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Ask of Me, and I will make the nations your inheritance. (Ps 2:8)


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Dr. Claudia R. Wintoch

21 January 2006




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I made a 6 min-presentation in English and in French to show all that has happened in the past half year. You can watch it online on my site by going to GALLERY -> VIDEO -> MALI 01/2006, then click on ENGLISH or FRENCH, or download it onto your computer by clicking on the link at the end of this email.


Greetings from Paris!

I'm writing you from our sister HIM church here in Paris, where I'm spending a few days on my way to Pasadena, CA, for a pastors' conference. It's freezing cold (having left low 35°C (that is 95°F) in Mali), but beautiful, meeting friends again, and getting to rest a little like I can't remember when I last did. At the same time, I miss my family in Mali, but talked to Simeon on the phone yesterday. Everything is going well there. I miss my "sons" Sekouba and Hama, especially since I talk about Mali most of the time. Simeon is preaching this Sunday, and Marie the following Sunday. Please remember them in prayer.


* MINIBUS - To the right you finally see a real picture of our minibus. It's old, but it's cheap, and in February we'll hopefully be able to complete the purchase.

* PROPERTY - The whole team is now totally excited about our property. We've started the long process until our name is actually on it, but it is already promised to us. We have gone there to pray, and go there regularly. On the picture you can see me standing on the hill behind the property, praying over the whole area.

* CONSTRUCTION - We're now looking for an architect to draw the plans; in my head, it's already all done. There will be rooms for the kids we'll take in from the streets, and for the workers, as well as a vegetable garden and mango trees. Unfortunately, Mali is very expensive, and a first rough estimate is that construction will cost about $50,000. I'm curious how the Lord is going to provide for this project He has called us to.

* FANTA, Seybou's wife, gave his life to the Lord a week ago. Praise God! She immediately took off all the amulettes and fetishes from her little daughter's body and we prayed for them. There was a visible change in her - more joy, and real interest in hearing God's word. I'm so thankful that Hama and Sarata now have Christian parents!

* BLOG - Go to my blog page to read about Sekouba's growth, about the service when the Father's love brought healing to Simeon, Paul and Sekouba, and to read about my current trip to Paris and the US

* PASADENA, CA - On Monday I'm leaving with the pastors here in Paris for LA, where there will be a 2-day pastors' conference, followed by a prophetic conference. I'm looking forward to seeing several friends again, as well as making new friends. Please pray for divine appointments and divine connections for HIS GLORY, as well as a time of spiritual refreshing and envisioning.

* TO ALL AUSTRIANS - an die Österreicher: Dank meiner besonderen Freunde in Vorarlberg bin ich eingeladen, im März 3 Tage in Ischgl schizufahren (Datum siehe links). Ich liebe Ischgl, und ich liebe schifahren, und ein Traum geht damit in Erfüllung, da ich schon seit Jahren nicht mehr schifahren war (als Kind lief ich Schirennen). Da meine Freunde nicht selbst schifahren, bin ich eingeladen jemanden von euch "mitzunehmen", der mit mir die Pisten runtersaust. Bitte email mir, falls du es bist!!!


To download my new presentation video rather than watching it online:


In HIS service,