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Ask of Me, and I will make the nations your inheritance. (Ps 2:8)


Ministering To Jesus By Sponsoring Little Ones

Dr. Claudia R. Wintoch

5 May 2006




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Again, we've seen this ministry grow and have expanded our borders, according to the Lord's will. However, while expenses grow, monthly support barely has and is at about a fourth of what's needed, making it difficult to pay the bills. Please consider supporting us on a monthly basis, or sponsoring one of these kids and those to come. Why not be the first?



Whoever welcomes a little child like this in My name welcomes Me. (Matt 18:5)

Last Sunday I closed out the seminar on marriage and raising kids Pascale and Corinne had been teaching with a strong message on children from Matthew 18. We are not to look down on these little ones (v. 10), and we should be very careful how we treat them (v. 6). Whatever we do to them, we do to Jesus. When we bless them, we bless Jesus; when we hurt them, we hurt Jesus. And I'm sure their angels see the Father's tears rolling down his cheeks when we do (see v. 10), and maybe He sends them forth to protect them.

While Pascale & Corinne were here for two weeks, we spent more time with the children on a daily basis than I've ever had, and they were flourishing.


Hama was like a little sponge, soaking up the love and attention he got from the ladies. He walked more on our hands than ever, and visibly became stronger. And his laughter has changed. He now truly laughs, from his heart, with real joy. Also, when I pick him up now, he puts his arms around my neck and wants to be squeezed and doesn't let go.

But we didn't just see the positive, we also saw the ugly that broke our heart - the way he is treated, the lack of hygiene, and the lack of boundaries. I had another conversation with his parents about basic hygiene and how to deal with him, and they received it with a grateful heart. My our little one be healed in body, soul and spirit!


While Pascale & Corinne were here, we offered a French class - five mornings during the 2 weeks. I ended up being the one teaching it (since I have plenty of teaching experience), and we had much fun together. We had street kids, neighbors' kids, as well as two adults. We played games and learned words, and colored papers and solved puzzles. Sometimes they were very numerous, sometimes it was a small group, some came once, some every time.

And a few of those regular kids are on our list of kids to be taken in, because they have shown that they are serious. Yes, the time has come! We've actually started taking in kids - two as of now. A non-government organisation in Germany is managing the sponsorships in Europe - CCARA e.V.. If you would like to sponsor one of our children, contact me, and I will put you in touch. If you're not in Europe, you can still sponsor a child (tax-deductable).

I've spent much time before the Lord asking for wisdom, to know how, when, what, what way, to do this, and I still don't have all the answers. But HE is the one that has given the go-ahead, and it's now been over 2 weeks that these children live entirely with me. Yes, Sekouba has been here since October, but he only slept here, working during the days.

One challenge is the lack of workers. Right now I'm taking care of the children as much as I can, while doing all my other work; a situation that cannot go on indefinitely. Thankfully, Paul's schoolyear is nearly over, and he will spend the 4 months off assisting me with teaching them, and supervising them the rest of the day.

In fact, we're starting our school on Monday. They will have Reading & Writing Bambara, French, Maths and Music, preceded every morning by a time of prayer, worship and Bible reading. Mon-Tue, Thu-Sat, 9-1 pm.

Please pray that the Lord shows us who is to be our school-teacher and/or send us the right person.


We nearly lost Sekouba while I was away in March, and I had to have him make the decision whether to stay entirely or to leave entirely. He decided to stay, and ever since, I've been amazed at his explosive growth, especially in the Lord. This is his story:

Sekouba was born in Bamako on the very day Mali's dictator was overthrown in November of 1991. He is the eldest son, because the previous children all died. He lives happily with his father and mother in Bamako until he turns 7 when his uncle comes from Koulikoro and takes him with him. Unfortunately, even though sending him to school, this uncle is very mean and is beating Sekouba all the time and using him as a slave to do all the work. Three years later, at the age of 10, Sekouba has enough and runs away, back to his father in Bamako. His father had in the meantime divorced his wife (Sekouba's Mom) and remarried. Today Sekouba has no idea where his Mom is. After two weeks back in Bamako with his Dad, his evil uncle comes and gets him a second time. He does not know how much time he endured there that time until he ran away a second time. But he didn't go back to his Father who had not protected him; and he hasn't seen him since. Sekouba did go back to Bamako though, and lived on the streets for some time. When he heard that his family was looking for him, he starting saving as much money as possible to go to another town - the town his ancestors are from: Segou. In Segou he lived again on the street, but soon became a Quranic student with a marabout (teacher of the Quran), where he was beaten again, had to memorize the Quran, and beg for money all day long. After 2 years, he fled once again, at the age of just about 13, back to Bamako (because you can earn the most there), where he became a lone street kid again. When he showed up at our center last September, he had lived on the streets of Bamako less than a year.

Sekouba is now part of our worship team, playing the tamtam. He has one of the MP3-players with the New Testament on it, and listens to it all the time, more than all the others. And God's word always bears fruit. He prays on his own, and on the night Pascale taught on the baptism of the SPirit and speaking in tongues, he received the gift of tongues. Last Saturday, after the evening session of the seminar, we all sat down to have a bite to eat. Pascale & I were talking, while Corinne cooked Sekouba's meal, and Sekouba seemed to have fallen asleep. However his lips were moving. Well, to make a long story short (go to my blog for details, to April 29), the Lord spoke to him through a dramatic prophetic experience (like I've never seen). The following day, we had a very extraordinary, dramatic, service. During worship, Sekouba started warring in the Spirit on his tamtam, and God started speaking to me, giving me the interpretation of what He had shown Sekouba the night before. The fear of the Lord fell..... Read my blog for the awesome details, April 30.

Sekouba has also shown to hear God's voice on other occasions, and he has more confidence already praying aloud. I thank the Lord for "my son" Sekouba. I love his laughter, him playing around, and I've been said not to see him joyful since our French visitors left. May the joy of the Lord be his strength!

If you would like to sponsor this special kid on a monthly basis, with 40€ or $50, please contact me. That amount includes food, clothes, medical, and school supplies.

On May 15, we're having a birthday party for four people, including Sekouba (we didn't know it was his birthday end of March) - Sekouba (15), Paul (18), Sarata (1) and myself (33).


Abdoulaye joined us while the French ladies were here. He had a wound on his leg, and that's why he spent the first night here. And he's still here. This is his story:

Abdoulaye was born in Welesebougou (Bougouni/Sikasso region in the south) in 1993. He lived with his parents and went to school for 4 years. During those 4 years, his Father divorced his Mother, and according to local customs, the children belong to the Father and have to be left with him when the wife is sent away. His Mom married again and moved to Gao - the city the furthest away possible (north-east, at the edge of the Sahara). At school, his teacher beat him severely, to the point of his physical state becoming critical, and he had to leave school. For two years he was at home with his Father and stepmother, not doing anything but help out - from age 10 to 12. During that time he decides to leave home and find his Mom and live with her. Again, those two cities are the farthest away possible within Mali. At the age of 12, he leaves, making his way to the capital Bamako, where he needs to take the bus to Gao. He has an uncle in Bamako who he is staying with, but that uncle doesn't want him to go to Gao. Though he treats him well and takes care of him, Abdoulaye doesn't receive everything he wants (his words). His goal is still to find his Mom, so he leaves his uncle's house with the intention of working and saving money for the bus ticket. That's how he ends up on the streets, at the bus station, and that's where he is invited to come to our Wednesday program.

Abdoulaye has also started to flourish, craving every little sign of love and attention he can get. He is eager to learn, and has a beautiful smile. Unfortunately Sekouba and Abdoulaye don't seem to like each other too much, maybe seeing each other as rivals, especially on Sekouba's side. Abdoulaye is 13 years old, but only looks like 8. So far, I can't tell yet how serious he is about following Jesus.

If you would like to sponsor Abdoulaye on a monthly basis, please contact me.

Both these kids are now permanently with us. I'm honored to welcome Jesus Himself into my house, and fearful to raise them according to the Lord's will.


Many have asked what happened to the car. First of all, thank you to all of you who gave their advice on transfering the engine - I've never had that many replies to an email before! The transfer was done in a day, and for little money, by a mechanic. When Pascale & Corinne arrived from Paris April 19, I drove it for the first time - it worked out just in time! We had some problems after that, but they were taken care off. The van now runs smoothly and is a great blessing. Thank you for all your prayers! It took nearly 3 years of praying for a car - but God knows the right timing!

May your eyes become His eyes, may your mouth become His mouth,
may your ears become His ears, may your heart become His heart,
and may your hands become His hands.

All HIS,