't see properly. Others want to hide their faces, and then complain about not seeing. Who will dare to take everything off - every veil, every bag, all sunglasses, all make-up to make you look good? Who will give up everything, for the sake of gazing upon His beauty? Who will make Himself vulnerable and transparent before Him who knows your heart anyway?

GLORY from http://www.bartowimages.comIt is up to you. You decide how well you see. You decide how close you get. He longs MORE for you to see Him, than you do to see Him. For years I've cried out to see His face, for years I've yearned to draw closer to Him, and for years I've cried out for His glory.

Two weeks ago I got on a plane to San Diego because I had an appointment with Him at a conference there. I was so desperate for Him, and knew He was waiting for me there. I don't care what it takes, I don't care where I need to go, I just HAVE to have Him. I got so desperate to meet with Him, I was crying and crying one night, being at the point of knowing I could not go on a single day without having found Him. Please don't misunderstand, this was a good kind of desperation. It was a God-inspired desperation. Did you know that God loves to play hide-and-seek? He will hide to see whether you will notice the difference. He will hide to see how much you care. He will hide to see whether you will seek Him. He will hide to see how hungry you are for Him. He will hide to see how much you need Him.

I had to have Him, and after many, many shed tears, I felt so empty, but somewhat purified, as the only thing left was my deep desire for Him. And He came. God always responds to hunger. Those who seek Him will find Him. He first came, giving me a vision about what He was doing (read it on the blog page here). And then His glory came like a flood, sweeping me off my feet. I left the conference in a glory cloud, with the only desire of basking in His glory, and my greatest desire being to stay in this place, and not lose it again, even in a dark country like Mali, and even with the busy-ness of life in Mali.

Nothing compares to His glory, and no place is better than His glory, His presence. I want to be transformed into that image - the image of His glory that shines so brightly, we can only look at it through a mirror. I love the glory, I love HIM, and I long for all of you to also live in that place. What keeps you? What is holding you back? Rip it off your face!

It is a narrow door that leads into His glory, and it is low. I saw that narrow door, and the walls around it being transparent, I could somewhat see the glory on the other side. I stuck my hand through the door, but I didn't fit through. I so longed to get in! I kept saying, MORE OF YOU AND LESS OF ME, and I became thinner and thinner, and so did the door. I still wasn't thin enough. I also became more and more transparent. Finally, with nothing in my hands, and nothing visible left, I slipped through the narrow and low door.

The door is there, for all of us, but it's up to you whether to go in or not. How hungry are you? Are you willing to lay down those things that hold you back?

I will, Lord! Show me those things I hold on to, those things I need to lay down at your feet. I hunger and thirst for You, I long to see your face! Show me Your glory, Lord! Whatever it takes, I must have You! Make me willing to lie down on Your altar, for You to kill me, trusting that You will also raise me back to life.



I left San Diego Saturday night, and spent the whole night in planes, to preach Sunday morning in a church in Kansas City. It was so awesome! You can read the details here. Then on Wednesday I was invited to a church in Topeka, and again, I was just overwhelmed and overjoyed by what God did (read it here). I was also greatly humbled by the kind words that were spoken about and to me, knowing that it is HIM in me that makes people say those things - MORE OF HIM AND LESS OF ME!

I just love loving on Him, and drawing others into His presence with me. I'm so thankful for the doors He is opening more and more for me, wherever I go, and the favor I find thanks to His presence. How I wished that all people would find that intimate place in Him!

I've now been in the US for four weeks, and they have been four tremendous weeks; of refreshing, of renewing friendships and making new friends. The last five nights I have each spent in a different place, but I just love traveling, going wherever the wind blows.


At the same time I greatly miss my kids back home. Every couple of days I call them (you can now call Mali from the US for 9 cents a minute - so call me!), and I just love hearing their voices and talking to them. They tell me they miss me and love me, and I tell them I miss them and love them. The other day they told me to come home right away. Just a few more days! And I'm so very proud of my 18-year-old, Paul, who is in charge of everything and doing a great job.

The other day, Fousseni's father showed up at our house. A delicate situation! It amazes me that he found out about his son being with us; it seems we've become pretty well-known in our area. He wanted to know why we had his son without his consent, and Paul explained to him who we are and what we do. Then they called Fousseni and asked whether he wanted to go with his father or stay with us. His father had beaten him up all his life, and not even given him any more food in the end, which is why he ran away and ended up on the street. When Fousseni said he wanted to stay with us, his father said he would sign the paper handing Fousseni over into our care.


Last week I flew to Augusta, GA, to meet with the architect Peter, a wonderful Christian man who had expressed interest in helping us out. I had an awesome time with him and his family, and we had quality time "talking business". We brainstormed, and at 1 am I had the inspiration to arrange everything the way you see it to the right. I'm really excited when I look at what God is gonna raise up!

The first building phase will include my house, as well as Seybou's and the one for Paul's family (Albino). Peter is doing the drawings for us. This is gonna be the most urgent one time-wise, because once completed it will allow us to move and save lots of money on rent and utilities. Our goal is to move before the start of the rainy season next year (May 2007).

Please pray for favor with God's people as well as those in the world (some potentially great contacts have been made), that those meant to invest into our oasis will not hold back.

Pray also for the authorities in Mali. We need the property papers to come through as soon as possible, so that construction can start.


One of my cries to the Lord has been for workers. The harvest is so ready, the task so huge, but I lack the people who simply love God with a passion and use all their talents for His glory. If you want to come for 2 weeks, 2 months, 2 years or the rest of your life, please contact me. Everyone is welcome and needed!

My dear friends, old and new, I want to bless you as you continue your day:

May you behold His glory day by day, and may you be changed into that which you behold. May His glory consume you, so that nothing but His glory will be left to be seen in You. May you become more like Him, changed from glory to glory to glory to glory...

All HIS,