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Ask of Me, and I will make the nations your inheritance. (Ps 2:8)


Of Crises & Solutions, Pain & Healing

Dr. Claudia R. Wintoch

6 July 2006




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I know I promised to write less frequently, but current events compel me to share what's going on. I believe you won't regret reading another one of my emails. Right now every day is just full of noteworthy events, of crises and solutions, pain and healing.


3000 sq.m. Property
for Church & Orphanage

Construction starts in October.
Current Estimate: $1,000,000
Building Fund: $3,700
Spent: $300


Seybou was still avoiding me today, unable to look into my eyes or smile. He had done his job, guarding the house at night, and was sleeping in the morning. When I caught him in the afternoon, I sent him on an errand downtown, just like I always used to. In the evening, I sat down to talk with him.

I told him that the Bible says to confess your sins, ask for forgiveness, from me and from God, and he will be forgiven, his sin as far away as the east is from the west. He did just that. I was also exposing the enemy's lies he was hearing in his mind, and he confirmed that I was right. I told him that there was no condemnation in Jesus, but it is Satan who condems. It is the enemy who causes the shame, because God had already forgiven and cleansed him. I told him how to resist the lies and conter them with truth. Then we prayed for Seybou and broke off that shame. When we were done, he looked a lot better, a lot lighter, and he even smiled for the first time. Hallelujah! He said he knows that it was our prayers and all the prayers around the world that brought him back home. He said he had been unable to reach his relative in Abijan, Ivory Coast, having nearly arrived there. Had he reached him, he wouldn't have returned as easily.

I then told him that he hadn't lost my money but God's money. So, there was no difference whether he'd lose it or I'd lose it - it was God's money lost. And the Lord had already spoken to someone to send money before Seybou had lost it (which was the first considerable donation in quite some time); I got that note yesterday morning. I also urged him to start giving his tithe again.

Then we talked about stealing, which is something Seybou would have never done in his right mind. I know few Malians with his integrity. I told him that losing the money hadn't been the problem, but that he had stolen money had really hurt me. And I was gonna take the stolen money of $40 off his salary. Even though sin is forgiven, it always has consequences when other people are involved.


Today I caught all three of our kids having taken rotten food out of my garbage and eaten it!!! I was so shocked! I told them that they were no longer on the street, having to take food out of the garbage to survive. They now had a home and plenty to eat. They were now little princes, sons of the Highest King.

While salvation is instant, the renewal of the mind takes time. It takes patience, love, and correction, to be transformed into the image of Christ. I love my kids dearly, and I rejoice over every little victory I see, and grieve when they fall. But they are moving forward, and that's all that counts. In a few years, they will be awesome men of God.


Of all our kids, Abdias's experience of school has been the most traumatic in the past. For years, he was regularly beaten at (primary) school until his health did not allow him to go to school any longer. In the end, he found himself all alone on the street, a 13-year old who is much too small for his age.

Because of his past, he struggles a lot at school now (I'm teaching them). He cannot handle mistakes or being corrected and sometimes freezes, unable to concentrate any longer. Our little bundle of joy is the exact opposite at school, though he does rejoice when he succeeds. In fact, though he is younger than the other two, he's the one with the best grades (except in Bible).

At the end of the last lesson today, I looked at their writing homework and told Abdias for the 20th time yet calmly to leave a space between his words or write a comma. As soon as I did, he started getting angry and whiny, saying words in Bambara I did not understand, moving around. It was so irrational, his reaction so unexpected, I grabbed him by the arms and told him to look at me. He wouldn't. He started kicking around to get rid of me, trying to run away, screaming to leave him alone. I just held him more tightly and forced him into their room. Once out of view of the other kids, I simply hugged him tightly, against all his kicking and screaming, and wouldn't let him go. Instead I was praying quietly. Finally he calmed down, giving up trying to get away. I started singing to him, and that immediately silenced him. As I was singing and praying, I could tell God was doing a deep work. I was still holding him tightly, allowing the Father's love to flow into him. After I don't know how much time I gently laid him on the bed, and prayed some more until leaving him to rest in Him.

An hour or two later, he awoke. I asked him what had happened, and he said that Jesus had come and healed his heart. And in fact, he seemed more joyful than usual the rest of the day.


Salim (16) is no stranger to me. He's a neighbors' kid and has been around a lot. He's good friends with our kids, and often joins us for movies and games. I first took more notice of him in April, when he was in our French class, because he was very intelligent and had obviously been to school several years.

Tonight I was surprised when Salim stayed on having played games with our kids, instead of going home. Our kids asked whether he could stay for the night, but I didn't know yet why.

After our time of sharing and prayer with the kids, they went to bed, and it was time to talk to Salim and find out what was going on.

Salim's Dad, an angry man, is in the habit of beating his oldest son.This morning he took a stick and told Salim to leave their house forever. If he'd ever come back, he'd kill him. Salim went to his Mom who told him if his Father had said to leave, he'd have to leave.

Salim spent the day away from his home. Paul's family lives close to Salim's, and Paul's father went to talk to Salim's father (not for the first time), but to no avail. So Paul's family suggested to Salim to come to us for help.

While Salim was telling us all that had happened, tears were running down his cheeks. I took him into my arms and told him he was safe now. Jesus was with him, and he'd protect him, and we wouldn't allow him to be hurt. It was no conincidence he was here with us right then. Even if his family abandoned and rejected him, Jesus would never leave him nor forsake him. Then we prayed for him.

I took our last mattress, and put it on the floor in the kids room, for Salim to sleep on. I guess it's time for another bunkbed to be made. I added food money for tomorrow, and gave some instructions to Paul how to handle an additional kid. I had intended to wait till my return from the US in August to take in more kids, but the Lord has never really asked him for permission to do anything ;-)

Tomorrow we're gonna talk to Salim's parents. If they don't want to take him back, we will ask their (written) permission to keep Salim with us.

Please pray for Salim. He's a fine young man, very serious and reponsible - maybe even too much for his age. He's also very intelligent, and I'm glad he'll be able to continue his studies. His father had taken him out of school a year ago.

If any of you would like to sponsor Salim with $50 or €40 a month, please contact me.

All of this occurred in how many days? Yes, correct, just TODAY, one day. It feels like this day has been going on forever, and another long and busy day is ahead. Our kids have their exams in the morning, then I'm going with Hama (5) downtown to the headquarters of the center where he's doing his walking therapy, so the doctor can examine him. I hope to be back in time for Bible School, which will last all night. It's the last evening before their final exam. And then I will have to prepare the remaining exams for Friday morning, and the room for our Austrian visitor arriving in the evening, or rather the middle of night.

So, as you can tell, I'm not getting bored :-)
But I AM getting tired, even though I love what I do. That's why your prayers are so crucial.