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Ask of Me, and I will make the nations your inheritance. (Ps 2:8)


Construction Impossible?

Dr. Claudia R. Wintoch

3 July 2006




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To find out what's gonna happen, consult my BLOG page from time to time. There are also new pictures from the property on there, from our time of ministry on Saturday.


3000 sq.m. Property
for Church & Orphanage

Construction starts in October.
Estimate: $1,000,000
Building Fund: $3,700
Spent: $300

One million dollars! I'm still under shock as I'm writing this. No, I did NOT have the faith for that kind of money. I'm barely making ends meet as it is!!! The architect had left, and I sunk down on a bench next to Sekouba and Paul. My knees were all wobbly because of the shock. Sekouba put his hands on mine and said, God will give the money, He'll provide. He was throwing back to me my own words. But I simply could not believe. And yet, God keeps speaking and confirming prophetically that the center will be built, the orphanage will stand, the church will stand. Here's one from April of this year, given in Paris:

Know this, says the Lord, your dwelling place, even the compound where you’re seeking to build. It is My will, says the Lord, and it shall be an oasis of living water, the Spirit of God, but it shall also be an oasis where the natural body is refreshed, that which will provide to the body and the spirit. And I will favor you, says the Lord, and whatever your hands touch I will prosper. You know, I see a vision in my mind’s eye. It’s like in the middle of the desert. And I don’t know if this is, I know it’s spiritual, but I’m almost feeling it’s natural too. That it’s if you dig for water to have a well on your property, it will be like an artesian well that was never expected. And it will be a sign in the natural that represents to the people that spiritually God is there. And many will come, says the Lord, seeking the water of life, and I’m going to cause there to be raised up unto you local ministries, pastors, native pastors, that will spread out, even to the borders of the city and establish works for my kingdom. Even a training center, says the Lord. A large vision for one girl. But not large for Me in you, says the Lord.

Even now you are not seeing as much support as you know you need. And it’s like you had to do everything the hard way to get anywhere. But in these next 24 months I’m going to favor you, says the Lord, among the brethren, and there will be those who say, she’s proven herself faithful and it is a confirmation of what she’s doing is of the Lord. And there will be those who will be raised up to pour in financial and physical help to build the compound that I have called you to build. You will go on the property in prayer and you will begin to pray for what is needed. You will receive emails, phone calls, that the supply is coming. There’ll even be days where you’ll find building materials on your property that were just brought there, and you won’t know if men brought it or if the angels of the Lord dropped it. I’m preparing you for a miracle ministry, of provision to do what I put in your spirit to do.

Rereading these words from the Lord, I guess I should repent and put my trust in HIM.

What happened today? I had the number of a Malian Christian architect and decided to give it a try. After all, he'd be a local and around. When he pulled up at our house, I already realized that I had a rich man in front of me - the latest truck, expensive clothes. Paul and Sekouba got in the car with me, and we drove to our property while I was sharing about the work we're doing and the vision we're having. We arrived at the property, and he only looked around for a few minutes before we went back home. He just wanted to see what the land was like, the topography. In the car, he told me about the three phases - the drawings, then the legal stuff, and then the actual construction. He would take care of it all! Very comforting, but I was already fearing the amount of money that would cost. Little did I know....

Back home, we sat down, and I made a few drawings to share my ideas with him. In the end, he said he could make the first drawings within a week, so that I'd have a folder to take with me on my trip (I'm leaving in 9 days). When he told me his first estimate of what it ALL would cost, I couldn't believe my ears and had to ask several times the amount. I left to translate the local currency into American dollars and couldn't believe my eyes - one million! I went back into the room and told him that that amount was out of the question. And that I didn't have $2000 to give him for these initial drawings. He said, that's what they were worth, but he understood. I could pay him coming back from my trip. I explained to him that my monthly support just about covers my rent, and that I had to believe God every month for food, electricity, water, and all the other expenses. But one million? No, I didn't have that much faith.

I feel like my feet are in shoes double my size. And the tiredness, frustration, and disappointments are taking their toll on me. I can only thank God that my vacation is starting in 9 days (see itinerary on left). And who knows, maybe the God of the impossible will do the impossible?



P.S. This picture shows the hangar we put up on our property on Saturday. We still need to put some mats on the roof for it to protect us from the sun, but we're still looking for the cheapest option. The government told us to put something up on the property so we'd already be established there, and no other church would be given our land when the blockage is finally lifted. It will also provide us with shade for our weekly ministry to the kids and neighbors there.