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Ask of Me, and I will make the nations your inheritance. (Ps 2:8)


Week 1 - Advancing The Kingdom In Bamako

Dr. Claudia R. Wintoch

10 November 2005




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Cliff has now been in Bamako for a week, and the rest of the team arrived one after the other, conquering all attempts of the enemy at not allowing them into Mali. My own attacks have consisted of different health issues/sickness over the past two months (two of which were a first in my life), and even this past week, with a busy schedule every day, I've finally had to miss meetings I helped prepare these past months, because of a bad flu I'm still trying to get rid of. I started taking antibiotics today, and I'd ask you to pray for my healing, so I'd be fit to travel to Timbuktu on Monday.

So, it's about time I tell you about all that's been going on!

FRIDAY NOV 4 - We showed THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST and had a big crowd of people. At the end of the movie, Cliff shared for a few moments, and invited people to come forward for prayer. We spent a lot of time praying for many people, including my team.

SATURDAY NOV 5 - We rented a conference room in a nice hotel and invited the English-speaking missionary community of Bamako to come for a day seminar. With a lot of seminars going on right now, only few came. My team was there too, and I interpreted for them all day. We had a wonderful time in an airconditioned hotel and in the pool in our break. At the end of the last session, Cliff prayed for everyone, and God's presence touched every single person deeply. It was awesome!

SUNDAY NOV 6 - Cliff was invited to preach at Abel's church in the morning; the church that did most of the work for the crusade. Cliff gave a challenging sermon and then we started praying for people. A few people were deeply touched.

MONDAY NOV 7 - Another day for errands downtown. Cliff got to meet the police officer who's been helping us with the church papers and prayed for him. In the evening, we had the last organizational meeting for the crusade, this time with Cliff. It was surely an interesting time culturally!

TUESDAY NOV 8 - Cliff taught all morning at the YWAM evangelism school, and God moved powerfully. In the evening, all the crusade workers got together to have Cliff talk to them and pray for them. Again a powerful time for God to move. (I missed the whole day, staying in bed with a high fever.)

WEDNESDAY NOV 9 - The second and last day of teaching at the YWAM evangelism school - this time with all of Cliff's team present. In the evening, we had the first meeting of the 4 nights of the crusade. More about the crusade meetings on Sunday.

This morning it was the first of 3 conference mornings, with 20 pastors from the interior of the country, as well as many other people. Since I've missed that as well, I hope Cliff will have an opportunity to soon share with you all the wonderful things God has been doing.

Keep up your powerful prayers for all of us here! And include the pastor's wife in Timbuktu. He called us a few days ago saying his wife was dying, but we've already heard that she is much better. The whole team is in agreement that all the attacks are linked to what God will do in Timbuktu - a major stronghold of the enemy.