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Ask of Me, and I will make the nations your inheritance. (Ps 2:8)


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Dr. Claudia R. Wintoch

28 February 2006




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My Mom corrected me; I'll be using my grandmothers's phone (she died two months ago). So, my phone number in Austria, starting MARCH 2, is:

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Well, a lot has become clear these past 30 hours, and it doesn't look too good right now.

Yesterday I went with Emmanuel to our appointment. We waited for a long time, and then finally found the village elder we've been dealing with. I greeted him, but he didn't reply. We waited some more, and then he called us over, and started complaining. We were always coming empty-handed, and that way we'd never have the land, etc. etc. Emma apologized, saying he wasn't aware, which he didn't accept. He told us to come again the following day with cola nuts and money, and he'd take us to the village chief.

So once more, we went there today. Again, he wasn't there at first, neither at his house, but in the end we found him (having walked around a lot). Emma's friend Jean was also with us. Emma told him right away that we had cola nuts, dates and money with us, and he was happy. We finally got into his car to go to the village chief. Jean had to stay behind, since the car was full.

When we got to the chief, we didn't hear what we've been expecting to hear these past few weeks. We were told that they had a meeting on Feb 10 where they decided whether to give the land to us or not. Last Saturday even, the elder told us with the government blockage lifted, after having introduced us to the village chief, they would form a committee to move the people on our land, and we could have it.

Today, the chief said that no plans have been drawn up (and yet, I have a photocopy of it), and we'd have to wait for that, and then they'd see whether there is "a corner" for us "somewhere". In the meantime we are to come back often, with gifts, so they'd remember us.

When we joined Jean again, he told us the stories he was told by people there, how these people were all mafiosi who just want money, and that people even sell properties to several people etc.

Back home I called our contact at the government level. Tomorrow I'm going to see him in his office. The good news is that last week the freeze on the giving-away of land in Yirimadio and other parts of town/villages was lifted. So now we can proceed on the bureaucratic level.

Obviously, we're in a war, and a war it is. I'm telling you all these details so you can join us and battle with us, for the glory of His name!

Tomorrow night I'm taking the plane to Paris, then on to Zürich in the morning and finally Western Austria. Please pray for a smooth trip, strength and restored health.