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Ask of Me, and I will make the nations your inheritance. (Ps 2:8)


Week 2 - Crusade & Conference In Bamako

Randy Krueger (Dr. Claudia R. Wintoch)

13 November 2005




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Tomorrow morning we're leaving on an 8-day adventure, going to Sévaré, Dogonland and Timbuktu. The Lord has already warned us of dangers and challenges ahead, as we're venturing into the enemy's territory, so please take extra time this week to lift us up in prayer. As for me, my health is still not restored, and I'm asking God constantly to enable me to make it through these next 8 days of traveling, ministering and interpreting.

One of the team members wrote the following report about the last few days:

Greetings from the team in Mali. Ala ka duba aw ye (Malian for God Bless You). The pastors conference has ended, the crusade (campaign as they put it here) has come to a close but the work God is doing has only begun. We feel He is opening up the heavens over Mali. Pastors in the conference have told us that God has begun to open up doors that have long been shut.

The conference has had an explosive potential in the lives of some of the pastors and YWAM evangelism students. Our prayer is that they will go back to their churches and cities never to be the same again. The teachings have shown them new revelation from the bible, confirmation of what God has been talking to them about.

Our principle themes have been first - that through Jesus, God draws near to His people. He is not far as He is to the Muslim and the Ancestral religions. Jesus said He was the way to the Father and that no man comes to the Father except through Him. Therefore, the way to the Father has been restored and God can walk among His people. God is near.

Secondly, the people are being defiled by making sacrifices to spirits for fertility, protection and health as well as many others. God desires that we put our full trust in Him and Him alone. For a person to say they believe in One God, then put their trust in the intermediary spirits becomes a contradiction, for their true trust is in the spirits and not in God. This is big for the Muslim, but unfortunately has contributed to the powerlessness of the church.

Finally, when the Glory of God is seen in the people of God, then the land will be healed. This is a land that was once fertile but increasingly is not. The desert advances each year, cooking with charcoal has deforested the land, and increasingly the top soil is blown or washed off of the land. With no vision for the land, the land is dying and the people say Allah has cursed the land. Our God, however, says He will heal the land if the people of God would turn from their wicked ways.

We had a wonderful time each night of the crusade ministering the Word of God to the thirsty souls and being the vessels to pour out the Love of God as he healed their bodies, souls, spirits and emotions.

The crowds grew every night with around 500 people attending on Saturday night. They were many salvations every night - we are waiting for the official counts from Pastor Abel which we will have tonight.

The final night, Cliff called for people who would want the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, not for themselves but to become an effective witness. Over 300 came forward. We first prayed each person would be released from every covenant vows and promises the people had made to the gods of their ancestors, then asked for God to send the fire, that His Glory would come down. When we ask, we receive and it was tremendous.

The people were in rows and approximately 20 local pastors, Cliff, Brad and myself went up and down the rows laying hands of the people many times to receive more. Alex Achuti from Kenya was continually encouraging the people from the stage to ask for more. As they lingered, the people received more and more. As we encouraged them, they opened their hearts.

It was such a beautiful thing watching the majority of the people assembled there begin to feel Holy Spirit with many in tears crying out for more. God moved in such a powerful way with a sweet sweet presence that brought a holy hush across the corwd. God met each one in His own personal way. For approximately 30 minutes, nobody wanted that moment to end. This is exceedingly rare for the Malian church.

The team then prayed for over 100 for healing of their bodies.

There has been a very difficult problem with the language barrier as even some of the most simple requests cannot be understood. The major languages are French and Bambara. Very little English is understood by most. This has made it difficult to take testimonies or to ask the simplest questions.

In spite of this difficulty we have had confirmation of blind eyes opened for a man who can now see, emotions healed, and people walking who could do so only with great difficulty before they received the touch of the master. There were so many immediate recoveries for stomach and headache pain that we could not keep up with the counting of them. Malians seem to suffer from these things on a daily basis.

We are so honored to have been part of His Majestic Plan.

Randy Krueger