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Ask of Me, and I will make the nations your inheritance. (Ps 2:8)


Ministry Trip To Bamako

Pascale Sauvage & Corinne Raud

4 May 2006




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13 very rich, full, busy, fruitful, days with two powerful ladies from Paris came to an end a few days ago. I had much to write in my blog every day, and I encourage you to go have a look at all that happened as well as the pictures. We will never be the same again.

I'm forwarding you their report, and my own summary will follow asap.

Please also take note of my changed summer schedule on the left.


We arrived on April the 19th for two weeks. The first five days we were under several health attacks. We met the team and the street children on Thursday, Friday and Saturday mornings. The first evening, we saw for the first time Hama and Sarata, the children of Seybou and Fatoumata, the people who keep the property. The children were both frightened when they saw us. After we prayed together and asked forgiveness during the prayer night on Saturday evening, because of the French colonisation in Mali, we realised how they were now friendly with us. It was amazing! Even on Thursday morning Hama's attitude changed radically! He played with Pascale, so quietly and joyfully. On Friday he danced and tried to talk with Corinne.

On Friday we visited different market places and Emma's university, and in the evening we watched a film about Jesus. On Saturday we went to the wimming pool with all the team, Seybou, Hama, Sekou, Paul, Simeon, Sekouba, Marie. We had a lot of fun and Corinne was able to share the gospel with a lady from Timbuktu, and someone from Bamako, who sometimes lives in France.

On Saturday evening, the prayer night was full of fire and the holy presence of the Lord, with many prophetic words, and even intercession, arrows of deliverance shot for Mali (2 Kings 13:15-20).

On Sunday evening, the Lord asked Pascale to change her message, about one hour before the service, and she preached about the Father's love. After listening to this message, 3 adults and five children came forward and gave their lives to the Lord, and received salvation. Then many boys and men came forward to forgive their earthly fathers, for what they lived in their past, all the hurts, etc. They also asked forgiveness to the Lord for all the bitterness, anger, resentment they had in their hearts, and we had quite a long time praying individually with each one of them. We were encouraged by several healings. Corinne was touched and healed from blood problems in her legs (very swollen) and Pascale had a sciatic, and was also healed two days later. Some children and adults were also healed from pain in their backs, heads, eyes and even teeth problems.

On Monday we also taught about the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and all the persons present were filled with the Holy Spirit and prayed in tongues, even members of the pastoral team.

The following Thursday evening, we began the seminar on couples and families, with our testimonies. Many were touched by God. Friday and Saturday we shared God's word about marriage, family, and even children's education; prayers and interesting questions closed these meetings. Then at the end of the seminar we had several special times of God's blessings for each child present. And often there were as many children as adults. On Sunday evening and even this Monday before our departure, we had a time of repentance with the church and the team, and they were very thankful for the way we could declare the truth and love of God even in some special and individual situations.

We had a great time in Mali experimenting God's presence and faithfulness every time, even with the weather, which is normally very hot at this time of the year. We prayed and during the two weeks we had clouds, wind, rain every two days, and the temperatures were cooler. We have just heard that since we are back, it hasn't rained again. This kind of weather was unusual for the season, as the rains only come in June.

May we all rejoice for what the Lord has done and may all the glory go unto Him!

Pascale and Corinne