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Ask of Me, and I will make the nations your inheritance. (Ps 2:8)


Update On Seybou & More

Dr. Claudia R. Wintoch

5 July 2006




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I apologize if the many emails these last few days inconvenienced you. This surely is an exceptional time, and I promise the frequency of my emails is gonna decrease again. For those wanting to stay more up-to-date, you can always check my blog on my website that I update nearly daily.


3000 sq.m. Property
for Church & Orphanage

Construction starts in October.
Estimate: $1,000,000
Building Fund: $3,700
Spent: $300

At 1 am I finally went to bed last night. I was just falling asleep, when the doorbell rang. It was Seybou's cousin Hassan who had been looking for Seybou all over town. He said he'd found some relative who'd seen Seybou. Seybou came to him to borrow money, because he had lost my $500. We were relieved to have SOME kind of news at least. At least we knew he was okay, and that it was a question of lost money.

Today in the afternoon, Hassan came by with some news. Seybou had called him, his cellphone was now turned on, and I called him right away. We all talked 15 minutes with him.

What had happened? On the way downtown, Seybou lost the money he should use to pay the rent and buy a mattress for the little kids. He was too ashamed to return home. instead, he borrowed money from some relatives, probably sold his little motorbike, and took the next bus to Abijan, Ivory Coast, Mali's southern neighbor. That's where he was when we were talking to him on the phone. His plan was to find a job there and earn the money that was lost, before returning home. He simply left with this plan of his, without telling ANYone. His wife Fanta has been in tears since his disappearance. She was the first one to guess he'd lost the money. And her guess was also that Seybou would never come back. She couldn't believe that Seybou would just leave her with the kids like this. What would she do? Where could she go? Alone with two little kids?

When Fanta was talking to us like this today, I put my arm around her shoulders, and told her that we love her and her kids, and how could she even think thoughts like that. Seybou and herself, they weren't just employees. We're a family, and I'd NEVER send her away! As a family, you hold together, you're there for each other.

So, I was glad to have Seybou on the line. I told him very clearly to come back home right away. This was only money, only some paper, that was lost; he shouldn't allow that to destroy his life. His place was with us, his family; we needed him. He said he was too ashamed, that he wanted to earn the money first. I told him, Simeon had lost money before as well, and that it could happen to just anybody. He should just come home where he belongs.

After Hassan, Paul and I had talked to him, he said he was coming home. Abijan is a long way from Mali. We hope he took the next bus the opposite direction, and if so, he should be home by tomorrow.

Please pray for Seybou, for protection for his body but also his soul. Pray for peace, that he won't listen to any more lies the enemy is speaking to him to keep him from coming home. I can't wait to embrace Seybou and show him the unconditional love of Christ, and I've encouraged everybody else in our family to do likewise, rather than bombarding him with accusations. He should never ever again believe that running away is a solution.

It's 1:30 am, and I was just gonna send off this email, when the doorbell rang. It was Hassan with Seybou. Seybou had taken the next bus back, after we had talked on the phone. Seybou was all downcast, barely talking, and not wanting to look at me. We only talked a few minutes since it's late. I found out that after he lost the $460, he came back to the house and took the $40 food money to buy the ticket to Abijan. I simply replied that losing money can happen, but taking the $40 was stealing.

Seybou is gonna pick up his job right away and watch the house tonight. Fanta came to the door, saw Seybou, and simply turned around going back inside. Please pray for their mariage that even before was in trouble already.

Pray also for Hassan, who has seen and experienced much of the Lord (he was healed of 8 years of pain 18 months ago), but still hasn't made the choice to follow Jesus. Just now, he made some remarkable comments about Seybou needing inner healing, and I should pray for him for God to do a work of change him, and the like; he was acknowledging the power of the God we serve.


The kids have been studying for two months now, and this Thursday and Friday it's time for final exams. I've been teaching them every morning from 9 to 1, enjoying it thoroughly. On Thursday they have to do their Bible, Maths, and Reading exam, on Friday it's Writing and French. Right now they all have one or two F's, and the rest all D's with one or so C. Studying is still a rather foreign concept for them, and the motivation not very high.

Tonight, though, we happened to watch Heidi Baker's documentary Mama Heidi, about her marvelous work in Mozambique that is like a blueprint for us. They all saw it for the first time; I was translating into French, and Paul into Bambara. All the kids were captivated by what they saw - the street kids in Mozambique, and Heidi's work among them. Especially Sekouba is very sensitive to Holy Spirit when he watches what God is doing. He always praises God loudly at every miracle, and simply relives what is happening. At one point in the video tonight there is a young boy who's still studying at night, before an exam. Somehow that must have spoken to Sekouba. A few minutes later, he was sitting at the desk studying! And Abdias did the same a few minutes later. Only Fousseni watched the video with us to the end. I myself was glad to have watched it again, to encourage myself, and Paul loved it anyway!


Friday night, after the exams, Johanna from Austria is arriving in Bamako to improve her Bambara. She's a student of African studies in Vienna, and contact was made through her present and my former Bambara professor. We're all looking forward to having her for a few days now, and for a month after my return from the US.

Next Wednesday, on July 12, I'm leaving Mali for a much-needed time of rest and refreshing (see itinerary on the left). Paul will carry all the responsabilities while I'm gone, staying with the kids in the house. He keeps telling me not to worry, that God is with him, and he's right of course.

Once more it's well past midnight and a short night ahead of me. Thank you for your emails of encouragement and your prayers!

Abundant blessings In HIM,